What A Difference A Day Makes

Part1- intro

The expensive suite and real tan walked into the secretary pool, a 10 lady team of expert typists doing the bidding of just one man, that man is Tobias Jonathan Dales jr III. He thought he was the business, he had the houses, the cars, the trophy wife and enough after hours special attention to make a pop star jealous. Yes he is the rising prince of the company and in a few years due to be king of Steel-Wade Smith Merchants the third biggest of its kind. He was a impressive really, soon 46 years and already a senior vice chairman, but it had cost him so much, he wouldn’t allow his wife the children that she had wanted (even had a painful op to make sure, but keeped it to himself and blamed her followed by the odd slap) and generally it had turned him into a self obsessed pillock without manners or concern for anyone else Strolling into his department was always a good part of the day for him.

“Morning, sir” said no.2 (had numbered his secretaries he didn’t like them and often would let them know has such)
“Shut your silly looking mouth and get me my coffee, then get back to work you ugly shrek extra” was his only reply which he gave with such relish he would make a personnel note of that put down, it amused him.

Tobias rounded the corner only to be greeted by his Personnel Assistant Richard Andrews, they both hated each other, and Tobias had been trying really hard for some while to get him fired or even moved on, it was so far proving to be very hard to get rid.

Richard was a different type of guy completely, he was famed for his niceness, in fact, never had a bad word for anyone, even had time to send the cards and donate to the office appeal to get the gifts, always personally felt moral was far more important than making himself look good. Oh yes Tobias really hated him, he was however very good at his job which meant he would only have to sign 3 pieces of paper and have a 4 hour company provided lunch break, life was good. And today was going to be very good has he would be receiving a new play thing secretary, he had conducted the prelim interviews and there had been just one who had stood out, she was half his age, blond with electric innocent blue eyes a filly for his amusement, oh life was good.

“So young Mr.Andrews has my secretary turned her rather splendid arse up yet” sneered Tobias, “She will arriving has told in approximately 30 minutes, i will be required to spend a hour briefing Miss Smith on company issues and policy with special…..”,“ shut up you stupid fool delay her has you must but by 1130 we SHALL be going to lunch, remember to book at the club, i shall personally brief her on my expectations, now give me the papers i require to sign, go tell No.2 to hurry with my coffee and do not disturb my working, chop chop”
barked Tobias (he loved to interrupting Richard who was a lot bigger physically than him gave him an extra mental inch or too) before turning and entering a separate office area for his secretary then onto his office, door was always slammed.

Tobias tossed the papers to the marble desk and carried on to the far side by the window, he stood there surveying the pathetic ants that scurried to there pathetic tasks, so unclean he thought to himself, turned and sat at his desk. The marble desk was huge could lay at least 4 people over it and still see the edges, but what was this a finger mark on his desk the cleaner would be feeling his wrathe for this. Then there was a knock on the double doors, he almost jumped with anticipation, “come in, come in Miss Smith”, the door pushed open “erm, sorry sir it is only Paula with the coffee”,Tobias was not happy anymore “well get it in here”. Paula crossed the office placing the coffee on the table and moved back. Quickly and very obviously Tobias lifted the cup and placed it squarely on the designer coaster then said in his normal sinister tone “i wished to speak to you any way Miss Towns, your interview to be my secretary was very good, you are 10 times qualified”,“thank you sir”,he took a small sip from his drink then continued “never interrupted me you stupid girl, you were unsuccessful due to your dismal appearance it offends my eyes and has for that cheap market perfume, well my cats litter tray is less offensive”. A slight pause another sip he then continued “Your coffee making abilities are one of your few redeeming features now if you feel you have to consider your current position with this company by all means, but we both now that the benefits and above average pay is a fair price for such a ugly women has you, so piss off and try not crack any of my mirrors on the way out”. Paula stood for a split second with pure hate in her heart “you are a little tosser and i will be only staying so i will one day see you grovel you ….”, loudly interrupted “Miss Towns i do not tolerate such talk from anyone, least of all a bag lady would be so i think you should clear your desk and remove yourself, unless you would like me to do so, NOW has i said trot on piggie” he stood up quickly, fingered the intercom “Andrews, please come in here”.

Richard entered and instantly read the situation, “Paula, please wait outside”, the broken Paula walked out of the office, “sir”,“that thing is fired, she will be gone at the close of the day…..she was too flirtatious and did not except the knock back reference her failed premonition with the spirit i expected” said Tobias, “But sir she is one of the best and is very popular with the girls” explained Richard. Tobias glared up from his desk,“in life decisions are made by leaders, they aren’t always popular, but i have made my decision which is not your position to question, are we very clear” their was a brief pause each sending a stare of hate “follow my orders,oh, and inform the evening cleaner that if my office is not correctly cleared she will also be finding a new job”. Richard left the office, finding Miss Smith comforting Paula, “i don’t mean to interrupt ,but could you and all your colleges please come into my office i have a brief for you all, please”.

