The App

It’s called “jailbreaking:” that’s when you modify your smartphone to accept software that is not intended to be there. What Eileen was doing was beyond that. She had the back off, was looking through a magnifying glass mounted on a stand and had a soldering iron in her hand. She was removing some leads and putting another chip into the phone.

She was not only an electrical engineer, she was also skilled with her hands so she could perform this delicate operation with the skill of a surgeon which was appropriate since she also studied biology and, in particular, human anatomy.

She was dabbling in a new art called, “Biomedical Engineering.” She was already awarded a patent for an actuator used in prosthetic devices. She was now working on another application, which if it worked, would make her a fortune.

It only took her several minutes to complete the job and close the case. There was only one thing left to do. Test the device. She donned her conservative swimsuit and went to the pool that was a part of the country club to which she belonged. Tuesday evenings were wine and cheese night. It was usually populated by young couples and men and women looking to become couples. It was a perfect laboratory for her experiment.

Greg looked over the crowd at the pool. There were some new people there. His main issue was his shyness. He could not come up with a good opening line and was poor at small talk. Once he got to know people and open up, he was good at conversation and people liked what he had to say. Ironically, he had no problem with addressing crowds of even thousands, but one-on-one, he was a social dud.

Eileen spotted Greg and thought, “This one!” It was based partly on his physique: he did keep himself in shape, and she liked the tight style of the bathing suit he was wearing.

She found a lounge chair near where he was sitting. He had noticed her before, and they exchanged smiles as she sat down.

Then she pretended to pay attention to her phone. She brought up the new application and activated it: show time!

Greg was on his phone, too. He was reading up on some of the games that he missed. Then it started happening. He was getting an erection. There was no reason for it. There were some good-looking women at the pool, but he had seen them before, and they never caused this reaction in him.

His mind should have been totally distracted by the sports articles he was reading.

He used to have an issue with unwanted erections at inconvenient times but that was back when he was a teenager. He still got “morning wood” but it usually subsided by the time he got to the bathroom and pissed it away.

He could feel his penis extending against the liner in his swimsuit. It was growing fast. He put his towel over his lap to hide it.

Eileen saw enough, and she looked over in his direction again and smiled. Greg blushed red in response.

Then Eileen went about observing other men at the pool.

Later, in the women’s changing area, the room was abuzz with chatter. “Did you see the lump in the life guard’s suit?” one said. Another woman observed, “I know how to give my husband a hard on, but I wasn’t even trying, and he wasn’t looking at other women.” “My cousin is a member here, too. I could not believe the size of his boner.” “It looked like all the men were sprouting wood. What happened, did they put Viagra in the water?”

Eileen smiled. She knew the reason for the breakout of erections.

Eileen caught up with Greg as they both were leaving the pool. She intercepted him and said, “Hi, I’m Eileen. You’re new here, aren’t you?”

Greg blushed remembering his last encounter with this woman. It took a full half hour for his erection to gradually subside. When he got up he took a quick lunge into the water and then came out. The quick lunge was to wet the suit all over and not just in the front.

“I’m Greg,” he responded, “I’ve been a member for about a month.” Greg was relieved that she took the initiative in starting the conversation with him. He would never have had the nerve to start it on his own.

He continued with, “I’m a math professor at the local university: the one the students don’t like to get.”

“My math teachers were tough on me, too. It paid off in the end.”

“Oh, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m the engineer / owner of a company that makes medical devices.”

Greg felt better even to the point of making a joke, “So do you want to geek out over some calculus sometime?”

“No but I would like to discuss some other things over dessert after you take me out to dinner tomorrow night.”

Greg was stunned into silence. Never had a woman been so bold with him. He was still in shock and not quite getting that he was asked out on a date. He quickly got through the various stages of shock and managed to get his voice working again.

“Is Italian OK?” he finally managed to say.

“It will be perfect. How about 6 PM?”

She took a card out of her purse and scribbled something on the back of it. “This is my business card. My personal information is on the back.

6 PM. Sharp. I don’t like to be kept waiting,” she said as she departed with a laugh.

Greg stood there silently and watched as she disappeared into the parking lot.


