Margarite and bobbie 10

As I lay in bed the following morning, I was aware of some discomfort around my anus and scrotum. I remembered the candles and the hot wax and was relieved that I knew the cause of the irritation in my rectum. Tentatively I lifted the sheet covering my body and looked at my genitals, which of course were black and blue from the blows administered by Dr. Pam. Small specs of tissue were stuck to the surface of my balls and spatters of dried blood were also evident. It looked as though a tattoo had been needled into my balls, but it was impossible to identify it. I couldn’t remember anything like that happening. Touching my scrotum delicately, I felt a knife-like pain shoot through me. Shifting my body uncomfortably, the pain subsided a little. What ever it was I guessed it would not be fatal. Later, Lindy told me that the tattoo had been her idea.

We were drinking coffee in the kitchen, when Lindy explained that the tattoo spelled “Douche Bag” with one word over each ball. “I thought it would be sweet if when you were all swelled up and excited, you know, when you’re licking my ass, or Margarite’s, or, well, licking cum out of our cunts, we could see the tattoo. Margarite said that you would have to keep your balls tied up whenever we play.”
I can’t describe how small it made me feel to have Lindy say these things to me. It was hard for me to believe she knew what she was doing- that she had any idea what her statements were doing to me. I was used to being humiliated by Margarite, and loving every moment of it. Margarite had given me to Lindy as a slave. Margarite owned Lindy and made the wheels turn in our little world. Everything went back to her. In bearing this treatment I was serving Margarite. At least that is what I told myself, and I liked Lindy a lot. I like pleasing her and worshipping her body. I thought about her smooth tanned legs, so perfectly shaped- as though she were wearing panty hose when she wasn’t wearing anything at all. If she just wouldn’t speak, I could imagine her to be like Margarite or one of her sophisticated girl friends- haughty and remote, wise in female mysteries and, well more worthy of my services, instead of a mere girl- still a teenager really.

I was filled with these kinds of thoughts and staring quietly at the floor, when Lindy seemed to recognize something in my demeanor, something that made her quickly angry. When I looked up at her, she was smiling slightly. Her full lips displayed an irony beyond her years and she no longer looked like a naive young girl. She reached her right hand toward my chest and pushed her fingers under the edge of my apron. Grabbing my left nipple, she first focused her eyes directly on mine and then began to twist mercilessly. My pupils opened in surprise as I felt the color drain from my face. Staring at her unflinching blue eyes, I could see deeply into her soul and what I saw there was frightening. Tiny movements of her eye lids, flecks of light from her changing irises and infinitesimal shades of her baffling smile were sending a million thoughts through my mind. Here was a force to be reckoned with, a power that would grow and become more inspiring as time goes by. She moved her beautiful face closer to me, still focused on my eyes. Slowly she began kissing my lips with hers, spreading fresh lipstick over my mouth and darting her hot tongue on to mine. Looking up to her, looking into her fathomless blue eyes, I felt the pressure on my nipple grow even more relentless. Now both of her hands were grasping both of my nipples, twisting and twisting until the pain caused a tear to grow in the corner of my eye. “Margarite wants us all in the living room at 7:00 tonight,” she said in a flat, smooth, even sexy tone. The message didn’t mean anything to me as I was still floating in a separate solar system, still mesmerized by the pain of her finger tips and the vacuous depths of her amazing eyes. “Seven O clock tonight, she wants to talk to us all about how things are going to be around here, about the house rules I guess.”

After this, Lindy let go of my nipples, turned away from me and strode out of the room at her full height, which was about 5 feet 6 inches, in the half heals she was wearing. This left me sitting at the kitchen table in a daze. This women was for real. regardless of her age, she understood everything. No wonder Margarite had gone out on a limb and made a place for her in our house. I was afraid that she had gone a little nuts with first Ralph and then this little nymphet, but a new feeling was flowing through me now. As the pain in my nipples faded, I was flushed with the familiar buzz I felt as submission overcame my inhibitions. I suppose I should be embarrassed that I am so simple and even predictable, but the certainty of my place in this female empire, even as small and insignificant as it was, filled me with overwhelming joy. Margarite would still provide the justice and order, continuity and meaning in my life and the others would never be a problem; they might even make things better, or at least more interesting.

