The first night

They walked in to the room and let the door close behind them, finally alone. Instantly they were in each other’s arms, kissing hungrily. Suddenly she broke the kiss, “easy now pet, plenty of time for that. I’m going to go and change, why don’t you undress for me”. With a smile she walked in the bathroom.

When she came out the boy was naked, blushing as she saw him in the flesh for the first time. She was wearing an almost sheer lace top, her breasts straining at the fabric, and a pair of lacy knickers, the material clinging to the shape of her womanhood. They both gazed at each other lustfully for a moment, his cock already twitching, her lips slowly moistening.

“On the bed, and assume karta for me pet” she commanded. He climbed on to the mattress, and took the position, leaning forward on to his arms, arching his bottom up. His legs nicely spread, his most intimate parts were left open to her gaze. “There’s a good obedient pet” she said, resting her had on his head, running it up his spine, and pausing at the cleft of his buttocks. “We’re going to start with an inspection. You’re offering me your body, and we have to make sure it is worthy. You certainly look fit and healthy. Good firm buttocks” she continued as she squeezed his bottom in her hand, before placing her fingertips between the firm globes. “What a pretty anus you have pet” she said, tracing a finger around the rim of the crinkled opening, causing him to moan softly. She ran the finger down over his perineum, noticing how sensitive both it and his anus were to her touch.

She took his scrotum in her hand, squeezing gently, rolling his testicles between her thumb and finger, stretching the sac out. “All seems very healthy pet” she said to him, as her hand continued its downward journey, fingertips running down the underside of his already stiffening cock. She smiled to herself, pleased that this young subbie’s near constant arousal was entirely down to her. Wrapping her hand around his shaft she expertly began to masturbate him, leaving him fully erect in seconds. “mmm… you are a nice size pet, Mistress is very pleased.”

“Thank you Mistress” the boy replied, blushing at the praise, and his exposure.

“Later you’ll show me how tight your body gets as you cum” she told him, continuing to slowly stroke his stiff cock, “but you can’t cum just yet pet. You must earn your cums by being a good little boy, and pleasing your Mistress. You do want to please your Mistress don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress” he breathed, “I live to serve and please you”.

“Good boy, such a good boy” she praised him, slowly masturbating him until she could hear his breathing become heavier and little whimpers of pleasure could be heard, before abruptly stopping, leaving his erection hanging between his spread thighs, the tip shiny with pre-cum. Rising up from the bed and walking to the dresser she spoke back over her shoulder; “Reach behind yourself for me my love, and spread that beautiful bottom of yours nice and wide. I want to see your hole open for me”.

At the dresser, she opened a pot of her favourite lube, liberally coating two fingers with it. Turning back to the boy, she observed with a smile that he had done as she commanded, his hands pulling his buttocks apart, with the result that the crinkled pink opening between them was wide open on display.

Returning to the bed, she knelt behind him, admiring him for a second. Grinning to herself wickedly, she leant down and kissed him between his spread cheeks, her tongue darting out to press past the rim of his anus. “Oh Mistress” he cried out. Chuckling, she ran her tongue up his perineum across his hole. “Like that do you boy? If you’re good maybe you can have more as a treat later”. He made to answer, but groaned deeply as her lubed fingertips found his anus for the first time. Rubbing lube against the outside of his hole, she pressed one finger inside, slowly sliding it in to the knuckle. Withdrawing it she pressed two against him this time, and smiled down at him, pleased, as his body easily took both inside. “What a good boy, so tight and warm” she purred, “though I think we’ll need to stretch you before you’re ready to be used properly”.

She slid her fingers in and out of him slowly for a few minutes, twisting them as she did, massaging his prostate, enjoying the feel of him, and the sight of his nicely stretched rim. Then she withdrew her fingers, causing him to whimper slightly in disappointment, his hole closing up tightly.

“Right, where is it, ah this one should do” she declared, pulling a medium sized butt plug from her bag. Turning back to him she commanded “keep those buttocks nice and spread for me sweetie, I need your hole open for this”. Kneeling behind him again, he shuddered slightly as she placed the tip of the plug against him. Pressing gently but firmly, the tip slid in to him, his tight ring stretching around it. She reached around and stroked his cock lightly, offering encouragement, whilst he grunted as she pressed the plug firmly in to him. “Good boy, relax, press back against me, there you go” she cooed as the plug’s widest point slipped past his sphincter and he closed up around it, with only the flared end left outside.

“Now we’ll leave that there for a bit whilst we warm you up some more, externally” she chuckled. “Put your arms beneath your head again and raise your bottom up”.

As he did as commanded, she continued to talk to him. “Learning to take punishment is a vital part of any sub’s training pet. Your backside is not just for fucking, it will be for spanking and flogging if you displease me. Punishment for both boys and girls in my stable is a bare bottomed spanking, with either hand, flogger, or cane, of ten smacks per buttock. More serious transgressions will result in a double spanking on the bottom, or the usual twenty but between the legs. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress” the boy gulped.

“Good” she replied, picking a small leather flogger from her suitcase, “now, as you’ve actually been a very good boy, and this is your training, you will have only ten in total. You will count each one before receiving the next”.

With that she swung her arm and the flogger landed on his firm backside, causing him to rock forward in surprise. Despite that, he still remembered the count; “one Mistress” he panted.

