By Capias

Several years ago I was in a female-led relationship with a woman I shall call Danielle. We decided to hold a small dinner party at my house that was tucked away on 23 acres deep in the forest on the outskirts of town. Danielle invited three of her fem-domme friends, and I served as chef, waiter, bartender, and sommelier. Danielle and I decided that it would be fun if after dinner, I would mess up her drink order, giving her an opportunity to punish her pet in front of the guests

The night of the dinner party came. Our guests arrived wearing attire appropriate for the occasion. We let them know that there was no need to wear normie clothes and then change inside as my house is not visible from the street. They arrived one by one wearing fem-domme clothing, lots of red and black, some leather.

The dinner was a splendid 4 course meal fit for a queen. We started with real Cesar salad with my homemade Cesar salad dressing as good as you will find in any five-star restaurant. Second course was a bowl of lobster bisque. Main course was grilled rack of lamb seasoned with garlic and rosemary served with grilled asparagus and wild rice. Wine glasses were kept full all evening with an exquisite cabernet from Napa valley called – I kid you not – The Sisters. If you like red wine and have not tried The Sisters, you may want to put it on your bucket list. Dessert was crepes Suzette prepared table side.

There were four chairs at the dinner table. I ate my portion standing in the kitchen in between waiting on Goddess Danielle and her three friends.

After dinner, I cleaned off the table except for their wine and water glasses.

“Pet,” said Danielle. “Would you please refill my glass of ice water?”

“Right away,” I said as I picked up her glass. I knew that this was my cue. Instead of bringing back water with ice cubes, I brought back only water, and set it before her.

“PET!” she said, bringing conversation to a stop. “I asked for ICE water!”

“Ooops,” I said. “Let me get some ice right away.” I came back with a tall glass of water filled with ice.

“Come here,” she said, pointing to the floor beside her.

One of the ladies said, “uh oh” and another one said, “he’s going to get it now.”

I stood where she pointed as I marveled at her ability to play the role of aggrieved goddess angry at her pet.

“Did you not hear me?” she said.

“I…I…I…”my voice trailed off.

“Remove your shirt,” she said.

I did as instructed. This was back when I was in my mid-30s and was quite physically fit. Every day I either cycled or went to the gym. I wasn’t exactly a body-builder, but my build was sleek and toned.

To the surprise and delight of her friends, Danielle reached out and yanked my pants down all the way to my ankles. I stood there completely naked as her friends’ eyes roamed across my body. Danielle wrapped her hands around my balls and began to squeeze. It wasn’t enough to hurt me, but it sure did get my attention.

“Look into my eyes, pet,” she said. “And focus on my voice to the exclusion of everything else.”

I realized that she was using a hypnotic induction technique. She had recently been learning erotic hypnosis. She began rhythmically to tighten and relax her grip on my balls in a way that caused tremendous pleasure as her voice lulled me into trance. I totally went with it. It caused my cock to stiffen and precum to ooze from the tip.

“I think you need to focus more attention on your goddess,” she said. “It’s time we put you in chastity.”

She released her grip from my balls, grabbed the glass of ice water, and dunked my balls into the ice-cold water. This caused my cock to revert back to flaccid. She then reached into her bag, pulled out a chastity cage, and fitted it around my cock and balls. All this time, the reaction from our audience showed that they enjoyed this little show.

“Now then,” she said. “One more thing. Bend over the table.” She said this as she dug through her bag of fem-domme toys.

I bent over the table. I knew what was coming. She stood up, riding crop in hand.

“As you know, I am a firm believer in domestic discipline,” she said, the three ladies nodding in approval. I think I heard one of them say, “you go girl.”

She proceed to strike me with the riding crop as she berated me for not following her instructions. Altogether she struck my butt a dozen times. She then told me to get dressed, and bring the ladies glasses of a dessert wine known as Eiswein (literally, “ice wine”).

Later that evening after we bid the guests adieu, we retired to our bedroom where she uncaged me for a while. We ended the evening with incredible bliss.

“Our guests loved the performance,” she said. “Next time we can carry it a step further if you like.”

[Check back for part 2.]


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