Erotica & Poems

Patience By Ajoz ; My heart races in anticipation of first meeting my Miss Tee. My mind has been in a spin since first receiving her acknowledgment. I never thought it would happen. Resigned to the scenario that the exploration of myself in the facet of servitude would never become a reality. All the secret inner thoughts held in my mind. To be able to please my Mistress by living out these thoughts. To have them become a reality rather than a fantasy

Scene One, acts one two three by Aradria Setting the scene for play, Ready, set, go!

Her Feet by DB; under her feet he found freedom. he’d been laying there awhile, on his back, Her feet upon his face, heels a gentle pressure over his eyes Her toes pointing downwards, gently resting on his chin. Every now and then when She giggled at the programme She watched She would bring them together, squeezing his nose and cutting off his air, and during the adverts he could tell She was bored

Late by DB; A Domme is kept waiting. Knackered he climbed from the car, stretching his back as he walked towards the house, music was blaring upstairs and he smiled, She was happy, listening to the words he hummed them as he pushed the key into the lock “these boot are made for walk…..”.

My Tormentress byDB; The journey to his beautiful Tormentress. I am writing this in a nice little café. The sun is warm upon my shoulders and the scent of fresh coffee assails my nostrils as I wait. A text arrives and grinning my thumbs fly across the pad in reply. Just thirty minutes before she arrives, hardly anytime really, not nearly enough to tell you about her, and most certainly not enough to tell you about us.

Antony01 by MissBonnie; I was the lead pony boy in the Compound’s stables.

David 01 by MissBonnie;When I first came here, I was just one of the many slaves here. Or so I thought. I didn’t realize then that Mistress Princesca had special plans for me.

David 02 by MissBonnie; I am Princesca and it is my pleasure to demonstrate for you my newest invention. I call it the ‘Displayer’ and it has many uses. It positions the slave, quite comfortably, in such a manner that his cock, balls, and ass —— or for the female slave, her clit, vagina and ass —— are offered for discipline. Positioned this way, the slave is made available for anything.

George01 by MissBonnie ; I was standing there in Mistress Gwen’s private chamber, legs spread, bent over, with my hands touching my toes. She was standing behind me, correcting my pose in minute ways. Obeying her, I arched my back and pushed my ass higher. But she grabbed my hips, angling them up even more. Silent encouragement spurred me on

Jason01 by MissBonnie ; whap with the paddle on my burning butt. “Slap!” Another whap with the paddle on my burning butt. That makes eight. Only two more to go and then I could relax. I kept telling myself not to cry, not even to whimper. And I was concentrating all my energy into not moving a muscle.

Jason02 by MissBonnie ; I’ve had countless enemas since arriving here at the Compound, and yet every one was a little different. I knew the basic routine, and yet the variety of Nurse Katherine’s technique makes each one unique.

Jason03 by MissBonnie ; virgin ass to her strap-on.

Jason04 by MissBonnie ; “I had this dildo specially made just for you”

Micheal01 by MissBonnie ; lead pony in the stables. My last owners were a dominant married couple. They liked to include me in their lovemaking sessions, and although I had tried my best to do whatever they wanted, I didn’t think they were very happy with me. They never spoke to me except to give me an order.

Micheal02 by MissBonnie ; “Michael. Your former Master and Mistress released you to my care. You are mine. To do with as I please. To use in any manner I require. You will soon learn exactly what my needs and desires are, and you will make certain that you fulfill them exactly as I wish.

Micheal03 by MissBonnie ; I was once Owned by a dominant couple…I now belong to King. I am a slave, I have no choice but to welcome Kings cock into my anus and thank him for the pleasure of being used.

Nickolas01 by MissBonnie ; My name is Nicholas. I’ve been a slave here at the Compound for five months. Although I’m not officially owned by anyone —— not yet anyway —— I’m being trained to prepare me for next summer’s slaveauction, where I hope to be purchased by a loving Mistress. My dream is to devote myself completely to her —— whoever she may be —— in hopes that she will find me worthy and keep me with her always.

Parick01 by MissBonnie : My job is to literally do anything that needs to be done here. Pruning, weeding, mowing, propagating, mulching. I’m extremely lucky. Being out of doors, working with my hands in this beautiful place is sheer heaven for me. Naked and barefoot . . . and as close to freedom as a slave can get here. Mistress Bonnie- completely naked!

Patrick02 by MissBonnie : There I was, sitting on the grass, my mind and body still in the afterglow of orgasm —— by my own hand, which I knew was strictly forbidden —— and finding Headmistress Princesca standing there looking down at me. I’d never seen her so furious.

Robert01 by MissBonnie : Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was handpicked specifically for her. It wasn’t until after I arrived here that I found out what my future would be. At first, I was afraid, I admit it. I may have come here of my own free will, but I didn’t really mean for this lifestyle to be permanent. To be all encompassing. I thought it would be a fun vacation from reality. But as the days and weeks went on, I realized that this life was exactly what I wanted. Exactly what I had always secretly wanted.

Sean01 by MissBonnie : Sometimes I cut and style hair for Mistress pleasure, today I would be put to the test (written for Longbob).

The caged Prodomina by MissBonnie : A return to lifestyle lost for a prodomme. Today would be her lucky day

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