Will you submit

Bill knelt on the floor, shaking, blushing and cowering. His head was down, his shy face piercing the floor and his long, dirty blond hair dangled, nearly touching the floor. He was short, scrawny and timid looking: Almost innocent. He was in the house of a woman he’d just met, and his light brown eyes were lost in contemplation. He ran the events that had led to this moment in his head over and over and over again. The whole thing was almost surreal, or absurd even.

Indeed, the meek man had every right to his disbelief… He, a submissive male had met this mysterious, dark, controlling and uniquely sexual woman, god knows where and god knows how. She had taken him to her beautiful house, not far off the water somewhere in California. She was somewhat of a mystery, and Bill knew very little of her, other than that she was a female dominant and a lifeguard. His thoughts were scattered by the sound of her high heals coming back into the room. In front of him, she stood: She was a full six feet tall, with very tanned skin. she had bleach blond hair, blue eyes and a pair of the longest legs Bill could remember. She wore a black miniskirt and a black bra: Nothing else. She had an incredibly powerful stance, with her hands on her hips. She had small but pronounced muscles from the rigors of her work, and a very cute “mini six pack.” Her name was Cassandra.

Though Cassandra’s appearance was what many would call “Hollywood” or even plastic, the trained eyes of a male submissive could see deeper. Her deceptive blue eyes were those of a natural sadist, and her assertive, pure masculinity made itself evident in all aspects of life, from social situations to career situations to bedroom situations. Looking down at her prey, she spoke. “You like what you see?”, Cassandra inquired, with hostility.

“Very much so”, replied Bill, who was as shy as he was excited, and had spoken in part to the floor.
Cassandra lurched down and grabbed the man by his long hair.
“You look at me when I fucking talk to you, understood?”, warned Cassandra.
“Yes”, Replied Bill. “Yes, mistress.”
Cassandra tugged on his hair and asked him again, forcing him to get a good look at her. Bill assured her that she was beautiful. He added that she also looked powerful, and perfect. To this, Cassandra was pleased and released him. She was ready to ask Bill the question that would follow him for the rest of his life. She looked down at him, and was now drunk with power. The short, short time he had been knelt in her presence was enough to have her wet already. Finally, Cassandra again spoke.
“Are you willing?”, she asked?
Bill was stunned. WAS he willing?
“Willing to what, mistress?”, he asked back.
“Willing to submit”, replied the woman, who couldn’t hold back her anticipation- the things she could do to him!
What Bill knew of submission was a man being tied and bound by a beautiful woman, maybe lightly strap on fucked, and then, given a nice, good chance to cum in her mouth. Essentially, his view was that submission was for the man to get what HE wanted through female domination. It was a nothing question for him.
“Yes, mistress”, said Bill, finally. “I’m willing to submit to you, fully.”
Cassandra immediately smirked. Without saying a word, she cuffed Bill’s hands behind his back.
“Andy!”, yelled Cassandra. “You can come in now!”
Looking towards the floor even more, Bill couldn’t say a word. His face was red and he couldn’t speak, because his heart was in his throat. He didn’t want to believe what he’d just heard, when a man burst into her bedroom door in nothing but his lifeguard’s swimming trunks trunks. The man’s erect penis, which poked through the hole in the trunks, was hard and throbbing with anticipation, and had been for a while. A tiny dab of precum dotted the hole on the head of his penis. Cassandra kissed him, passionately but briefly.
“Hi Andy!”, exclaimed Cassandra with a girlishness, a happiness, a femininity and a submissiveness that had been the polar opposite of how she dealt with Bill. She rested her head on his powerful chest, and Bill saw the big picture: She was not a domme with this man… this was a man more powerful and virile than he, and this man was capable of great acts of masculinity in the bedroom. There was a chain of power: Andy was the strongest, followed by Cassandra, with their mutual prey Bill sitting there, silent. Cassandra made an announcement:“Andy, this is slave. Slave, this is Andy. He’s a lot tougher than you, and knows how to treat a lady. You’ll be sucking his cock today.”
A deathly silence hung heavy on Bill’s heart, when Andy walked back over to him. He was around 5“8”, and while not as tall as Cassandra, he was very muscular. He had a shaved head and brown eyes. He pulled Bill up by his hair, and leveled the poor man’s eyes with his superior, seven or so inch penis. Bill did not know what he was getting himself into. As he was forced to stare at this man’s cock, helpless with his hands behind his back, Cassandra lay down on her bed, watching everything.

