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Yes, well I do spend a lot of time reminiscing while my wife is out partying and I had thought that Ralph had become her new primary lover but apparently I was wrong because the next evening, I was just finishing up the dishes, when I heard the phone ring. I answered it in the way which Margarite prefers:, “Margarite’s residence, may I help you?” It was Dr. Jones asking for Margarite. Margarite took the phone in the kitchen and as I resumed washing the dishes I could make out parts of their conversation. They were talking about Ralph. I had been wondering what happened to him. Margarite had said nothing about him and it was no concern of mine, but I was just a little curious.
Apparently Ralph was spending some time with Dr. Pam and there was a problem with his education. Later, Margarite explained to me that training Ralph was a much more difficult task than training me because, for one thing, he was a real man, not a sissy. Dr. Pam had volunteered to help. Margarite had explained to Ralph that he would not be permitted to see her again unless he agreed to one condition- the condition being that he would see Dr. Pam for a series of psychological interviews. Ralph was to be taught to do exactly as he was told by both Dr. Pam and Margarite and to remain completely virile during sex. This would be a particularly tricky process, according to Dr. Pam since the amount of testosterone required for a man to perform adequately with a women- to grow erect and stay erect for as long as female desire might demand would complicate the regime of obedience, which would necessarily be required by such demanding women. Ralph, of course, did not know the real reason for the interviews. I would later learn the events, which transpired between Dr. Pam and Ralph.

First Interview:
After entering her office, Ralph hung up his coat and seeing no one else in the office, slowly looked around, taking in the relaxing mood of the quiet, expertly decorated room. Subdued colors dominated the walls along with interesting paintings in costly frames- all with feminist themes. A large canvas covered nearly half of one wall. In it Actaeon was peering through some bushes at a beautiful Diana, who was bathing in a Grecian pond. Ralph, who had little or no knowledge of mythology, was never the less chilled by the relentlessly superior gaze of the goddess and the echo of that gaze in the savage faces of her hunting dogs, who would soon be tearing Actaeon apart as divine retribution for the affront of spying on her nakedness.

The stark beauty of the mysterious painting sent a faint chill of dread though his confident masculine façade. The ceilings of the room were very high and even though Ralph was a full six feet tall and a muscular 210 pounds he felt somehow insignificant as he walked through the eight foot doorway into Dr. Pam’s private office. She stood before him in a black snugly fitting dress that accentuated her startlingly impressive breasts, her narrow waist and long legs. the black nylons and high heals did not present a very doctorly appearance, but Ralph was transfixed by the obvious bulges in the satin fabric covering her breasts, where her very hard nipples protruded. Even though Dr. Pam was very polite, and quite proper in her greeting, Ralph was becoming unsettled as he lowered himself into the chair which was indicated to him. It was a low chair, fairly comfortable but slightly lower than hers. He found himself looking up to her long legs, folded provocatively in front of him.

She began by asking him some routine questions about his background, his childhood, education, work and so on in a gentle, conversational manner. Soon, however, she was talking about sex. He did not find this to be odd, for after all, she was a shrink or at least that’s what he thought she was. He had no intention of asking. Soon he began to relax. In fact, he became so comfortable talking to her that he found himself telling her his most intimate secrets- all of his most private thoughts and fantasies. All the while, she subtly displayed herself to him, occasionally shifting in her chair and revealing a little more of her inspiring thighs so that he could see the part of her upper stocking where the shear material darkened and stretched around a garter snap.

“From the way you are looking at me I suppose you find me attractive?” she said looking directly into his eyes. the color drained out of his face as he realized how obvious his sexual hunger must have appeared.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to be looking at you that way. It’s just that, well, you’re so beautiful, staggeringly beautiful in fact. I’m having trouble keeping my eyes off of you. And, well, I’m really not sure why I’m here.”

“You’re here because Margarite asked you to come here.”

“She didn’t really ask me to see you. She said I had to or I could never see her again. do you know why she might say such a thing?”

“Are you sorry you came?”

Ralph hesitated and then slowly opened his mouth, which was growing dry with anticipation. “No, not at all.”

“Very well then, just relax. There’s no hurry. If you want to have sex with me you may. I can see that you’re aroused. You have charming little drops of sweat on your forehead and a very noticeable bulge in your trousers. You should know that Margarite and I share everything, including men. If this is a problem for you then I would suggest that you leave now, because there is no way to change this fact. We are not ordinary women as I’m sure you have deduced by now. but to learn how extraordinary we are will take you a considerable amount of time. You may be assured that you will never be bored or disappointed in either of us. Would you consider unzipping your fly?”

