Margarite and bobbie 09

I was nearly unconscious by the time I realized that I was nearly upside down. My body was bent and my genitals hung over my face, dangling their contorted fruit in front of me. At this point I began to here the sounds of people entering the room. Because of the hardwood floors their shoes made very distinctive sounds. Most of the people were women, but some were obviously men. Before long the room was buzzing with whispers and I could make out scraps of conversations. I could tell that few of the crowd were paying any attention to the spectacle in front of them. They seemed cordial and relaxed, conversing like old friends, but keeping their voices soft and slightly reverential. Suddenly they all became silent. Dr. Pam continued to massage my nipples in a pulsing, hypnotic motion, which kept me calm despite what would normally have been a crushing humiliation.

Margarite had entered the room with Ralph and Lindy. My head could not move to either side now, so I could only see out of the corner of my eyes. My knees were close to my head and my body hung over me like a canopy. A photo flash lit up the room suddenly and then another. Margarite walked directly toward me. I could ear her footsteps coming closer. I knew her walk, I knew her shoes- every pair and the sounds they make when she walks. Soon I smelled her perfume and could feel the palm of her hand pressing the bottom of my thigh (now the top). She said nothing to Dr. Pam, communicating with eyes probably. as she turned, I felt a comforting slap on my rear, not sharp, but firm enough to register some authority. I heard her sit very close by and then Ralph and Lindy joined her.

