The Caged ProDomina

‘This weeks loan payment is what I’ll keep my mind on’, thought Tegan and marched inside the Hotel with a determined and powerful step. ‘I like the lounge. The way the sunlight bounces of the river line bathing the room in natural light, Breakfast on the porch watching the native animals scurrying to get their own breakfasts. I can do this, it wasn‘t so long ago, this was my daily life.’

She carefully avoided the looks of the receptionists, who were too busy to pay her any attention anyway. There seemed to be a slight congestion in front of the lifts and she wished she could have taken the stairs, after all the stairs was just like the stair master at home, just with a worse view she giggled to herself. If only she knew where the staircase was without having to look for it and so drawing attention to herself. ‘Gawd why didn’t I wear a longer jacket‘. The security guard standing in the corner next to the huge leaved plastic plant scanned her with his eyes and then looked away. Tegan sighed in relief, ‘at least the leather corset was covered, and boots were now considered a fashion statement.

Of course employees of the hotel weren’t oblivious to escort service girls conducting business in their midst, but it was always advisable not to draw attention. This was her first time this hotel and her face was as of yet unknown to the staff.
The group in front of the elevators dispersed somewhat and she was grateful to be able to join a few people and take the next lift up. She was late and didn’t like that. She always considered punctuality a virtue and it was no different even in this particular line of work.

If only she could calm down and stop being so very nervous. Granted, it had only been week since she joined the QueenDomme Escort Service, but even so, having dealt with some seven or so customers in the past week, she thought she’d be feeling calmer by now. In her youth the transition had been somewhat easier.
Once she’d laid eyes on the man her heartbeat would slow down somewhat. Her hands would stop shaking after she took a sip of the first drink that was inevitably always offered. This was not some back street operation, which is what she would never lower herself to anyway. Well not again anyway.

In her youth it was only the means by which she could survive , the streets were tough in your teens. Waiting tables or mixing designer coffees at Coffee lounge was all nice and good, but it didn’t pay nearly enough and she needed a lot of time for her habit let alone the rent. An occasional fuck for money was much more profitable and it didn’t compare to the other jobs in time saving, not to mention the fact she enjoyed what she did way too much. Having enough money for the loans, escorting also left her with plenty of means to indulge in luxuries that she couldn’t afford in the past. Luxuries like obscenely expensive purple suede boots in one of the Myers front window. She didn’t need them, of course, but she would have them now. ‘Too many years of not getting my wants.’ she comforted herself.

She kept her eyes on the row of the rounded numbers lighting up over the sliding door, wishing that she were out of the claustrophobic little box, nothing she hated more than being trapped, after all that why she escaped the beige confines of her beige little life, form the mould her Mother pushed her into to conform all those years ago. She discretely peeped at her companions and smiled at the young liftboy dressed in livery, reminding her of a monkey frequently seen in the movies with the story developing in exotic locations.
‘Hmmm am I going to your room?’ She thought when her eyes paused on an obese, fifty-something man who struggled to breathe, clearly uncomfortable inside the tight suit and tie. ‘Gawd, I hope not,’ went through her mind and she immediately regretted the thought. This particular man resembled her first John and he had been kind to her. He sweated too much and groaned too loud while she fucked him doggie style with a strap on and all the while keeping an eye on the porn video, which he insisted they watched as foreplay. Despite that, he was nice and had tipped her generously on top of the price that had been prearranged by the agency.

‘What about you?’ She looked at the tall and nervous, bespectacled man of undeterminable age with unruly mop of hair. He looked pasty as if the palms of his hands were continuously clammy, giving people a fishy squeeze when shaking their hands. He was wearing a wrinkled black suit with a pink power shirt and a loud, abstractly patterned tie that didn’t match. ‘A salesman, gotta be a salesman’, she concluded. ‘hey there cutie?’ Her eyes landed on the last in the group, a tall, handsome black man with carefully dreadlocked hair. Even from afar she could smell the masculine scent of his cologne. He was an impeccable dresser with manicured hands and clothes that were obviously expensive. As if feeling her stare he turned and looked at her, giving her a wide smile. If only he knew the vision in her head, one of him in silken ladies panties
She blushed and looked away. Of course none of these men were her date. She mentally smirked over the unfortunate pick of the word. Even though everybody called it a date that would be the last she would describe it as. Rather a transaction for the services rendered or something to that effect, certainly not a date. The handsome man continued to stare at her and she became uncomfortably self-conscious.
She didn’t look like a hooker, or a Domme, which was the client’s specific request. She was to wear Classy yet fetish styled clothes (she picked a tight, leather Corset dress, very appropriate for the hot Australian summer NOT!), no clown make up (light mascara and a few generous sprays of channel no:5 was all she went with) and basically she was to look more like a clubber than the prostitute she really was, even though she tried not to think of herself as such. Escort service was quite a misleading term. Out of all dates that she had had, only one required an actual escorting involving a cocktail party thrown by one of the biggest advertising agencies in the city. All the rest were purely about sex and the John getting off.

