I Want To Be Yours

She had asked him to be explicit in his list of limits. She had told him once he had given it to her she would respect them but he wouldn’t be allowed to add to the list only take things off the list. He thought about it for a while and sent it to her after about an hour. She rejected it and told him he hadn’t thought it through well enough. He read through the list, what had he forgotten. He hated to ask her but he couldn’t imagine what wasn’t on the list. He sent her a polite note inquiring to what she thought he’d left off. She smirked when she read his note. This might send him the other direction and fast.

She wrote back, “May I castrate you?” “Maim or kill you if it’s my pleasure?”

That’s all she wrote. When he read it his eyes widened. Certainly she was joking; no one would go that far. This was just for play he thought and then he thought again. She had told him to think his decision through thoroughly if he accepted he would belong to her completely, if she said jump his only response could be how high? The thought thrilled him. She wanted to own him completely.

First though he’d have to make it through the inspection and meet with her approval. He could accept she would have other lovers than him. She’d been explicit she wouldn’t be his but he would be hers. At first he was jealous. If she could have others why couldn’t he. Then as he got to know her better his interest had waned in others and the thought of seeing her pleased really pleased by someone grew. His thinking had radically changed.

He sat down again with the list and he tried to imagine any situation he might object to and as he visualized he became aroused. He could see her doing the vilest of things to him and he would accept it thank her even for giving him her attention. He revised and sent it to her the next morning, this time she accepted it. He got a return note telling him she had made reservations at a nearby hotel. He would arrive at 1:30 checking in and paying for the room. She wanted him prepared for her and the room as well. There was to be fresh flowers waiting, the ice bucket filled and plenty of bottled water on hand. She expected him bathed and completely hair free. If she found a hair she guaranteed him he would not like how she would remove it from him. She would give him one hour to be ready. When he arrived at the hotel and checked in the desk clerk handed him a sealed envelope saying it had been left for him earlier in the day. He wanted to open it right then but decided seeing the flourished script he’d better wait knowing it was from her he didn’t want to embarrass himself in the lobby with a hard on. He put away his credit card, signed the receipt and tucked the room key in his pocket. He handed back one key to the clerk explaining it would be picked up by her later. The clerk nodded and watched as the man walked to the elevators. He saw all kinds of things working at the hotel; he could tell when someone was nervous. It must not be his wife joining him he thought.

The elevator took him to the fifth floor and he walked to the end of the hall. It was the last room and the floor seemed otherwise deserted but it was 1:30 in the afternoon he thought. The other guests normally wouldn’t be checking in until 3 or later. He fumbled at the door inserting the key backwards the first time. Calm down he told himself. He took a deep breath and entered the suite. Nice he thought. Not what he had expected. He set his small bag down and his coat he grabbed his keys and headed back for the car. The clerk thought nothing of his leaving but when he returned a few moments later carrying the flowers and the plastic grocery bag he just smiled. Definitely not a wife he thought.

He put the vase of flowers on the round table in the corner of the room. She could see them then when she entered and know he’d remembered. He lit the two lavender candles and set them on the nightstands on each side of the bed. The first whiff reminded him of her scent, a flowery musky smell. His dick twitched. He picked up the ice bucket and headed back down to the lobby. Filled with ice he returned. He settled it on the table next to the flowers and began to disrobe. He hung his clothes in the closet then remembered her note. He sat on the edge of the chair not wanting to muss the bed and opened it.

As he read his dick deflated. She wouldn’t be there until 4 and he wasn’t to leave the hotel. He got up and paced. She wrote more but at the moment he was stuck on the fact it was 115 and all he had left to do was to shower. He sighed, blew the candles out and picked the note back up. He read on. He would be a little busier than he thought. She had given him some explicit instructions of a few things she wanted him to do in the meantime. He set about making the first happen. He began stroking his dick. He was to send her a picture via his phone to hers every 25 minutes of his cock hard. He wasn’t allowed to let it go down and he wasn’t allowed to cum. Fuck he thought now he had to stay hard for nearly three hours waiting for her too. He snapped the first picture and sent it off to her.

