Margarite and bobbie 07

When I arrived at my old house (of course it was hardly mine anymore) I noticed that quite a lot of mail had accumulated on the entry table. I opened a small box that was addressed to Margarite and was mailed from a company called “Restraining Orders”. It contained two new black leather slave collars, one male and one female. New paraphernalia always turned me on so I carefully tried the male collar around my neck, after removing mine first. But the collar was considerably too big for my 15” neck. After measuring the collar with yard stick that was always kept in the nearest closet, I decided that it must be for someone quite a bit larger than me. As the thought came into my mind I was astonished to realize that it must be Ralph’s. I had been able to see Margarite’s magic working on Ralph for some time, but to think that now, after only a few months, he might be willing to wear her collar was amazing to me- especially since I figured that she was attached to his masculine sexual skills. Of course, some men could be a slave and remain masculine. Not everyone was like me, a timid little sissy with aching nipples and a penis that was four inches long when fully erect and throbbing. Still, this was indeed thrilling for me. To see the power of my mistress exercised so skillfully reminded me that I too had been “broken” by Margarite. I was once a typical man, with the desire and intention of mastering a woman, with an ego over-blown with my own importance- until those marvelous days of early dating and subsequent matrimony with my mistress. I felt a tinge of pride when I realized that my submission had taken much longer than Ralph’s. Well, maybe not much longer but longer none the less. Of course Margarite was older and wiser. She was now fully aware of her considerable power over men in general and submissive men in particular so I could see that now she made very few mistakes with men and wasted very little time with distracting details. It was very likely that every single word or action, which she used in her relationship with Ralph was designed to lead him step by step in a direction little known to him but greatly prized by her. And now for the coup de gras- a collar for the big boy.

I was putting the collar back into the box along with the smaller one, which I assumed was for Lindy, the new girl, when I saw the envelope addressed to me from Dr. Pamela R Jones MD. Opening the letter I read the following: “Slave Bobbie, Your presence is stipulated at my office on Friday, June 14th at 6:30 PM. Thursday will be a sperm day per your Mistresses’ protocol. Be at my office with a clean colon and freshly shaved by 6:15 and prepare to serve as a demonstration object for the collaring ceremony to be held that evening at 8:00, when Ralph Burns and Lindy Snow will become the permanent property of Ms Margarite Collings, your owner and the eternal object of your deepest devotion. I chuckled when I saw how it was signed, “Dr. Pam”. This was very out-of-character for her and it showed a touch of comradery and affection for me- and I was very grateful for it. This would be a wonderful event and we were all going to be part of it- even someone like me, who was relegated to obscurity, cleaning and serving, nearly anonymous in “my own house”.
After finishing all of my chores at the house I returned to Susan’s and quickly prepared her meal before jumping into the shower. By the time she returned from work, I was standing by the door in a clean pair of panties and my apron, holding a cold glass of white wine, my eyes dutifully fixed on her feet. “Don’t forget, tonight is Joanie,” Susan reminded me. How could anyone forget Joanie- the beautiful, athletic, tall, Germanic lesbian nymphomaniac, who visited Susan almost every week and always left her exhausted with sated lust. My job would be easy; I would not be allowed to participate in the lovemaking in anyway. I was merely to be available to serve drinks and food as needed, maintain a suitable format of music for the two infatuated lovers and, of course, clean up any and all accidents. This was fine with me; tomorrow would be a day of semi-starvation as I would masturbate three times and devour as much of the ejaculation as I could produce. Thinking about what was to come on Friday would occupy all of my day dreams.

Joanie arrived after dinner and I served dessert and coffee to the two sexy females, who paid no attention to me, their eyes locked on each other with a smoldering rapture. The taller Joanie was the more assertive as she initiated intimacy with delicate insinuation, sliding the tip of her finger down the side of Susan’s neck and bringing her mouth to Susan’s cheek, kissing the blond whisp of hair that curled between her eye and ear. At this point I retreated to the kitchen, where I could hear my name if it were called and began to do the dishes. It was better not to watch, although they didn’t care a whit whether I did or did not. I didn’t need anymore stimulation than I was already certain I was going to get in the next couple of days and there was plenty of work to do.

