He could still remember the day she told him that she wanted him to be her slave. It was one of those long late summer days that dissolved itself into a magical evening aglow with the lingering colors of a splendid sunset. The windows were open and they sat together both of them nearly naked, looking out towards the low clouds their blurred edges lit with pinks and yellows. Janey was leaning back into her chair with her chest elevated, her beautiful C cup breasts just starting to sprinkle with a few chilly bumps from the gentle breeze caressing them. Dan was exhausted from the incredible sex they had just shared. He could not believe his luck in finding such a wonderful woman. At 5’ 8” Janey was exactly his height and her sophisticated looks, extraordinary shape and daunting sexual chemistry made him wonder why she had chosen him as her lover, rather than a taller, better looking and more powerfully masculine man than he. That he could satisfy such a woman sexually was still a thrill so deep for him that his ego was always in full gear with her near him.

They spoke to each other in that soft after-sex tone that always followed their intimacy. Her husky whispers were mesmerizing to him and so full was he with satisfaction of every sexual need that he could hardly understand her words. Sexual slave? Sure he thought, why not? Wasn’t this one of his many fantasies- to serve a sex goddess, who wants only sex of every conceivable kind from him? As the evening progressed, she continued to caress him with the soft whispering details of her desires. He listened in awe of her honest confessions while she related sexual needs and kinky desires beyond any woman of his experience. By the time they went to bed that night Dan was completely committed to being her servant, for at least a month, as they had agreed in laughing innocence.

As time went by and his love for Janey continued to grow, he found himself becoming more and more dependent on her emotionally. Not that he was a weak man or that they faced difficult times in their lives. It was just that from day to day there was less in life that interested him that did not involve Janey’s bright confident smile, her strong independent carriage and her breathlessly exciting body. He laughed at first, when he was handed the apron. He had never been the type of guy who felt embarrassed about feminine attire. In fact he had enjoyed the trips to the lingerie department to find the sexy gifts he had given her on many occasions. So on that first day of servitude he was very light hearted and nonchalant about tying the apron around his naked body and struggling with the ties as his hands began to negotiate the unfamiliar motions of making a bow in reverse. When she noticed a bulge in the center of his apron, Janey laughed out loud and pointed at his erection. He saw a look in her eyes that he had never seen before. Not a different look exactly, more of a natural extension of her confident, knowing attitude that made him love her all the more. What she did next surprised him completely. She slowly shimmied out of her panties and stepped out of them leaving them in a small heap on the floor. “Put them on”, she said. Her voice was steady, not harsh or commanding, but no longer the soft whisper that had seduced him so completely before. Without thinking or hesitating, he picked them off of the floor and squeezed into the pink silk panties forcing his now very stiff member into their confining folds. “You have much to learn,” she told him in the same easy voice, “and you are going to enjoy it more than you can now imagine.” She caught his penis between her thumb and finger, squeezing him firmly through the shear material. He felt an urgency there that seemed to come out of nowhere. Janey lessened her grip, tightened and then lessened again. Dan’s breath went out him as he slumped into a helpless cringe. Janey held tightly to his cock as he pumped cum into her panties. He felt himself falling in space, past a limit he hadn’t even recognized as more cum poured out of him. A small amount had dripped onto her thumb so she calmly raised it to his face and softly smudged it onto his opening lips, then turned on her heel and walked quietly out of the room leaving him to think about what had just happened and everything that she had told him. His penis was now small and his thighs were wet with dripping cum. He felt cold standing there in wet panties. He felt humiliated and somehow used. But all of these feelings were buried within him as he stood there still enthralled with Janey’s power. That’s why, when he began to cry softly he didn’t understand the reason and brushing his tears away, he decided that his love for her had simply overwhelmed him with its passion and he continued putting her laundry into the washing machine separating the colored from the white and the delicate from the more durable items.

