Margarite and bobbie 06

Late in the afternoon, on the following Tuesday, I returned home late (to Susans’s house) after cleaning at Margarite’s. With Ralph living there now, there was quite a bit more work to do. He was pretty typical in a lot of ways. He had obviously never learned to throw his dirty clothes into the hamper, bus his coffee cups or clean his ash trays. Of course Margarite was messy by design; she knew how much I treasured her slovenliness. I always felt as though she had tossed each pair of soiled panties thoughtfully on the floor or slung her used bras lovingly across the back of a chair- expressly for me to see and gather them. There were now twice as many dishes to wash and the floors took a little longer to vacuum. So I was pretty tired when I walked in the front door. Susan was quietly sitting in the living room smoking a cigarette and looking very beautiful as usual. She was so strikingly sexy and sophisticated that I often found myself in total disbelief that I could be her consort in even the most menial and insignificant capacity. This evening she was especially attractive. Her hair was perfectly quaffed in a youthful flip. A slender shock of provocative blond hair laid suggestively across her forehead, eye brows and dreamy blue eyes. Her makeup was carefully applied, as Margarite’s was each time she got ready to go out on a date, so I assumed that Susan would be leaving soon after I served her dinner. But I was to find out that she was staying in and planned to spend the entire evening with me.

Susan stood up and turned toward me. She was wearing a white camisole, which fitted her closely, accentuating the uplift of her 36” breasts. She had a casual way of blowing you away with the staggering effect of her fabulous body. Her panties were white nylon briefs with delicate lace that followed the pattern of her pubic area down to her inner thighs and around behind her ass, which bulged with promising symmetry as she turned to show herself in full effect, her long taught legs shaped by the balancing stress of four inch heals. Even her hose and garter belt were white. she stood before me like a goddess, examining the effect of her presence in my devoted gaze. I guess my mouth must have dropped open because she said, “You can close your mouth Bobbie, I’m all yours tonight.” She then told me to jump into the shower and join her in the living room. Its funny how quickly exhaustion can turn to exuberance. Fifteen minutes later I was standing next to Susan in a fresh pair of panties and a clean apron, handing her a a cold, sweating glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
She told me to sit down on the hassock in front of her chair and looked at me softly. With a low and very serious tone she told me that she loved me very much and that the last few weeks of having me as her slave would always occupy a special place in her heart. At first it had only been a lark, a chance to play with Margarite’s property and get some free cleaning and laundry services. She also confessed to a fondness for my tongue and its athletic abilities, but she could never have predicted how attached she would become to me. “When I look into your eyes and see the devotion and love and selflessness I find myself melting. At first I didn’t know what it was, a little thrill, a flutter of excitement and then I realized I had a crush on you. I was falling in love with an impotent little panty-waist pansy!” She tilted her head and wrinkled her lovely smooth forehead just over her sympathetic eyes as if to apologize. My heart began to sink. I hate it when a woman begins to feel sorry for me. It makes me feel like I’m with someone who has no idea what goes on inside of my mind- a kind of lonely feeling. Susan understood immediately.
Reaching down to me as I kneeled in front of her, she took my un-naturally large and sensitive nipples between her thumb and forefinger and began to roll them, gradually tightening the pressure. I looked up to her with a very pleased look on my face and was instantly slapped very hard. And then again with the other hand, her nails grazed my cheek and I felt a burn where they tore the surface of my skin. The pain was less powerful than the shock. Yes she could feel a little pity for me, but it was only brief and condescending. she moved closer to me and stood over me with her left shoe resting heavily on my balls, which quickly began to ache with a dull thrill. My eyes were filling up with tears as the pain increased. Directly in front of me was the image of a 27 year old woman, her pussy clearly visible through her shear white panties. the smell of her perfume was hypnotic and the undercurrent of her femininity was just as strong. Turning away from me she pressed harder on my balls and I let out an anguished cry. As the pressure was released I looked up at her beautiful ass cheeks facing me. they came to within a few inches of my face as she leaning forward, resting her elbows on the mantle.
“Lick”, she said
“Your ass or your pussy, mistress?
“Put your nose in my ass and lick my pussy! and don’t drip all over the place.” She shifted her hips a little each way and inched her panties down to the top of her thighs, where they fell to the floor. “There’s a condom on the table.”
I removed the wrapper and pulled the rubber over the head and shaft of my cock and tucked it back into my pink panties. then I placed my nose directly in the middle of Susan’s rectum and began to lick her pussy. With my nose in her cherry ass hole I could barely reach her vagina so I wondered how she was going to enjoy the licking. As I stretched to find her clit my nose pressed further into her ass hole. My cheeks were flat against her ass cheeks as I licked her harder and harder. I needn’t have worried about Susan. She knew exactly what she was doing. Her moaning began slowly and I knew that half of her pleasure was knowing the position that I was in- kneeling behind her with my balls aching from her footstep, my nose deeply into her ass and my tongue stretched desperately over her cunt only occasionally tapping her clit. She dripped onto my tongue and I tasted her womanhood as I continued licking.