Dr. Pam spoke out in a calm, projecting voice, “Welcome, all you, who come to day to be with us to celebrate the binding of two slaves to their Mistress and the confirmation of a third to his accomplished submission. Mistress Margarite, my dear friend, will you step forward to accept the honor of chastising this slave?”
I heard Margarite come closer and pick up a whip from the tray that surrounded the chair. After a couple of seconds I felt the whip (more a riding crop than a whip) come down solidly on my ass cheeks. the sweet sound of the air rushing aside from her whip and the loud slap of the end on my skin made instant contact with my wonderful memories of Margarite, my wife and owner and all of the blissful, intimate moments we had spent together. The sharp edge of the whip bit into my flesh, but my mind was manufacturing a narcotic stronger than pain. Each stroke of the whip was evidence of Margarite’s love for me because it was the product of all of our time together. She knew exactly how fast to move the whip and at which angle, to maximize the effect without injuring her arm or traumatizing my flesh a whit more than she precisely intended. After stroking my backside and thighs she dipped the tip of the whip in some substance and passed it to another person. When the whip came down again its cut was sharper ( because of the liquid). The whip came down several more times, each time a little sharper as the new person attained mastery of the instrument. then there was a brief pause, which I was very grateful for. It gave a chance for the adrenaline and endorphins to catch up with the pain, finally flooding over me in grateful tranquility. The whip was handed to the next participant and the next until I lost count of my tormentors. Some of them I recognized by their style, by which I mean their rhythm or the places they tended to enjoy striking. I recognized Dr. Pam, Susan and Margarite (of course). I even recognized Lindy by her childish giggle- she was overcome with enthusiasm that apparently built during her administration of my pain, until she could hardly contain herself with the increasing passion. The entire company gasped with admiration when they heard her excitement express itself.
After everyone who wanted to had had a go at my posterior, and my ass and under-thighs were crisscrossed with welts, and after Margarite had covered each of them with a mentholated salve that burned and soothed at the same time in such a way that I could not decide whether the process was creating more pain or more pleasure, Dr. Pam approached me again and said to me, “We shall have to examine you Bobby to determine if you have cleaned yourself to Margarite’s specifications. I then felt a dab of Vaseline on my rectum and a very insistent rubber-gloved finger reaming me in a very businesslike manner. Deeper and deeper she probed into my ass with first one finger and then two. “You have done well Bobby, you do your mistress proudly.” Before I knew it her fingers were gone and a much larger object was being pushed into me. Later I saw what it was in the photos- A three candle candelabra. I heard the matches being lit and after the third one the lights were turned off leaving the room bathed in candle light that emanated from my rectum. Next I felt drops of hot wax landing on the bottom of my scrotum. I could hear the footsteps and whisper of many people as they crowded around me, apparently each with a candle, lighting it from the candelabra and dropping wax on to my tender skin. Each drop landed in a slightly different place, either more or less sensitive. Some I could hardly feel, others stung me with extraordinary pain. Quickly the wax built up on my underside and finally I could feel other candles being fixed to my body by contact with the still soft buildup. The photos revealed a virtual birthday cake effect, the entire room being lit by the accumulated flames of my individual candles.
By now I was practically unconscious, the valium that Dr. Pam had given me had taken full effect. So too my passionate response to the painful and humiliating treatment I had received had fogged my brain to the point that I hardly knew when some new insult was being dealt to me. My body and my mind were welded together by the warm glow that seemed to permeate everything, The photos showed the faces of my friends and family looking at the spectacle of my upside-down, folded over body with expressions that were ambiguously brimming with compassion, encouragement, tenderness and sadistic anticipation.
the ceremony was nearly over now and I could feel Dr. Pam slowly working the pediment of the candelabra out of my ass. When she had completed the task and my empty rectum spasmed with the feeling of space, making me afraid that I would embarrass myself by having a bowel movement then and there. but I needn’t have worried because Dr. Pam and Margarite had anticipated every moment of the night’s proceedings. the fasting and the enemas had accomplished their mission and I was perfectly safe. Lindy’s name was called out solemnly by Dr. Pam. “You must learn to milk your slave, Lindy. This will relieve the tension that naturally results from not having an organism. Of course Bobby can produce individual drops of cum on demand, within about, oh I think two or three minutes if I remember properly- few slaves are so talented. Never-the-less, you need to certify your knowledge of this procedure as part of your training. I soon felt the soft tentative fingers of Lindy’s left hand as she braced herself on the inside of my thigh and next felt the round end of her probe inter my ass. “That’s correct, now slide it slowly forward until you encounter the prostrate.” Suddenly, the very official dispassionate voice triggered a laugh that started deep within me as I saw the humorous side of this activity. A very dignified, though, of course, extremely sexy Dr. of medicine was standing in a nearly dark room with a crowd of perverts huddled around her directing a still adolescent seeming girl-next-door ingénue as she tried to masturbate me by sticking fingers into my ass and stroking me from the inside.
Gradually a feeling of joy rose through me, through layers of pain and pleasure that had been deposited by powerful forces of nature, namely a series of extremely kinky women who could invest me with punishment the way that time creates the mountains and the plains. I never quite laughed but by the time that Lindy had found and began to stroke my prostate, I was thoroughly happy and though I didn’t feel any trend towards orgasm, the pleasure that she was giving me was pervading my thoughts. Suddenly a milky stream came dribbling out of the tip of my penis and splashed onto my face. Again, everyone gasped to see the heavy white jism as it streamed out of my penis and onto my nose, mouth cheeks and chin. Someone produced a spoon and began scraping the cum towards my mouth. I looked to one side and caught a glimpse of Margarite as she bent down to follow the progress of her work. For me this was the epitome of the evening. Seeing her beautiful eye looking after her task, feeling the center of her attention for the first time in many months filled me with indescribable ecstasy. A confusion of emotions played through my head and I was afraid that all would peak together and I would explode. Margarite knew me so well I shouldn’t have been worried. Quickly she thrust the spoon into my mouth and I closed my lips tightly over it. she pulled it out and whacked my penis very hard with the spoon, creating another rhythm in my head- a counter point of pulsing, very personal pain that instantly balanced out the crescendo of joy that threatened to pull me into the abyss. The spoon was back on my cheek, scraping another mouthful of cum toward my still gasping throat.
In this way, Margarite, my beautiful mistress fed me my own spunk in front of a crowd of semi-anonymous people. I thought of Lindy, standing there watching this happen; she and many of the people present I hardly knew. But this was for Margarite. I was again fulfilling her desires as industriously as I could. I hoped she realized my devotion to her, I was sure that she did, how could she not? I heard her laughing at various times, while she fed me. She may have been panning to the crowd at times, because I could hear them laugh in response to her. I was not very much to her, but who else could do this for her? She has other slaves and will have still more. But who among them will be so thrilled with the look on her face when she expresses her pleasure? Who will be so fulfilled by hearing her laugh, when they are the focus of her ridicule? Looking back on it now I think that night was the single moment when I knew the rectitude of my service to Margarite and felt designed by providence to play this role with her, to be her object of loving scorn.

The ceremony continued for a least an hour after this, but the whole thing is a hazy dream that seems very familiar but vaguely painted. The details are there in my memory but run together as though my brain had been overloaded, stopped processing events and, instead, allowed them to continue unsorted and unevaluated. Ralph and then Lindy had been collared and each had made their pledges to Margarite but the actual sequence of events were told to me afterward along with the details of a quite elaborate party, most of which I have no real memory of

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