Joanie decided to go home around 2:00 AM. She woke me up where I had fallen asleep on the couch and told me she needed a cup of coffee, which I quickly made for her. While she sat in an arm chair yawning and drinking her coffee, I picked up all of her clothes from the bedroom floor and arranged them for her. Then I helped her dress and watched as she moved toward the door taking comfortable, satisfied steps. Exhausted, I fell into bed in my little room under the stairs, which Susan had converted for me from an old walk-in closet. Tomorrow would be a difficult day.

I sprang out of bed at 7:00 and began putting together Susan’s breakfast. I found the matching skirt and blouse, bra, panties, stockings, shoes, belt and handbag, which she wanted to wear and laid them out for her after touching up the skirt and blouse with the steam iron. As soon as she was served her breakfast, dressed and out the door I began my preparations for the day. I lay on my side on the fluffy rug in the bathroom and administered the first of two enemas, which I would need to take during the day. After completing this rather uncomfortable little chore, I washed up and began to stroke my penis lightly with my left hand. I quickly reached a point where the throbbing little cock was engorged with semen. Immediately I stopped stroking and waited while the jism continued to rise. I held my hand under the tip and let the two or three drops puddle in my hand, then licked it clean. This would be it for the day- breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know how disgusting this must sound, but I was quite used to it by now and even enjoyed it a little. It took the edge off, even though there was no orgasm. Afterwards I was able to concentrate on other things. there was much cleaning to do at Margarite’s.