The entire pool and lastly Miss Smith entered into Richards office. About 30minutes later the laughing and smiling group left the office and got back on with there work, even Paula seemed rather pleased!

At 1115 Tobias`s door was again knocked, Miss Smith opened the door and presented herself, “morning sir, you have instruction for me”, Tobias was upset with the entry but knew she would learn. The lady before him was stunning, a young princess of a lady who seemed somewhat familiar, the eyes so young so very beautiful, this play toy would make him very happy. “yes, yes, but let us go for a chat over lunch at a little club i know”, Tobias quickly signed the papers then stood up, instantly thought must stop her wearing heels has she was 4“ taller, but then again those calfs so elegant.

Tobias and Miss Smith left the department via the private lift down to the under ground car park and straight into a Limosine waiting and ready to roll.

The driver was cut off from them instantly, then the charm offensive was used, it was like a different man, the small talk and banter continued all the way to the Club Etiquette. “Hello Mr.Dale your favorite table is already please come through, sir” said by the slightly crawly matree dee with a sickly bow.
Tobias liked his table it was in a secluded area that he took all his toys, he instantly ordered for the both of them, making sure a liberal amount of posh potent wine was ordered, he found a bit of dutch courage never hurt in order to clench the deal. Small talk continued through out the starters and right up too the desert.

“Mr Dale i am not stupid, i am not qualified in any type of typing or secretarial work, i believe we both fully understand that, i assume my position is one of a personel nature, which i do not have a issue with but i expect you to have discretion” Miss Smith softly but firmly said. Tobias nearly choked on a ice cube from his scotch “well, i am in need of a secretary per say it goes with the job, but yes i in all fairness i… well you do…. ok i knew you had an attraction to me and i think you would improve my image in certain areas and if you have no issues with use having extra relations, well that would be mutually of benefit so to speak” he excitedly somewhat nervously and very queitly said. In a breif second he had realised he was truly blessed, the dream was about to come true a tart that under stood her place and accepted it.

The desert was a rushed affair and coffee was a not even throught of, this prize was going to be unwrapped has soon has possible, he had longed for it, hell he deserved it and he would be saviouring it very soon.
The drive back was again made instantly private, but this time full of innuendo and bravado boasting of past conquest, also how the company was his play ground, even included the firing of his last secretary due to his wife finding a lip stick mark on his bottom. He informed her discretion was always key, he had had to pay for therapy which he admitted had worked really well, he forgot to mention the regular beating he had issued out due to her making him look else where.

Within no time they was in the lift, up to the office and into his massive private lounge with has he informed her a rather splendid ensuite bathroom that had been the pools rest room before he saw fit to have it converted. Tobias went straight to the drinks cabinet and poured two very full glass`s of vintage scotch then went and sat on the overly big sofa with the already sat Miss Smith.

“Thank you Mr Dale may i just pop out and collect my bag from my desk” soft and seductively she said “why” somewhat a bit sharply.“

“Well i presume we are going to envelope on are relationship in the near future and a lady likes to be a bit fresher if you get my drift” very seductively explained. “oh yes yes of course, erm carry on” bit more sheepishly.

Miss Smith sprang up with a cheeky spin followed by a graceful hop all the way out of the lounge, how had he been so dam lucky this was better than any scenario he had ever played out, whilst contemplating this thought the intercom buzzer sounded, a rage of annoyance instantly replaced that happy thought. He moved to the intercom “this better be good, very good you little shit” he bawled into the intercom. “Yes sir, whilst you were at lunch new urgent paper work came directly from Mr Steel-Wade it needs your checking and signature” . This was just what he didn’t need, Miss Smith then again entered the lounge, “look Miss Smith i have some work to check and sign, so please stay i will be a hour or so” he informed her, “oh, ok, but i thought that fool Andrews checked the papers, could you not just sign whilst i get sorted in the bathroom….. then we could get on with that new relationship if you know what i mean” it was in the most seductive tone Tobias had ever heard, “ok i will see be back in 5 minutes, my sweet” he replied.

He re situated himself in his office were the paper work lay, pushed the intercom “Andrews have you checked every detail of this paper work” he urgently inquired, “of course, it is reference…..” “i don’t care you idiot, you can brief me tomorrow all the copies will be signed, come collect them in 10 minutes and make sure absolutely no one disturbs me again today” very annoyably.

He quickly signed each then performed a slight jog to get to his office, Miss Smith was still in the bath room, he downed his scotch and quickly poured a fresh one while undressing some what clumsily. The door to the bathroom slightly opened and a slender leg with suspenders and a black with silver high heel was exposed. Tobias instantly imagined if the leg was any thing to go by he would be romancing a goddess in a very short period, this made his boxers suddenly less roomy. “oh, Mr Dale i am going to treat you like you have never been before” she matter of factly informed him has she fully presented herself in the light from the bathroom.

