Tease and denial

Written at MissBonnie’s suggestion, this involves the ‘Seven CUMmandments’ game, in which each week She allows the boys partaking between 1 and 7 orgasms depending on the roll of a die. The game lasts from Monday to Sunday night, and the week in question, the die showed three. Please enjoy!


“What day is it?”

“It’s Saturday Miss Bonnie”

“Correct my darling, and you’ve used all three of your cums already haven’t you?”

“Yes Mistress” the boy replied nervously.

“Oh dear my love, that leaves you in an awkward situation doesn’t it?” said Miss Bonnie, running Her gaze over him. Whilst She was dressed in corset, lace French knickers and knee high leather boots, The boy was naked, strapped to a table that was only long enough to support him to just below his waist, meaning he was forced to bring his knees up and rest his heels upon the table’s edge, giving Miss Bonnie a pleasing view of his young body’s most intimate parts, and of course, perfect access for the teasing and denial She had planned. The boys arms were well tied down, and a strap also lay across his waist, rendering him pretty immobile.

Along one wall ran a workbench, upon which lay all manner of toys, and other implements with which Miss Bonnie liked to reward and torture Her boys. After a moment She selected the ideal dildo; medium sized dildo and made without a strap-on harness, instead having two plugs which fit snugly inside Her own body, allowing Her to more fully experience every thrust as She fucked Her boys, connecting Herself to them on a much deeper level. Knowing that he was watching Her, chuckling inwardly as She knew it would only make what was to come harder for him, She hooked her thumbs in to the waistband of Her knickers and slowly slid them down over Her thighs to the floor. The boy moaned, enraptured by the sight of such a perfect being, every part of Her womanhood as if crafted by the Gods themselves. Facing him, Miss Bonnie took the dildo and lubed the two bulbs, spreading Her legs slightly and pushing them up inside of Herself, feeling them fit snugly into Her tight body, noting as She did so that the boy was already almost fully erect. Smiling inwardly at the fun to come, She carefully lubed the shaft, all the while talking to the boy.

“Now sweetheart, whilst you may be forbidden to cum, it’s also important that you still remain useful to Me as a slave boy. Therefore it is vital that you can still give your body to Me, without the reward of orgasm”.

The boy uttered a nervous murmur that he understood and agreed as She crossed over to the foot of the table. With a purr, Miss Bonnie pushed his legs apart and stepped between them, the lubed head of Her dildo coming to rest against his smooth puckered opening. Taking his cock in one hand, She gently stroked his chest with the other, and whispered, “remember my sweet, it is forbidden to exceed the cum allowance”. With that, a cruel glint in Her eye, Miss Bonnie pushed Her hips forward, driving the dildo deep in to the boy’s rectum, causing him to gasp and arch his hips up towards Her. Settling in to a steady rhythm, Miss Bonnie withdrew almost the entire length of the shaft before pushing deep back in to the boy, fucking him nice and deeply, Her hand masturbating his now rigid cock to the same rhythm.

A few minutes later She felt the beginnings of an orgasm, the familiar tingling sensation creeping out from between Her legs to every part of Her body. With a moan She bucked Her hips, burying the shaft deep inside him, as the climax took a hold of Her body. The incredible pleasure seemed to go on and on, and She continued fucking him deeply as the waves rode over Her. As the orgasm subsided She looked down at the boy, noticing he had his eyes screwed tight shut in concentration, doubtless forcing his mind to more unarousing matters, desperate to keep an orgasm of his own at bay.

For thirty more minutes Miss Bonnie fucked Her boy; never giving his now aching cock or his tight little bottom a moment’s rest, continuing to masturbate him in unison with Her own thrusts. During that half hour, Miss Bonnie came twice more, each time riding the waves of orgasm whilst continuing her ministrations upon the boy, never stopping for even a second. The boy was finding it more difficult now; his groans as She buried the final inches of the dildo into his body becoming more frequent, his breathing louder, and a film of sweat crossed his brow. Eventually She knew he would be able to bear no more, and at that moment he opened his eyes and looked at Her pleadingly. “Please Miss Bonnie, I beg you, stop or let me cum, I can’t hold on”.

Without pausing from either jacking his cock or fucking his tight ass she replied, “no darling, you’ve used all your cums for this week. You must learn a lesson for being greedy. You do not have permission and I will be very angry if you disobey Me”.

“Please Mistress, I can’t stop it!” With a cry he arched his hips, straining against his bonds, as hot cum pumped out of his throbbing cock on to his belly, Miss Bonnie’s hand skillfully working every drop from him. Smiling down at the boy, She stepped back, ever so slowly withdrawing the dildo from him, enjoying his final groan as She left him empty. She took a moment to look approvingly at his delicious hole, still open, glistening with lube. Then looking him directly in the eye She smiled slyly and purred, “that was your fourth cum this week, Lady Luck only allowed you three, and you know what that means”. Ignoring his whimper of protest She went to the bench and selected her implement. Turning back towards him with the paddle She spoke;

“Now, open your legs, and we’ll begin your punishment”.

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