On My Knees

You are soo beautiful, your female slave is staked out on top of the coffee table. You comand me to kiss her breasts. The sound of a voice commanding someone to give pleasure, it is strange and wonderfull. Slowly you direct me to move slowly across her body. Slowly, silently I move down her trunk. She can hear the crop against my skin, she assumes it is my ass and you hear me wince and feel me recoil as you reprimand me for moving too swiftly. I am between her legs now, licking sucking, pleasing.

“If she doesn’t cum when I tell her I will swat you right in the sack” you tell me, as you tap my right nut sack with the crop and watch it tighten up. I find new enthusiasm in licking her pussy. I can tell I am doing a good job by the gentle moaning. Of course she hasn’t been given permission to cum yet. It is odd how being told not to makes you want it that much more. You pull blindfold off her face. She sees me for the first time. I am handsome and built well. She glances between your slaves legs expecting to see my penis, but instead she sees a hard plastic cage. The CB 3000 has encased my member and you can see that it is red and throbbing within the mechanism that prevents your slaves erection. You tell her to kiss his cage.

your slave lowers himself above her. eager to feel something, even her breath against him the heat the moisture anything. How many times has he been in this position. When was the last time he came. You tease his balls as they are the only thing outside of his cage. He is entranced.

Then comes the soft sting of the crop on the inside of his thighs. One two three four. First the left then the right.

She tortures us gently with pain and with pleasure over every inch of your bodys. Then she asks us both if we want to cum. She gets a resounding yes.

You tell your slave to take the condum and put it on. Then you take a little gel put it in the tip and tell your slave to put it on. You make him masterbate with the condum for a few minutes as your slave takes your clit in his mouth. He knows better than to cum with out permission. You put him on his knees between her thighs and tell him to mount her. Both of the slaves are wearing waist belts with rings and you use a carabiner to connect the two of us. One on each side she draws the belts tight, pulling him further inside of her. she gives just enough slack for him to move but not enough to pull out.

She begins to warm their asses with the crop. Gently but enough to get your attention. First him and then her. They are fucking with an intensity rarley seen. After a few minutes when she is sure no one can hold back any longer She gives them both permission to cum. He begins to buck like a horse gone wild deep and long hard and primordial he uses all of his strength. How long has it been. She cums and cums again and then everyone becomes aware of his exasperation.

“You better cum” She says “It might be another month before you get the chance again” He digs deep and trys some more but for all his trying the orgasm evades him. He looks at her in disbelief, The female slave is certainly satisfied by now and maybe even a little sore.

She shows you both the gel she used to lubricate the inside of his condum. “Oral Gel Maximum Stength”

She laughs a little bit and you bite the female slave bites her lip so not to laugh. . She disconnects him and chains him to the wall. Spread eagle and erect. Then she makes him watch as she puts a chin dong on the female slave and makes her kneel between her thighs and cums hard as the feeling begins to come back into my loins.

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