She passed down the hallway in her fetish gear, diddy bag in hand. Completely out of uniform, but not completely out of the ordinary for starship occupants who saunter towards the much coveted holodecks. She’d been working on this program for months on end, picking at each detail, preening over the finer points that would make this the ultimate fantasy scene of her dreams. Months ago, she’d reserved her vacation time, and now her mind raced and her body tingled at the possibilities of what was about to unfold before her, precisely according to plan. She passed many others in their own garish costuming, so her latex unidress, garters and platform shoes really weren’t all that out of place on this part of the ship, and no one really gave her much of a second glance as she finally arrived at her destination…Holodeck AL-9.

She stepped towards the door as it opened with that familiar swooshing sound, stepped onto the holodeck, and sets her bag into the shelving unit for future use.

“Computer. Load programming for Sarah Linde, group #6.” “Loading data, one moment, please. Would you like to invoke the wardrobe change at this time?” “Yes, computer, load wardrobe change,” she replies. “Program loading, one moment please”.

Suddenly her form changed from a classic fetish ensemble to a mild-mannered sweater, a pair of low-hung hip hugger jeans which outlined her shapely figure quite beautifully. She suddenly seemed to fit in as the auto load unfolded the opening scene in a semi crowded bar. She scanned around the room, recognizing the details she’d so carefully laid out…the girls giggling and laughing in the corner. Couples passing around, looking for an empty table. Single guys hovering at the bar, some sitting on the barstools, others sort of half on, half off as they work to make conversation with the other girls that have taken a spot within the same vicinity. As she walked confidently about the space, she projected an air about her, a wave that inexplicably causes random eyes to turn in her direction. She felt this shared attraction, this vibrance with the universe, toyed a bit with it, and quickly flicked a return glance to the roving eyes in recognition of the signal she’d sent out. A knowing smile curled on her lips as she struck up a conversation with a random stranger about some innocuous topic.

Then she spied him. Beautiful creature that he was—tall, precisely 6’1, short mop of curly brown hair, lean, yet muscular, triangular body, almost a swimmer’s look, and those piercing, deep blue eyes. As she gazed in his direction, he flashed her that infectious smile that made her heart skip a beat. He was precisely what she’d ordered, she sensed a wave deep in her belly and marveled at the feelings that were invoked by a mere computer program. As she gravitated closer to him, she could see his eyes light up at the undivided attention she’s suddenly chosen to pay him. He felt lucky, grateful even, as she opened her mouth to speak.

“Whatcha drinkin there, baby?” It felt SO very good to her to play this role, the aggressor in a game that usually remains reserved for males in hot pursuit of a convenient, quick roll in the sack for the evening. He stammered a bit and almost knockrf over the bottle as he clumsily revolved it around to reveal the label. She snapped her fingers and a waitress came breezing over with fresh bottle. As he gestured toward his wallet, she laid a hand on his arm and gazed deeply into his eyes. With an almost sneer curling off the corner of her mouth, she retorted,

“Don’t worry about it, baby. You can pay me back for it in other ways.” “Oh, really?” was all he could manage to fumble from his lips. She could clearly see at this point he was completely and utterly mesmerized, enthralled with her, and like a skilled hypnotist, she sensed that she already had him totally under her spell. “Drink, baby”. She handed him the bottle, gesturing for him to drink. Upon that command, he nervously took the bottle to his lips and drank down almost the entire bottle. “Whoa there baby, slow down!”, she grinned. Even though she programmed precisely to react this way, she still marveled and giggled as the veracity in which he was inclined to react to orders. She was clearly in control of her scene and ultimately his reaction, which was the thing she most craved and desired.

She leaned in very slowly, drinking in the sweet aroma of the delicious combination of cologne and testosterone. She ever so slightly grazed his ear with her nose, then softly whispered in his ear, “you’d really like to serve me, wouldn’t you?”. The utter forwardness of the statement instantly unnerved him. It wouldn’t have mattered what she said at that moment. She could have told him that he had something stuck in his teeth, or that there was a fire in his pants, the reaction would have been precisely the same. She drew back to observe the fruits of her labor, and the look of shock, embarrassment and total surrender all the wrapped up on that beautiful, flawless face of his. At that point, she knew she had him hooked, and she was totally and utterly pleased with his reaction.

