Jason Part 3

The hour I’ve both longed for and dreaded was almost here. Mistress Maureen had ordered that I be brought to her bedchamber at 9 o’clock this evening and it was almost that now.

This was the night that I was to give up my virgin ass to her strap-on.

Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m here at the Compound. Or that I’m living this life of complete and utter slavery. My life is not my own; it belongs to my Mistresses. At times, my life here has been mindless drudgery: cooking, scrubbing, plucking weeds in the gardens. I can’t begin to count the hours I’ve spent on my knees. And yet at other times, it’s been sheer luxury: swimming, sauna, hot tubs, tennis, and —— most important of all —— orally pleasuring the Mistresses.

I was standing in the middle of my room, waiting. I had showered and shaved, washed my hair, brushed my teeth and prepared myself in every way I can. My trainer Tom had taught me all I needed to know in order for tonight to be a success. But I was still nervous. What if I tensed up, especially at the wrong moment? What if I didn’t please her?

Tom arrived carrying an man’s old-fashioned long red cape over his arm. I was to wear the cape as he escorted me to Mistress’s chamber. The cape had two purposes: one of which was to cover me —— although as I walked, it flapped open and flowed behind me, so “cover” is not exactly the word I would use —— and the other, was that as it was red, everyone I passed would see it and know exactly what was going to happen to me tonight.

Each slave only used the red cape once. It was a symbol to all that the wearer was going to —— for the first time in his life, or at least since coming to the Compound —— be fucked up the butt by a powerful woman with a strap-on dildo.

I put the cape on around me, attached the collar of it to the gold ring in the leather collar that I was already wearing, took a deep breath and told Tom I was ready.

“We aren’t going to Mistress Maureen’s chamber,” he informed me now. “She has decided instead to reserve Fern Cottage for tonight. It’s not that long a walk, but we’d better hurry.”

He turned and left the room, and I had to scramble to catch up with him. I walked behind him the whole way there. We didn’t pass anyone in the hallway, but walking through the living room was kind of embarrassing, with everyone pointing and staring at me. Funny how wearing this cape was more embarrassing to me than walking around nude as was the norm around here. Then we were out the door, and down the path to Fern Cottage. We only passed a couple more people on the way.

Hurrying as we did, I was kind of out of breath when we reached the door to the cottage. As we had a couple of minutes to spare, I gulped down deep breaths of fresh air, trying in vain to slow down the rhythm of my racing heart.

Then Tom rang the doorbell and stepped behind me so that I was now standing directly in front of the door. And we waited.

Mistress Maureen opened the door for us, stood aside and invited us inside the cottage. “Welcome, Jason. Tom. Do please come in,” she said, inviting us to enter, and directing Tom to sit in the corner chair. I was to remain standing, which I did, still with that cape on. She was wearing only a sheer robe and I could see her body naked beneath it.

I noticed that one entire wall inside the small cottage was completely covered with mirror. She had me turn to face it, while she stood before me and unhooked the cape from my collar. Then she removed my cape and hung it on a hook beside the front door.

My eyes followed her movements in the mirror as she slowly walked around me, touching, feeling and inspecting my body as she circled around me. I watched and felt her hands on my arms, my shoulders, down my back to my ass cheeks, which she grabbed and spread apart for a moment. Then she let go and slid her hands around my waist, completing her circle so that she again stood in front of me. Her palms slid up my chest, and around my neck, and she threaded her fingers through my hair and gently pulled my head down to meet her lips in a soft kiss, which deepened as I put my arms around her, and my “aroused-male-hot-for-woman” instinct took over.

I guess it surprised me that after all the months I spent at the Compound, learning not to take control, learning to follow orders to the letter —— it surprised me that I suddenly acted like my old, aggressive self again. In a flash, I was the old Jason again.

Mistress Maureen didn’t stop me when I pulled her hips tight against mine, allowing me to invade her soft mouth with my hard questing tongue. She allowed it, yes, but only for a minute. No longer. She smoothly stepped out of my embrace, leaving me standing there, panting and wanting like a virgin teenage boy.

She took off her robe and stood in front of me, naked and proud. My dick was sticking straight up and I was as turned on as I had ever been in my life.

How I wanted to pull her to the bed and make love to her! I wanted to press her body down into the mattress, slide between her thighs and fuck her ’til the sun rose in the morning.

A small part of the old Jason still lived, I realized, but the new Jason, the improved Jason that I was becoming was too well-trained now to get completely carried away like that —— the kiss notwithstanding.

Mistress Maureen told me to turn around so that my back was toward the mirror. Then she stood in front of me, ordered me to my knees and I was to orally service her, while she watched us in the mirror.

I leaned forward into her pussy, inhaling her scent and spread her nether lips with my fingers. Then I began to lick her.

My fingers and my tongue were everywhere, doing double-duty as I gave my all to bring her pleasure. My fingers held her open and my lips provided suction as my tongue swirled and probed with varying degrees of pressure and rhythm.

Her hands were in my hair, gently pulling me nearer as she got closer and closer to orgasm.

Then I heard her hold her breath, and I felt her body tense as her pussy vibrated with strong contractions as she came and came.

There’s one thing a slave will always have no matter what, and that’s his secret pride that he pleased his master or mistress in some way. Even at those times when I was not allowed to come myself, I always felt wonderfully happy at least when my mistress orgasmed because of what I —— alone —— was doing to her! It was me —— and nobody else —— who caused her pleasure at that moment.

Mistress Maureen stepped back and away from me. I remained on my knees and watched as she walked over to the corner table, picked up the belt of her strap-on, inserted the dildo through the hole in the belt and carried it over to the other corner where Tom was sitting. She handed the belt to him and he put it around her, fitting it between her legs, the stimulator against her clit, and then he buckled it into place.

When he finished, she caressed his cheek and sweetly thanked him.

Then she walked slowly toward me, the dildo looking so unbelievably out of place to me. And it looked huge, certainly too big for my tight virgin ass!

(End of Part 3)

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