The Priestess

The boy awoke, the morning light streaming in through the window on to his face, warming his naked body. Already the day was warm, the hot dry desert air causing the small room to be uncomfortably stuffy before the sun had yet fully risen. Today though, there was an electric current upon the air. Today was the day of the grand ceremony, to be performed by the High Priestess herself, in which he had been specially chosen to play a central part. He had been selected at a young age and undergone years of training in the submissive arts in order that the Priestess may join with him upon the high altar, and through him attain the sacred spirit.

The door to the room opened abruptly interrupting his thoughts, and the matriarch put her head around the door to check he was awake. The matriarch was a slave like him technically; an older woman with many years service charged with overseeing the chosen boys. Despite that though, she carried a clear authority and in the warren of corridors that made up the trainees’ living area, her word was law.

Rising from his bed he looked around, knowing this was the last day he would call this small space home. His cell was basic, identical to those inhabited by the monks at the temple; just a simple futon bed, and a small pommel horse, similar to that used by gymnasts. For the past month, he had spent two sessions a day bent over it, naked, whilst the matriarch had used her fingers on him, training his tight hole to readily accept the Priestess when the time came. She used only her fingers, building up from a single digit to three, never a dildo. It was important the boy was kept pure in that way before the ceremony, the Priestess must be the first to take him for the ancient magic to be appeased. For that same reason, the boy was not made to cum whilst her fingers penetrated him, instead he was made to masturbate for the matriarch after she had finished but before leaving his cell; an act she knew he found utterly humiliating.

Like all boys chosen for the ceremony, he had never known the soft embrace of female flesh. Only through the grip of his or another’s hand had he known release. Unlike most males, he had been properly educated, knew of the glory of the Female, knew that every part of his body could be used to serve and honour Her sacred form. He had been chosen at a very young age, and taken from his family and the small village he had been born in to the Great Temple. Here he had undergone many years of training, both mental and physical. He had learnt alongside other boys had to serve, firstly to satisfy a Mistresses’ day-to-day needs and act as part of her household, and then as he became older, had learnt the use of each of his body parts in pleasing her. At some point, he had been marked for the ceremony which was approaching, and his training from then on had differed from the other boys’. Whilst they had been fully in service for some years now, he had taken a different path. Some nights he had been kept awake, listening to their groans of pain and pleasure as the Noblewomen who could afford the bribes visited their cells to fuck the tight young slaves ahead of the completion of their full training and their subsequent sale at the next monthly slave market.

Often as he had lain listening, mind racing with forbidden images, his hand had wandered down his body to his throbbing member, slowly masturbating himself as the sounds passion and lust drifted down the hallway. That had stopped abruptly though when he had been caught by the matriarch one night on her rounds. Flinging his door open and marching in she had ordered him to pull his knees up to his chest; an order he had obeyed instantly out of sheer terror. With the crop she always wielded she had set about his exposed young bottom with gusto, admonishing him without pause. When at last she stopped, and he dared to think it was over, she had simply barked at him to keep his knees up and let his legs fall apart. He had looked up at her through tear-filled eyes, as he obeyed her, the vulnerable flesh of his genitals now exposed. Without mercy however she had brought her arm down a further ten times upon his cock and balls, causing him to cry out in agony. She had noted with satisfaction though, as she left him curled up sobbing in a ball, that despite the pain he had kept his legs open for her as commanded.

The boy snapped out of his daydreaming as the matriarch re-entered the room to place a jug and bowl of water and a bar of soap on the floor before bustling out again. Quickly, he washed himself, squatting to clean his genitals and anus, knowing full well she would return shortly and expect him to be particularly clean in those areas. Minutes later she reappeared, passing him a towel, leaving again without a word. Indeed, she barely spoke to him at all, other than to snap orders at him. Even as she worked on his body with her fingers, skillfully opening him up, she didn’t utter a thing, the boy’s heavy breathing as she worked, and the sound of her lubricated fingers sliding in and out of him the only things breaking the silence.

He toweled himself dry quickly, before the matriarch again returned to the cell, taking the towel from him. Pausing for a moment, she had him turn slowly in a circle, appraising his form. Other than his black leather collar, his body was naked and unblemished. Yes, she had done a fine job with him, he was going to do wonderfully. Not for the first time, as she passed him the simple white robe slaves wore, she felt a surge of jealousy run through her, lighting up her genitals. She wanted more than anything to have him on his back, his anus bared for her, begging her to enter him, to own him. Yet, she knew it was above her station to have such things, and she had more than most in that she had access to the whole harem of boys’ delightful bottoms with her fingers.

