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This brings me to the present time and in concluding my story what I have to relate may seem to be even more cruel and heartless than anything I have written up to this point. One day I entered Margarite’s bedroom to remove the sheets from her bed in order to wash them. As I came into the room Ralph suddenly became quiet and Margarite was staring directly at him with a haughty and reproachful look. “Your telling me that you lost your job? And that it’s been two weeks and you haven’t told me?” Margarite was spitting the words at him with a fierceness that was not at all ironic. Unlike the studied arrogance she used in her domination (tinged with hinted sympathy) her demeanor was brutally straightforward. “I’m going to call Dr. Pam and we will settle this matter tonight. Now get out of my sight Ralph. Get your things packed right now and put them by the door. Then get down those stairs to the basement and wait there until I tell you to come up. Do you understand me?”

Her words both frightened me and thrilled me. Not because I harbored any ill will towards Ralph. In fact I liked him and enjoyed his company. I would be sorry to see him go and adjusting to a new lover might be difficult for me. But the sudden fiery response and split second decision from my wife thrilled me with appreciation for her splendid power. Secretly I knew that she could do exactly the same thing to me at any moment if the whim came to her. Quickly looking down demurely I proceeded to accumulate the sheets into a bunch, emptied the pillow cases and clutching it all together in my arms I silently left the room resolved that she would never find my service wanting or my dedication and selflessness to be in question.

When I arrived at the laundry room I found Lindy there leaning against the wall by the East window in tears. She had known about Ralph’s being sacked and she and Ralph had discussed telling Margarite, but days had passed without any ideas coming to the front about how to placate Margarite. So nothing was said and gradually the tension had been growing especially for Lindy who had fallen for Ralph in a very serious way. Now all was apparently lost and Ralph would have to leave. “you!” she said to me, “You. You’ll be around for ever. She’ll never get rid of you, she’d be crazy, you’re such a sniveling little slave to her.” This cut me deeply because it was not said as part of our D/s play and there was nothing sexual about it. Still I was feeling very sorry for both her and Ralph and I instinctively gathered her in my arms and hugged her like a daughter. “I guess I’ll be next,” she said looking up at me and trying to smile. “You still have Margarite and you still have…” “Oh shit,” she said wildly swinging her arms at me. She slapped me several times and an automatic response leapt up within me instantly. I was barely able to stop myself from putting a right cross into her sweet little face. While I stood there shaking with fear about what I had almost done to her, she let loose a kick to my groin which left me doubled up in pain on the laundry floor and then she stormed out of the room. Laying there in pain I was able to remind myself of the difference between love pain and hate pain. Why were they so different? They both hurt the same and did equal damage but one was Heaven and one was Hell.

Dr. Pam arrived at our house at 7 O Clock. Ralph’s luggage and a few boxes of his things were still piled up by the door when I ushered Dr. Pam through the living room and into the dinning room where Margarite was waiting for her. I served cocktails and snacks and stood silently by the kitchen door waiting for any further instructions. I was surprised at how little was said between the two women. Dr. Pam was putting her signature on a check and tearing it out of her check book and Margarite was signing some sort of document, which Dr. Pam, in turn, also signed.
“Bobbie!” Margarite said curtly. “Sign as witness.” “What is it Mistress?” I said.
Margarite stared me coldly in the face and said again, “just sign it!” Biting my lip I witnessed the document with my signature and took a couple of steps back to my waiting position. “Get Ralph.” Quickly I turned and hurried through the kitchen to the basement stairs. “Ralph”, I said “Mistress wants you right away.” Ralph turned to me with a hang dog look in his eyes and asked me if I thought he had a chance with her. I looked away and pretended not to hear. “Hurry and don’t make her any madder than she already is.”

