Erotica & Poems 4

Dani by Pleasernow ; He could still remember the day she told him that she wanted him to be her slave. It was one of those long late summer days that dissolved itself into a magical evening aglow with the lingering colors of a splendid sunset. The windows were open and they sat together both of them nearly naked, looking out towards the low clouds their blurred edges lit with pinks and yellows. Janey was leaning back into her chair with her chest elevated, her beautiful C cup breasts just starting to sprinkle with a few chilly bumps from the gentle breeze caressing them. Dan was exhausted from the incredible sex they had just shared.

Margarite and bobbie 01 by pleasernow ; I was right to trust her, she has never lied to me. But she amazed me when, After we had been married a year, she informed me that I would not be having sexual intercourse with her any more. She told me she knew that I would be amply satisfied if I were occasionally allowed to kiss her ass. I laughed when she said this- I thought she was kidding me, but she wasn’t.

Margarite and bobbie 02 by pleasernow ;The next few days were uneventful. As Margarite and I settled into our old routine I hardly thought of the new man in her life. When I did it was ever so briefly. After all there was nothing I could do about it. In all likelihood, he would not make the grade with Margarite.

Margarite and bobbie 03 by pleasernow ;Yes, well I do spend a lot of time reminiscing while my wife is out partying and I had thought that Ralph had become her new primary lover but apparently I was wrong because the next evening, I was just finishing up the dishes, when I heard the phone ring.

Margarite and bobbie 04 by pleasernow ; It was one such afternoon noon when I found out about an important change in my life. I was on all fours in front of the chairs occupied by Margarite and Susan. both of them had their feet placed firmly on my back, while I supported the weight of both of their legs. this had gone on for about 45 minutes and my wrists were numb for lack of circulation.

Margarite and bobbie 05 by pleasernow ; after I had kissed her feet for a minute or two, she told me to stand. I slowly rose up before her, keeping my eyes lowered as usual, expecting to be slapped several times for my tardiness. In fact she only slapped me once and was about to repeat the act, when she looked at me softly, tilting her head as if in sympathy and putting her arms around me, gathered me into her presence and enveloped me with kisses until I was covered with lipstick and the heavenly aroma that always identified her true essence to my most vulnerable inner self

Margarite and bobbie 06 by pleasernow ; Susan stood up and turned toward me. She was wearing a white camisole, which fitted her closely, accentuating the uplift of her 36” breasts. She had a casual way of blowing you away with the staggering effect of her fabulous body.

Margarite and bobbie 07 by pleasernow ; When I arrived at my old house (of course it was hardly mine anymore) I noticed that quite a lot of mail had accumulated on the entry table. I opened a small box that was addressed to Margarite and was mailed from a company called “Restraining Orders”. It contained two new black leather slave collars, one male and one female.

Margarite and bobbie 08 by pleasernow ; By the end of that day I was exhausted and also I have to admit, a little confused. Was I to be allowed home after the ceremony. Should I go by Susan’s and pick up my clothes. I guess it wouldn’t matter much one way or the other, for I had few pieces of clothing: two aprons, seven pairs of panties, one set of “acceptable street clothes” and no other possessions really, unless you count a few legal pads, in which Margarite would sometimes insist that I write pledges of my devotion to her, and some pencils.

Margarite and bobbie 09 by pleasernow ; I was nearly unconscious by the time I realized that I was nearly upside down. My body was bent and my genitals hung over my face, dangling their contorted fruit in front of me. At this point I began to here the sounds of people entering the room.

Margarite and bobbie 10 by pleasernow ; As I lay in bed the following morning, I was aware of some discomfort around my anus and scrotum. I remembered the candles and the hot wax and was relieved that I knew the cause of the irritation in my rectum.

Margarite and bobbie 11 by pleasernow ; Lindy had been taken to the piercing studio shortly after our last group get-together and had both of her nipples and her labia pierced. This was very painful for her and many weeks were spent nursing the sensitive and angry red looking nubbins that had been so alluring when I first saw her.

Margarite and bobbie 12 by pleasernow ; Splashed a bit of body powder onto my scrotum and tightly wrapped the nude colored stretch tape around their base. I continued this process until they were bulging straight out in front of me and the words, “Douche Bag” could be plainly seen. I then clipped the ring in the tip of my penis to the higher ring that hung from just below my navel, stretching the penis painfully until the two rings snapped together.

Margarite and bobbie 13 by pleasernow ; The next few weeks were among the happiest of my life. I was back living in “my own” house, with my beautiful wife and her retinue of slaves, of which I was growing fonder every day. There were a few times when I was forced to perform homosexual acts with Ralph or other men whom Margarite wanted to entertain.

Margarite and bobbie 14 by pleasernow ; This brings me to the present time and in concluding my story what I have to relate may seem to be even more cruel and heartless than anything I have written up to this point.

Nathan goes to Philly by pleasernow ; There was nothing about that first evening with his new mistress which Nathan was ever likely to forget. Sitting on the train the following day, he remained in a happy trance. A sea change had occurred in his life and a world of happiness and anticipation had blossomed within him that nothing could erase. Suddenly the train jerked forward and Nathan fell wistfully back into his seat, still somewhat numb with sexual exhaustion. No, he had not had sex with Pamela. She had told him not to ever expect that. She would expect him to service her orally and if his talents were appropriate there would be other options as well.

Her good little boy by redheadboy ; She sat back in the chair, naked save for the thick strap-on dildo protruding from between Her legs. Beckoning to the boy, She gestured him over, Her eyes running over his smooth naked body as he crossed the room towards Her. She loved to watch his slim naked form; every inch of him was so delicious, and She knew that every inch of him was Hers alone.

The first night by redheadboy ; He walked in to the room and let the door close behind them, finally alone. Instantly they were in each other’s arms, kissing hungrily. Suddenly she broke the kiss, “easy now pet, plenty of time for that. I’m going to go and change, why don’t you undress for me”. With a smile she walked in the bathroom

The priestess by redheadboy ; The boy awoke, the morning light streaming in through the window on to his face, warming his naked body. Already the day was warm, the hot dry desert air causing the small room to be uncomfortably stuffy before the sun had yet fully risen. Today though, there was an electric current upon the air. Today was the day of the grand ceremony, to be performed by the High Priestess herself, in which he had been specially chosen to play a central part. He had been selected at a young age and undergone years of training in the submissive arts in order that the Priestess may join with him upon the high altar, and through him attain the sacred spirit..

tease and denial by redheadboy ;“What day is it?”“It’s Saturday Miss Bonnie”“Correct my darling, and you’ve used all three of your cums already haven’t you?” “Yes Mistress” the boy replied nervously.

Another tease and denial by redheadboy ; Another call clicked in. “Hi, you’re through to technical support, Matt speaking, how may I help?”

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