Margarite and bobbie 05

One day I was cleaning Margarite’s house and it was getting late in the day. It was almost time for her to come home from work. I was expected to have all of my work completed by 4:30 and return to Susan’s, but I guess sentimentality had overcome me as I was vacuuming her bedroom. I could remember how happy she had been when I purchased the bedroom furniture for her, how comfortable and serene the room had become after Margarite had added her personal accents. Now I stood before her bureau dusting it’s top and my heart crept up into my throat as I gazed at her many strands of necklaces draped carelessly over the small lamp shade and smelled the complex aroma of her missing self. So much of what I loved about Margarite was still present in the room without her actual person being there.

I was just leaving when I heard the sound of her car pulling into the driveway. The car door slammed and I listened to the sound of her heals clicking up the walk. I was nearly in tears from the memory of the many times I had done the same thing, waiting for her to come home late at night, perhaps from a date (I never really knew where she went). Then all of a sudden I would hear these same sounds unfolding, the same progression of events, which always led to the happy moment when I would see her smiling, confident face, blessed with the flush of some newly found pleasure. I was very surprised when she greeted me just as she had in the past. After I had kissed her feet for a minute or two, she told me to stand. I slowly rose up before her, keeping my eyes lowered as usual, expecting to be slapped several times for my tardiness. In fact she only slapped me once and was about to repeat the act, when she looked at me softly, tilting her head as if in sympathy and putting her arms around me, gathered me into her presence and enveloped me with kisses until I was covered with lipstick and the heavenly aroma that always identified her true essence to my most vulnerable inner self. It was good to be home and it was good to feel so a part of the place and of her life again. Of course it was only for a while. But it didn’t take Margarite very long to regain the place of prominence, which I was always so eager to give to her. After getting her a glass of Pinot Grigio I first knelt at her feet, and then as she directed, placed myself in the position of a foot stool and received the pressure of her feet and calves on my back. It was then that she began to tell me why she was so cheerful. She had just come from Dr. Pam’s office, where she had witnessed Ralph’s second interview from behind a two-way mirror.

“you know Bobbie, that I like Ralph very much and it is very important to me that he pass all of the tests and complete the interviews with Dr. Pam. You just can’t imagine how wonderful it is to have a lover like him. His penis is almost perfect and its shape and the way he moves it, well it fits me like a glove. And Bobbie, well you know of course, he can fuck for hours. I get wet just thinking about it. He’s the first man whose cum I’ve swallowed and not gagged on it. I feel just like a teenager, waiting until my next date with him, thinking about how I’m going to pull his throbbing cock into me and dance on it for hours, thinking about how I’m going to let him pump every orifice I have full of that lovely sweet jism of his.

Well anyway, you should have seen the way Pamela was dressed. My god she was sexy and so feminine. She is amazing, so many different sides to her personality, such a talented woman- a great friend, a social wizard, a professional success. One moment she can be a stern and very dominant mistress and then suddenly she can appear as feminine and appealing as any vanilla vamp on the block and lure a man into thinking that he is the only thing in the world that she needs. It was clear that she was already having a positive affect on Ralph. He was dressed nicer than I’ve ever seen him. I had never noticed those slacks before, they were probably new. The shoes matched his sport coat and he was freshly shaved, even though the interview was at 3:00. After the usual battery of questions- that personality profile that she is working up on him- and by the way- Pam said that everything is looking good. You don’t know what a relief that is to me. Well, after the question and answer session was over you could already see the look on his face of anticipation. You know that kind of blank stare he gets, so open and childlike, but so obvious, like, you know I’m just about to get the biggest tastiest slice of grandma’s pie.