More than twenty minutes went by as I licked and licked, my tongue and whole mouth was getting sore. My nose was numb from bumping into her rectum. Her moans were growing faster and more high pitched now, becoming vaguely unattached. I knew she was about to cum and this thrilled me with joy. When you don’t have orgasms yourself, at least male orgasms, and all of your attention is directed at making someone else have one, the feeling is beyond description. You experience the orgasm as the other half of an expanding universe. The object of your attentions looses contact with reality while you remain grounded. Then you realize that you are not grounded at all; you are suspended in air with the earth falling below you. You might think that I felt sorry for myself, but you would be mistaken. I had no self to feel sorry for. The Domme’s ego grows large; the sub’s becomes microscopic, or disappears all together. I was happily gone in a miasma of taste and smell, my mouth full of her wet silky texture, my cheeks gooey with sweat and vaginal nectar, my spirit soaring with sustained sexual excitement and my ego melting beyond recognition.
Susan dropped onto the hassock and continued with her orgasm as she lay on her stomach with her ass in the air. I couldn’t look away from her perfect body as it heaved in quick strokes as she kept shifting her weight against the furniture.
“Lick my ass slave”, she said in a sleepy tone, short of breath.
I leaned forward and continued to lick her beautiful ass, my tongue dancing around the edges of her rectum. After a while I began to push my tongue into her rectum, at first softly but with more and more urgency. In a few minutes I was fucking her ass with my tongue as hard as I could and she began to moan again, slowly building with emotion. After she had completed another complete orgasm, lasting a least ten minutes, she lifted her right foot and pressed it into my chest, slowly pushing me away with the sharp end of her heal pushed into my skin. I looked down at my crotch and saw that I was still erect.
“Let me see your dick, Bobby,” Susan said, looking back at me over her shoulder, that gorgeous shock of blond hair hanging over her eyes. She had a devious smile and perspiration glistening on her brow and cheeks. I pulled down my panties and showed her my lazy little penis, with its condom white with cum at the end.
“I didn’t tell you could cum, slave.”
“I didn’t cum, I mean I didn’t have an orgasm. I just…. leaked a little.”
Susan reached down to my cock and grabbed it, squeezing tightly, pulling me forward on my knees. She pulled off the rubber in the same smooth movement of turning herself around and facing me. First she held up the condom to the light to see how much jism was in it. then she tilted her face forward and gave me a stern look. I didn’t tell you to make a drop. And you made two or three, unless I’m mistaken. My eyes lowered in shame and humility. then she slapped me across the face with the sloppy condom. She repeated this flogging, which didn’t hurt, but was very humiliating. “Open your mouth!” I looked up at her in disbelief. “Open your mouth!” she repeated. As I opened my mouth I instinctively closed my eyes and soon felt the full condom being pushed into the opening. “Suck it out, wash your hands and get started on dinner, bobby. I’ve worked up one hell of an appetite.” As I felt my raw tongue come in contact with my own milky discharge I melted with shame because of the humiliation I was receiving. My head hung down as I slowly mouthed my humbling meal, swallowing each lump of sperm as though it were some over cooked vegetable that I was unfond of. But even as I knelt there, belittled in shame, I could not resist looking up at Susan as she bounced up on to her long and beautiful legs and strode out of the room to get ready for dinner, her heals clicking confidently on the wooden floor, her shear white panties fitting tightly once again against her perfect ass.
As I began to serve her dinner, Susan told me not to bother with a second placement. “this will be a sperm night for you bobby. Since you are so careless with making drops whenever you please, you will just have to be satisfied with your own spunk! You can have all you can eat” As I stood at attention by her side, she consumed her dinner in slow deliberate motions, savoring every bite. When she was finished she told me that I could make two drops of cum, but I must face her while stroking my cock. this I did as instructed, dropping the two drops into my right hand. Susan wanted to see me jack off with my left hand- as a diversion, just to see if it took any longer. I then raised the palm of my hand to my mouth and licked up the sperm as directed. Later, after we had watched a movie on TV and I had served her another glass of wine, she had me do it again, this time making as many drops as possible. By this time I was pretty thoroughly milked. I licked up the last of the cum and tucked my penis back into the panties, sighing sleepily. It had been a long day and I was very tired. Luckily Susan would be sleeping in because Wednesday was her day off. I would still have to get up early, since there was a lot of work to do. I could get two loads of laundry done before I had to make her coffee. then I would head over to Margarite’s and start on her ever-growing pile of dishes. Soon the pile would be even higher because of the new slave. She was expected to move in any day now.

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