Red Bum

The time had eventually come to have some leave, having just spent a spell in the jungle of Belize.
I had been writing to a ProDomme I had replied to in a magazine, and had arranged to meet Her in Her London rooms, whilst I was staying at a Services Club. She had promised a long session and only taking a tribute for what She would take for 1 hr.
As promised, I had saved my overseas allowance for the tribute, and kept the day free.

I arrived at Miss Trisha’s at the stroke of 0900hrs, and waited with my knees shaking,wondering what She was like, as we had only written, and no photo’s had been exchanged. CLICK, suddenly the door had been electronically opened and a hoarse female voice through the speaker said, You are expected, leave the tribute on the hall table, strip and neatly fold your clothes and leave them in the same place. ‘Oh shit’ I thought, ‘she is an old crone, how do I get out of this,’ The same voice said stand up straight, hands behind your back, and await your Mistress. A door opened behind me, and I could smell an expensive Chanel perfume in the air, I felt a hand run down my back, as a sweet soft voice said Don't turn around, and don't speak, I am Miss Trisha, and you are mine. With that a pair of han cuffs were snapped onto my wrists behind me.

I felt, rather than heard,Her come around to face me.’Ohhh what a gorgeous woman’ I thought. She was about 6or 7 taller than me, so with Her heels I would guess She was about 5’7 or 8 tall She had lovely dark auburn hair, worn short a beautiful tanned voluptuous body giving Her large Breasts and wide Hips and wonderfully rounded large buttocks. This I could see because She was dressed in sheer black underwear and sheer stockings. Well, we meet at last, my little soldier boy? She breathed the words rather than said them, and with that planted a warm moist kiss full on the lips. I tasted Her scarlet lipstick that covered Her lovely soft full lips and my head started to swim with the scent of Her perfume ,and the emotion of the moment, and my legs weakened. She sensed this and drew back slightly.’ Was She inspecting me? I thought,’I should pass, I think I’m fit enough’, though I still blushed bright red under Her glare.

You said in your letters ,that you wanted Me to control you totally I went to say ‘yes’, but She put a red nailed finger to my lips and said Ssssssh, don't speak, that was a statement ,not a question. I am going to control everything you do, what you wear, what you eat ,what you drink,when you sleep, when you breathe even I will own you ‘Own me !!’ I thought, well it can’t be bad ,being owned by such a beautiful gorgeous woman.

You also said you wanted to suffer, for My pleasure, I was about to say that I couldn’t remember saying that, when She placed Her scarlet nailed finger over my lips again, and said ‘don’t speak, that again was a statement,not a question.

Suffer?? that sounds different than Owned!! At this I started to get a little more apprehensive, but events moved on quickly
Here, put your foot in here, She said ,as She held a rolled up stocking by my foot. She rolled the stocking up my legs ,and the sheer nylon felt like heaven against my shaven legs, quickly She did the same with my other leg, and I was there in a pair of sheer black hold up stockings in a flash. She next produced a pair of pale blue satin French style knickers with deep lace frills around the legs, I did not dare rebel, so I meekly let Her pull them on, oh, the feeling of the satin was out of this world ,but the embarrassment of wearing these feminine garments in front of such a lovely creature like her was so humiliating, there was I ,a soldier, hard, fit, muscular,tanned and ready to fight anywhere and anybody for my beloved country, stood there hands cuffed behind me, wearing stockings and knickers, oh, the shame.

She came close, and whispered that I looked just fine ,and just how She liked me. This calmed me a little, and She stroked my chest and ran Her lovely finger over my nipple ,causing it to erect, She then pinched it hard between Her red nails. The pain sent shock waves through my whole body, bursting in my head, but before I could cry out, She released my nipple, and put Her finger to my lips and said Sssssh,my sweet, We need to establish a safe word, so you can tell me to stop, here are the words, 'green' means I'm ok, carry on, 'Amber means I am hurting and nearly had enough,RED means STOP RIGHT NOW I knew better than to say anything, It would have been futile (see, fast learner me). She took my arm and led me to a kind of kneeling bench, and motioned me to kneel, She strapped my legs to it , and then strapped me in a bent over position to the bench after releasing my cuffs. I felt Her come behind me ,and then a stinging slap fell on my buttocks,then another, and another ,about twenty in all, as I was moaning ,mostly with the pleasure of the warm feeling on my ass, She placed a finger to my lips and breathed Ssssssh darling. She disappeared behind me again and took something off the wall, it whacked over my ass, and I felt it had a hot end, it must be a crop, and the leather loop travels faster than the rest of it giving a sharper sting ,mmmmmm I'm liking this, strangely, the thought of being beaten by a beautiful woman is strangely exciting. Her crop came down and down, and She started to rain blows down on me, .this was getting hard to bear, She was saying through gritted teeth now, ' Say RED, say RED come on ,say RED the more She said it ,the more I was not going to. She kept slashing the crop down until She tired, I was in absolute agony, by ass and back were on fire, I was groaning a little when She came and placed her finger to my lips and said Ssssh, my pet

I felt some cold gel on my rectum, not unpleasant ,but strange, my emotions were already running all over the place, and as for time, well, who knows how long I had been there, I could here Her moving around behind my ,and the sound of buckles being fastened, a finger suddenly probed my anus and I drew a sharp intake of breathe as the finger pushed in and started moving in circles widening my passage, Then i found out what She had been doing, She put Her strap-on into me,and slowly started to violate my ass, but strangely I willed Her to do it , I wanted to submit my whole being to this wonderful woman this gorgeous creature who owned me now. She rode me until She orgasmed softly to herself, and then whispered, now you are going to say RED for me With that She pulled out and cleaned herself.

She picked up a flogger made of rope and placed herself behind me, I thought I’m going to take this for Her, no way will I ever say RED, i’m trained in counter interrogation , I’ll have a mind set and thats it

The pain was something I’ve never experienced before, it made me dizzy,, She must be putting all Her strength into the flogger. She stopped after about 10 minutes and unstrapped me, so you think you can win do you? Don't answer, don't speak i wondered where all the ‘sweet’, and ‘pet’ and ‘darling had gone, She seemed different, annoyed almost, On the floor, on your back, you fool

She was stood over me,her ankles either side of my head, i could see Her sheer black panties towering over my head. Slowly the distance got shorter as She lowered herself onto my face, Her exquisite buttocks covering my whole being, the musky scent of Her puckered hole was like the worlds most sensual perfume , and made all my senses swirl into space ,I was drifting in a fog of womanly scents and juices, swirling around in my head, I felt weak, but content I was pleasing Her, suddenly I awoke, She was gone, and Her maid,

(the old corne) was beside me , ahh your'e back, you are supposed to try to breathe when Mistress is sat on you you have been out for a while, but Mistress has left you a message, she showed me to a mirror and on my buttocks ,in scarlet lipstick read
RED, its, all over now

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