With a curt “get dressed”, she turned and left the room, closing the door behind her. Once more alone, the boy pulled the robe around him and fastened the front, then sat patiently awaiting his summons. An hour later the door opened again, though this time two strangers entered; two adolescent girls, dressed simply in short white cotton dresses, the hems barely reaching below their young buttocks, the growing contours of their bodies visible through the soft fabric. They looked so similar they could have been twins, except for their hair: one was redheaded, the other blonde, almost platinum. Both girls were obviously from the northern lands, their pale skin and delicate features unmarred.

“You are to come with us” said the blonde girl, “we will take you to be prepared”. The red head stepped forward and attached a thin silver chain to his collar, and wordlessly led him from the room. Passing out of the accommodation block into the bright sunlight he squinted, blinded momentarily, but they soon passed inside once more. For some time they marched quickly down an endless series of corridors, each decorated with hieroglyphs and tapestries depicting stories of the great empire in which they dwelt. The boy wished he could take more time to examine his new surroundings, having not left the harem compound since he was a small boy, but the girls kept up a quick pace.

After some time they came to a halt abruptly before a heavy wooden door. “We are here” spoke the blonde in her lilting voice, opening the door for the redhead to lead him through with a gentle tug on the chain. ‘Here’ was a small anteroom, on the opposite wall of which was another door, this one larger and more ornate, that the boy assumed must lead to the sacred chamber. He had been led to the middle of the room, and made to halt at a word from the girls. He looked around, and saw only a small table upon which sat a pot of warmed and fragranced oil, and a pestle and mortar beside which lay some blue capsules. Stepping close, the redheaded girl stood upon her tiptoes to reach the clasp that fastened the collar about his neck. Undoing it and taking the collar and chain from his neck she smiled slyly up and at him and spoke a single word; “undress”. For a second the boy’s training failed him and he didn’t immediately respond. Frowning, her pretty features becoming stern she spoke again, “undress”. Blushing furiously, the boy hesitated, mortified at being ordered to disrobe by this young girl. Her look though jolted him in to action, and he reminded himself that even at such a young age, she was still a female, and was to be treasured, worshiped, but above all obeyed. Still flushed, he untied the robe and passed it to the blonde girl, who giggled at his discomfort. Folding and placing the robe upon the table, she lifted the pot of oil and brought it back to the boy, kneeling before him. The other girl poured a little of the oil in to the hands and moved behind the boy, whilst the blonde likewise covered her hands in the sweet smelling oil. Working as one, the girls began massaging the oil into the boy’s skin, their hands soothing his tensions as they worked, and he found himself relaxing. He blushed again slightly, as the girl kneeling before him took his genitals in her small hands and coated them in the oil, cupping his balls, running her hands up and down the shaft of his cock, all the while looking directly in to his eyes and smiling slyly. He felt pressure at his back, and realized the redheaded girl behind him wanted him to lean forwards. She gently pushed until he was bent at the waist, his hands on the floor, his face an inch from the kneeling blonde’s. Leaning forward, she placed her lips against his ear and whispered quietly, so that he almost didn’t hear, “now, we prepare your most sacred part, the portal through which you will submit yourself to the sacred feminine”. As she finished, he felt the oiled fingertips of the redhead between his buttocks, gently tracing the rim of his anus. He let out an involuntary moan as she slipped a finger inside him, her gentle touch so different from the rough lustful probings of the matriarch. The blonde girl took his face in her hands, smiling sweetly at him, as her partner slipped a second, and then a third oil coated finger inside of him. The boy moaned again as she twisted her fingers inside of him, pushing them deeply inside, thoroughly coating the walls of his rectum with the fragranced lubricating fluid. He grunted softly as her fingers left him, the familiar aching feel of emptiness he felt after the matriarch’s visits returning.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the redhead walk to the table, and pick up the small tray of capsules. Moving back behind him she spoke, “we have prepared these for you. They will permit you to recover your energies faster than normal. Three or four of the suppositories should suffice”. Once again he felt her fingertips gently teasing his opening, then the cool feel of the suppository as she pushed it deep within him with her finger. She repeated the action three more times, the final time, leaving her finger inside him, ensuring that the medicine was properly absorbed. Satisfied, she slowly withdrew her finger, his wrinkled anus closing up behind her, and the blonde girl motioned for him to stand upright. Both moved to stand before him, admiring their work, the body of the boy now glistening with the oil, the fragrance filling the small room. “Follow us” they spoke together, and turned to the ornate door behind them. As one pulled the door open, the other motioned the boy forward, and he stepped through the doorway.