At 6:45 I was kneeling in my usual place in the corner near the closet. The living room is a large room with pinkish white deep pile carpet. Our old furniture had long since been removed from the room. “There is only one ruler in this house,” Margarite liked to say, “there should be only one comfortable chair.” And so, of course, there was only one chair of any size and it belonged to Margarite. It was a unique piece of furniture designed to meet her specifications- tall back with full, high arms and long legs. There was even a small stool in front that allowed her to mount the chair and sit in it as though it were a throne. In about five minutes, Lindy entered the room from the hall carrying her small velvet toy bag and wearing a loose-fitting, see-through Arabic pajama set. I was instantly enthralled with her bouncing breasts that seemed to roam around under the diaphanous blouse liked trapped balloons. Her perfect legs filled out the thigh-high stockings that stretched to meet the garter belts attached to a cincher that tightly encased her waist. Bending down where I was quietly kneeling on the floor, dressed in my sheerest panties and skimpiest apron only, she handed me a short list, that consisted of Margarite’s immediate requirements for the evening. Seeing that it was written in Margarite’s distinctive handwriting and personally signed by her, I instantly jumped up and began to fulfill my mistresses desires. These consisted of drink orders for everyone, including me (water), snacks (which I may or may not be allowed to eat) and a short list of instruments, which she planned to employ during the evening’s activities. I could tell from the toys she selected, that tonight would be extraordinary in every respect. The last item on the list was, “Cut a hole in the front of your panties so I can see your tied up balls with their new tattoos.”

As I placed the tray containing the drinks on the low coffee table in the middle of the room, I could see that Lindy had taken up her position kneeling before the throne on the left side. I was wondering about Ralph (would he be late- that wouldn’t be a very good idea), when Margarite entered the room like a queen. In most respects she was just as she always was, a tall commanding beauty with classic features enhanced by impeccable makeup. She had always been an assertive women, but her usual confident stride was changed. It was slower and more relaxed as though there could now be no reason to question her right to do and say the things she was about to do and say. Looking upward at her, I briefly glanced at the full length of her body. I was expected to always keep my eyes lowered and would never think of breaking that cardinal rule. However, it was possible and even necessary at times to briefly flash my eyes above the floor and even to look at Margarite for an instant. I even think she liked to catch me doing it, if in the process she could see that my eyes were timidly rushing away from her gaze. This gave her a little rush of power and sent at subtle shiver of servitude through me.