“Shall we?” He managed to dumbly shake his head as she again snapped her fingers. And right on cue, the computer chimed and shifted the background to a dark, candle sconce lit, dungeon-looking room, and shifted her back into her gorgeous fetishwear. Startled, he very quickly jumped up and slowly backed up away from her in fear. “Wh..wh..what are you doing? Where are we, and how the HELL did you do that?”

“Admit it, boy. You’re intrigued, aren’t you?” She followed him forwards as he backed himself into a wall, and the look of shock on his countenance suddenly turned downward and slightly recoiled, as she’d rather abruptly grabbed his crotch. He gasped and quickly realized, to his utter embarrassment, that his cock was completely hard under her firm grasp. “Oh! I see you’re LIKING this, aren’t you boy? His eyes rolled back in his head in ecstasy. He couldn’t answer, all he could do was groan. She leaned in ever closer, like that she was about “What would you think about my strapping you to that cross over there?” She could see the myriad of emotions flashing across his face, from shock, to fear, to eagerness, to wantonness, back to fear. He was looping in a vicious cycle as his brain and emotions started to spiral out of control. His heart jumped up into his throat. It was a reaction that she was finding amazingly intoxicating.

“Strip, boy.” With that simple command, he damned near literally ripped his clothes off in a frenzy. She then observed and delighted in her holographic masterpiece. A simple command of kneel and he was down on his knees in a second. She then proceeded to subject him to a complete and humiliating inspection. His whole body flushed a light rosy color as he blushed from the utter embarrassment. His cock strained upward, aching for her touch, yet she pointedly avoided it and proceeded to stroke and caress every square inch of his bare flesh. He felt so amazingly warm, so vibrant, so…alive. She was getting drunk on his scent, his electricity, his reaction. He seemed so amazingly real, she could feel her desire building and climbing, ever so slowly.

“Ok, we’re moving over here” she said rather summarily. He dopishly moved over to the X cross and just stood there patiently, while she pulled out her diddybag and dug around for the cuffs she knew were there. She quickly strapped a cuff onto one wrist and snapped it up to the right arm of the cross, then quickly did the same to the other. At this point, he was already in a trancelike state, and stayed that way as she lightly raked her fingernails down and back up his bare flesh. He shuddered as the galvanic skin response brought goosebumps all over his entire body. He groaned slightly as his breathing got heavier. “And now, you’re going to get a back massage from me. It’s a special kind of back massage, but I’ll make sure that you’ll be able to bear it. Are you ready?”


“The proper response to any direct question or statement from me would be “yes, Ma’am! Understood, boy?”

She raked dug her fingernails into his back and raked, HARD, down to and beyond his tight little ass. The sudden shock of searing pain caused him to cry out in shock and agony, which only further fueled her desire to create some impressive marks on this beautiful canvas.

“I need you to bear this for me, to take this sensation and learn to channel this into pleasure, understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

“Oh, well DONE!” she purred. She then pulled out a light flogger and explain what she was about to do. “I’m going to be using a sweet little toy called a flogger, are you familiar with a flogger?”

“No, Ma’am”.

She held the flogger up to his face, showed him the falls, made him sniff the leather under his nose and kiss the toy in gratitude. She then started him with a warm up, placing blows on his back hindquarters with the utmost precision. He resumed his place back in subspace, and he was soaring. Then she switched out with a heavier flogger, then an even heavier one. Each blow made that skin a little rosier, then red. With each blow his breathing became a little more labored until he started moaning, then almost to the point of screaming. And his agony was quickly becoming her ecstasy, his moans were invoking a very powerful drive deep within her loins. She stopped the blows, laid the flogger down and squeezed the violated, fevered flesh, which made him yell out in agony, then she rubbed it all better. “There, there my dear boy. You’re almost done. I promise though that what you endure right now, I will make it up to you.”

“Ok, Ma’am”.

“Good boy!”. She then pulled out a cane, and tap tap tapped it on his flaming red ass, then brought it forward into full view as he focused on the evil looking object and shuddered at his fate that was about to befall him. “Ok, we’re going to do 10 blows with this wicked little tool, then we’re going to stretch you out on my bed for more play, understood?”

“Understood, Ma’am”.

