Gates of hell 04

Freshly shorn, I lay there in something like shock. Her words still echoed in my head “Never” “Forever”, until it became a litany. But cramping muscles brought me back to reality. That and the fact that Luna was untying my legs. With a groan ,I was able to stretch my legs as she easily controlled me. To my relief, she also began to untie one wrist and then the other. I had not realized how sore I was from straining against the ties until I was released. I felt myself begin to relax ,thinking her initial lust was spent when she pushed me over onto my stomach and quickly tied my hands behind my back. ‘I’m not done yet Charles, I want you to know how completely you are owned before we leave here’. With that, she tied a rope to the collar around my neck and attached it to the headboard. By pushes and light taps she had me lay at the foot of the bed, then move down until the rope was taut and my chest was the only part of me on the bed. I was told to stand and lean on the bed which I did with only one quick squeeze to my balls to ensure my compliance. I sensed rather than saw her kneel down. Her voice penetrating my reeling mind, she said ‘open your legs up’. I complied quickly and a brief activity around my ankles and I was unable to move them together. From the restriction, I assumed she had put a spreader bar on my ankles. I was now immobilized and vulnerable to her. She did not wait long to take advantage of my situation. She stood and leaned on my back, her breasts pressed down on me, pressing their hard points into my back, her hips pressed and gyrated on my ass as her hands ran up and down my thighs. She kissed the back of my neck and said softly ‘When you tried to dominate me, you said you wanted to fuck, well Charles, you are about to get your wish. I am going to fuck you so throughly you’ll never forget it“ . Her hands moved and cupped my cock and balls. ‘The gates of Hell took your cock’s ability to wander and now can you guess what’s going to take your ass’s virginity? ME!’ She drove her hips hard against my ass, laughed, and then pushed away from me. I did not know where she had gone until she called my name and I turned my head toward her. She stood there, naked but for her boots, and in her hand was the harness of a strap on. She stepped into the harness and pulled it to her shaved pussy, buckling first one side and then the other. My eyes were drawn to the cock on it. To me , it seemed gigantic although it probably was not. My heart raced as she mimed thrusting and an evil grin spread over her face. ‘Not so sure you want to fuck now are you?’ She stroked her ‘cock’ and laughed. ‘But this is so dry it would be painful this way so maybe we should wet it’. She swaggered over to me, exaggerating the sway of her hips so that the dildo swung side to side as she moved. She got up on the bed and knelt in front of me. She untied the scarf and pulled her thong from my mouth. ‘Suck it’ was her simple command. I just could not do it and seeing my hesitation, she smiles and pushed it against my tightly closed lips. ‘The little dom wants to fight? Isn’t that just sweet!’ She calmly pressed the dilo against my lips, one hand pulling my head to it and, in a very casual move, the other hand pinched off my nose. I was faced with not breathing or opening my mouth to her dildo. Not an easy choice either way but she won out (as always) and I opened my mouth to breathe. As I did, she thrust forward and rammed the dildo into my mouth, holding my head so it was fully in me. I gagged as she said ‘Silly slut! I own you totally and am not concerned with your little dom attempts not to obey! Now suck it!’ and she pulled my head back and forth and thrust her hips so my mouth and my psyche was totally fucked by her. I felt as if another chink of my self pride was broken off as she ravished my mouth. Finally, she was satisfied and pulled back, the dildo now glistening from my spit, my jaw sore from the pounding. She tapped the tip on my nose and said ‘ Do all doms think they can stop the inevitable?’ and she laughed again. She got up and moved until she was behind me. I felt a finger trace between the cheeks of my ass, a fingernail flicking my asshole. I shuddered and tried to move away from her probing finger but it was to no avail as she calmly flicked and caressed my asshole as she desired. She then spread my ass and I felt a cold wet substance trickle down onto my asshole. She then rubbed the substance into me, taking pleasure in ensuring I was totally lubricated. She wiped her hand on the bed next to me and I waited with dread her next move. I did not have long to wait. I felt a probing replace her finger as she rubbed the head of the dildo on me. ‘Charles, I do like the first penetration of a man’s ass. It makes me so wet and horny, especially a virgin ass! My favorite!’. An increase in pressure and I felt the head begin to enter me, forcing its way into my asshole, opening me up to her. More pressure and I felt the head wholly in me, stretching and demanding. More pressure and the stretching joined with an internal pressure that permeated my body. It was an unreal sensation and one that grew stronger as she pressed further into me. Pressure upon pressure and an unknown stretching as she continued her relentless violation of my body and my psyche. Further and further in she pushed and the feelings were unimaginable – pressure and a stretching that was unnerving. I felt ready to explode and knew she must be almost all the way in me. But as I thought that, she said ‘Half way slut, are you enjoying it as much as I am?’ An involuntary groan escaped my lips with that statement. Half way? ‘Please, no more’ I heard myself beg. Her laugh was my only answer. That and the constant thrust in. Bit by bit, as she drove into me, I could feel myself stripped bare of all my past, my connection to the Dom that was but was no more. I felt as if I was going to rip open but still the pressure and entering continued. I was far beyond what I had thought this would be like and I was beginning to believe it would never end when I felt her hips press against my ass. I sighed and felt the worst was over when she said “Now – you- are- truly – mine” and each word was punctuated by a deep hard thrust that left no doubt as to the truth of her statement. Not satisfied with my silence and still thrusting, she told me to beg her to fuck me. I had no will power left to resist and i heard myself begging and pleading with her to fuck me. She laughed and told me to beg some more since she getting wetter hearing me beg. by this time , I knew I was totally hers to do with as she pleased. She had pierced me physically and mentally and owned each. So I begged as never before in my life and she thrust deeper and quicker to show her pleasure, her pace a constant barrage on me. Then to my surprise, my cock – until then flaccid and caged – began to grow as she stimulated something deep in me. The unexpected pleasure grew and it was fantastic. I moaned with pleasure and she laughed ‘Can it be?’ and her hand reached around me and felt my hardening cock. ‘It is true! My little dom is getting a hard on from being ass fucked! How very sweet!’ Her pace picked up and I was torn between the pleasure and the pain. I slid into a place in my mind that I had never known to exist. A sub space of total abandonment, a place where I had no control since she had ripped it from me. And to my surprise, I was happy. I began to press back at her thrusts and she moaned and gasped ‘surrender to me Charles, give yourself wholly to me!’ and without hesitation or thought I replied ‘ I am yours Mistress!’ I begged her never to stop which set her off into a renewed frenzy of thrusting. I am sure that everyone within 100 miles heard our groans as to my utter astonishment, I climaxed, hard. The intensity of that climax was amazing as she drove into me, her own pleasure evident from her moans. It seemed to go on and on and I floated in the thought of her ownership. But unfortunately, it eventually ended and I collapsed onto the bed, spent and used. She eased out of me and I felt her lips brush on the back of my neck. ‘Charles you are mine!’ and my heart sang, finally knowing the truth of her statement.

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