He found himself in a large chamber, the high ceilings supported by ornate granite columns, themselves creating shadowy recesses around the edges of the room. Lit by torches fastened to the columns, the room itself was empty save for a large rectangular stone altar in the center. Around the edges of the room, spilling from the shadows came robed and hooded figures, chanting a hypnotic and solemn tune. Each of the girls took one of his hands, and led him forward to the altar. “Lie down” smiled one, “lift your knees to your chest, expose your wondrous gifts for her” said the other. Obeying, he lay upon the altar on his back, the stone unnaturally warm to the touch, and he swore it vibrated gently. Lifting his knees to his chest, he let his legs fall open, feeling the cold air caress over his now exposed penis and anus. Laying his head back against the stone, he looked up into the dark depths of the ceiling above, the pillars disappearing into the blackness.

He noticed then that the chanting, which until then had been a quiet drone had risen to a higher tempo, and a sudden energy had filled the chamber. He lifted his head as much as he was able, and was momentarily stunned, final able to admit only a quiet gasp. He had seen many women throughout his young life, many of them beautiful, but the woman before him eclipsed all others. Tall, with flawless dark skin, sensual curves glistening in the light of the torches, the High Priestess stood before the altar upon which he lay. Naked, but for an ornate headdress in the form of the Goddess which masked her face, she was an image of perfection. Magnificent breasts rode high on her chest, tipped by dark brown nipples already hardening in the electric air, taught belly, a thoroughly womanly curve to her hips and waist, oiled hairless vulva, inner labia bursting forth, as if petals of the most exquisite desert orchid, the lips a shade darker than the large full outer labia that enclosed them.

A movement distracted him out of the corner of his eye, as one of the mysterious figures stepped forwards holding up a plush cushion, upon which lay an object the boy had not seen before. It glistened in the torchlight, and as the Priestess took it in her hands and held it aloft, he was able to see its shape, and with a jolt he realized that this was the tool by which she would take him. Black and shiny, it had a long slightly curved shaft, similar in appearance to his own erection, at the base of which was a series of small ridges. Curving up from the bottom of the shaft were two smaller probes, the first slightly larger than the other. From the way it shone the boy guessed correctly that it was coated in the same oil that covered his skin and moistened his rectum. Parting her legs slightly, the Priestess reached between them with the object, and as the boy, and all others present, watched she pushed the two probes firmly inside her two holes, their shape ensuring that they fitted perfectly inside of her, the shaft then protruding out from between her legs, now fully resembling his own aroused cock.

The boy was barely aware of his own penis hardening against his belly, all he was aware of was an incredible desire to submit to her. More than breath itself, he wanted her, wanted her to fill him, wanted her to become one with him. As she approached he let his head fall back, his breathing quick now, his reason for being at hand. He felt his body tense, and forced himself to relax, taking deeper breaths. His eyes closed, he felt her hands on his spread thighs, and suddenly became conscious of his erection, his exposed anus, the many pairs of eyes upon him, and blushed deeply.

A comforting squeeze upon his open thighs, and a moment later he felt the oiled tip of the dildo against his opening. Then, for the first time since entering the chamber, the Priestess spoke. Her voice was as spellbinding as her appearance, as sweet as honey, but with an undercurrent of power. “Behold! Before me lies one half of the perfect form. A male, submissive, willing, aroused and ready to give himself utterly in to the service of the sacred female”. With that, she pushed her hips forward, gently but firmly entering his virgin body, stopping only when she had filled him, and her taught belly pressed against his tight balls.

