MissBonnie’s cross

The room is dark, lit only by a few candles, obscure shadows fall upon the walls. A cross sits by the wall, a bed draped in purple near the other. The silhouette of a man and a women stand in the center of the room. Miss Bonnie kisses him on the neck, tasting him, tasting his apprehension. Slowly she runs her hands over his chest, up and down his body. Softly feeling him, caressing his body.

Grasping Johnny’s hair, MissBonnie pulls him across the room to her cross, pressing him against it, pressing her body against his. Slowly she kisses him on the lips as she holds him there. Breaking the kiss she takes his wrists in her hands and lifts them onto the cross. “Stay bitch!” Miss Bonnie’s command is firm and unwavering.
Moving away for the briefest of moments, MissBonnie reaches towards the nightstand and produces a long slender tube. “Rrrip” The distinctive sound of clingfilm emanates through the room as she meticulously wraps it over and under Johnny’s trembling arm. “Rrrip” another round his arm, “Rrrip” and another, tightly pinning it against the crosses wooden frame.

“Rrrip” Tearing the clingfilm free MissBonnie begins on his next arm. “Rrrip” With his arms bound securely to the cross, she places her foot between his legs, swiftly kicking them apart. Now staring into his eyes, her devious grin widens as she runs her finger up his chin, holding his lustful gaze into her eyes.
With the grace of a cat MissBonnie breaks her gaze, runs her free hand down his body and down his leg. “Rrrip” with a few wraps and a tear, Johnny’s leg is firmly bound. “Rrrip” with another few wraps and another tear, his other leg is secure. “Rrrip” … “Rrrip” again and again, now binding his torso to the cross. One last tear, and he’s helplessly bound and at her mercy.

“Hehehe” an evil giggle escapes her lips as she stands back and watches Johnny struggle against his bindings. A flex of an arm muscle, a twist and tug of a leg, another flexing muscle, Johnny’s resistance is futile.
“You know your not going to escape my clutches, don’t you. … Of course you do, yet you still try, I wonder why. You know thats what I love about you. You always try to resist, to resist me, yet I always win. We both know that deep down you desire to be mine.” Bonnie says with a wry tone in her voice as she walks back and forth in front of Johnny, teasing his eyes with her elegant and refined body. Stopping in her tracks, Miss Bonnie turns and looks at him, at his erect cock; “Awww, poor baby, you have a problem there don’t you? Hehehe.” Her sweetly diabolical tone betrays her real feelings.

Reclining in the chair opposite of her new found toy, MissBonnie spreads her legs. Looking onward at her toy’s hard and bobbing cock, she reaches into her thong, gently she begins caressing and fingering her wet sex. Taunting him with her gaze, with her moans of pleasure, teasing him with what he can’t have. Her moans become louder as her pace quickens.

Watching from across the room, Johnny longingly watches her every move. His cock yearning for Miss Bonnie’s touch. His sweaty muscles flexing against his plastic bonds. Begging her with his eyes, for a touch, a stroke, anything, but to no avail. “Aahhh, aahhh, aahhh!” As MissBonnie’s moans become louder, his cock aches harder, and harder for attention. With her final moan, his begging becomes null. Leaving her seat, she walks over to Johnny – her toy – hers alone. Taking his cock in hand, she slowly strokes it up and down as she watches his frustration build. Sensing he’s near the edge she releases his cock, and begins to run her finger over the head, collecting his precum. “Hehehe” MissBonnie’s laughter is delightfully evil. “You want to cum, don’t you? Hehehe.” running her finger over his lips she finishes; “It’s going to be a long night for you my toy. A long night.” …

Story by James © Art by Sardax © CollarNcuffs.com Sardax.com

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