She glided toward the trying to stand Tobias, stopping just short, from behind her back she revealed a pair of police style handcuffs, “i found these in the bathroom, throught i could use them on you whilst i use you then you wont be able to hurt me….. YOU being such a strong man” sweetly explained with a slight glint in her eyes. She was a goddess, by far the most sexy women he had ever seen, never mind had the chance to play with, he held his hand together in front of himself, “oh, no hands behind it will give you lift” quickly corrected. He turned round and put his hands behind himself, click click, she then floated around his shoulders until she was face to face then placed her lips next to his hear and whispered “it all changes today….”, in the same split second of confusion a ball shattering knee to the testicles was received. Pain, confusion and pure untold fear shot through ever cell of his body, “YOU PATHETIC JOKE FOR A HUMAN, TODAY YOU WILL BEGIN TO PAY FOR ALL YOUR SINS” she loudly informed him, quickly followed by another sharp kick to stomach. “now you just lay there whilst i go collect my other toys from the bath room, bitch, and please try to think of all the horrible things you have done has i know everything about you” this was sinisterly delivered followed by another swift kick. She then turned slowly giggling to herself and marched off to the bathroom.

Tobias was in a complete state of shock what, how, it was a nightmare of pain and where had it come from, he knew on one thing for sure he must get help, but how, ha the intercom. He still in unbelievable amounts of pain got to his knees, his genitals like a bag of hot coals roared with pain, tears were all ready trickling down his face, he managed to get to his feet still doubled over , he stumbled to the intercom button, just managing to bounce his head off the switch followed by “Andrews quick help…”. Tobias was suddenly pulled by his hair, thrown across the room , “now your going to get fucked you slag, help will be here in a moment and your only bitch will be the lesbian that uses you in jail” he yelled at the devil that towered over him.

She lowered her face near to his tear stained face “really”, at the same moment Richard burst in to the scene, “what the hell is going on here” he oddly inquired. Tobias smuggly but still struggling from the pain said “what`s it look like you arse hole, she forced me in here took my clothes then went mental, kicking me and hitting me, get the police so the bitch can rot in jail, your fucked slag”, Miss Smith then spoke softly “hi, hun, i was just educating this slime ball…… you now trying to get him to use some manners, come here you stud” with the flash of foot again kicked him in the balls while reaching for Richards tie pulling him close and kissing him passionately.

Richard looked down at the fool and tutted ” you had no idea, you stupid (quick glance at his semi exposed privates) little man, you will truly regret today“ he then punch Tobias in the side of the head. Pain was at the forefront of his entire being at this point, but the situation was even more agonizing, they know each other, the unanswered questions all flooding into his head it was almost has painful has the punch.

The pair hugged and kissed passionately with each other moving to the sofa, Tobias was semi conscious but could see Richard being undressed, the sounds of passion were all that could be heard, except perhaps Tobias quiet whimpers. By the time they got to the couch Richard was exposed full bar his briefs, Miss Smith then spoke with pure venom, “hey you piece of shit get on your knee and face me and this real man”, Tobias didn’t move, “if i have to come over there, your balls will be getting stamped on with this heel ”, the silver heel was waved at him off the once elegant black suspended foot. Tobias with all his remaining strength did has ordered, “at last he may be getting it” she said sweetly, she then got up and walked slowly over to Tobias, circling him a few times, stopping next to him. “Okay you jerk lets see what you have….get into a begging position like a dog” she then roughly pulled him up on his knee, whilst pushing his pants down to the bend in his knees, the pair started to tittered.

“Richard come over here and see this”, Richard stood up and walked up right in front of Tobias, saying nothing his expression said it all, “well Richard please do him a favor and show him a real cock….after he has never really seen one”, Richard paused for a second.

“Please Richard it makes me hot, very hot” she play fully teased, “sure babe”, he pulled his breifs down to his ankles and picked them up, “babe pass me them pants”. She then continued to wipe the inside of the pants all over Tobias`s face, focusing on his nose and mouth, Tobias was terrified this was the worst place or things that he could ever imagine. “Got to get all these girly tears cleaned up” this was spoken in a matter of fact tone.

The pants were then placed right over his head and lift to dangle around his neck, she then glided over to couch and laid down full length, “this Toad is how it will go, i will tell you to do some things and you will hop too it so to speak (a girly giggle), if you fail to follow my order, delay or do such order not to my satisfaction, well lets say your lovely wife will need to divorce a fellow female” she softly informed him. “Do you fully understand, bitch”, Tobias was numb he didn’t know what to say, that was all changed, when Richard delivered a long sweeping slap too Tobias`s face, “i would learn to answer when young Lady Steele-Wade Smith speaks to you” informed Richard. “Oh did i not mention i am Mr Steele-Wade Smiths little princess and our little conversation at lunch, in the limo etc is on this tape in my bag” a sweet tone was used “my family don’t like people who abuse there position, and oh what was it, oh yes use work has your playground, daddy would have your balls but if you do has your ordered, only i will use your balls, oh and maybe a few friends ” a final tone of utter victory.

“Today was the last day you ever had the chance to do the right thing you piss stain and from this day your my bitch, my little toy to use abuse and always remember to address me has Lady you little shit”

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