Greg spent most of the next day in a fog. He still had some residue of the shock of being almost “kidnapped” by this woman. She had asked him for a date, but it seemed more like a demand for a date.

Because of his embarrassing incident at the pool, he felt that he was in a subordinate position to her. This could be good. He was always awkward around girls and didn’t do much better with women. He could never figure out how to act or what to say or what they liked.

Here was a woman who could potentially show him the way. He decided that he would put his masculinity on hold and let her take the lead. If they wound up dancing, then he’d lead. At least he knew how to do that compliments of a female cousin who also taught him how not to dress like a dork. He was sort of an improvement project for the girl. She’d drag him everywhere and taught him some social skills.

He was trying to remember some of those skills as he drove to her house to pick her up. He even brought along a supermarket bouquet of flowers. Eileen commented as she opened the door, “Oh how gentlemanly of you. I like men with old-fashioned manners. Come in, I’ll put these in water. I have a last-minute thing or two to take care of and then we can go.

Have a seat. Make friends with Cleo, who is obviously my cat. She’s sort of my familiar. I’ll grill her after our date to see if she approves of you.”

Greg looked at the clock, it read 6:01 PM. Considering all the pleasantries, he must have arrived right on time. That made him feel good.

Dinner was fantastic both from a gastronomical standpoint and a relationship point of view. Eileen was clearly intelligent but that did not intimidate Greg. As assertive as she had been with him, he still felt comfortable with her. He knew that she would not harm him.

For her part, Eileen had a great time and discovered Greg’s quirky but funny sense of humor. “I like a man who can make me laugh,” she told him.

All went well until they got to Eileen’s house. There was that awkward moment of the kiss at the door. Eileen preempted that. As they were approaching her house she asked, “Do you have some time to come in. I have something very important to discuss with you.”

Greg was relieved not to have to make a decision on the kiss, but felt a bit ill at ease, wondering what this “something very important” would turn out to be.

“Sure, my first class is late in the morning tomorrow. I’ve given it dozens of times. I could probably do it in my sleep, which is appropriate since that’s also the state in which some of my students attend it.”


“Coffee?” she said.


He was seated in the kitchen as Eileen went about preparing their after-dinner snacks.

As she poured him his cup, she lowered the boom on him.

“That was quite a boner you popped last night.”

“You SAW that?”

“Every woman saw it. Ever since we are little girls, we were taught what to look for. We women have secret signals we give each other to make sure our sisters don’t miss one.”

“I’m sorry. It just happened. I couldn’t control it.”

“No apology necessary. You are right. You could not control it. I was the one who was controlling it.”


“Do you need a demonstration?”

“What are you talking about?”

Eileen got up and plugged her phone into a charger.

“So how do you feel now?” she asked.

“A bit nervous.”

“Are you sexually aroused?”


“You will be.”

At this she poked at her phone.

Within a minute, Greg was feeling his penis beginning to swell.

“What’s happening?” he asked.

“You’re getting an erection.”

“How do you know?”

“I can’t tell with you sitting there, but you won’t be able to get up from that table without my seeing it in your pants.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Do you want me to stop it?”

“How are you going to do that?’’

“I’ll explain in a moment.”

She went back to her phone and poked at it again.

Greg felt more relaxed, and his penis started shrinking again.

“How did you do that?”

“Let’s go into the living room. I promise I won’t do it again tonight if you don’t want me to.”

They got settled down with Cleo in Eileen’s lap.

She started the conversation, “I have a proposition for you and it’s not sex. Well, it’s not exactly sex.

I am working on a special project, and I am looking for a research assistant. You have something I need for this project.”

“What’s that?”

“Your penis.”

“My what?”

“Your penis. You know, prick, dick, cock, phallus …”

“I know what it is, but why?”

“I’ve done a lot of research on acoustic wave therapy. Wave therapy is used to help heal injuries and wounds. It applies an acoustic frequency to stimulate muscles and blood vessels that promote healing.

I’ve taken this technology and adapted it to the male reproductive system. It’s non-invasive and you don’t need to take pills to make it happen.

It’s a male erectile dysfunction cure that could probably be used without a prescription.”

“And what does that have to do with me?”

“I’m still in an exploratory phase. I’m convinced that it is safe, but there is still a lot about how effectively it works that I have to learn.

