Mistress Divini

run down the hall panting, Mistress Divini wanted her robe 20 minutes ago and I am in so much trouble. I careen around the corner, almost out off breath, skin shining, and shoulder length blond hair clinging to my neck from perspiration. As I round the last corner I slow down to catch my breath. Upon reaching the door I raise my hand and bring it down hard three times. “Mistress I am here with your robe!” I say in a strong, yet submissive voice. Through the door I hear a whistle, the kind you would hear someone use to call their dog.

I enter her bath area, averting my eyes to the ground for such as we can not look up in this place of beauty.

“Where have you been.” I struggle for an answer, but there is none that I can offer my mistress.

“I had trouble finding them Mistress.”

I hear her as she makes the water slosh back and forth getting out of the tub. Keeping my eyes averted I can hear her coming closer, in response I hold the robe open so that she can slide in. She takes the robe from my grasp and there is a silence as she situates the robe on her body and ties it off.

“I asked you a question and you didn’t answer me!” she says coldly as she smacks me sharply on the face.

Starting to cry. I answer through tears, “I did not try hard enough Mistress, please forgive my laziness.”

Another long silence, I tense waiting for another blow, but there is a touch like none I’ve felt since the last time I was with Merry and Gabriel. My mistress strokes the side of my face looking at the beads of sweat running down my neck.

“Look at me slave, ” she orders. I tentatively raise my eyes to meet here gaze; she is beautiful. Dark chocolate skin, gray eyes, long slender physique, perfect beauty, what I have come to expect of the Vampires that I have been made to serve.

Saying no more, she comes down hard kissing me, instinctively I kiss her back and to my surprise she does not pull away. Running her fingers through my hair, she whispers, “Tonight I will make you mine, my pet.” She throws me to the bad with such for that the wind is knocked out me. Then she leaps upon me, biting down hard on my neck, drawing blood, but she does not use her fangs and she does not drink. Frightened I try to throw her off, but with just a slight shift of her weight she pins me, and bites down even harder. I struggle for what seems hours until I give into her. Sensing that I have submitted myself “ totally to her she eases the grip on my throat and sits up. I can see my blood running from the corners of her mouth. “You are mine now pet, as are Gabriel and Merry. I will give you my protection as long as you serve me well. Along with this you have earned new rights as well.”

Looking into her eyes I ask “what rights may your slave have Mistress?”

Taking a moment to gather her thoughts, she says “to lie with me tonight.”

Again with the sheer speed only the immortal posses she throws me on the bed, pinning me and kissing me, all the wile unbuckling my shirt, my pants. She puts her hand inside my open pants but above my under garments. She starts to massage me through the fabric, and I moan under her touch “ you like that don’t you my pet, ” she whispers. All I can retort with is an involuntary purr coming from deep with in my wereleopard frame.

The pleasure becomes unbearable to stand, and Mistress Divini would be horribly disappointed if I reach the peak before she gives me permission, so I bit my lip hard as she continues her caress.

Taking her hand from me she moves to the side of the bed “GET UP!” I hear, and quickly obey as the commanding tone had returned to her voice “STRIP!, ” she continues *licking her lips*. “All the way!” she demands pointing at my now exposed underwear. Moving as swiftly as I can I start to reveal my self to my mistress. Piece by piece, sliding my shirt of off to expose my already erect nipples, slipping my pants down to my knees, exposing my well defined flank, and finally my underwear exposing myself all the way to my Mistress who looked on approvingly.

Now she returns to that sweet toned vice that I rarely ever hear “come to me my pet, I won’t hurt you; unless you disobey me.”

Doing as she asks I walk to her, but she holds up a finger, stopping me. “Kneel before me, I will ask you one question then we will begin.” Moving with the grace that I have been taught, I positioned myself in-between my Mistress’s legs. “Do you give your self to me willingly?”

“Yes Mistress …. I do.”

“Then please me, ” she commands and grabs me by the chin the draws me up to her open jaw and seal us to each other together, breathing in each other’s air we were equal. She grabs the either side of my head and pushed me towards her neck. Moving with swift kisses and flicks of the tongue I move down to the side of her neck and zero in on one spot licking, sucking, and biting her not as hard as she did me but enough that I could hear moans escaping her. Moving my kisses further down I move to the valley between her breasts, leaving a trail, and blowing on it to make her skin freeze and for her to shiver letting another moan escape her lips “you are a tease” she tells me under her breath but I pay no heed and continue my assault on her. Moving to the base of her left breast, I start flicking with my tongue in a clockwise motion from the base to the top, all the while my mistress has taken her other hand and started to massage the other side moaning louder now. Stopping just before I touch her peak I hover over it blowing alternating breaths of hot and cold air on it. She moans in pleasure, and then again in anticipation.

Giving my Lady a few for moments to relish the wait, I plunge down on her taking her into my mouth, making her buck. Bucking so hard that my Mistress almost throws me, she lets out a scream of pleasure.

Continuing through her screams I move my body weight over her to reduce her thrashing, I remove myself from her breast as she becomes silent, panting heavily. I wait until she gives my hair a loving caress before I continue. Moving down her stomach rubbing my hands down her back barley touching her skin, I reach the base of her abs. I find a knot that she has and take it onto myself to massage it out.

“You are talented my little kitty” she moans as I move down to where she wants me. I move to the side and continue down her leg. Massaging and kneading all the way to her knees taking all the tension out of her legs. My Mistress makes a begging moan and I know its time to please the place where women are made to be pleased.

Grabbing her by her firm butt I drag her to the edge of the bed so I can gain better access to her. Kneeling down in front of her I start on her inner thigh kissing again, putting suction back and forth across her, inching ever close to her flower. After a few more stokes I come face to face with her woman hood, I take a breath, my mouth salivating causing my own phallus to be grow aggravated at the delay, but I know she must come first. Leaning forward I brush the sides of her lips moving around her opening several time’s but making sure not to touch her . She is openly whimpering now and I take a moment to relish the only point of control that I have. Without warning she grabs my head and shoves me into her, I am overwhelmed by her, and instinctively start licking and sucking on her, with the pressure she puts the back of my head, and the pressure on her , she is panting and speaking gibberish, swearing at me, while I continue my massage of her. I move lower to her base, letting my tough slide through her seamlessly, and then returning to the tip of her mound. “Now my pet, take me now!”

I move into position without hesitation, steadying myself on my hands as I position myself. Seeing that she has been teased enough I let myself slide into her, moving slowly, as gasps escape both of our mouths. She is sweet to the touch as I enter, starting slowly, I lean forward and take her lips that were made for kissing into mine never halting my movements.

“Are you ready mistress?” I ask softly. She can only nod her head in approval and I to pick up pace. My mistress writhes on the bed and clamps down on me as I speed up, faster, and faster. I take my thumb and put it on her , rubbing it and causing her to scream yet again in ecstasy. Faster and faster, her moans mix with mine, eternity slips away and we are equals in life, in death and in sex. I can feel myself at the breech but I can’t go until she goes one more time. I renew my efforts rubbing against her at the top of her mound pressing hard and caressing fast and with a scream that reaches to the heavens we both exploded into an ecstasy of lust, love and relief.

For a moment my vision is weak, and as it returns I can see my mistress has a tear running down her cheek. “Why do you cry Mistress, ” I ask.

Looking at me with nothing but love in her eyes her, knowledge of my servitude forgotten momentarily she says, “Because you made love, like I have never felt before, with love.”

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