He started to turn the television on but then remembered her note said no other distractions. He was to stay focused on what was happening today and nothing else. He walked into the bathroom and adjusted the shower. A long hot shower would kill some time. He set his body wash on the ledge and pulled the razor out so he could touch up any spots he might have missed at home before stepping under the hot spray. Once under the jets made his skin tingle and he thought of her long red nails dragging over his back. He’d felt that already. She had reached under his shirt one night beside the car when he’d walked her out and she had clawed him. His prick had twitched then just like it was now remembering. How could he be so aroused at the thought of her hurting him he wondered?

He went about washing himself and ran the razor carefully over his balls and pubes again feeling afterward to make sure there weren’t any strays left. He smoothed his hands down his legs they too were hair free now. That felt so strange to him. He wondered if she would require him to stay that way. Going to the gym would be different. He could imagine the looks he would get being hairless everywhere. Lastly he ran his hands over his head. It was stubble free thanks to the magic shave she had recommended.

He turned the water off and reached for the towel. His dick was semi hard now so he pulled on it a few times to return it to full mast. Reaching for his watch he realized it was time for the next picture. He snapped it and walked into the outer room. Someone had been there while he was in the shower. There was a package lying on the bed. He looked quickly at the door. Damn he hadn’t put the safety lock on but then he knew he couldn’t she would be letting herself in. He walked over and shook the box. It wasn’t too heavy but there was definitely something inside that clunked from side to side. He pulled the paper off. Inside there was a large black plug and a note. He read the note twice she wanted him to suck it then slide it in his ass? No lube? He shook his head then picked up the silicone phallus and brought it to his lips. He felt foolish sucking the butt plug. Her orders were exact five minutes fellatio on the plug in front of the mirror then inside him. She wanted a picture of him looking in the mirror at himself as he sucked it and she wanted a picture when he slid it in his ass. He folded the towel and hung it over the rack. He knew she was a hard ass about him keeping things tidy. She had refused to speak to him for four days after the first time she was at his home because he had left his shirt on the back of a chair. There were a lot of habits he had broken getting to know her.

He put the plug in his mouth and wasn’t pleased to find in order to take it all the way in as she asked it slid to the back of his mouth and into his throat making him gag at first. He tried to calm his reflux and then looked in the mirror. How had it come to the point that doing anything for her made his prick twitch? He snapped the shot for her and proceeded to fuck his mouth and throat with the plug as she asked, the full five minutes. When the time had lapsed he returned to the outer room and sitting on the edge of the chair with his knees open wide and his thighs splayed he pressed the rounded tip to his puckered hole. He pressed but it wasn’t sliding in. He brought it back up and spit on it. Working one of his fingers inside himself first he finally was able to press the plug into place. It wasn’t terribly comfortable. In fact it was quite uncomfortable. He positioned his phone between his open legs and snapped the photo and sent it off. It wasn’t but a moment and she told him to bend over and shoot one from that angle. That was tougher for him and he found he had to take several before he could get one showing the black base snuggly held in place between his ass cheeks. It was in the picture he spied the stray hairs.

Back to the shower and soaping up he carefully shaved with the plug in place. It wasn’t as easy as it would have been had he removed the foreign object from his bowel but he left it as she said and shaved around the base. When he finished he checked the time. Damn it he missed sending her the cock shot by three minutes. His dick wasn’t hard either. He pulled on it stroking himself as he normally did. It wasn’t happening. He was about to give up when he thought about her standing behind him her hands on her hips and looking down on him as she had the last time he’d knelt asking her for more. That brought his cock to life and he shot the photo his hand pumping his shaft and messaged it to her.

Her reply was he was late. For the inconvenience of making her wait he would be waiting now as well another thirty minutes was added to his sentence.

To Be Cont’d

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