I don’t have a penis; you do. I could use any penis; I’d prefer to use yours. I like you; I trust you.

I hope you like me and trust me enough to be my partner on this. Financially, I’ll give you a percentage of whatever business evolves. I am thinking of “renting” the devices to couples that need them. You can buy a subscription by the month or year. I figure if the business model works for Microsoft, it can work for me.

However, this is more than just science and business, I think there are a lot of fun things we can do along the way. The process does not have to be boring.”

“So, you turn on your phone and give me an erection. Is that it?”

“Essentially. There are a lot of measurements I’ll have to take. So far, all I’ve had is a subjective evaluation. We’ll need to put some numbers on this.”

“Um … OK.” Greg could not believe he was agreeing to this.

“I’m glad you agree. As I said, I like you. I think we’ll make good partners.

One last thing?”


“Can you show me what I’ll be working with?”

“You want me to … Oh what the heck, you’re going to wind up seeing it anyway.”

Greg stood up and pulled down his pants exposing himself to Eileen and Cleo. The cat did not seem to be impressed.

As he stood there, his penis started stiffening under her gaze. She shook her head and held up her hands in a waving motion and stated, “That’s not me. My phone is in the kitchen. That’s all you and thank you for the compliment.

I’ve put you through enough for one night. Go ahead, get dressed. We’ll work out a schedule for our experiments.”

She was the one who initiated the goodnight kiss at the door. It seemed a bit more passionate than a first date kiss should be to Greg.


Greg was impressed when he visited Eileen on Saturday as they had arranged.

“Wow! You even have a pool.”

“You’re welcome to try it out when we are finished.”

“I didn’t bring a suit.”

“You won’t need one. I don’t use one. As you can see the yard is very private.”

“What’s with the stakes?”

“They mark out 10 meters each. I managed to squeeze in 5 of them. The last of them at the far fence.”

“What are they for?”

“I need to know the effective distance of my device. So I will have you stand at varying distances while I activate it.

Based on your reaction the other night, I recommend that you get naked now so you are used to being that way in front of me and not have a ‘false positive’ when we do our testing.

As you can see, I am all but wearing a burlap sack. Do you have any fetishes that I should know about? I will make sure I will remove those temptations.

If you like feet, I will cover them. If a particular type of shoe sets you off, I’ll put on something else.”

“I don’t see anything here that will set me off.”

“Good. Let’s give you a couple more minutes to get comfortable with your nudity and then we can start the test.”

The couple made some small talk and even talked shop about how to apply a mathematical algorithm to one of the other devices Eileen was working on.

“I think you are ready. Go stand by the first marker.”

Eileen plugged her phone into a charger connected to an extension cord.

“I noticed you did that the other night, too. Why?”

“The application is an energy pig. It drains the battery in about a half hour. That might be good enough for some men to get the job done. But good men take a lot more time than that to satisfy their women.

I had to turbocharge my phone to keep up with the power demands I am making on it. It will probably burn out prematurely. Even plugged into the wall, it can barely keep up with the demand.”

“So that’s why the lights dimmed the other night!”

Eileen laughed and gave him a playful slap on his buttocks, “Silly boy. Go stand by the marker and behave yourself!”

She made some notes on a piece of paper and carefully placed the phone next to a piece of tape on the table.

“Ready?” she said.

Greg nodded.

She tapped the icon on her phone.

Greg could feel a stirring in his groin. His penis stiffened and it raced to full erection.

Eileen turned off the application.

“There is no way to measure the exact moment of erection. But you went from flaccid to hard in about 16 seconds. I don’t know if there is a world’s record for it, but that might be a contender for it.

I have to let both the phone and you cool down. Would you like some lemon aide? I’d offer a you a beer but alcohol may interfere with the tests.”

Greg accepted the beverage. Eileen kept a glance on his penis and waited until it got back down.

“Let’s try the far marker.”

Greg hiked the 50 meters to the marker.

“Put your butt on the fence. I’m actually short a couple of centimeters, but I’m not about to take out the fence for the sake of science.”

She shouted out, “Ready?”

Once again, she got a nod.