“Place your tongue on my cock!”, ordered Andy. “Slowly.”
Poor Bill had no intention of disobeying this man… Nearly in tears, he touched his tongue to Andy’s swollen penis, extremely lightly, faintly and softly. This felt so god, the man’s cock throbbed several times.
“Now”, ordered the man. “Slowly pull back.”
Bill slowly pulled his tongue back. The bead of precum that was on the head of Andy’s penis was pulled to a thin thread, between penis and tongue. It was sustained there for several seconds, with Cassandra watching. She was immensely wet at the spectacle, and toyed with her clit, lightly. Finally, Bill was ordered to start sucking. With his hands cuffed behind him, this was difficult, but he did it. Humiliated and terrified, he licked the shaft lightly at first, but then took the thing into his mouth. He took it lightly and slowly, not being able to put all seven inches in. Frustrated, Andy forced hi dick down Bill’s throat. Gagging, Bill pulled his head away. Andy grabbed Bill’s head, and slowly pushed and pulled it, gliding the victim’s mouth over his cock, slowly.

By now, tears were in Bill’s eyes. This was incredibly humiliating. Seeing this, the man cock slapped bill’s face, getting spit and precum on his cheeks. Bill miraculously regained his composure despite this added humiliation, and he was again forced to suck the man. Between gags, he pitifully begged Cassandra to let him go, to which she simply taunted and teased him.
“Suckem’ good, bitch!”, yelled Cassandra. A revelation appeared in her eyes, and her girlishness returned. “Makem’ lick your ass- please, Andy baby, please? Please, please please?”, she begged, in the nature of a child.
“Okay, Cassie baby!”, replied Andy. Speaking to Bill, he said “You heard the lady.” Kicking the slave to the ground, Andy yelled “This one’s for you, Cassie!”

As Casandra looked on with joy and wonder in her eyes, Bill was pushed to the ground. Andy spread his fleshy, hairy ass cheeks and sat on Bill’s face.
“Stick it up there, Billy boy! Shove it up there!”
Now crying and unable to breathe, Bill put his tongue out pitifully, to the man’s anal lips.
“Shove it in!!!”, ordered the man.
Slowly, Bill tried with all his might. The man was simply too tight. However, Andy’s asshole was relaxing: Opening, closing, and pulsing from the sensation. Eventually, it became loose enough to grant the tongue entry… All the sweat and flesh and anal juice tasted horrible to the crying slave, who’s tongue eventually went fully in.
“Fuck me!” was Andy’s next order.
Complying, Billy shoved his tongue up and down slowly and tediously, submitting fully. His tongue went in and out of the man’s warm, most asshole. It tasted terrible to the pinned man, who’s arms were cuffed painfully behind is back, as he lay on the floor with his entire weight crushing his wrists. Ass hair bristled against billy’s lips and sweat dripped onto his face. He could barely breathe. Finally, Casandra let out a cry shriller and more girlish than ever before:
“Lube him, Andy! Lube him up and fuck him!- Please!”, begged Cassandra, who was leaking cum onto the white bed sheet. “Please!”
Andy Lifting himself, Bill’s tongue slowly was forced out by his rectal muscles. And walked over to Cassandra.
“Awww, Cassie! I’ll do anything for you!”, exclaimed Andy.
“Really, Andy?”, Replied the woman, powerless and feeling warm in his presence.
“Yeah. Really”, said Andy. “And by the way, call me daddy.”
The imposing man sucked the woman’s nipple briefly. She let out an uncontrolled and low pitched moan:
“Mmmmm daddy!”, she muttered in her pleasure. As Andy went back to where he was, he began rubbing her clit slowly. “Fuckem’ good, Daddy!” Taking his hand off her clit, Andy replied: “Alright, Cassie baby!”
The powerful man went back to the slave, a shattered wreck of tears and quiet whimpering and in seeing the slave’s pitiful position, he removed the cuffs, knowing he was not strong enough to escape anyway. A gag was placed in mouth much to the excitement of Mistress Cassandra, And Billy was held by his long hair, pulled back into a makeshift pony tail for tugging and gripping. Lube was applied slowly to the poor slave, who offered zero resistance. In a desperate plea to Cassandra’s heart, he gave her a desperate, teary look, to which she simply got off. Finally, an invasive feeling was felt inside Bill- A finger was inside him. It migrated slowly down, and while painful, the lubricant helped vastly. Finally, Andy stuck his large cock into Billy, only barely at first. Billy’s head looked down in shame as he was being violated in doggy position. Feeling more dick slide into him, Bill had survived the initial penetration, and the fucking could start. By the time the slave was being pounded at good speed and force, Cassandra had already given herself a couple good orgasms, and the portion of sheet under her pussy was soaked. She got off so easily, seeing this wimp being fucked by her friend. She had fucked the muscular man alone many times, but quickly tired of vanilla sex. She did not see Andy as a sexy person anymore, but simply as an incredibly sexy prop. He was being used, weather he knew it or not. she loved watching him fuck guys, and she loved having him inside her, but only to humiliate her enslaved males. In short, he was only sexy as a toy, to humiliate lesser men. He was simply boring and domineering when they did it alone, but watching him fuck the life out of this poor guy really got her off like nothing ever could… And for some reason, after he’d raped a guy, he could just give her an orgasm that much easier.

