Gates of Hell 06

The lesson did not take long to begin. Upon entering the room, she told me to strip which I did without question nor hesitation. Once naked, she had me sit in an armless chair that was in the room. Quickly, she tied the collar, my arms and legs to the chair, immobilizing me. My cock was still hard from the drive and firmly encased in the Gates of Hell. She grinned at me, seeing my powerlessness and vulnerability. She began to undress and I looked at the hard points of her nipples, the slight reddening of her body and finally the glisten of her wet pussy. I looked at a woman who was very horny and who knew exactly what she wanted and how she was going to get it. I was unable to move as she sat on my thighs and held my cock and balls, stroking, caressing, and demanding their utmost arousal. I opened my mouth to speak but she stopped me by saying ‘You utter one word and I swear I’ll make you sorry you ever spoke’ She squeezed my balls hard as she said this and my silence was greeted by a very evil grin. ‘I might make you sorry anyway!’ but that was a passing thought as she drew the key for the Gates of Hell from around her neck. She freed my cock which sprang to a hardness that I was surprised at. I could feel the heat from her crotch as she leaned in and kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my unresisting mouth, her hands stroking my thighs. A predator’s groan escaped her and she lifted herself and pushed back from me, kneeling between my legs. Taking me into her hand she moved me to her mouth, to be met with the tip of her tongue swirling around the head which caused a jolt of pleasure felt all throughout my body. Then a drawing in and my shaft was sucked into her mouth, her tongue playing on my senses. The pleasure was extreme as she worked her magic on me. Licking, sucking, now all in her mouth, now just her lips running down the sensitive underside of my cock. She took my balls into her mouth and sucked and licked. She was a true virtuoso and I responded in the only way available to me, opening my legs wider to her exploration and enjoyment. She built us both to a frenzy that was unmatched in all my experience and then halted, warning me not to cum. I struggled to comply as she returned to her enjoyment of my cock and I was hard pressed not to cum. It was a symphony of pleasure and frustration which she played and I was her willing instrument. Sensing my inability to take move, she got up and straddled me. Sitting on my thighs until I was under control and then she lifted herself and used the tip of my cock to trace the folds of her hot moist pussy. We both groaned as she dragged my cock across her clit. Then she held me at her opening and then, ever so slowly, she lowered herself onto me, her silky smooth wetness enfolding me, her muscles welcoming my cock as she pulled me into her. Our hips met and she ground down onto me and I felt the core of her as she felt mine. Grabbing the chair back, she began to raise and lower herself onto me, now deep and slow, now fast and short, then slow again. Each move brought a gasp of delight to our lips and I inhaled her breath as she kissed me. Our hips began a more insistent pace and I could feel her sweet nectar seep out of her, covering my cock and increasing the pleasure for us both. I looked at her, her mouth slightly open, her eyes staring into mine, a look of pleasure on her face. Her body opened to me, drawing me even further in until we were as one – Mistress and her submissive. Her urgency was met by my own as she began to wildly thrust herself onto me, her body aflame, her need booking no delay. The feel of her was exquisite as she began to tense, nearing her climax. A primal need drove us both and we willingly surrendered ourselves to the pleasure, the need and the lust. She pressed her breasts to my lips and I kissed and sucked on each nipple as they were offered. I could feel her shudder as I fought to please her every need. Then slowly, as if drawn unwillingly from her, a groan escaped her lips and then ‘Come for me Charles! Now!’ and I complied, thrusting and shooting deep in her as her pussy clenched my exploding cock deep in her. Her groan became a sigh of pleasure as our bodies thrust to each other, the unimaginable friction of cock and pussy melded into an overwhelming sea of pleasure. ‘I am yours Mistress!’ I gasped as my body shook from the climax that had overwhelmed me. She kissed my sweaty forehead and said’ I know, Charles. All mine…forever’

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