By this time Ralph was in a daze. He could not reconcile the sexual trance that seemed to enfold his body with the matter of fact tone, the frank words that were pouring out of her mouth. He just sat there, completely captured by her large dark brown dreamy eyes that appeared so honest and open to any possibility and listening to her voice- so soft and certain, spilling from those perfectly formed lips. He could notbelieve his luck, being there in that room with such a sexy creature, seemingly so far above him, so out of his league.

Ralph rose from his chair and approached Dr. Pam. He unzipped his fly as requested and stood before her, while she rode over his body with her determined searching eyes- top to bottom and slowly back up to his bulging crotch.

“Take it out,” she said, softly but firmly. Ralph was captivated by the subtle combination of seduction and domination that filled her voice with a thousand possibilities, all of them pleasant.

Dr. Pam took his cock in her cupped hands like an offering. Slowly she brought it towards her pursed, glistening mouth, parting her lips and sizing the throbbing head of his penis as if to create a perfect fit. As it slid gradually into her mouth, Ralph let out a surprised gasp. He had been fellated many, many times in his life by beautiful women, who were anxious to please him. He had pumped his cum into their throats, splashed it over their faces and covered their plump red lips with laces of sticky white sperm. His head was full of such images because he was a red blooded American male with a lot of sex appeal. He had always been lucky with women and he took it for granted that they should offer themselves up to him in total surrender. but what he felt now was a complete surprise to him. This very professional dispassionate and even somewhat austere women was taking him to an entirely new level, one as far beyond all of his previous sexual experience as a trip into outer space. Her perfect mouth held him with a vaginal grip and slipped up and down his shaft gliding on a magical feminine lubricant. The closeness of her body made him aware of a pervasive musky perfume that seemed to arise from a melding of a very expensive Parisian scent and a distinctly female odor. The effect on his consciousness was supremely over-powering. He was still reeling with a head full of pleasant but confused and conflicting thoughts when he awoke to the realization of his penis pumping madly into Dr. Pam’s Mouth. She seemed to be swallowing gallons of his jism as his member pulsed and jerked in a manner completely beyond his control. It slowly melted into a limp, but very sensitive tentacle still held firmly between her lips.

Ralph felt drained of all energy, empty and small. Yet he also felt that he had achieved something toward which his entire life had been pointed, a realization of pleasure so profound that it seemed to justify all of the time and effort he had lavished on women over the years, all of the practice to please them by studying how to fuck so long that they would melt into paroxysms of joy, how to tongue them slowly until they would almost beg for his penis. He looked up into Dr. Pam’s eyes. He saw her finger move in a slow arch toward her lips, directing him closer to her lips. He moved towards her anticipating a moist, slightly spermy kiss. As their mouths locked in a dreamy wet kiss, their tongues slid between one another like unsated sexual organs. Gradually her tongue began to pump it’s treasure of stored cum through her lips and into his mouth. Ralph jerked his head back, but Dr. Pam held on to it with her right hand and continued to push and pull her tongue back and forth through his lips until his mouth contained more of the sticky substance than he could think what to do with.

“Swallow,” she said, pulling her lips from his and leaving a long thin thread of his elastic fluid connecting them to each other. Without another thought he swallowed it all. More fluid remained in her mouth, which she immediately deposited in his.

He looked into her eyes, trying to read a meaning to what was happening to him. Instead of meaning, he felt her message, direct and unyielding with no necessity for words. Her eyes narrowed slightly, her brow moved, her head tilted perhaps one millimeter. No one but Ralph at that moment in time could have noticed anything of significance in her demeanor, yet to him the signal was clear. He approached her again as if to receive another loving kiss. their lips engaged again, duplicating the erotic dance of the first kiss, but this time his mouth openly accepted the remaining dregs of his offering and his tongue entered her sacred mouth in search of anything that remained, probing and licking her worshipfully. He was trying to prove his devotion to her, though this realization would not become a part of his consciousness for many months.

By the time he arrived at his apartment, Ralph was able to tell himself that he had just had the best sex of his life (which was, of course, true) and that he had conquered another adoring female heart (which was a delusion offered up by his profoundly befuddled ego). He would look forward all week to their next session with the anticipation of a teenage boy, who had just been given his first blow job by the prettiest cheer leader in the school.

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