Bill felt every thrust. He felt it in his ass, in his legs, in his stomach, in his head: Everywhere. The feelings were so painful and intense that he would have fell on his face had the muscular man not wisely pulled his hair back into a pony while fucking him. Eventually, the slave’s lubed rectum learned to expand with the other man’s cock. The rectum and penis moved as one to achieve Andy’s pleasure. When Andy was about to cum, he simply pulled out of Bill. He pulled out, walked over to Cassie and left the violated man to recuperate.
Bill still had an intoxicating crush on his mistress, despite what she had done to him. He had it from the minute he met her, and couldn’t shake it. Watching this larger, more aggressive and powerful man kiss her, he was humiliated further, and full of jealousy and rage. That was HIS woman. That fucker couldn’t touch her! Cassandra, however, was more than ready to be touched by this attractive and powerful man- This sadistic rapist. He lubed her in the same way that Bill had been lubed. He softly and slowly applied KY jelly, this time gently. he put his finger in softly, and she whimpered under her breath.
Whimpering like a frightened girl, Cassandra said “Daddy, don’t hurt me!”
“I’d never hurt you, Cassie baby. You can trust me.”
The two shared what looked like an intimate moment, where he slowly applied his finger deeper into her rectum, until finally she could bear it all. Then, he did id with two fingers- All the way in. Finally, he was ready. He would take her from the front, with her long legs resting on his broad, manly shoulders. He penetrated slowly, with her whimpering nervously, saying “Daddy” over and over, until he calmed and reassured her. He entered her fully finally, and took it slow. As slow as it was, it was also deep, raw and passionate. Daddy Andy made slow love to her, enjoying her rectum in a different way then he enjoyed the slaves. While the other was tighter, less experienced and more terrified, this one was innocent. It was soft, and it wasn’t tense. It was warm and wet and gooey and inviting. Feeling so welcome, the man was truly enjoying his time in Cassandra.

However, not everyone was enjoying “Cassie and Daddy’s” sexual, sensual experience. Bill just looked on in shame, jealousy and torment. He was unchained, but could not move because of shame, mental blocks and flat out rectal pains. His back against the wall, he cried and looked away. Cassie gave him a warning in mid-moan, and Bill again focused his eyes on the sight. The slave had no choice but to watch. Cassandra’s legs resting on the man’s shoulders, the man might as well been in her pussy: The angle was her personal favorite, and there was a heavy amount of G-spot stimulation. To his gentle fucking, she begged:
“Harder, daddy! Harder! Harder!”, Cassandra exclaimed, in that high, girlish voice.
Obeying her request, the man pulled her even closer to him, and pounded harder than he had been- and much faster. His deep penetration of her warm poo hole at this angle was euphoric in it’s pleasure. Twice, while fucking her this way, kissing her feet that dangled on his shoulders, he had felt her rectum tighten, loosen: Expand, contract- the signature signs of a beautiful orgasm. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head with fulfillment, and the man finally had to cum- He had denied himself for too long.
“Pull out, daddy! Cum on my asshole!”, begged Cassandra, desperately.

“Okay Cassie baby”, said the man who’s face was red, and who’s muscles had tired.
As asked, he pulled out, and came on her anal lips, which, upon receiving his gooey gift dilated- opened and closed, expanded and contracted. Lying fulfilled and exhausted she laid there speechless, breathing deeply for a minute or so, with the man at her side. She told him he could leave, and he asked if Bill should be tied or cuffed, for her safety while he was gone. She assured him she’d be able to handle the slave. Andy spanked Bill’s ass one last time and left the room. When the door to the house shut locked behind him, Cassie spoke. Her dark, evil, more assertive and deep voice had returned to her.