Nine later, his bottom was a pleasing shade of red, the crimson hue broken only by the black handle of the plug peeking out from between his two round buttocks. “I think you’re ready” she declared, grinning deviously as she reached out, took the plug firmly in her hand, and without warning, pulled it out of him in one movement. The boy cried out as his anus suddenly stretched wide, and she was pleased to see as she moved closer, that it did not close up entirely; he was ready for her.

She opened her suitcase again and took out a blindfold she had bought especially for his moment. She moved to sit beside his head, her lace covered crotch inches from his face. He moaned softly, he could smell her arousal, see how the soft fabric followed the contours of her soft lips.

As she slipped the blindfold on she whispered in his ear, “the sensations will be heightened my pet. Besides, you haven’t yet earned the honour of gazing upon my full naked splendour”.

Encased in darkness, he strained his ears, hearing only the soft whisper of lace and she slid her knickers off. Oh how desperately he wanted to see what lay between her legs, to worship her perfect womanhood! He heard her rummaging in her suitcase, searching for what he knew would be her strap-on. He wondered silently how big it would be. He so hoped he would be able to take her. The boy felt the bed move as she climbed up behind him, suddenly very aware of how exposed his private parts were.

Gripping one of his buttocks in each of her hands, she spread him open, moving forwards so the very tip of the strap-on rested against his opening, causing him to moan in anticipation. “Is this what you want my darling little boy? For your Mistress to slide her nice big cock in to your smooth, tight little bottom? To use that greedy little hole for its true purpose?”

He pleaded, wanting her, “yes, please Mistress, take me, fill my bottom, I beg you to fuck me”.

“Such a good boy” she purred as she pressed forwards firmly but slowly with her hips, watching as the head of the shaft stretched his young anus, the rim expanding as she pressed deeper in to him.

Watching as the smooth rim of his anus stretched out as she withdrew the length of the cock, gripping tightly around the shaft, she began to expertly use the full length of her cock to open up his tight young rectum. Skillfully using her hips, she thrust deep inside his body, penetrating him with every inch of the shaft.

“Oh God, you’re so tight” she grunted as she drove in to him ever deeper, his body gripping the shaft tightly, causing it to press hard against her clit. Within a few minutes she felt her orgasm approach; she had meant to be slow and gentle the first time, but he was so tight, and his hole looked so perfect stretched around her shaft, that she couldn’t help but fuck him hard. For a moment the only sounds were his cries every time she thrust fully in to him, the head of her dildo hitting his prostate, and the smack of her belly and thighs as they slapped against his body. His throbbing cock and balls swung to and fro as she fucked him, pre-cum oozing from the tip of his penis. As she felt that familiar tingle building between her legs, she forced his buttocks as far apart as she could, not wanting to waste a fraction of an inch of the strap-on, wanting him to feel utterly full. With a cry she thrust deep in to him one last time, cumming hard, grabbing his hips and pulling his body back to meet the invading shaft; spearing his tender young form.

Breathing heavily, she lay forward, resting upon his back, strap-on buried to the hilt inside his hot bowels. “Oh darling, you were perfect, absolutely wonderful” she praised him as she recovered, planting soft kisses on his back. He was breathing just as heavily and could only murmur platitudes to her, basking in the warm glow of having pleased her, having become one with her.

After a few moments, she kissed his neck, around to his ear, and whispered, “on your back now my darling”. Holding his hips to keep him still, she very slowly started to withdraw herself from him, until finally the head of the strap-on appeared from between his rosy cheeks, his slightly red anus glistening with lube between them, open, as if begging for more. He groaned in disappointment, knowing that for ever more, any moment that she was not inside him would be one where he would feel empty, and less than whole.

As he turned to lie on his back, she took the hem of her top in her hands, and lifted it off above her head, revealing her breasts to him for the first time. “Wow” is all he could muster, dumbstruck by the vision of beauty before him. She was now completely naked, only the thick shaft protruding from between her thighs hiding her vulva from him. “Mistress, you are perfect” he murmured. She glanced between his own thighs, to his long hard cock, and knew that he meant every word.

Wordlessly she moved back towards him. As she knelt between his legs, he pulled them up his chest, giving her easier access to his opening. She stared deep in to his eyes, caressing his cheek with one hand whilst she placed the tip of the strap-on against his anus. “You know you belong to me, don’t you my pet?” she asked him. He could only nod, unable to look away from her eyes. Slowly, she sank down on to him, the shaft of her strap-on sliding easily in to his well used bottom, until her belly pressed against his, his hard cock pressed between them, her breasts against his chest. She lay still for a moment, as they kissed softly, tongues finding each other, and he wrapped his legs tightly around her back.

Gently, lovingly, she began to rock her hips, making love to him. He cried out with pleasure as her cock curved in to him, filling his bowel. Pulling her hard against him, he whispered in her ear “cum in me my Queen, my Goddess. Cum in my hole. Fill me, make me yours. I love you. I worship you”.

Smiling down at her wonderful boy, she lifted a breast to his mouth, sighing with pleasure as he began to suck at her nipple, the tightness of his body already causing the dildo to press pleasurably against her clit. Her perfect boy would be well used by morning she knew, and she would be well satisfied. She closed her eyes, thinking about how she would get him to go down on her with his wonderful tongue for an hour or so later to give his hole time to recover. This would be a night to remember…

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