Nicholas Part 1

My name is Nicholas. I’ve been a slave here at the Compound for five months. Although I’m not officially owned by anyone —— not yet anyway —— I’m being trained to prepare me for next summer’s slave auction, where I hope to be purchased by a loving Mistress. My dream is to devote myself completely to her —— whoever she may be —— in hopes that she will find me worthy and keep me with her always.

A friend’s Mistress brought me to the Compound. She had brought up the subject of bondage one night while the three of us were having dinner together at her house. When I let her know how interested I was in becoming a slave, she decided to put me to the test to see if I was trainable.

Even though I knew what was coming —— or so I naively believed —— I didn’t know how thorough the test would be. I had never been party to my friend and his Mistress’s intimacy, so I was a little bit apprehensive. But I was so desperate to become a slave that I tried to swallow my fear and jump in, regardless.

After dinner, while my friend was clearing the dinner table and doing the dishes, I followed the Mistress down to the basement. There, behind a locked door, was a bedroom, normal-looking in every way —— if you didn’t notice the fact that the walls were covered with chains, whips, ropes, belts and other scary-looking things. Besides the bed and dresser, there was also a leather-upholstered sawhorse with belts hanging from it.

The Mistress told me to strip down until I was completely naked. When I began to slowly unbutton my shirt, she slapped my face and told me that when she gives an order, she expects it to be obeyed —— and fast. She allows no dawdling.

I quickly got naked and she told me to stand in the corner facing the wall. Then she switched on some bright spotlights, which lit up my corner —— and me —— so that she could begin her inspection of my body.

First she had me face her and she looked at every part of my body from my face down to my feet. She paid particular attention to my dick, although she hadn’t touched it yet. She made me hold it up so that she could look at my balls. Then she had me masturbate, just until I was fully erect.

Then I was made to turn around and face the corner, with my arms raised up and hands against the wall. I could see her shadow as she made her way down the back of my body, pausing to inspect my ass —— all without touching me. The spotlights were then switched off and another set switched on directly over the leather sawhorse.

She told me to go there and bend forward over the horse, far enough so that my fingers touched the floor on the other side. This was a little difficult, as I had to stand on my toes in order to reach over completely.

I heard a snapping sound as the Mistress pulled on a pair of surgical gloves. Then she came to me and used the sawhorse’s attached belts to tie my wrists and each of my knees to an end. Now my legs were wide open and my ass cheeks were stretched apart to the limit. She used a flashlight to closely inspect my asshole —— as well as my balls, from the back this time. This was really humiliating but unbelievably, in some strange way, thrilling also.

She began to spank me, first ten swats with her hand, and then ten more using a cane. With my ass as open as it was, she sure didn’t spare me, catching my vulnerable asshole three or four painful times. In spite of the pain, I tried hard not to make a sound, but failed miserably.

At this point, I was getting a little scared, not knowing what would happen next, but I was determined not to quit. I wanted to pass this test!

Suddenly I felt something cold and wet against my asshole. She was lubing me up! Just as it was beginning to really feel wonderful, though, she began pressing a very hard dildo against my hole and began pushing with all her might. I had never, ever had anything up my ass before in my entire life and I definitely didn’t want this! But there was no way for me to prevent this from happening, other than shouting at her to stop, which I wouldn’t do because I wanted so desperately to pass this test.

The dildo pushed past my opening and slowly slid in deep. I felt like I was going to throw up, so I quickly began taking deep breaths until the crisis finally passed. Meanwhile the Mistress had pushed the dildo so that it was inserted in my ass to the hilt. The dildo was attached to some type of machine that she switched on and it took over, thrusting in and out of my ass in a slow, steady rhythm.

I heard the door open as my friend entered the room. I couldn’t see him, because the spotlight on me was so bright that everything else was dark. But I knew he could see me. And what was happening to me.

He was talking with his Mistress as he came close behind me to inspect the welts on my ass and to watch the dildo sliding in and out of me. My friend and I had only seen each other naked in the showers at the health club, but that was nothing compared to this. In spite of my extreme humiliation, I suddenly realized that he must have to endure this dildo machine on a regular basis.

His Mistress ordered him to set the machine to Automatic. The dildo began to speed up and wobble a bit, so that it poked me from a slightly different angle with each thrust. Unbelievably, this was suddenly beginning to really turn me on and I knew that before too long I was going to come. Faster and faster the dildo went, filling my ass more and more, rubbing my insides with each thrust. I couldn’t hold back any more.

I felt myself getting ready to come. Rolling up the hill until it reached the peak. I came with such a rush, the blood pounding in my ears, my chest expanding as I caught my breath and held it.

The machine was switched off, the dildo was pulled out, and I lay there, completely worn out. I never could have imagined that I would have an orgasm —— and such a powerful one —— without my dick being touched. From my ass alone being manipulated.

But what now?

I was released from the sawhorse and ordered to lean against the wall. The spotlight was turned off and I tried to see my friend and his Mistress in the now-dim light.

When my eyes finally adjusted to the dark and I could see them, I was shocked. He was on his knees in front of her, with his hands and his head completely under her skirt. I could tell he was really working hard at it as his head and hands were moving nonstop to bring her off. Her eyes were closed and she was very close to coming. She leaned into his face and cried out. After another minute he came out from under her skirt and stood up. I could see he had a hard-on under his trousers, but she didn’t do anything to relieve him. Nor did he seem to expect anything. But he was smiling nevertheless, happy that he had pleasured his Mistress.

She now turned her attention again to me, looking me up and down my naked body, and said, “Now for part two of your test.”

(End of Part 1)

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