“Now, I’m not going to lie, this is going to hurt. A lot. I just need you to channel this pain for me and take 10 blows for me, now that I have you warmed up, ok? Count for me.” They both were reacting to what lie ahead in the very near future. He was showing visible, almost audible signs of panic, she was demonstrating an almost bloodlust for his response to what will undoubtedly be a total shock to his body and panicked the panicked fear that will undoubtedly accompany it.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Whack! *gasp* “ONE!”

The searing pain, as predicted, made him lurch up and outward as he gasped, screamed and shook the moorings on the cross . Immediately, a beautiful stripe bubbled to the surface, as she squealed in delight. He was visibly shaken and losing his bearings, so she very lightly whispered in his ear, had him concentrate on his breathing until he was able to ground himself again. “Ma’am, I don’t know if I can take any more of those.”

“Oh, but my darling, I really, really need this”, she hissed into his ear. “I promise that I will make it worth your while if you’ll just take this for me. It’s something I truly crave, my dear, and I will not cause you any lasting harm. It will get easier after the first three more blows, I’ll make it quick.”

“Ok, Ma’am. I’ll try.”


He screams yet again, as his legs buckle under the shock to his system. Three more perfectly formed marks rise up like an angry leviathan off his posterior. She scoops him up, holds him around the waist while he gets a chance to get his breathing and his bearings under control. Beads of sweat start to glisten across his face, upper chest and shoulders. He’s clearly shaken and at the end of his threshhold, yet she’s so turned on right now, she just can’t allow him to stop at this point.

“Ma’am, I dunno. Please, I don’t think I can go any further.”

“Oh, but are you sure?” She purrs again, hypnotically. “You’re almost halfway there now! I’ll rub you here. See? Not so bad, is it?”

He shakes his head no, and whimpers softly. “Three more blows, ok? You’ll do this for me, right?”

He takes a deep breath, contemplates, gets his bearings and shakes a quick yes nod.


Strangely, he started to relax and the screams started regressing to loud moans, as he’d slipped back into that trance-like state. She continues with the final three blows, which he takes is like a champ. She releases the cuffs off the cross, grabs a towel, a bottle of water, some chocolate and she proceeds to sit down with him wrapped in the towel. She unpeels and feeds him the chocolate, gives him the water bottle and he drinks very deeply. They stay there for about 15 minutes while she consoles and comforts him, telling him how proud she is of him. She snapped her fingers yet again and the dungeon suddenly became a very comfy, dimly lit room, complete with a king-size four post bed, which at this point he barely notices. They get up off the floor and proceed to the bed, where she again snaps both of his cuffed hands to either corner post, rendering him spread eagle on the bed.

“Boy, I need you to get this hard for me again, can you do that?” He nods vociferously as she starts stroking his 7” member, playing and toying with it, stroking a teasing the frenum, sticking her finger in his precum and rubbing it all over the head of his penis. Within minutes, he’s rock hard and ready to roll. A wicked smile erupts across her face. “I need you to pleasure me, first”, as she moves up towards his head and pushes her g-string to the side, slowly lowering her mound against his bare face. She snaps her fingers, points to her crotch and says demurely “And you better do a good job of it too, boy. If I don’t get off, YOU don’t get off, either. Now lick it, boy.” He goes to the task with ardent furor, knowing that his “reward” now hinges upon how well he performs this task. She starts to moan in response to his tongue, because she’s programmed this one with great care. He knows how to suck that clit out from under the hood, how to “grasp” it between the tongue and upper teeth and roll it around like a marble. She starts to writhe on his face, her gasps getting more audible, more frequent, until she finally takes a deep breath, holds it, and a guttural orgasmic groan, followed by a surprise gush from her nether regions, splashing it on his face. “My GOD boy, I programmed you well, now didn’t I?” she giggled and sighed as the aftershivers washed over her body. Very well, indeed.

Seems that she still had some unfinished business, though. That enormous cock of his was all but ready to BURST, and so very aching to be relieved of the enormous pressure of his impending orgasm. “I’m not quite ready to relieve you just yet, so I think I’ll spend a little time tormenting that dirty little cock of yours. I think you’ll be ok with that, won’t you boy?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Would you like to be my filthy little sex slave, boy?”

Momentary hesitation, that look of fear washing across his face, then total surrender. “It would be my pleasure to service you every day, in whatever manner you choose.”

