Gates of hell 05

When she untied me, there was very little of the Dom left in me. She had taken my core beliefs in myself, held them in her hand, laughed at them and remolded me to fit her whim. She had used me for her pleasure, every private area, every inch and opening of my body felt her will. She bent me to her will and she claimed her ownership. She ripped me open psychologically and left me wanting more. The process had me doubly scared – once as how easily she had been able to dominate completely a life – time Dom and the second was by how much I wanted and needed to be owned and dominated by her. All this passed through my head as she released me and when I was finally free of the ropes, I realized how truly tied to her I was. In a way, I was disappointed that she had released me but the Gates of Hell was still in place, retraining my cock and her collar was still around my neck – restraining my will. She seemed aware of all these thoughts as she began to step out of the harness and told me to dress. My heart fell, fearing I had failed or disappointed her but she again showed how well she knew me when she said ‘We’re not done yet Charles. I just need to get something’ she moved to me and slowly took my balls into one hand the ring on the Gates of Hell in the other. ‘Now that they are here, my cock and balls are not getting away for a long time yet, so get dressed’. A light squeeze to my balls told me to obey, which I did immediately. We dressed in silence and we were soon standing by the door ready to go out when she turned to me and told me to open my pants. I complied and she took a ‘training leash’ from her purse and clipped it onto the ring at the front of the Gates of Hell. The metal links looked fragile but when she tugged on it and it pulled my cock, I knew that these tiny links were stronger than me. I was told to re-do my pants and the leash came out of the top of my pants. ‘Did I tell you that you will be wearing this whenever we go out? ‘ She adjusted the leash through a belt loop and adjusted it to look like an old fashioned watch fob as she continued to talk to me ‘Charles, whenever I ask for this leash, you will give it to me. No matter where we are or what we are doing. This is not something you have any choice in, understood?’ ‘Yes, Mistress’ I replied as my heart raced. She smiled and leaned in, kissed me and tugged on the leash ‘Did I also forget to tell you how wet I am knowing this cock is mine?’ She laughed and pushed me away but held the leash and led me from the room. I thought I had gotten accustomed to the collar and the Gates of Hell but now standing I realized that I had not. The weight of the collar pressing down on my neck and the newness of that sensation had me thinking of what it all meant. Not to mention how the weight of the Gates of Hell pulling and restraining my cock and balls underscored my feelings of vulnerability, helplessness and how much she owned what was encircled by them. We got into my car and drove in an almost random fashion until we came to a small restaurant. She told me she was hungry and we pulled into the parking lot. When we got into the restaurant, she requested a private booth in the back and we were soon seated side-by-side with the table between us and the rest of the diners. After we ordered, she calmly asked for the leash. As I fumbled to unloop it from my belt , she snapped her fingers and told me to hurry. Once she had it, she told me to undo my belt and open my pants. She laughed at the blush that spread across my face as I complied and she said ‘Did you think that being my sub would be a cute little secret just between us? Now hurry up or you’ll be walking around here being led by your leash!’ Fully exposed, she took her time adjusting my cock and balls until she was satisfied as to how they were. The combination of being exposed in public, her closeness and her total disregard for everything but adjusting my cock, made me feeling both vulnerable and excited. The hardness this caused, even restricted by the Gates of Hell, made her laugh and spend even more time adjusting me. ‘I’ll be doing this all night if you keep moving around’ she laughed and began to rub the tip of my cock between her thumb and forefinger. A gasp of pleasure escaped my lips and her muttered comment about how much of a slut I was added to my tension and growing need. She stopped and draped a napkin over me when she was the waitress returning. I have no idea what we ate or spoke about during that meal. All I could tell you was that the leash was laying on the table and the occasional tugs she gave it kept me in a state of excitement I had never experienced before. Not satisfied, she placed a cord with a ‘d-ring’ attached in the middle on the table. She grinned knowing that I was very curious about it but unable to ask her what it was. It stayed there until we paid and she allowed me to close my pants. Once back in the car, I was instructed to pull my pants to my knees. I complied and then found out what the cord and ring was for. She leaned over and lifted my balls then placed the d ring under them. She tied the cord around the base of my cock, thus holding the ring in place. She worked the leash through the two rings on the Gates of Hell and then attached the leash to the d ring. She pulled on the leash and my entire groin was stimulated by that one simple tug. She grinned at her handiwork and told be to drive back, as she settled herself across my lap, my cock in front of her. She stroked, caressed and tugged at my cock and balls as I drove back, occasionally leaning to use her lips and tongue . I was going out of my mind by the pleasure and need to stay focused on the road and she redoubled her efforts to distract me as I drove. I was moaning and gasping almost constantly from her attention and was soon on the edge of climax when she stopped, holding me until I was not ready to cum. She then started again , and then a gain throughout the drive, alternately driving me to the edge and then letting me go. She did not allow me time to recover from one edge before she started again. By now it was dark but I am sure there were times when it was evident to other drivers that I was distracted and by what. Especially truckers who went by but I did not care. All I could focus on was not cumming, which she warned me not to do, the extreme pleasure she was causing and the need not to drive off the road! When we arrived back at the hotel was the first time she paid attention to our surroundings. By then I was in agony from the need to come. She knew this and simply said ‘No“ and got out of the car. I hurriedly followed her, buckling and redoing my pants as I struggled to keep up with her. We went up the back stairs to our room and she turned to me when she got there and told me to pull out my cock. I was stunned and did not respond so she looked at her watch and said ‘Every second you make me wait results in a minute of me being unable to find the room key. You already are 5 minutes in?’ That snapped me out of mu stupor and I soon was standing, exposed. She took the leash in one hand and began to tug and sway with it as she looked at her watch and said ‘8 minutes’. She began to time me standing there and tugged the leash and said ‘No!” when I went to cover myself with my hands. I stood there hoping no one would come down the hall while I was there and tried to close my eyes but again the tug and ‘No!’. Finally, she said ‘Time’s up!’ and began to search for the key. I was frantic to either go in or cover myself when she told me to stand still so she could find the key. I did so and eventually she found it and opened the door. I tried to step in but she held her hand up and stopped me. She then took the leash and led me back into the room. She closed the doors and turned to me and said ‘Charles I am very horny now and it is time to start your next lesson’.

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