Greg stood there. He thought he felt some stirring in his groin but it might have been his mind playing tricks on him. At any rate, his penis remained flaccid.

“Anything?” Eileen shouted out.

“Nothing,” he shouted back.

“Good. So far we have two data points. Let’s get some more. I think we’ll try 30 meters next.”

And so the day went on. Eileen wanted to get at least three measurements at each of the markers. They got two sets, took a break for lunch and then completed the final set.

“Let’s crunch the data, shall we?” she said with scientific enthusiasm.

Greg felt a bit put out. Here she was full of schoolgirl excitement, and he was the one being subject to her tests. Nonetheless, he also awaited the results.

“As I said, there are a lot of variables here, the biggest being time to erection. At least at each of the markers they are more or less in the ballpark with each other.

There are other factors, too, such as wind, temperature, humidity, and background noises. But I think I will get enough information to have a crude measurement.

The next time, we’ll have to find a place with more controlled conditions such as a gymnasium.”

She put the numbers into a spreadsheet. It produced a chart that showed a positive correlation between distance and time to erection.”

“Let me take a shot at it,” Greg announced.

He poked at the computer and did some magical wizardry with a thing called Solver.

“What are you doing?” Eileen asked.

“I’m making an assumption about the equation that describes these data. I put in my best guess about what the coefficients of this equation should look like and then compute the results based on that guess.

I take the sum of the squares of the differences and tell Solver to minimize that value by tweaking the parameters. The results are new parameters.

And there we go!”

Greg pointed to the screen with pride. The equation he produced was a very good fit for the data observed.

“I expected an inverse square relationship,” he went on. “This data doesn’t quite seem to fit that exactly.”

“Maybe that’s because I had the phone pointed at you.” Eileen concluded.

“Or maybe it’s the side of the house. You did say the device uses sound waves, the house could be reflecting them.”

“Can we take more measurements with the phone pointed in the other direction?”

Greg sighed, “Sure, why not?”

Eileen took mercy on Greg and only took a couple of measurements at the closer in markers to see if there was a difference. There was, but it was slight.

“Thank you, Greg. You’re been a real sport about this. I think I am done for the day. This data will help me design further tests.”

“Eileen, can you do me a favor?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Could you treat me a bit less like a lab rat? You never told me about how the experiment was going to be conducted, you positioned me like a lawn statue all over your yard and I was never asked for my input on the experiment.”

“Oh my god, you’re right. I’m sorry. I got so carried away with my experiment that I lost track of you. Feel free to call me out if I am making you feel uncomfortable.”

“At the moment, I am very uncomfortable.”

“I’m sorry, is there anything I can do?”

“Not unless you want to have sex with me.”

“I’m not ready for that. What are you talking about?”

“You’ve had my penis up and down like a yo-yo dozens of times over the past couple of hours. How much of that do you think a guy can take?”

“I’m sorry again. I don’t have a penis, so I don’t know what that’s like.”

“I can tell you. It’s not fun.”

“What can I do?”

“Well, if you’re not going to have any kind of sex with me, the least you can do is let me jerk off.”

“Of course. Do you want to do it in private, or can I watch?”

It was Greg’s turn to laugh, “After all we’ve been through, sneaking off to the bathroom like a pubescent boy to do it seems anti-climactic.

I can do it right here.”

“That will be great. I’ve never seen a boy or man do it. I have a cousin who explained to me how she gave her boyfriend hand jobs and I’ve seen it on the internet but that’s as close to the real thing as I’ve gotten.”

“You surf porn on the internet?”

“Hey, girls want to have fun, too! We are as interested in sex as men are, although I have to admit most of the stuff out there seems to cater to men.”

After a moment of silence, Eileen asked, “So how do you do this ‘jerk off’ thing?”

“This is your first time. It’s also my first time. I’ve done it hundreds of times before but never with someone watching me: much less a girl or woman.

I can do it a number of ways, but since this is your first time, I’ll do it standing. I’ve done it laying down in bed, sitting at the computer, standing in the shower and even kneeling in front of the toilet.”

“Ohh, kneeling! That sounds kinky.”

“It’s practical: other than flushing, there is no cleanup involved. Here in the yard, standing will probably give the best view of what I am doing.”

“Do you want me to turn on my app to give you a head start?”

