The Chat

“I have enjoyed this chat, maybe you could take my number and we could do this again?”

He was new at this. He didn’t know if this was the right thing to say. He didn’t know how to be a submissive, he knew his ex had said she’d never wanted to be a Domme, and he’d always need that, and she left. He had been confused he had never considered this and just assumed the small things they’d done everyone did, but when she’d said that, he knew in some deep hidden place, it was true.

So here he was, sweating, making his brown hair nearly black, hunkered making his 5’6 5'2, part nervousness part visual attempt to convey submission. He felt internally destroyed already, seeking a domina in the darkest corner of the library…

“Not good enough. What is it you want?” If there was anything more powerful than her presence, it was her voice. She had cut directly to his real asking, and she knew it. She giggled letting little puffs of smoke escape.

That fucking smoke! It was the cause of all this trouble, who smokes in a library anymore? The way that worker had been chilled by her glare, a hundred feet before he could even think of asking her not to smoke. Add to that her physical power, flowing black hair, sheer confidence and he had to pursue it. He was too scared to enter clubs, too anonymous in chatrooms, and too too tired of trying to conflict dominance and punishment on himself. He had to be dominated, but ask, out loud, in a public place.

“Carrie, I thought we were having a great time…if I was wrong we don’t have to go out or nothing…“

“Oh, cut the shit, I’m a least six inches taller than you, maybe 80lbs heavier, not that that says much stick man, and worlds out of your league, so I think we both know what you want…“

He attempts to cut in but find no voice in his throat, his pants beginning to throb, he fights to resist it. A slight smile on her lips, a curls of smoke escapes. He grips his right hand in left, crawling at it a little, it doesn’t calm him any today.

“Look Carrie, I just met you and I don’t know what you’re after here {he nearly laughs at the degree of falseness which arises when he trys for tough} but if you’re going to play some game, I’ll just go, I’m sorry…“

“Ok Joey, {his name is actually Robert}we’ll do this thing the hard way.” Before he could interpt, react or protest she sprung up and grabbed him by the hair pulling hard. He is simultaneously shocked, humiliated, and also thrilled. Was this ready what he’d wanted? His ever-growing dick says yes.

In the next moment his getting spanked quite hard in a public library. Her force is a shock even considering her height and frame. Pain bits deep even through his thick, tight jeans. At the moment he wishes he had made another choice, his dick imprisoned, in pain as a result. He thought about how close his bulging dick was to her no doubt sweet vagina, how long it had been since he’d been so close; and the problem just got worse. With one hand his ass beating intensified, with the other she forced his own body weight onto his dick. He didn’t know if she was trying to diminish or stimulate him, or was it possible she enjoyed to some degree his only part not small unmanly?

Maybe it was pain, or pleasure, or the excitement of that last thought, but after his several minutes of beating he feared he’d cry. “Please not here” was all he could manage.

“Knees”, she said. He complied quickly, his massive cock saluting. She suppressed it with her heel. This part was the most enjoyable although her force pushed him on his raw ass, he been have his cock since his early reform school days.

She laughed heartily at his clear enjoyment, at knowing how many people saw this, though none would approach. She lit a long cigarette and ordered his mouth open. He hadn’t been a smoker in years but still found a confident smoking woman very sexy. His proximity and the smoky heat made his eyes wet. He hated it, and he loved it. Every exhale, every ash was put into his mouth, as a form of kiss, or so he told himself.

When the cigarette was spent it’s cherry out, its orange filter also popped into his filling mouth. “Chew and swallow”, which he did with the happy knowledge that part of her was inside him.

Now it was clear to him and to Carrie, and by now a modest crowd, what we wanted, what he needed, so it was a shock when she repeated “What is it you really want?”

“Please Carrie not here” he begun to say, she slapped him forcefully. “I let that go early on because we’ve just met, but it’s time you start calling me domina… “Yes, domina,” Slap, slap slap. “Never interrupt me, ever.” He hesitated, “now you say ‘yes domina’.” “Yes Domina, sorry.” “Yes, you’re very sorry indeed, secondly, I take subs not pussies, you better speak up now.”

Without thinking and fearing what she could do next he proclaimed too loud for a library; ” Since you entered this room I’ve been under your spell. I want to submit to you, be controlled and dominated by you, taught and then forced to please you. I hope to be fucked roughly, punished severely, and rewarded subtlly, and if I earn it, held gently.”

She stood up and spun around 3 times saying, “Yes I am wondrous, now get specific-one thing you’d like to do for me, one thing I could do for you.” She spun again and now he saw the thing he’d mention. She lit a cigarette, he stood wanting to be full uright a man when he spoke this. Was this publicness becoming enjoyable?

Domina, I want to serve you in so many ways; help you dress comb your hair, do you askings, please you sexually everything really everything…” “Enough, no need to be a suck up, I said one… And one thing I can do for you, I warn you just one, first thing on your mind.”

” I want you to bounce on my face, you have a perfect big round ass.” She walked around him wrenched his arms behind his back and pushed him forward. She thrusted her hips in mock penetration of his ass, saying, ” now I owe you”

She walked away in a cloud of smoke all smiles, saying, “ Maybe I’ll call maybe we can do this again some time.” After his hardon subsided he thought now how can I leave here without embarressment?

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