I’ve been a slave here at the Compound for just over a year. Every Thursday I am in the Compound’s beauty salon. My duties there alternate. Sometimes I wash the Mistresses’ hair. Sometimes I cut and style. Sometimes I do manicures and pedicures. Sometimes I give facials. Sometimes I’m the masseur. And sometimes —— like today —— I’m assigned to perform oral service. While each of my duties in the salon is extremely pleasant for me, I have to admit a particular fondness for today’s assignment.

Like everything here at the Compound, the salon is designed for Mistress’s total comfort and pleasure. Instead of traditional barber chairs, the ladies sit in modified birthing chairs that tilt backward (for hair washing or facials). The seat of the chair splits in two so that her ass is stretched wide. And stirrups hold her knees so that her legs are apart and high in the air. This design allows for complete access to her body.

While Mistress Corinna was relaxing in the chair, having a facial, two slaves were giving her fingernails a manicure. Two more slaves were massaging her feet, preparing to do her toenails.

I was on my knees on the floor in front of her —— between her open legs. My hands were running gently over her body, caressing her from her breasts down to her pussy and further down the split to her asshole. I leaned closer until my breath lightly fluffed the hair covering her mound.

As with every part of my life here at the Compound, I was trained to perform this service to Headmistress Princesca’s exact specifications. Variety of technique was required but Mistress’s pleasure was essential. Her deep and drawn-out orgasm was first and foremost my goal. And I was required to continue on —— orgasm after orgasm —— until ordered to stop.

Before my tongue touched Mistress Corinna’s pussy lips, I decided to change tactics and zero in on her upper body first.

I knew from experience that Mistress Corinna always wants a slave to begin on her breasts. Her breasts are rather large, extremely sensitive and she likes them rubbed —— harder and harder —— squeezed even, while my mouth and tongue worked on her nipples. She has fabulous breasts: supple, more than a handful, and the aureole pebbled up immediately while the nipples hardened in my mouth.

I flattened my tongue and just licked across her nipples, back and forth, pushing against her as hard as I could. Then I covered my teeth with my lips and clamped down on her nipples a bit, “biting” a little harder. I repeated this a couple of times, alternating between her two breasts. Then I really got down to some serious suckling.

While working on her left breast, one of my hands was massaging her right, while my other hand began to travel down her stomach, stopping to play with her navel a bit, before continuing down to her pussy.

I lightly feathered her pussy hair for a full minute, tickling her and making her squirm, before I clamped my hand over her, literally grabbing her entire mound in a surprise move. My palm began to massage her mound and then I moved my middle finger out to oh-so-gently rub along her crease from vagina up over her clit. She jumped and began to moan.

My mouth moved over to her right breast. My hands traded places and my pussy-wet fingers worked on the left breast.

With my other hand, I let my fingers do the walking across her clit. Around and over. Then I began to rub my finger on her clit, harder and harder, adding a second finger, then a third.

I sucked her nipple hard into my mouth, creating such a strong vacuum that it brought out a long moan from her lips.

Faster and faster my fingers rubbed her clit. I added a fourth finger to the task, pressing against her pussy even harder. Then I stretched my hand and shoved one of my pussy-wet fingers quickly into her asshole —— up to the second knuckle.

This finally brought Mistress Corinna to orgasm.

Before her contractions even slowed down, I quickly moved my head down between her thighs, grabbed each of her pussy lips with my two hands and clamped my mouth over her clit, and began sucking as hard as I could. I used the tip of my tongue to lick every part of her pussy that my mouth was covering, alternating between a light tickle and a hard, jaw-breaking rub.

Mistress Corinna cried out her second orgasm.

I used my fingers to stretch her pussy lips as far apart as I could, rolling them between my fingers and thumbs. Then I eagerly licked up all her delicious juice. I went from her now extremely sensitive clit down the crease, past her asshole and up again. I pointed my tongue and inserted it into her vagina as deep as I could. And I sucked . . . long and hard, while my fingers began to gently play over her clit again.

I heard Mistress Corinna panting as her third orgasm approached. Closer. Closer. I sucked harder. And she came.

After licking her clean again, I turned my attention to her asshole. As stretched open as it was due to the chair’s design, I used my thumbs to pull her ass apart even more. Then I fluttered my tongue across the hole. Back and forth. Left and right. Each time applying more pressure.

Then I covered her asshole with my entire mouth and stuck my pointed tongue in, wetting her passage as I went deeper and deeper. I began to alternately suck and blow. Suck and blow.

My tongue pulled out and dragged hard along her crease until I was again licking her clit. I used a finger from each hand to push against her wet asshole and both fingers quickly slid in deep. I pulled one finger out, and then the finger on the other hand pulled out as the first finger pushed in. I kept alternating hands, so that one finger was going in while the other was coming out. Using both hands made it easy to control the rhythm, and it also made it easy to stretch her asshole open more with each in-and-out thrust of my fingers.

My tongue was going faster and faster across her clit. I even began to gently scrape my teeth around it now and then for added pressure.

Mistress Corinna was coming. This orgasm was her most intense so far, I could tell, as I felt the contractions causing her asshole to clamp tightly around my thrusting fingers.

After another minute of my gently licking her clean, she inhaled deeply to regain her breath. Then, without a word, she pushed me away.

I’d been dismissed.

But then I heard another mistress, Mistress Juliet, calling my name. My services were required. I hurried over to her and fell to my knees between her open thighs.

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