Her Good Little Boy

She sat back in the chair, naked save for the thick strap-on dildo protruding from between Her legs. Beckoning to the boy, She gestured him over, Her eyes running over his smooth naked body as he crossed the room towards Her. She loved to watch his slim naked form; every inch of him was so delicious, and She knew that every inch of him was Hers alone.

Taking his hands, She guided him so that he stood with his legs either side of Her own. “Spread your pretty little hole for me pet” She purred, dipping two fingers of Her right hand in the pot of lubrication on the table beside Her. Obeying Her, the boy reached behind himself and grasped his buttocks, spreading them apart, exposing his puckered anus to the cool air. Reaching behind him with one hand, She pressed the pads of her lubed fingers against his hole, running them around the entrance, before slowly sliding them in to him, past the tight muscles at his opening. With Her other hand She cupped and fondled his testicles. He had not cum since their arrival at the hotel two days before, and they were hot and heavy, full of his seed.

Satisfied that his bottom was thoroughly lubricated, she withdrew Her fingers with a twist, causing Her pet to moan softly. Tugging softly on his balls, She guided him downwards, lowering his pussy to Her waiting cock. His anus, well used by Her that weekend, opened easily around the head of the dildo, and the slick shaft slid smoothly inside him. He groaned deeply as he took the entire length in to his body, hungrily kissing Her, their tongues intertwining.

Her fingers found where Her strap-on entered him, tracing the rim of his stretched anus. “My wonderful pet” She breathed, “what a good boy you are”. Cupping his firm young buttocks, She lifted him, encouraging him to move up and down the thick glistening shaft. “That’s it my darling, use the entire length” She complimented him, moving Her hands to his hips, helping him rock on Her. His hard cock pressed against Her belly, pre-cum leaking on to Her skin as his young body rode Her, his full and heavy sac resting against Her flesh.

“When you’ve made me cum my love”, She whispered in his ear, “then you may cum also”.

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress” he panted, as he increased his rhythm, rocking his hips, his tight bottom gripping tightly around the dildo, causing pressure on Her clit as he moved. As he rode Her, he continued their kiss, his hands rising to cup Her full firm breasts, massaging and stroking them. “I live to make you happy my Queen” he sighed as She raised Her hips, driving the strap-on deeper in to him.

“oh you wonderful, wonderful little boy” She cried out as the sensations began to build between Her legs, “that’s it, use your bottom to please Mistress, make Her cum”. As She felt Her orgasm build, She grabbed his hips tightly, and began pulling him hard on to Her with every thrust, feeling her pelvis slamming in to him as She filled him hungry rectum. In that moment, Her world was Her clitoris, and his anus, nothing else mattered. With a cry She came, hard, the spasming pleasure emanating out from between Her thighs. The boy rode Her through Her orgasm, grinding down on Her cock, pressing against Her erect clit. Eventually, both were still, panting, exchanging hungry kisses between gasps of air.

She caressed his cheek, “you are such a good boy pet, you have earned your reward”. Gently lifting him off her dildo, She motioned towards the bed. “Assume Karta position my darling, with your bottom nice and high for me”. The boy quickly complied, arching his young backside up to her gaze. She licked Her lips, looking down lovingly at his body, at the nicely spread buttocks, at his beautiful anus, still spread open from their coupling. She traced a fingertip around the edge, causing him to moan against the bed. Kneeling down, She darted out Her tongue against his rim, causing him to buck back against Her. With a smile to Herself, She reached between his legs, grasping his throbbing cock tightly, and skillfully beginning to masturbate him. As She did, She went to work on his most intimate place with her lips and tongue, working him up in to a frenzy, as She alternated between kissing and licking the sensitive outside of his anus, to probing inside with Her pointed tongue.

His breathing quickened, and he began to rock back and forth to meet Her hungry tongue, crying out all manner of love and praise for Her, his cock painfully stiff in Her hand and she manipulated him like no other could. As She sensed he was about to cum, his hole contracting around her tongue, She stood up, and pressed forwards with Her hips, the strap-on sinking deep in to his wanting hole. Fucking him deep and hard, She felt his penis spasm in Her hand, days of his youthful semen spurting out on to the bed below his belly, his tight balls swinging back and forth.

“There’s my good boy, cum for me, cum for Your Mistress” She praised him as She emptied him, continuing to massage his cock until every last drop had come. He whimpered as She began to slide her strap-on out of him, “please Mistress, stay in me a little longer, I love how full you make me feel” he begged. With a chuckle, She stepped back, leaving his rectum empty, his anus gaping wide, glistening between his round buttocks. “Don’t worry my pet, I have plenty of toys to fill you back up. Now, on your back, knees to your chest, and let’s see what else we can use that wonderful hole of yours for”…

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