“That’s right Ralph. It’s time for your reward, she said. It just killed me to see him looking at her so eagerly. Pam was reclining on the couch, dragging her two hands smoothly up the inside of her thighs, slowly spreading her legs so that he could just barely make out the crotch of the black shear panties she was wearing. Ralph stood up and it was obvious that he couldn’t decide whether to jump right on top of her, or to take his pants off first. His coat was already off and his left hand was playing with the top of his pants’ zipper, but he just couldn’t decide which way to go. Then Pam said, “Oh, I need your cock sooo bad.” And, you know, it was no act. I’ve never seen her like that before. She was a purring cat, a real slut, as tantalizing as any center-fold you have ever seen. Everyone thinks that she is so professional, so cold and calculating, I’m sure that no one would be surprised to find out that she is a dominatrix. But she is more of a woman than any one woman has a right to be. She had him pushing his rod into her panties like a humping dog. He was beside himself with lust. His penis bent up against her belly, slid back down as he withdrew and pushed into her again. I could see the fabric of her panties being pushed into her vagina by his hard-on, again and again, until he had spread pre-cum all over the front of her panties and up on to her stomach below her belly button. Back and forth, again and again until I thought the material would grind his cock down to a little nub like yours. To emphasize her point Margarite pushed her heal into the top of my shoulder with enough force to create a sharp spike of pain. But no, he just went on and on. Finally she pulled the fabric over to the side and his cock buried itself in her up to the hilt. I heard her gasp with pleasure as he sunk it into her depths. She reached around behind his cock and gathered his scrotum together between her finger nails, digging into him from behind the sack. You remember how that feels Bobbie. I used to do it to you until you started shooting sperm all over the place every time I did it. But he didn’t flinch a bit. You should of seen them rocking back and forth with her one hand guiding him into her and the other drawing long scratches down his back. She was gradually working him up to where I’m sure he could feel no pain. Pretty soon her hand was so tight with her nails dug into his ball sack that I don’t think he could have cum if he wanted to. But he is too big for her to control. His thrusts, I mean, he was going his own speed, but she was pushing and pulling him like a swing. the sweat was running off of both of them and their faces were becoming transfixed with the building tension. I could see the muscles on her arm stress and release as she worked her nails into his scrotum. Her juice was flowing out the sides of his cock and running down the crack of her ass on to the Italian leather sofa. This went on for about 20 minutes until their faces were red and shiny with sweat. Finally she began to spasm and her diaphragm flinched again and again as her pelvis continued thrusting. He was pumping sperm into her and jerking his head backwards as though he were riding a rodeo bull and she was bucking underneath him. Shoot it all over me, she said, and he withdrew his twitching penis sailing white spurts across her breasts and neck, Give me more, she said. And he began to stroke his cock violently as though it were some kind of Army mortar or something. and more jism shot up and sailed over her. She kept grinning and watching the droplets fly above her like fireworks. then she grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her cunt again. All this time, her orgasm was continuing to carry on. Now her cunt pulsed against his cock, squeezing it tightly in quick reflexive waves and he continued to squirt his juice until finally she had that look on her face. You know, you’ve seen it on me, when I’m like, so full of sperm I want to explode. She looked like she couldn’t believe what had happened or what was still continuing to happen. It was something wonderful to see. And, you know Bobbie, I was thinking of you about this time. I think I know now why you enjoy watching me make love so much. It’s really a privilege, isn’t it?

I shifted my weight under the weight of her legs, which were crossed at the ankle allowing one heal to bear most of the stress. Her heal gouged into my shoulder blade as I tried to redistribute the pressure. Instantly I felt a fiery sting against my buttocks as Margarite surprised me with a fierce swing of the crop. this was one of her favorite positions for punishment since it permitted very little movement on my part, having to continue supporting her legs with my back as she made quick, sharp cuts across my ass with her riding crop. She then began stroking me slowly, gradually increasing my pain, building it expertly. It was a long journey for me to be whipped by Margarite and I appreciated the tremendous effort she put into the process. It took a lot of time for her to put her mark on me. Layer after layer of emotional diagrams were drawn on to the surface of my skin as the pain and the pleasure continued to build simultaneously. And then, when she had erected a structure of endorphins within me that was quite complete and created a confidence in me that I could bear any amount of beating she could give me, just at that moment when she knew that I was most confident that I could experience all of the pain as pure pleasure and savor it in bliss, she began to tear down the edifice which she had created. At this point it would only take a slight increase in severity, or merely an increase in the frequency of the blows to make me realize that I was losing ground and the pleasure of one blow would not quite arrive before the pain of the next had replaced it with a fiery sting. Which would it be? This time it was severity. Each cut went just a little bit deeper and I began to feel her picking away at my presence of mind as the fear begin to arise from deep within me, fear that I could not take what she was about to give me. Whap, whap whap, I could feel the full force of her yearning for sex with Ralph. The stings came quicker and quicker, closer together and ever so slightly harder until I knew that she was making welts on top of welts. My breathing was very fast and shallow and I was on the edge of hyperventilating. Tears began to well up in my eyes as I began to gasp spasmodically. Margarite knew me very well. She knew when it was time for me to start crying even before I knew it. But she did not stop the beating. Masterfully, she gained control of herself. She continued on at a much slower pace, allowing just enough time for me to recover before delivering the next staunch blow. Now the blows were coming slower but at the same brute force so that each had a life of its own starting with the swift whisper of air, then the loud whap as the crop collided with my flesh. then the flash of pain that spread through me like an explosion, its tendrils fading into pleasure at the end. then silence and the next blow would follow.

Finally she stopped, sighing quietly and dropping her right arm to her side. The sudden silence was something that we shared. I was so detached from my self that I could hardly recognize the sounds of my own gasping sobs. they seemed so far away, far away from where my mistress and I lay in our pleasure court listening.

“Now, pull up your panties and get in the kitchen Bobby. Ralph will be here in one hour. After you serve us a nice dinner, you may have the privilege of watching him fuck me.”