Tie and bind, hand job, self gratification, a client demanding to be called “worm”, taking liberties of calling her “Mistress” or “Ma‘am”. It had taken her a while to get used to it all, but now she found herself to be bothered by it less and less. A job like all the rest, it had its drawbacks, however, she was rewarded royally, and liked it most of the time.

The lift stopped on the fourth floor and only after everybody present turned to her, she realized that it was her exit, and not that her leather was drawing attention as her over active mind immediately jumped too. She stumbled out into the corridor, ‘dam heels I knew the 5 inch was over kill’ feeling somewhat foolish. It was not a day for being clumsy, the careful orders of the client told her that much. He sounded like a no-nonsense man and she was determined to make the best of impressions. After all, she was still in the testing period as it was explained to her and she was to make no mistakes in order to be able to remain with the agency.
Tegan looked to the left and then to the right as if checking out the invisible traffic. She tried to orient herself and inevitably took the wrong turn the first time around, giggling she thought how that reminded her of her youth. Finally, having found the room number that was given to her by the agency, she slid the fake over sized Gucci bag full of toys onto her shoulder, ruffled her hair and then smoothed it down and out of the habit rather than need quickly lifted one arm, took a sniff and did the same with the other one. Melbourne was unreasonably hot this summer and sweating profusely was just an inevitable part of having to leave the cool confinements of her house, dressed in leather with a jacket. Satisfied that the scent of soap, deodorant and perfume were the only ones detectable, she took a deep breath, for a moment closing her eyes and softly rapped on the door.

The hall where she stood knocking was quiet and free of any guests, which she was immensely grateful for. Sounds of television were all that was audible from one of the rooms farther down the corridor. She waited for almost a minute and then knocked again, this time with a little more force. Banging would be quite improper, she decided and she’d stand here for a few more minutes before she gave up and called the agency. She was certain someone was in the room, however.
Just as she was about to try her luck for the fourth time, the door swung open, startling her.
“Ah!” said the man standing in the room, clad in a white motel bathrobe, too thick for the oppressive heat that was enveloping the city outside. “You’re late!” he said , Tegan swallowed hard.
“I’m sorry, the taxi got stuck in the traffic.” She lied, unwilling to explain that where she lived not many taxies were about and it had taken her quite sometime before she managed to flag one down.
“No matter! Come in, please.” Said the man in a very deep and husky voice with a melodic English accent, the combination of the three making it quite sexy to her ears. He was tall and athletic looking. Despite the thick bathrobe she got a feeling that he must have had a habit of vigorous workout. His black hair was short and slicked back; she noticed the water beads on his exposed skin. He must have just stepped out of the shower. Normally her dates were in the evening, this one was in the middle of the morning, making her feel somewhat odd.
“Have a drink.” He pointed to the bar and a small fridge in the corner of the room, grabbing a towel and rubbing his hair with it. His dark eyes were measuring her up and down as if in judgment.
“Would you like me to fix you a drink?” she asked smugly as she headed for the bar.
“Nah,” he said and laughed. His laughter struck her as odd. “I don’t drink for one, and I only need to get my rocks off before I head out for a dreadfully boring meeting.”
The statement made her wince. They were both well aware why she was here. She was simply someone to give physical pleasure without the annoying foreplay of dinner and courtship. No pretenses of romance or even affection. She was a prostitute and she was well aware of it, but she hated when that was pointed out to her so bluntly. She would have to toughen up soon or it would get to her eventually as it did before, she knew that. She‘d always known that.
“I’m just having a Coke.” She said and bent over carefully, pushing her ass towards the man.
“What’s your name, or shall I just call you Mistress?” Asked the man when she straightened back up. She turned around and found him standing a few feet away, still rubbing his hair and staring at her intently. She was satisfied to realize that he liked what he saw; it was evident in his almost black eyes.
“perfect, and what shall I call you’? she asked and smiled, lifting the can to her lips and trying to look as seductive as a person possibly could drinking a soft drink. The feeling of foolishness overwhelmed her.
“I don’t care one way or the other,” said the man demure and turned around, heading for the bathroom. “If you’re a good fuck, I might ask for you again. I always like to know what I’m getting, I’m not a very adventurous type.”
All business, just like she thought and doubted his last statement was true. She also had a suspicion this would be straight sex, probably a hand job to start off with, but no kinky shit that she was always wanted. Especially at this time of the day, she didn’t feel like performing any exceptional athleticism, today she wanted to be treated like a Queen.