When Ralph arrived at the dining table where the two ladies were finishing up their cocktails and conversing softly with each other he stood before them for several moments before they acknowledged his presence and this was done with only the briefest of glances. Finally Margarite looked directly at Ralph with a cold disinterested gaze and said, “Strip.” He stood there for a moment while the words sunk in. You could tell he was arguing with himself. Was he really thrown out or had she just been kidding? Did she want sex, maybe a ménage a trois with Dr. Pam? ‘I must be dreaming,’ he thought to himself. Margarite looked right through him and said “Your damn right you’re dreaming, now strip!” As Ralph stepped out of the last of his clothes and tried to look comfortable standing there naked, Margarite slipped the gold necklace holding his chastity key from around her neck and handed to me saying, “unlock him Bobbie and give the keys to Dr. Pam.”
I was still on edge from all of the tension in the air and fumbled with the key as I tried to position the locks to receive it. Finally the device sprung open and his package unfolded from its prison. Dr. Pam rose from her chair and approached the slave with her right hand extended tentatively. Taking him in her hands she squeezed with a gentle almost loving pressure and her eyes lit up like a little girl. This hardly seemed like the hard and cold dominatrix, the calculating hypnotic manipulator of male sexuality I knew her to be. As it gradually sunk into Ralph’s thick scull that he had been sold outright to Dr. Pam a look of astonishment crossed his face, which in turn filled in red with embarrassment. Now the two of them were staring at each other with the contentment of childlike innocence. Margarite rolled her eyes and said, “Jesus Christ Pam, I though this was just a simple monetary transaction. You get this hairy dead beat and I get 10 Grand.” Dr. Pam placed the locks back on the chastity device accidentally crimping Ralph’s scrotum in the process. “Ouch,” he cried. “Sorry Ralph” she said and pinched him through the side of the pouch. “Ouch” again. Now both women were laughing and Ralph’s face lit up with a simple smile of recognition. I could see the sun coming up in Ralph’s dim intellect. He was now truly a slave. He had just been sold by some one whom he cared very much for in a cold cash transaction to a woman whose sex drive was perhaps the greatest he had ever known. He had no job and no responsibilities except to carry out the slightest wishes of a beautiful and powerful woman. He turned to me and smiled and I returned the smile with a knowing look. We were two of a kind now. Both the helpless slaves of beautiful and very demanding women and we both felt at home with our positions in life.

After I helped Ralph carry his luggage to Dr. Pam’s limo and the two love birds (or should I say sex birds?) had left the driveway I heard Margarite talking quietly to Lindy, consoling her on her loss of Ralph. “I know you were very fond of him, Lindy, but men like him are a dime a dozen and you will meet another and another if you stay here with Bobbie and me. You’ve got to learn to kiss ‘em and leave ‘em if you want to be my slut. Right Bobbie?” “Yes Mistress.”

By the end of the week Lindy and I were working frantically to get Margarite ready for a Friday night date. There was no talk of Ralph as I laid out her under wear on the bed. There was no look of uncertainty in her eyes as she leaned intently into the mirror placing the finishing touches to her eye makeup. Lindy was putting the final creases in Margarite’s pleated black skirt and humming to herself happily. Because of her little rebellion, Lindy had been told to share the maid duties with me and surprisingly she reacted with a grudging acceptance and eventually total acceptance of her new role. So this was how it would be for now anyway. Lindy and I faithfully serving our gorgeous mistress and as we closed the door after Margarite we turned to each other with excitement. We were free to play with each other for as long as we wanted assuming that all of the chores were done to Mistress’s satisfaction when she returned. Of course I was not allowed to penetrate or to have orgasms, but Lindy was still allowed to tease me and tease me she would do. Mistress has given us a list of rules which we follow religiously.
Why would you want to break a rule in a perfect household managed by a perfect Mistress whose knowledge of your personalities is complete and never questioned?

Everything has settled down now at our house. Lindy and I are happy in our endless servitude. It’s been several months now and we have heard very little about Ralph. I’m sure he’s happy with Dr. Pam. We did get a post card from him saying that he is working on one of her properties in Colorado, the “Jones Sky Ranch”. He works hard and stays healthy and looks forward to visits from Dr. Pam every month or so.

The absence of a permanent live-in lover has changed my life back to the way it was before Ralph came to live with us. Most of Margarite’s date nights are a mystery (just as before). I never know exactly where she is going or who she is seeing or what they will be doing. Lindy and I do look forward to those lucky evenings when Margarite returns early enough to share her fortunes with us. We usually sit at the foot of her bed while she changes into sleep ware, tossing her soiled clothing on the floor and chatting about the latest sexual adventure. Lindy gazes up at Margarite with lustful admiration and dreamy contentment while I, still with remnants of spousal pride, sting at each revelation of betrayal, but soaring with dedication as I measure my devotion to my mistress with each moment of suffering she offers me

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