She was dressed in black as always when important things were to be accomplished. A black boostier and push-up bra supported her two glorious breasts. Black satin panties hid a garter belt attached to black single-seam nylons. Her shoes were black patent leather with long, stiletto heals and tied at the ankle with black satin ribbons. I took in the full vision of her presence in a brief glance and then returned my eyes to their normal demure stance. I closed my eyes in a slow blink, savoring the image that burned in my mind and becoming aware of that exquisite scent that memory told me to yield to- lavender was the middle note. Above it was a fruit or mint feeling… and below was the almost entirely imaginary base note of splendid sexuality that clung to Margarite like pears to a tree. I thought to myself, “This is the strongest part of my addiction to her; at the base of my desires, this powerful and seductive scent that wafted into my nose and through my brain all the while making delicate adjustments to my mood (all of them good). From the depth of my sexual meditation I recognized my name, my new name, being called. “Hello my darling…. douche bag husband.” said Margarite slowly reading the douche bag part and showing a playful surprise and finally admiration of the tattoo, for which she congratulated Lindy. “I like the way you have tied up your balls,” she said reaching down for a squeeze. Very nice Bobbie. Please stand.” I stood up and thrust my pelvis forward, elevating my cock and balls so that she could evaluate the effect. “Very nice. You may kneel.”
Turning back to her throne, she acknowledged Lindy, who knelt in front of the chair facing towards it. “You look very lovely Lindy. Your collar is perfectly shined, your hair fresh and innocent. Do you feel like sucking some cock? I hope so because Ralph is looking forward to doing a little showing off with his new slave. Ralph!” Margarite called out.
Very soon, Ralph walked into the room a little hesitantly I thought, at least for someone who was looking forward to “doing a little showing off.” I have to admit that he looked pretty good standing before his new family, tall and reasonably muscular, his dark hair short but dramatically cut and his handsome face freshly shaved. He was smiling confidently but showed very little pride in his new slave. He was really a pretty nice guy with no hostility or anger in him at all. That’s one reason why the events that soon occurred seemed so ironic and ritualistic. “Oh…, very good. Yes, oh, and I like the oil,” she said dragging her right index finger across his chest just above the nipples and leaving a faint trail that shone only slightly less. “Nice job Ralph,” I remember thinking. “Ralphy,” Margarite purred. “Step out of the shorts please and let’s see how your chastity belt is working.” He unzipped his shorts and shyly dropped them to the floor, stepping out of them awkwardly. His new belt was a black leather thong that was sewn to a clear plastic cup that completely covered his cock and attached at the top at the belt in two places with small brass pad locks- small enough to be unnoticeable under most clothing. He stood there before us looking quite sheepish and I could tell that this would be a delicate moment for him. But I trusted Margarite’s judgment. She certainly knew the right time to close the trap on a man and how to do it in such a way that he would thank her for it. She withdrew a small key from her purse and unlocked and removed the two little locks, undid the belt and dropped it to the floor.
“You see Ralph is a real stud. Look at this cock,” she said, lifting the shaft and caressing it from the bottom. Holding the tip snuggly against his belly as she spoke, “Ralph is too much of a man to trust in these matters. Without the belt he might waste valuable masculine energy fucking Lindy or jacking off.” Ralph winched noticeably as he heard her words. “Bobbie, on the other hand, can be relied upon to be a little sissy slave, helplessly devoted to his owners. I don’t think he could maintain an erection long enough to push it into a woman anymore. You’d squirt sperm all over the place long before that happened.” At this, Lindy burst into laughter and even Ralph smiled slightly- happy that some of the attention had been taken off him and that he’d been paid a compliment of sorts about his masculinity. “So here we are and everyone has something new. Ralph has his chastity belt, bobby his new tattoos and Lindy…I almost forgot. Lindy, come here,” she motioned with her left hand as she leaned over to her purse with her right and found a gleaming clear glass butt plug and jar of petroleum jelly. “Bend over dear.” Lindy turned away and bent at the waist thrusting her beautiful bottom towards Margarite. With a healthy gob of jelly on the tip and sides, the plug slid smoothly into Lindy’s bottom a full seven inches. “This is not quite the size of Ralph but close. I wanted to leave a little stretch for the last inch. Slowly she twisted the plug in circles carefully seating it in Lindy’s rectum. Now, we all have something new to occupy our thoughts. Lindy, get on your knees and take Ralph in your mouth.” As they approached each other, my sweet wife turned to me and said, “I want you to watch this closely bobby. Look at the size of his cock. Is there any wonder why I prefer it to your limp little weenie?”
“No Mistress, I understand completely.” A secret thrill ran through me as I realized the extent of my subservience to her. I wondered if Ralph and Lindy were disgusted with me or if they would want to compete with me to see who could give the most to Margarite. They were certainly doing as they were told. I watched the long shaft of his penis push slowly between Lindy’s full lips as she delicately squeezed them together and watching him with her big round eyes turned upward in anticipation.