“I’m Tegan,” she hurried, taking a step after the man who by now disappeared into the bathroom. She mentally chastised herself for the clumsiness. Everything she did so far seemed to be off. The entire set of circumstance was playing against her confidence. The “job” taking place in the middle of the morning; the guy was very good looking, handsome really and obviously completely unfazed by the fact that he is just about to pay for sex. Many a time she would encounter her Johns nervous and behaving as if they didn’t quite know how to begin. Not so in this particular case.
“Are you here on business?” she asked into the doorway of the bathroom, carefully scanning the bedroom where she stood thinking about how she hated the small talk and just wanted to quench the ache between her legs. The dresser in the main room was full of small, exotic and inevitably expensive looking cologne, lotions and other things some of which she had no idea what they were. ‘ok time for work, and maybe a little pleasure’ she smiled into the dresser mirror ‘time to let your bitch out to play’
She was always amazed by the sudden change in personality from Demure to sex goddess when she felt the need, and man did this boy effect her. She called to the bathroom ’are you going to be long boy, you are paying me by the hour and your on the clock now. Get that sweet arse out here now! Your profile stated what you want. Do you give yourself to me freely of your will? She heard the mumbled reply and something falling off the counter with a crash. ’wow she had a live one’ she knew her words had triggered the submissive inside.

His profile outline told her how the idea of being submissive turned him on, how he longed for a woman to take control of him as he was some big shot exec in some forgiven owned chain store, the profile went on to say she was to do with as she desired. So tonight she thought she’d give him the fantasy he longed for. From what she could tell his desires had never been meet by a real Dominant woman, only pro’s with whips had ever attended to this man or he wouldn’t be treating her the way he was.
he entered the room to find all the lights out. In the dark he heard her voice.
“Stay where you are. Take of your dressing gown.”
he did as he was commanded, thrilled by the power in her voice. He felt her near as her slipped a scarf over his eyes, blindfolding him, and another in his mouth so he couldn’t speak. After all he asked for the full package, and this was what she wanted. Then, with his hands held behind his back he was forced to the rear of the room towards the bed.
Standing in front of the large four-poster bed she took one arm at a time, binding his wrists and tying him to each post at the end of the bed so that his arms were spread apart, taking care to not pinch unnecessary nerve endings. Revealing his chest, she could see his chest heave in anticipation and knew in an instant ’this ’date’ just might be different . He felt her fingers sliding across his naked chest exposing nipples to the delicate sensation of her touch. There he stood, arms held apart, his naked chest, heaving as the feeling of being at her mercy turned him on.
Now her hands reached down to bludge in his crotch, the bulged which strained in confines, as she slipped her fingers inside his underwear, feeling how turned on he was and teasing him with her touch. His jocks were removed rather roughly and there he stood in only socks. her hands reached between his legs, forcing them apart, and he felt rope around each ankle, which was tied to the base of each bedpost, holding his legs apart. Now he felt exposed and helpless. Blindfolded, gagged and naked with his legs forced apart he wanted some control back, control which she was not going to give him. he tried to make this clear to her, but all he could do was mumble with the scarf gag still in his mouth, causing little trickles of drool to reach his chin.
Her hands reached round to his chests and her fingers closed on his nipples, massaging them until they were erect, tugging them till he groaned a soft guttural sigh. She then moved slowly down his naked body. he gasped as her returned one hand between his legs and tugged him roughly yet again with her long fingers, sliding them firmly up and down the full length of the shaft. he was obviously enjoying himself but he was feeling more vulnerable from there violent treatment. he relaxed as he felt the ropes holding his hands being untied from the bedposts and imagined that he was being freed. But instead of being released he was pulled forwards and his hands were retied to the opposite bed posts, forcing him to bend over with his exposed arse in the air. Again her felt her hands between his legs as she tied a rope around the top of each thigh and attached it to each bedpost. Then another rope was tied around his waist to higher up each post, holding him up. Now he was completely immobile. The ropes held his legs apart and also prevented him from moving backwards or forward, up or down. Tegan smiled, delighted in her masterful bind.
She stepped back to admire her handiwork and his pretty little arse held securely in front of him. In the position, they both knew she could do what she liked to him.
“First,” she said, “I’m going to tease you,” as he heard a buzzing behind him and recognised it as the sound of a vibrator, she ripped off the blindfold allowing him to watch and not touch, this had always been a personal favourite of Tegan’s at least with a selfish John she got to cum . She slid it up her thighs and to her crotch, touching herself with it as he strained towards it, right under his nose. she eventually did as he wanted, and enjoyed watching him getting more turned on and hearing his moans becoming louder, as she wiped her pussy nectar over his waiting gagged face.
Suddenly she stopped and reached behind her for a bottle of wetstuff gold label lube, she watched his eyes widen with worry.’ Dam I like my job‘ she stated in a cool and casual tone, a tone which obliviously unnerved him more. she held it over him and let it drip slowly onto his arse. She watched it drizzle between his cheeks and over his taut balls, mixing with his own precum now running down between his legs. “Do you know what,” her said, stepping back to admire his glistening thighs and buttocks glistening with little trails of precum, “You’ve been a bad boy… you weren‘t a very nice person when I got here. Only macho pricks greet me like you did, and do you what I do to macho pricks, I show them that my dick is bigger and they get fucked up the arse, I make them into my sissy sluts.”
he was shocked by her coarseness. Oh Gawd, he thought. In this position he can do anything but struggle against the unyielding binds. she slipped of her jacket from its hiked up position. Under her jacket her favorite harness hardly showed ’Hmm thank you Doc Johnson’ she murmured as she clicked on the vibe to high, teasing him with her vibe that would become her willing cock, touching his erect cock with it and sliding it up the crease between his buttocks. He was making more noise now, shaking his head and trying to break free of his ties. But he couldn’t move as she roughly forced his buttocks apart and placed her cock near his tight arse hole. he was panicking now, struggling to move, but the ropes around his thighs held him tight.
“Do you want to be fucked?” she asked ‘ohh what’s the matter baby, cat got your tongue’
he shook his head and mumbled.
“So you’ll do anything I say if I promise not to slide my cock up your arse?”
he nodded his head and sighed with relief. However, mixed with relief and fear was the feeling of becoming more turned on. Secretly he loved the dirty talk and dominance.
She moved away from him and took hold of a large dildo, another one of her ‘secret’ toys hidden in the depths of her over sized Gucci bag.. Walking round to his face she removed the gag.
“Mistress, I’m so sorry,” he cried, tears of lust and humiliation running down his face. she slipped the dildo into his mouth before he could speak again.
“I want you to imagine that’s a cock in your mouth, and I want you to suck it as hard as you can, unless you want to be defiled and have my cock up your arse.”
he nodded meekly in agreement, the dildo filling his mouth as she returned behind him and then he let out a muffled cry as she slid the vibrator slowly up his arse. he felt totally humiliated as she stepped back and watched him, naked, tied up and blindfolded, sucking on a plastic dildo with a vibrator up his arse, especially when she told him she had a video camera and was filming everything.