As I started to prepare the dinner the tears were still wet on my cheeks and of course my ass was very very sore. It always amazes me to realize the depths of my submissiveness. Even now as I sliced scallions into a sauté pan my nipples were so erect that the feeling of the fabric of my apron glancing across their tops sent shivers into me, focusing my lust in slavish devotion. I would prepare the best dinner possible with the ingredients at hand. I would serve it respectfully. I would huddle in the kitchen in between courses, eating bread and milk unless told to do otherwise and I would say nothing unless I was asked a question directly. I would be a perfect slave to my perfect mistress and I would watch her in all of her glory, a beautiful alpha female taking her pleasure in grandiose measure.

Two things stick in my mind from that evening. One, of course, was the marvelous actions of Margarite obtaining everything she desired. From me she took the last ounce of my self respect, wringing my soul into tearful and finally grateful servitude. then she took Ralph by the wiles of her feminine allure and milked him for all of the energy he could deliver. And that was quite a lot. She made him repeat virtually every act that he had performed with Dr. Pam. She sawed away at his back. She dug into his scrotum with the same fierce ownership. She encouraged his pyrotechnic ejaculations and swallowed his cum with seeming devotion. The time she spent caressing his cock with vaginal spasms was reminiscent of a Kama Sutra engraving, so lovely her tilted head, so timeless her blissful smile. the second thing was even greater still. I saw myself being welcomed home. A new beginning, a new place for me and a new level of submission and devotion to measure my future self against.

The next morning, after Ralph left, Margarite took my hands in hers and brought my face close to hers. Kissing me on the lips dreamily she began lightly pinching my nipples. It was very difficult for me to keep my focus when she would do this. “Did you enjoy yourself last night watching Ralph and me?” “Yes Margarite”, I answered with what little breath I could muster. the room was dissolving around me as Margarite continued teasing my nipples. Then she swung her foot forward gently pushing it into my crotch. Again she kissed me luxuriously as she pinched the nipples tighter. Again, she kicked me. Looking deeply into her large soft pupils I could hear her throaty words. I clung to their sound amid the spiraling effects of her attentions to my chest and balls. There was no more significant sound to me in the whole universe, than the familiar tone of my mistress’ voice as she directed my existence. A final blow to the balls took my breath away as I kneeled before her awaiting my fate.

“You may make three drops of cum today Bobby, but not at the same time. Make it one every two hours, just for fun. And don’t touch your cock. It will take a lot longer that way and you’ll enjoy it more.”

“Yes Margarite, thank you very much.”

“I suppose you’re wondering how long you’ll be staying with Susan. I wasn’t going to tell you this so soon. I thought it would be fun to think of you over there fretting over your fate. But the truth is I kind of miss you. I love just sitting here watching you grovel at my feet.” Dropping her eyes and lifting her chin confidently she said very matter of factly, Kiss my feet now, while I’m talking to you.” I placed my nose just below her left ankle and began to gently and slowly kiss the little indentions between her meta tarsals. “I really didn’t know how long it would take to get Ralph adjusted to things and I was very lucky to acquire a new slave, a young female, whom I know you will love as much as I do, Bobbie. But it all happened so fast. Dr. Pam knew exactly how to handle the situation, and I have been following every one of her suggestions. She is an absolute marvel. Lindy will be moving in soon. She has been told that she will be the lowliest member of this household, except of course for you, Bobbie. She is nineteen, five feet four, 110 pounds, auburn hair, hazel eyes. I will still be head of this household. Ralph and I will share Lindy and Lindy will have you to play with as she sees fit. You are to treat her as if she were me, do exactly as she says and make her feel like a queen. Dr. Pam says this will make her submission a smoother and easier process. She already told me that she can’t wait to humiliate and torture you, a 34 year old man. “He’s almost twice as old as me and he’ll have to do exactly as I say,” she told me. What an evil little gleam she had in her eye when she said that. I think you’ll be the answer to her prayers.” In two or three weeks, after she’s settled in, you can come back. You’ll sleep in the basement and stay there unless you’re granted permission to be with us upstairs. Lindy will have your old room and Ralph will sleep with me.

Don’t worry we won’t forget about you down there. You’ll still do most of the work, the cleaning, laundry and so on. there will be quite a lot for you to do. Margarite reached down and caught the head of my penis between her thumb and forefinger as if to pinch it. Instead she softly stroked it on the underside. Within ten seconds or so I felt a large quantity of cum pushing its way up the shaft. Sensing this herself she stopped abruptly, leaving the hot spot suspended in the shaft. Then with her right hand she squeezed my balls, pushing the drop upward through the head of my penis. The glob dropped into her left hand. “Eat it,” she said. Gratefully I licked the gooey cum off of the palm of her hand and continued to clean and lick her fortune lines in the same tender way that I had been kissing her feet. “Thank you Margarite.”
“You’re welcome Bobbie.”

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