Ravens Collaring

Raven had trained for a year in preparation for this day, and he had spent an even greater deal of time fantasizing about it. His Priestess, Lilith, had come to him last night with the news, “My dear Raven, you have finally earned your collaring”. She then divulged the rules he would have to follow for the next twenty-four hours. He was not allowed to speak, eat, was only allowed to drink water and absolutely no masturbation!

With only a few hours left and he had done as instructed, after a long hot bath he decided to meditate. His imagination had begun to run wild at the possibilities of what his Priestess had in store for him tonight. The lust filled thoughts had left his mind swimming and his body burning with desire. Looking for a distraction he glanced at the clock and noticed it was time to go. His Priestess would be expecting him soon.

It was almost impossible for him to contain his excitement as he grabbed his keys and headed for the door. After a half hour of driving he finally arrived at her house. As he approached the door, he remembered Lilith telling him that there would be another attending his collaring. She mentioned that her maiden would be present to assist her with the ritual at hand.

Raven knocked and a girl answered the door.

“You must be Raven, my name is Amber, please come in.” She gave him a look that was both lustful and shy. “Lilith is not ready for you yet. Please undress and wait here to be summoned.”

The young lady gave a wicked smile then turned and left the room. He hoped his silence wasn’t taken for poor manners. He was just following his Priestesses’ orders. He did as the young lady said, removing all of his clothing and jewelry. As he sat waiting, his thoughts again drifted to the night to come.

In the other room Lilith and Amber finished the preparations for the ritual. The room was filled with candles and incense. There was a small alter filled with the Mistresses tools off to the side, a small throne in the corner and in the center of the room was a circular spinning table with arm and ankle cuff attachments. When they were finished setting the mood Amber left to fetch Raven.

Amber headed back to the living room where she had left Raven earlier. She crossed the floor to stand in front of him with black silk rope and a blind fold.

“Please stand.”

The sight of the ropes in her hand caused a feeling like an electrical current to shoot through Raven’s body and straight to his cock. He had already started to swell even though he had tried to fight it. Amber looked him in the eyes with a sadistic smile, “oh my, someone is excited”. He felt the warmth of embarrassment wash over his body when he realized that she noticed his failure to suppress his arousal. She lightly traced over his shoulders as she walked behind him to place the blind fold over his eyes. She was sure to secure it ensuring he couldn’t see a thing.

She then moved on to the rope. She used the rope to tie his wrists behind his back. She then brought the two ends forward over his shoulders and tied a knot in front of his neck. The ends left hanging in front to form a leash for him to be led with.

Once she was done tying him up, she went to stand in front of him again. She made sure to press her body against his. His breathing quickened. She then leaned in to give his ear a gentle caress with her tongue and whispered in his ear, “you neither bound nor free.” His breathing got even harder and his heart began to race. Without giving him time to take it all in she grabbed his leash and lead him down the hall.

The clicking of Amber’s shoes seemed so loud in his ears, seducing him with their sound. Lilith also heard Amber’s approaching foot steps. She goes to her alter to get her blade and then over to the door to watch her prize student enter the room.

Amber stopped abruptly and placed her hand on the back of Raven’s neck, cueing him to stop as well. Lilith moved to stand in front of him. She was so close he could feel the heat of her body on his bare flesh.

“You have proven your dedication, willingness to serve and your eagerness to submit over the last year, and after tonight’s session, you will receive your long awaited prize.” “Until that time, you are still not allowed to speak unless spoken to, and you are not allowed to cum unless you are told to.”

“Yes my ladies.”

Lilith and Amber each took one of the rope ends from his neck as they led him to the table in the center of the room and laid him down. They then proceeded to secure his wrists and ankles into the cuffs. Lilith leaned over and removed his blindfold. Raven tried to struggle against the cuffs, but to no avail, they had him at their mercy.

Amber grabbed the side of the table and set it spinning. He was getting disoriented; in all honesty, he hadn’t had his bearings since he walked to the front door.

Once the table slowed down, Lilith and Amber climbed upon the table to lie on either side of him. Both had lit candles in their hands. His body was twitching in anticipation of the sting of the hot wax. They both giggled and taunted him as they began dripping it all over his body.

“Oh you poor baby, does that hurt?” “That’s too bad, because there’s nothing you can do about it.”

He could feel the humiliation making his skin flush. As for the sting of the wax he found the sensation quite pleasurable once he relaxed into it.

Not content to let him get comfortable yet, Lilith disposed of her candle and moved on to the rope flogger. She began working his inner thighs, then his stomach and chest. She was also made sure ever so often to change the pace using the flogger to tease his cock and balls, gently stroking and the occasional light slap.

While Lilith was having her fun with the flogger, Amber decided to have a little fun of her own. She positioned herself over his face. Slowly she lowered herself on his face. She began to rock her hips grinding her pussy on his face. She moaned about how good it felt. He could feel his cock swelling and he thought to himself that it couldn’t possible get any harder. Amber continued grinding her pussy on his face until finally she came.

Having her on his face had almost sent him over the edge himself. He was struggling now to avoid having an orgasm without permission.

After Amber was finished she got off his face. She then proceeded to released him from the table. Lilith grabbed his leash and led him across the room to her throne. She sat down in front of him spreading her legs wide open. She said nothing, and she didn’t need to. He knew what she wanted. He kneeled down in front of her. She tugged on his rope leash pulling his face into her crotch, and he went right to work.

Just then he caught a glimpse of Amber off to the side. She was wearing a leather harness. She then reached over to the table and selected a dildo. She looked it over for a minute. A quick smile shot across her face. After apparently admiring its beauty she hooked it into the harness. He could almost feel the wicked glare she gave him as she approached his ass.

A few seconds later he felt Amber kneeling behind him. His heart began to race as he felt her hand caressing his ass. He started to look up, but Lilith grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into her cunt as she erupted in orgasm. Amber knelt behind him stroking her cock with plenty of lube. She spread the excess in his ass. As she started pressing her strap on into his ass his cocked started aching. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to hold it as long as he would need to.

Amber reached up and grabbed a hand full of his hair jerking his head back. Lilith leaned over and kissed him on the lips as she stroked his cock.

“You want relief don’t you?” “Yes My Lady.” “What do you think Amber, has he been a good boy? Should we let him cum now?”

Amber looks at Lilith with smile,” Yes I do believe he has earned it.” “You heard the Lady, you may come now.”

As soon as Lilith got the words out of her mouth he lost control. As his body started to quiver, Lilith reached down and grabbed his cock. It only took a few strokes and he erupted. He was still experiencing the after shocks when she let go.

After he had a moment to catch his breath Lilith leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“You did very well tonight; I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did.”

She then reached under her throne and pulled out his collar. She placed it around his neck with a deeply passionate kiss.

“I am proud to call you my own.”

Amber untied the ropes and they all laid back on the table to relax together as they each discussed their favorite parts of the scene.

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