The boy uttered a low groan. Despite months of training with the matriarch’s rough fingers invading him, the feel of the thick shaft pushing through the tight ring of his anus in to his hot wanting rectum took him by surprise. Despite some discomfort, he soon felt his body relax around her dildo, and he began to lightly buck his hips in time with her thrusts, wanting every inch of her inside of him. As he relaxed a tremendous feeling of completeness came over him; his purpose as a submissive realized. Together, he and the Priestess rocked their hips, enabling her to open him up fully, the shaft sliding easily in and out of his oiled anus.

After a few minutes of gently fucking the boy, the Priestess began to speed up her thrusts, making sure to use the full length of the shaft, watching it disappear deep into his well oiled bottom. Taking his erection in her hand, the lubricated shaft already leaking pre-cum, she began masturbating the boy in time with her own rhythm. Whilst the onlookers continued their chanting, the Priestess worked his virgin hole and pumped his cock, expertly keeping him at the brink of orgasm until she herself was ready. When she herself felt the familiar tingle between her legs that signaled the approach of her own climax she squeezed more firmly upon his cock, pumping it faster as she pushed as deeply as she could inside his body. Both boy and Priestess gave out a deep moan as they came in unison, the chanting reaching a crescendo. As the Priestess gave one last final thrust deep inside the boy, his body clenched tight around the dildo, and his cock spasmed in her hand, shooting hot cum over his belly.

She continued to masturbate him for a few seconds more, milking every last drop from him. When satisfied, She stepped back, the long thick black shaft slowly sliding out of the boy, leaving him empty, his hole remaining open, as if begging Her to re-enter him. It escaped neither Her nor the boy’s attention, that despite his orgasm, his cock remained full erect as a result of the powerful medicines administered to him by the young girls earlier.

At a signal, the two girls ran forward. The redhead stepped forward and with reverential care knelt to remove the phallus from the Priestess’ body. Holding the object aloft, the two bulbs and the shaft all shining with lube and juices, the watchers broke once more into a frantic chanting, increasing in fervor as the girl circled the room with the dildo, presenting it to each hidden figure.

Deftly leaping onto the altar, the Priestess knelt with a leg either side of the boy’s waist so as to straddle him, enabling Her to begin the final part of the ceremony, to complete the union which would bind them. Her voice rang out again “Behold my people. Behold, as the sacred female consumes his submissive flesh”. As She spoke, She slowly lowered himself on to his throbbing erection, his thick shaft gliding easily into Her hot velvety depths. The boy stared up at Her, transfixed, at the surreal sight of this creature with the head of a mythical bird, and the body of a Goddess, Her nipples proudly erect above him, Her puffy vulva split around his shaft, the large inner labia framing his cock as She moved up and down on him. If he thought he had known pure pleasure before, he was wrong. The feel of Her hot, moist body was beyond anything he had ever experienced, and he felt waves of pleasure rush through him.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the redhead return to the altar, but instead of the black phallus she held a smaller object, cylindrical in nature, and a bright white, narrower than his own girth, but thicker than his thumb. He had no time to ponder it, his mind fully enraptured by the Woman astride him, but at that moment She leant forwards, Her breasts lowering towards him, the perfect orbs tantalizingly close to his hungry mouth. He knew instinctively that She would be pleased if he were to take Her stiff nipples into his mouth, but they swayed just out of reach. Behind the Priestess the girl’s took up positions either side of Her, watching for a moment the Woman’s perfect full vulva as it rode up and down the throbbing shining shaft of the boy, framed by Her thighs. Then stepping forwards, they each took one of the Priestess’ buttocks in hand, and gently spread Her, exposing Her beautiful puckered anus, still glistening with lubricant. Softly, the redhead placed the small shining white, smooth dildo against the hold, and slid it gently inside. At a soft moan from the Priestess, she began to slide it in and out of Her to the same rhythm as She rode the boy.

Carefully the Priestess observed the boy beneath Her, adjusting Her speed and rhythm to ensure that they would come together a second time. The boy’s perfect thick shaft, and the small dildo expertly wielded by small hands between Her spread buttocks combined to bring Her ever closer to climax. The boy too, was close to another orgasm; the sensations of Her female flesh enclosing him, and the added tightness caused by Her double penetration too much for him to resist for long. She wanted him to empty himself into Her, to give Her every ounce of his soul. Rocking faster, She squeezed Her muscles around him, and both Priestess and boy went over the edge into rapturous bliss, sealing their connection, giving birth to the sacred spirit, the perfect form, the power of the sacred female over the submissive male.

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