Erotica & Poems 5

Holodeck by ReginaMirus ;he passed down the hallway in her fetish gear, diddy bag in hand. Completely out of uniform, but not completely out of the ordinary for starship occupants who saunter towards the much coveted holodecks. She’d been working on this program for months on end, picking at each detail, preening over the finer points that would make this the ultimate fantasy scene of her dreams. Months ago, she’d reserved her vacation time, and now her mind raced and her body tingled at the possibilities of what was about to unfold before her, precisely according to plan.

The Guardian by s2her ; There is a place that exists inside of me. It is a domain of euphoric bliss and boundless freedom where I am unfettered by doubt or fear or shame. A place where I can leave behind my inadequacies and failings, where I can lay down the armour that I wrap around my fragile self, and be safe, calm and at peace. I have explored the borders of this uncharted land but always with the knowledge that I cannot stay. Time will eventually discover me there and with grim inevitability return me to the place where I shed my skin, where I must again don the masks and guises of strength and courage and return to the world where I am bound to remain.

Friday night by greywolf47 ; He is sitting at the bar, nursing his second beer. He has to nurse it; She has set his limit at three, and things are just starting to get interesting behind him. She is fifty feet away, on the dance floor, doing an almost obscene bump and grind, to the music of Brooks & Dunn, with a complete stranger. The stranger has no idea that he is simply a role player in an elaborate relationship. He just wants to get drunk, and laid. In that order. He doesn’t know it yet, but tonight will be his lucky night..

Bonnies Cross by James ; Original art work MissBonnie taunts her victim. The room is dark, lit only by a few candles, obscure shadows fall upon the walls. A cross sits by the wall, a bed draped in purple near the other. The silhouette of a man and a women stand in the center of the room. Miss Bonnie kisses him on the neck, tasting him, tasting his apprehension. Slowly she runs her hands over his chest, up and down his body. Softly feeling him, caressing his body.

Black panties by James ; “Uh…” her soft and almost inaudible gasp resonated through out the room. He couldn’t look back, he knew all to well the trouble he was in. She had returned from shopping early, and stood by the door in shock.

Mr. Johnston’s secretary by James ; Secretaries are often not what they appear. Mr. Johnston was in for a huge surprise

The Baroness by sean ; Baroness always gets her way: I was hauled to her penthouse, where I was stripped , tied to a chair, and had electrodes attached to my penis and testicles. as I awaited my fate, the Baroness strutted coolly into the room.

cockold Mistress by spank me ; “why don’t you help me get ready for my date?”: I arrived at the appointed time, rang the doorbell, and waited for Mistress to let me. I was more nervous than usual because today was to be special. Today, Mistress would be playing a most unusual role; today, Mistress would be my wife.

what a difference a day makes by squiff ; Strolling into his department was always a good part of the day, but soon that would be changing! but for the better or the worst was the question

meet the new army by syfer ; they were the new Army: The auditorium was filled with a hundred nervous soon-to-be-former civilians. They eyed the uniformed women stationed near the exits with a mixture of lust and apprehension; the appearance inspired the former, the attitudes the latter. Like every new batch of recruits throughout history, these were wondering just what the fuck had happened that they found themselves here.

strange HER in the night by syfer ; she was the stranger that filled his night:There’s someone on the balcony. It isn’t possible, but there she is, and it is most clearly a she, her body silhouetted by the glow of the city. She enters the apartment, gliding with a sleek elegance, and steps into the glow of the lamp, looking down at me sprawled on the floor. Her skin is the color of cool milky marble, her long straight hair raven black. She looks slightly exotic to me, Mediterranean, entirely nude.

swords across the Pontus by syfer ; well-horsed wenchs partake of sword play of another kind

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