“Is THAT right, boy?” she retorted menacingly. Taking took his cock firmly in hand, she commenced to jerking him off. “Do NOT cum without permission, understood?”

“Absolutely, Ma’am.”

She proceeded to vigorous stroking, as he lay there, completely helpless and unable to stop what is happening to him and his wanton, needy cock. He started rolling his hips around on the mattress as her stroke became tighter, faster and more forceful. She kept the pressure up and moved in closer to his face, capturing and locking onto his eyes with a deliciously wicked smile crossing her lips.

“Think about what I’m doing to you, boy. I’m the complete stranger that walked into the bar, bought you a drink and seduced you to the helpless state you’re in right now. Do you understand how much of a slut that makes you?”

She recognized that flash of humiliation, and it caused an immensely overwhelming stirring that started in her extremities and culminated into a firestorm of aching between her legs. She had to have him, right there. She straddled his hips, reached down into her nether regions and bathed her hands in her dripping hot sex. She then rubbed her own wetness all over his cock. “Feels nice, doesn’t it, you fucking filthy boy?” He started writhing in agony, trying desperately NOT to cum without permission. She recognized that familiar skin flush and immediately backed off. In a tone of disgust, she utters “You were about to cum there, weren’t you?” His registered disappointment at her stopping the play and under the breath whimpering were completely delightful to her, and made her feel completely in control of the entire scene.

“Yes Ma’am, I was. You got me so excited, I just couldn’t help myself.” “I bet you’d like to feel what it feels like to be inside of me, wouldn’t you?” “More than anything, Ma’am!” “Well, that didn’t sound so terribly convincing to me.” She started stroking yet again, in earnest. “Ma’am, please! I’d really like to cum, please let me cum!” “NOT good enough. You’re not anywhere near close to cumming right now, anyway.” “Oh, but I am! I promise!” “Nope, don’t believe you.” Out of the blue, her face rolls down to his enormously swollen cock and proceeds to take the head of into her mouth, rolling the head round and round with her tongue, gently scraping the swollen glans with her teeth. A wave suddenly washes over his body, and he flushes again. She quickly backs off of him and delivers a few quick, sharp thumps to his member, causing him to damned near LEAP out of the bed, were it not for the shackles that had him attached to the bed’s moorings.

“Oh, my god! WHY did you do that?” he said, trying desperately to catch his breath. “You were about to cum, and I’m not even close to finished with you, yet!” “Uuuugggghhhhhh!!!!!!!” he throws his head back in despair. “Aw! Poor dear!” she sneers with a wry little smile on her face. She quickly mounts his hips and starts to work on his cock again, picking up precisely where she’d left off. “Let’s get something straight here, boy. You WILL cum ONLY when I tell you that you can, understood?” “I’ll try, Ma’am!” “That is NOT what I want to hear!” her eyes piercing into his eyes, seemingly deep into his very soul. “ You can do BETTER than that! Wouldn’t you like to feel how warm I am inside?” “More than anything, Ma’am” he says, almost tearfully. “Or would you like to be replaced with program #5?” That familiar face of fear glazed over his countenance. The thought of being replaced made him scramble in his overly distracted brain for better words. “I want to feel inside you, more than life itself, Ma’am.” “Oh, really now?” She scoots her hips up to where her lips were barely hovering over his cock, he could feel the warmth and the dripping wetness of her eagerly awaiting vagina. She was high up enough though, that he just couldn’t make the connection with the head of his penis to her vulva. She leaned forward gazed again into those stunning, made-to-order eyes, and capturing them again with her own, as she swabbed that throbbing penis around in her inner juices. Feeling the warm wetness, he tried to thrust upward and take her onto himself, but she suddenly jumped up.