Cassandra retrieved a whip by her side, right next to the part of the sheet the sheet with her cum puddle from before. She was a sweaty, filthy, beautiful wreck. The man’s sweat and hers hung heavy on her chest, ass, face, thighs, tummy, and armpits. Her raw, natural beauty was profound. With all the dominance acquired by being alone with her slave, Cassandra addressed Bill:
“Slave, you’re going to lick me dry. You’re going to lick every bead of sweat, mine and his, off of this body. You’re going to lick my asshole, and drink the cum he spewed there. As a matter of fact, you’ll lick every single drop of cum. Mine and his. Understood?” “Yes, mistress”, muttered the broken slave on the floor.

Bill attempted to stand to walk toward her, but his ass was very, very sore from the pounding. He stood painfully and awkwardly, when Cassandra barked.
“Yes, mistress.”
The man crawled on hands and knees to the bed, then lifted his battered body onto it. He approached her in utter and complete terror, licking at first her feet. “mmmmmmm”, moaned and taunted Cassandra. “mmmmmm, more!”
Bill sucked every single toe, and then kissed each foot. he kissed them for about five minutes, when the cold, hard crack of her whip hit his back. Yelping from the pain, the slave moved up to lick her legs. He licked each leg until the beginning of her skirt and her groin area. He’d have to save that for last. His tongue wandered toward her tummy, where sweet, salty sweat was dripping. He licked everything, and shoved his tongue down her belly button slowly, licking up the pocket of warm sweat.
“mmmmmmm”, she moaned again, whipping him softly and slowly.

He had licked everything, except for the groin area. Whipping him as harshly as before, the man yelped again, and dived his head under the skirt. Her smelled the sweat, the lube, the cum, the ass… It smelled of sex. He shyly and reluctantly licked her pussy… it was incredibly wet, even leaking cum that trickled down to the sheet as before. Licking the pussy lips, clit, etc. for about two minutes, Bill was whipped again.
“Bill, you’re stalling!”, accused Mistress Cassandra, bluntly. Turning herself over and spreading her ass cheeks, the man’s cum from before was still dripping and hot on her ass.
“Lick it clean!”, she commanded. Time seemed to stand still… Andy’s cum was the very symbol of his masculinity- of his power- of his lust for domination and rape. Bill couldn’t lick it. He wouldn’t.
“I’ll get the whip!”, warned Cassandra.
With eyes closed and tears falling, Bill licked the cum. He licked her ass countless times, trying to get it spotless. He licked it clean and dry.

“Good!”, said Cassandra. “Now lick my clit.” Sheepish, humiliated and broken, the slave lay at his mistress’ pussy. He spread her lips and licked her warm, wet clit. It was swollen with desire, and the feelings he gave her were intense… In her true, deep, domineering voice, she moaned loudly and held him by the hair, occasionally pulling his mouth closer. In a fit of passion, her toes curled and her grip on his hair tightened… Finally, Cassandra came. She pushed her slave’s head away and laid there for a few minutes, relaxing and sating nothing.
“I guess you are good for SOMETHING, slave”, said Cassandra, lighting a cigarette. And sitting up.
“Th-th-thank you, m”, started the traumatized man, attempting coherent speech.
“Calm down, slave”, said the woman in her newfound calmness.
“I have to go now”, said the stunned slave.
“Let’s get three things straight”, said the woman, firmly but calmly. “Number one, you begin every sentence with mistress.”
“Alright, mistress”, said Bill.
“Number two, you ain’t goin’ anywhere.”
The man was stunned and scared.
“And number three, you end every session like that with a full body massage. Understood?”
“I understand, Mistress”, said the man.
“Don’t try anything”, warned Cassandra. “I’m a lot tougher than you are.”
“Agreed, Mistress”, muttered the man.
Cassandra handed him some massage oil, and he gave his mistress a fit ending to her first night with her new slave. At night, she tied his shattered, abused body to the bed next to her, using leather restraints. Before they fell asleep, Cassandra turned over and kissed the restrained man on the lips.

“I love you, slave”, she said, staring into his helpless eyes that dodged her glance. “And in time, you’ll learn to love me too”, she continued. Cassandra fell asleep immediately, where as Bill was up nearly all night, contemplating his rape… Still, his throbbing, hard cock was erect, and a sick part of him wanted to get up, beat her and anally rape her, as been done to him. He wanted to tear her. He wanted to make her bleed. He wanted to leave her more battered than he’d been. However, he couldn’t. He just ran the events over and over in his mind. When she asked him if he wanted to submit, way before, he could have just said no.
Submit? He’d just learned the meaning of the word

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