It seemed that every day was new and filled with new thoughts and feelings as Dan slowly grew accustomed to Janey’s rules. A month was nearly up but neither of them talked about what would happen on the first of October when the 30th day arrived. Dan wondered what would happen then. He had used the knowledge that it was just one month to silence any doubts he felt as time went by and he assumed more and more duties as Janey’s servant. Now he felt himself wanting to continue serving her past the one month deadline. He now had seven sets of panties, a separate set for each day of the week. He hadn’t worn his own underwear for weeks and wasn’t really sure where it was, so involved had he become in pleasing his beautiful mistress. On the last day of the month of service, Janey sat in the large chair in their living room. She wore her black teddy, black garter belt and shear black nylons, Dan was on his knees huddled over her black high heeled shoes and devotedly licking her shoes and feet. Janey broke the silence that hung in the air between them. If you desire Dan, you may continue to serve me for an extended period of time. “Dan, did you hear me?” Dan looked up from his position beneath her and gazed at her with a look of mild confusion. “Dan, did you hear what I said?” “Yes,” he said, his voice very soft. By this time he had developed a real fear that their contract would expire and they would return to their previous habits or worse, that she would say that it had not been working to her satisfaction and perhaps they should go their separate ways. So it was fear that made it hard for him to fully comprehend what she was saying. But a flood of joy ignited within him as he realized that he had passed the test. He really could satisfy this gorgeous and imposing woman.

During that amazing evening they sat together, she comfortably settled in the large wing chair and he kneeling before his goddess, while she carefully outlined the exact nature of what would be their life together. “You will continue to serve me. You will quit your job. We will have plenty of money with what you have already put in trust for me. You will wear a collar, panties and an apron and nothing else from now on. We will no longer be having sexual intercourse, except in rare instances. You will not be having orgasms any longer. If you cannot control yourself, I will buy you a chastity device. Your whole life will be devoted to serving me. Your name is now Dani. As you can understand, people named Dan don’t wear panties, do they?” She laughed lightly, her gaze fixed on Dani with a knowing certainty which robbed him of his objections before they reached his tongue. Finally he managed to ask her why she no longer wanted to have sex. She had reached her hand down to his chest and started to gently pull on his nipple, rolling it between her fingers with a lingering pressure which made it even more difficult for him to think clearly. “I don’t intend to stop having sex, Dani. I just won’t be having it with you. Oh, I may require your tongue occasionally, especially on my feet, and maybe on my ass…” Looking down at Dani, who now seemed crestfallen with the news of his new place in life, she smiled. She smiled that gracious smile of acceptance and benevolence that seemed to make everything perfect. Looking up at her beautiful red lips, her knowing and warm hazel eyes he listened to her describe how she would be dating other men, who unlike Dani, were much better at making love to a woman. Of course, they weren’t good servant material. Only Dani met that high standard of behavior and for that she would be eternally grateful to him. Only she could really appreciate the great sacrifice he was making for her. As she leaned back into the comfortable depths of her chair, she pointed her right forefinger at the dark wedge that shown through her shear black panties and Dani rose between her thighs with his hungry tongue, still bruised from an hour of lapping at her nylon covered ankles, eagerly poised above the center of his universe, dazed with the smell of her perfume, combined with her natural scent to which he was now hopelessly addicted. His only thought now was a question. Would he taste her hidden mysteries tonight? Would he bathe her cunt with his devotion, wrapping his tongue around her pulsing clit until she shuddered with a heavenly force of nature. Then, in a smooth motion she reached behind her, catching the top of her panties and quickly slid them down her legs leaving them for him to pull gently off of her ankles. He was now trembling with anticipation. Taking her panties out of his hands she placed them over his head and pulled them down around his ears leaving only his tongue sticking out. “Perfect,” she said, as she pulled his head forward to her cunt and closed her thighs around him. She giggled softly to herself as she noticed his body jerking with pleasure. She new he was coming all over himself and far from being disappointed in him she was basking in her success, He did not stop licking as he continued to come, ignoring his humiliation while his still new panties became soggy with his wasted sperm. Janey sighed deeply and felt a quick acceleration to her pleasure. Dani was so good at eating pussy, she thought. I am so lucky to have him as my slave.

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