“INSOLENT boy! Trying to take me before I’m ready, eh? Well you’re about to get an exercise in patience!”. She pushed his flaming dick against his belly and rubbed her pussy lips up and down the backside of his penis, effectively dry humping him to frustration. “There! Now you know what I feel like inside, right?” “Not really, no” he said, sulkily, traces of a booboo lip sticking out, which almost makes her giggle. She lets up on his cock and he springs into an “upward stance” again, and they were suddenly back to the last position, again. “Ok boy, are you going to let ME drive, now?” “Yes, yes Ma’am” he manages to stutter out. “Now, tell me again, boy. How BADLY do you want it?” The thought of finally getting his reward caused his heart to jump in his throat. “Oh, so badly, Ma’am, more than life itself.” “Come on, you can beg better than that!” “Oh, Ma’am! My every sinew, tendon and bone in my body craves for your touch!” “Oo! That’s nice, keep going …” “I so very much crave the feel of your warm softness. I beg of you, please allow me such privilege.” “Getting there….” He scrambled in his own head for a logical one up to that. He’s clearly frustrated, and doesn’t know what to say, but the prospects of being so very close as to allow is release, he plodded onto try to think of what he can say so that she’ll be pleased enough to allow him into her. “Ma’am, I’ll do everything you ask. I’m very serious about that.” “So, you’re consenting to allowing me to take you over as my love slave?” “Yes, yes Ma’am, as I said, I’ll do anything you want, just please let me feel you inside. Please! I want you so very badly!” “You’ll agree to further beatings to satisfy my sadistic urges?” “Yes.” “You’ll agree to wearing a chastity device so that you cave yourself only for me?” “If that would make you happy, then yes I would.” “You’ll allow me to milk your prostate dry every time we meet, and you’ll always satisfy me, first and foremost? “You can count on it, Ma’am.” With that, she got his cock all wet with her sex, and she slid him right into her, very slowly at first, until she had completely absorbed him and was and sitting with her pubic bone at the base of his cock. “Very slowly, my boy. VERY slowly.” He was too afraid to move anyway, out of fear that he was going to lose all sense of self control and cum without her explicit permission. He was concentrating so hard on NOT cumming, it was hindering his ability to feel and relish in the moment of finally being allowed to enter into her shrine. At that precise moment, he’d truly surrendered every bit of his baser instincts strictly for HER enjoyment, not his.

SMACK! across the face…

“Snap out of it boy, and LOOK AT ME! What am I doing to you now?” She leaned forward, forcibly grabbing that mop of hair and locked onto his eyes again. The act of violence sent a shudder through his brain, and he momentarily felt like he’d had the wind knocked out of him. He then realized where he was, what he’d become and what was happening to him, he could feel himself spring to attention and harden up again instantaneously whilst she had him mounted from up top. He realized he’d been holding his breath in an effort to control his primal instincts. He started bucking his hips in response to her gyrations and felt his feeble attempts at control feverishly slip away again.

“That’s it, boy. Give yourself to me, now. We’re going to cum together, ok?” “Yes, Ma’am” He was afraid to say anything else… She thrust him into her so deeply, he could feel the end of his penis scraping up against the base of her cervix. A sudden wave overcame him, and he was about to go careening over the edge–the point of no return.

“Oh, GOD! May I please cum, Ma’am? Please may I cum?” The desperation in his voice, she finally came to the conclusion that she’d pushed him far enough. He’d been such a complaint little test subject, and he really had proven his worth. She hopped off him and proceeded to jerk him off again, bringing him back to that edge, his face and torso now visibly flushing with impending orgasm. “Cum for me, all over my hand. Right now. DO IT BOY, DON’T DISAPPOINT ME!”

An almost inaudible “yes, Ma’am, thank you, Ma’am” was barely uttered from his lips in time before he completely blew his load right in her hand, sending spasmic shudders of complete ecstacy coursing throughout his body. The show, her “grand finale” was nothing short of spectacular, as she grinned from ear to ear and marveled at her ability to control his orgasm from start to finish.

“What a MESS you’ve made of yourself and my hand! Lick it up with your tongue, NOW!” She quickly placed a hand to his face, as that beautiful tongue of his started lapping up the cum, in earnest. She rolled her fingers around and into his mouth, feeling his tongue caressing and accepting her intrusion quite readily. Neither can contain the glow of what’s just transpired. They both finally collapse and utter a sigh of ultimate bliss, in tandem.

“Hold me and lay with me until my time is up”.

“Gladly. As you wish, my Mistress.”

She drifted off to sleep in his arms for what seemed like hours, until the computer timer awoke her with the two minute warning, alerting her that her holodeck time was about to come to the end.

She stretched and arched her back, kissed him lightly on the forehead, stood, then uttered…

“Computer, end program.”

And he vanished into thin air.

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