“I think I’d like to try it ‘natural’ this time. I have so much stimulation stored up, I’ll probably cum on the first couple of stokes. I don’t want you to think that I am a premature ejaculator, but what you put me through in the past couple of hours constitutes extreme edging.

Edging is exceptionally frustrating for the man, but when ejaculation is finally achieved, it’s extremely intense. So maybe that could be another application for your application, put it on a cycle to bring a man up and down repeatedly.

Greg was good to his word. He had his penis fully erected in just a few strokes. While he still had control over his body and mind, he warned Eileen. “You might want to move to the side. You don’t want to be in front of this thing when it goes off.”

Soon he was paralyzed with his impending orgasm. His sexual pleasure rocketed to the ceiling of his endurance and then crashed through it. He felt like every muscle in his body had been summoned to the task of ejaculation. He could feel the cramp in his stomach and feel the blasts of semen through the shaft of his penis in his hands, his mind was whirling like a tornado and still wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure and pain coursed through his body.

His sight and hearing returned slowly as the final blast came form his penis. He stumbled back and plopped into a chair.

Eileen was up instantly, caressing his head, “Are you alright?”

He nodded and said weakly, “I need some rest.” Indeed, his body slumped so much that Eileen thought he had swooned.

Finally, he sat up and said, “I’m OK. That was something else.

I had been masturbating since I was a kid and it was fun to do it back then. Then when puberty hit and I started to ejaculate the fun doubled. This was a step as large as that one was.

I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before. It’s a good thing I don’t have a heart condition.”

“I’m glad you’re ok. It was quite a show on this end too. If that’s the way men cum, no wonder women like watching them do it.

Look at the trail you made. You shot some of it clear across the table! I’m going to need a rag and bucket to get up the huge pools you left on the table.

As I said, I’ve seen men do this on the internet. Some of them are ridiculously endowed, but I’ve never seen any of them shoot it with such force and volume and for so long.

You, sir, are a cum machine. There’s enough cum there to father an entire nation.

I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have all that ejaculated into me.

I do want to see it again, and I hope we can end all our experiments this way.”

Gerg got up and bowed to her, “My pleasure, my lady!”


“How about a dip in the pool before you go?” Eileen suggested.

“That’s not a bad idea, considering the workout you gave me. I’ll have to skinny dip; how about you?”

“I never skinny dip until the third date,” she said laughing in reply. “But I will take my top off.

While I am changing, I suggest you take as shower in the guest bathroom “she said pointing to a door. “It should be unlocked.”

Greg got in and noticed that it was more of a changing room. He tried the other door and saw that it led to a guest bedroom. He concluded that it was an ingenious design.

By the time he got out, Eileen was already in her swimsuit. It revealed a much better figure than the baggy clothes she wore while conducting the experiment. In spite of his organ being overworked it still responded although not the full hardness it had been subjected to in the previous couple of hours.

She was carrying a tray with some wine and a couple of plastic wine glasses. “It’s as much of the pool experience as a towel,” she explained. “I hope you like Merlot.”

“I normally take a Cab, but Merlot is also good.”

She put the tray on the side of the pool, stood up and said, “Ready?”

Greg nodded and she undid her top and casually tossed it on a nearby lounge chair.

Greg looked at her and said, “Very nice. Not too big, not too small. They fit you nice. You have a very nice body, trim and firm: athletic.”

“I do swim a lot and I like to play tennis.

Your body isn’t bad either, too bad it’s lighter than the paint on my ceiling. You’re about as close to an albino as I’ve ever met. You have got to get more sun.

Come on, let’s cool off in the water.

I’m sorry, the water is a bit chilly. I wasn’t intending things to turn out so good, and I didn’t think we’d be using the pool, so I didn’t put on the heat.”

Greg got in about waist deep. Eileen looked at him and laughed, “Wow, what I learned in high school physics is true: things DO get smaller when they get cold!

Come, I’ll show you how to get into a pool when it’s cold. You walk from side to side and when you get to the side, you take a half step towards the deep end, turn around and walk to the other side. This way you ease into the water. Come here and let me show you,” she said extending her hand.

Greg came over to her, but instead of taking his hand, she reached under the water and grabbed his penis.