“Come on you, sissy slut, make some noise for the camera,” she told him as she walked around, and then smiled as he sucked harder and began to moan.
However, his loud moans were not entirely put on for her. The vibrator and the feeling of humiliation were turning him on more, and she could feel more dampness between her own legs and the first wave of an orgasm. The feeling also grew in him as she continued to watch and film him until she put down the camera and whispered in his ear,
“You’re actually enjoying this, aren’t you?”
he found himself nodding.
“And now you’re feeling horny and begging to be fucked, not so macho now boy are you?”
Another nod. she stepped up behind him once more and slid her cock inside him.
“Now it feels like you’re being spit roasted doesn’t it, Look at you, Your my filthy sissy slut now, perhaps I should turn you into a sissy forever since you fuck like one”
he moaned louder as she talked dirty to him and was completely overcome by a feeling of helplessness as she held her cock inside him, not moving. he strained to try to slide up and down on it, but the ties held him frustrated. she stayed still until he thought he couldn’t take any more, the vibrator in his arse turning him on so much but not making him orgasm. After what seemed like eternity, when she could feel her own juices running down her own thighs, she felt his whole body shudder as he came, crying into the gag. “You dirty bitch!” he heard her laugh as she withdrew from him and began to release his bindings. When he was completely free he collapsed onto the bed and she lay beside him, holding him closely to her as his heart rate returned to normal and he relaxed, falling into a deep sleep in her arms.
When he awoke, she was gone….but his money was still on the night table, a note attached read

you’re my sissy slut now, I will be back tomorrow same time be ready for me. Is there no end, No end to my hunger, No end to my passion, No end to our mutual pleasure, No end to your devotion. No end to your energy. No end your willingness
I am your Mistress now not your ProDomina…that time as has come to an end, you will be my sissy slave, this morning was only taste of what I have in mind for you
Miss T.

Who knew what the future held, one thing was for sure he wanted her in his life forever, and tomorrow he knew it would be him serving her the drinks. But tomorrow was another day.

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