When I arrived “home” I could see that there had been a party last night. Empty glasses, half empty glasses, even full glasses were everywhere. Asleep on the floor by the couch, curled up like a child and quite naked was one of my new fellow-slaves, Lindy. Her lithe nineteen year old body was smooth and tanned, except where white shadows of her bikini top traced around the curve of her breasts. Slowly she awoke and seeing me, made a broad smile of recognition. She knew exactly who I was and as it turned out had been anxiously awaiting the day we would meet.
“I’m happy to see you’re on time this morning”, Lindy said in a teasing manner. “Mistress says you’ll have to work hard to finish in time for the ceremony.” She sounded her age with no pretense. She was very feminine, soft and sexy, with peach tinted skin and perky, medium-sized breasts that rounded taughtly, seeming to balance very pink and quite solid looking nipples. Her aureoles were modest and colored a slightly lighter pink. “I better get started,” I said and began to open the closet, where my apron was hung. After I had folded my clothes and tied my apron strings I turned to look at the messy room. where should I start? At this point Margarite came into the room. Her eyes had that soft and sleepy look I remembered so well. Even though she had just awakened, she wore pink medium healed shoes and walked in smooth sexy strides. As she glided into the room my heart rose up into my throat and I missed several breaths as I stood there admiring my beautiful wife.
“Haven’t you forgotten something, Bobbie?” I looked down and scanned my clothing, or rather my apron, for I had nothing else on except, of course, a pair of sheer panties. I returned my eyes to Margarite and saw the drowsy contentment drain from her eyes- replaced by a narrowing look that focused on me from her slightly down-turned head. Immediately I dropped to my knees as the stress of uncertainty evaporated. I must always greet my mistress from my knees. This had been ingrained in me many years before, but in the blissful moment of seeing the object of my devotion I had spaced it out. Now I was where I belonged and felt a flood of comforting nerve endings as I remained in my kneeling position with my eyes pointed downward and focused distantly. I always did this to avoid looking cross-eyed. “That’s better, Bobbie. Your here just in time to bath me“. She turned and walked over to the couch, pointing a cocked finger straight down. This meant follow on my knees, which I, of course, did. Since I knew that Margarite always showered in the morning, it was obvious that she had something different in mind. by the time I reached her, she had her legs spread and her lavender silk robe opened. Her prominent breasts pushed upward from a matching boostier. She signaled to me again in the same way as before, indicating that I was to begin licking her pussy. Aware that Lindy was watching and only having just met her i should have been embarrassed, but wasn’t at all. I was completely consumed by the feeling of submission that always took over when Margarite was in charge and I had not imagined that I would be so lucky as to serve her in this way today. As my face moved closer to the bare flesh of her vaginal lips I could see that drops of her juices were emerging from a spot just below her clitoris. Her pungent aroma nearly overwhelmed me as I continued to sink into the haze of my addicted love. I began licking and immediately realized that the juices were not hers, at least not hers alone. “Don’t forget to swallow, Bobby dear.” I dutifully swallowed the first mouthful. There in the familiar tasting fluid, flowing from her vagina, were the clotted lumps of cum deposited deeply within her during sex with some other man, presumably Ralph. the acrid-tasting mixture slid down my throat as I continued to lick her. “And when you’re finished with me, do Lindy too.” I took a quick breather to acknowledge her command with a compliant “yes mistress” and continued to remove all traces of his spunk from her pussy. When I finished swallowing the last mouthful she turned and pointed to her ass. As she bent slightly forward and pulled her ass cheeks open, I could see a single drop of pearl-white jism cresting the lower rim of her rectum. I quickly licked it off and swallowed. When I had cleaned the outside, I thrust my tongue deeply into her ass and felt the silky mass of sperm still remaining within her. Slowly I worked it out with my tongue, until she was completely clean. “God you’re good at that,” she said as she turned and walked away. “thank you mistress Margarite,” I said, and meant every word of it. I then crawled over to Lindy, who was chuckling to herself. She then rolled on to her stomach indicated that I was to begin with her ass. As I cleaned the beautiful young woman I considered the irony of me being on my knees licking a woman’s rectum, a woman, whom I had just barely met, but a woman nevertheless, who would exercise complete power over me. I wondered if she had been fucked by a different man. So much cum could surely not come from one man, even Ralph. I said nothing, as I was very well trained not to speak unless spoken to, and my silence was the only remaining act of will I could lay claim to. By this time I could tell that sperm day would not be the usual day of starvation. I had already consumed the minimum daily requirement of protein, and I had two milkings (of my self) yet to eat. I enjoyed servicing Lindy very much. I could tell that we would be compatible, not just because I enjoyed being bossed around by women and she was obviously going to be very demanding. Her odor was unique and very arousing, less pungent and womanly than Margarite’s, but her personal aroma blended sweetly with her perfume, and together they were mildly hypnotic. Her vagina was surprisingly large for a young innocent-looking girl next door type and I soon found that it was as filled with ejaculate as Margarite’s had been. Something about the shape of her vaginal lips and the breadth of her hips made it possible for me to put more of my tongue into her than I had ever been able to do with any other woman. This I continued to do with the zeal of an exploring dog. Probing deeper and deeper into the moist and milky chamber. I nearly began laughing as I realized that I now knew her cunt more thoroughly than her face, or even her name (for I only knew her first name- not her last).
It didn’t take long to finish cleaning Lindy. I knew that I was not expected to pleasure her sexually, so I avoiding licking her clit, concentrating on vacuuming up all of the foreign substances in her vagina. As Lindy stood up she said to me, “You are about the nicest looking douche bag I ever used.” She tried to look stern and aloof as she said this, but she was still a kid, really and could not carry it off. A burst of giggles erupted from her pouty lips, and I felt deeply stung, in that school boy way that makes boys so vulnerable to girls during the high school years. This feeling caught me by surprise and wounded me in a way it’s difficult to describe. but the moment passed and I dutifully moved toward the mess of dishes and glasses on the coffee table to start my chores, secure in the knowledge of my place in this house, (at the bottom). I would have to get used to her teasing and after a few minutes of thinking about it I knew that I would learn to enjoy her humiliations of me, just as I had learned to savor any and all previous insults that were thrown my way so casually. Actually, there was so much to do, cleaning the house, vacuuming, washing and ironing I had little time to think about anything. And the time I did have I spent dreaming about Margarite and the pleasure she grants to me so easily.

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