“Follow me,” she commanded and she then proceeded to lead him around the pool by his organ. Greg didn’t even think about objecting. In fact, he kind of liked being led around like this by a good-looking woman. All they were doing was walking back and forth, but he found the experience erotic.

After easing in, she released him and they swam around a bit. Greg lounged with a couple of pool noodles.

“Why don’t you get us some wine?” Eileen suggested.

Greg bellied up to the side of the pool and went about his task. He had defoiled the top and was reaching for the opener. Unbeknownst to him, Eileen had swam up to him under the water, She grabbed him by the balls and he let out a yelp. She did not grab them hard, but she definitely took him by surprise.

As she emerged from the water laughing, he scolded her, “You almost lost a good bottle of wine. Don’t do that again,” he said with a grin of his own.

“I won’t promise,” she responded. “But I will promise you this, I am full of surprises.”

Greg shook his head, “Why do I believe you’ll keep that promise?”


Eileen called Greg the following day, “How are you doing my cum stud?”

Greg laughed, “I checked this morning: my penis is still attached to my body, I am recovering nicely, I might be able to try that again in a couple of months. Next time have EMS standing by.”

“I hope you can do better than that – I mean timewise. I can’t possibly imagine you surpassing that last performance.

Look, I’ve been going over the results of the tests and I owe you and every man in the pool last week an apology.

The device is far more effective than I ever imagined. It seems that the circuitry in the app is more powerful than the circuitry in men’s reproductive tract.

I was intending for the device to be effective to a range of about 10 meters. It worked out to be a bit over 40 meters. This means, given the inverse square law, that I can cut the power by a factor of 16. So instead of getting 30 minutes of battery, I can get 8 hours.

That’s the science part.

I had no idea how much power I was putting out. Every man in the pool area and some in the adjoining patio overlooking the pool must have had a hard on. As you pointed out, the signal was also probably bouncing off the walls. We all know how we can hear someone on the opposite side of the pool even if they are whispering.

And you were there. Less than a couple of meters away from ground zero. What I meant to go off with the force of a firecracker exploded with a megaton of erectile energy and I kept it going for a full half hour.

It must have been uncomfortable to all the men, especially you.”


Eileen and Greg continued to experiment with her device. She came up with a “docking station” of sorts that could fit in a woman’ purse. The docking station consisted of a parabolic dish that focused the energy in the direction of a specific target. This also decreased the power-hungriness of the device. It could now operate for 16 hours non-stop.

“A 16-hour long erection? I don’t think an adult male could survive that,” Greg observed. “Death by hard-on. That’s probably not on a coroner’s checklist for cause of death.

On the other hand, I had an erection that lasted several years: from the onset of puberty until I was about 20. I might have had a few periods back then where I went 16 hours WITHOUT one.”

Greg pointed out that giving a man an erection and having him maintain one were two different things. He suggested an on/off cycle to maintain the erection. Both of them had a lot of fun figuring out what that cycle should be.

This technique also reduced the amount of power needed. It now fell below the power requirements of most of the apps people have on their phones. Eileen was pleased with that: a regular phone could handle it without special modifications.

Eileen got the patent she wanted for the device and sold it to a major drug company. Greg got a generous cut.

It was marketed as a marital aid, but some women found other uses for the device.

There was a “backdoor” application that allowed the application to be activated from a second phone. So, some women would stealthily download the app to their husband’s or boyfriend’s phone. She could control it anytime, anywhere she wanted at her convenience. She might pick a time that was not so convenient for her man.

Of course, if there were some sort of sex game that the woman wanted to play that required an erected male, then the app became the equivalent of a pitcher warming up in the bull pen, “batter up.”

Another add-on was to cycle the app on and off causing the man to erect and deflate alternately. This relieved women of the chore of edging their men.

Many women used it as an aphrodisiac. Make a boy hard and he will like you.

There were probably a few women who actually used it for its intended purpose: to overcome erectile dysfunction in their partner.

Greg enjoyed his time with Eileen with and without the app. She was pleased that it worked well on him, but even more pleased that he did not need it when he was with her. She eventually did find out what it felt like to have Greg’s “fire hose” ejaculating into her.

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