“Think of Lindy’s mouth as my vagina, bobbie. Oooo that feels good. You can’t imagine how it feels to a woman to have such a cock between her legs, to have it pushing wetly into her cunt. Sometimes I feel like I have the whole man in there working overtime just to please me. So I squeeze him tightly, just like Lindy’s mouth is doing. I squeeze and squeeze until… oh I’m getting hot.” She settled back into her throne, spreading her legs and pushing aside the lace trim of her panties. Now she was stroking her clitoris with two fingers and watching Ralph as he increased the speed of his cock, pushing it in and pulling it out rapidly. This went on for some time until Margarite was rocking back and forth and Ralph and Lindy were exchanging groans like animals. I gazed longingly at Margarite’s cunt. Watching the juices dripping from between those familiar lips made my breathing shallow. Lovingly, I looked at my mistress, trying to speak to her with my eyes. “Please let me lick your pussy. Please may I put my unworthy nose deep into your pubic hair and inhale the aroma of my greatest pleasure and swallow your nectar.” But Margarite was lost in the ecstasy of watching Ralph’s huge penis pulsing and thrusting into Lindy’s virginal lips. A deep feeling of disappointment began to overwhelm me as I realized that there was no place for me in Margarite’s mind. Even her finger was better than my devoted tongue, which wanted to spend itself in feverish licking for her pleasure. Suddenly he began to shoot sperm into Lindy’s mouth. You could tell by the worried look that flashed into her eyes that her throat was quickly filling up with milky goo and she would soon have to make a decision. She strained forward as if to swallow, but she couldn’t swallow until he withdrew his cock and he was still pumping it too fast. Finally she closed her mouth and squinted hard as she swallowed the huge load of jism and Ralph’s cock crashed into her closed teeth pushing a big bulge in her cheek. Margarite laughed shortly, obviously too preoccupied with her own orgasm to invest too much energy in the humor of the moment.
After things had settled down, Margarite worked her panties down to her feet and motioned me to crawl over to them. When I reached her feet, she stuffed the panties into my mouth and pushed me away. I knelt before her dutifully holding her wet panties in my mouth as she pulled Ralph away from Lindy and guided him into her. Then I watched as the man who replaced me in my wedding bed proceeded to fuck my wife harder than I had ever seen anyone fucked, except in porno movies of course. I couldn’t believe the energy he used on her, way beyond anything that I had ever thought possible. No wonder, I thought to myself. In those few moments I learned to understand my mistress and her needs in a way which I could only have guessed at before. soon cum was running out of her pussy and he was still thrusting. With each thrust my beautiful wife was crying out with joy. the tone of her voice continued up the scale until I thought she would pass out from the stress, but finally she collapsed backward with one last gasping sound that held so much contentment in it that I felt a rush of happiness for her. To see someone I loved so much experience such joy transported me with ecstasy. By this time I had closed my eyes, experiencing my own little sexual thrill, when I awoke to hear everyone laughing. I opened my eyes to see that they were all looking at me kneeling there with panties stuffed into my mouth and cum making a big wet spot in my own panties, dripping down to the whole where my balls were pushed out on display.
We continued on playing Margarite’s games until we were all very tired. Ralph fucked Lindy in the cunt and in the ass. Then he fucked Margarite in the ass. I had to go from one woman to the next performing my role as douche bag. Lindy tied a leash around my balls and yanked on them strongly each time she needed cleaning up. Then she passed the leash to Margarite, who kept a tight hold until Ralph pulled out leaving cum running down the inside of her thighs, finally rewarding me with the honor of licking her clit. I lavished her pussy and rectum with hungry licks, trying to give some pleasure as I mopped up the milky mess. But it was hard to tell if she even felt me after the boisterous orgasms she had experienced while being fucked and fucked and fucked.
We all fell asleep together that night, draped over chairs and couches and on the floor. I slept soundly and sweetly, savoring my new life of devoted slavery to Margarite and Lindy.
In the morning I was up early though, there was much work to do, making coffee and preparing breakfast, and of course cleaning up the mess of our party. Before doing anything, I quickly showered and put on clean panties and a newly ironed apron. Moving about the house in my “uniform” so early made me feel essential to the household. Going about my work and trying not to disturb my sleeping family, I was full of happiness and joy contemplating my servitude to Margarite. What would happen next? I had no way of knowing. What ever it would be I would be ready to give myself completely. If it made Margarite happy to see me lapping water out of a dog dish, I would do it. If she asked me to sit quietly in a dark closet all afternoon I would do that. As long as I was fulfilling her wishes I would be happy

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