Hours later she arose from her slumber, the previous session merely an afterglow to her body. She stretched and sat upright. Looking down she saw her slave, pete. He was curled up on the floor sleeping like the obedient dog he was. She smiled at him remembering the fun she had had with him earlier. She felt the warmth returning to her thighs, her nipples became erect as the sessions vivid memory played through her head.
She had to have more.
“Get up!” she yelled at her slave.
He wakened instantly, and jumped back to his knees. “Good morning Mistress!”
“I do not recall giving you the permission to sleep?”
“No Mistress, I am sorry.” he answered her, his head bowed before her, his eyes fixed upon her feet s she sat before him on the table.
“You will be punished for your transgressions!” She said in a menacing voice, She watched his cock throb with her threat.
“Yes Mistress,” he swallowed hard.

She hopped off the table and stood before him. His transfixed gaze now focused on her shaven crotch. She reached down and put her hands on his head and pulled it forward into her wet crotch. She then stepped forward implanting his mouth beneath her crotch and forcing his head somewhat backward. She felt his tongue probing forward into her wet pussy as she unleased her bladder into his open mouth.
“Do not spill a drop!” She threatened clinching her fingers in his hair and forcing herself deeper into his mouth.
He gagged, and choked a couple times, but managed to not spill a single drop.
“Good boy!” she praised him as she dismounted his face. “Now lick me clean!”
He leaned forward and gently licked her, cleaning up properly.
“Hmmmmmmm” she cooed, “Very good, slave. Very good! I think you deserve a reward! Get on the table!”
He obeyed her, hopping onto the table she had just vacated.

She opened a large bag lying under the table, and pulled out several leather cuffs. She tossed three onto his stomach, and proceeded to attach one his leg. Soon he had a secure leather cuff attached to his arms and legs. Then she pulled forth several pieces of rope. In moments he was securely attached to the table, spread eagle. She then went into the closet and came back carrying a long piece of wood that had several devices hooked to it. She placed it between his legs, sliding it into his crotch. She then lifted his cock and balls and slid the device against his pubic bone, replacing his genitals on the top of the device. She then unhooked the spreader bar attachments from the sides of the device and secured them to the back sides of his knees. She then pulled a length of rope out of the end, and dragged it up to his testicles, where she attached it to his testicles. The testicle harness was quite unique, it was a thick leather band that wrapped about the neck of the testicles very tightly, buckling in place, and the rope lead was split attaching to the sides of the collar. The testicles themselves were totally exposed except for where the rope ran down their sides.

With a sadistic glint in her eye, she then attached the crank to the side of the device, standing at his feet looking down his body she began retracting the rope. The clicks of the wench locking the rope, pulling his testicles stretching them ever farther and farther from his body.

After a few moment she stopped, his balls were stretched very tautly, his fat hard cock now standing straight up in the air. The slave was complete immobile. She ran her fingers up the insides of his legs teasingly toward his crotch. As her fingers approached the root of his member it uncontrollably throbbed thrusting a large glob of pre-cum out it’s mouth.
“My aren’t we a little randy this morning!” she teased.

She ran her finger over the head of his cock gathering his juices on her finger then fed it to his waiting mouth. “That’s a good boy!” She said approvingly. “You will always be required to eat any messes you make, slave.”
“Yes Mistress.” he replied.
She then pulled out a leather box from the bag and placed it upon his stomach and chest. Opening the box she withdrew several sets of wires and metal probes. She busied herself straightening out the wires and organizing the devices on his chest.
“This is a TENS unit,” she explained, “I want to see how well you can take electrical pain.”
“Yes Mistress,” he replied, not understanding.

She then attached two stick-on wire leads to each of his testicles, one on either side. Then she pulled out an evil looking tiny helmet looking attachment. She stroked his cock several times making sure it was fully erect then slid the wire helmet onto the end of his cock. A long spike penetrated his cock approximately 3 inches deep. the helmet secured itself about the rim of his cock head.
He looked up into his Mistress’s eyes, she was all aglow with desire.
She then hooked all the wires into a small box she held in her hand.
“Ready?” She inquired, not that he really had any choice.
She slowly turned up the current.

All of a sudden his cock and balls felt the zap of the TENS unit! It was a burning, tingling shock that pulsed several times a second. He could see and FEEL her turning up the juice. The pain was intense! The inner spike inside his cock was connecting to the outer contacts on his cock head and about his rim edge of his cock head! His balls were throbbing with juice passing through each testicle! He flinched but was unable to move! He gritted his teeth as she increased the voltage.

She looked down at him, his body convulsing with the waves of electrical current running through his testicles! She knew what he was feeling, she had felt a TENS unit herself. She watched him grit his teeth, fighting the pain that surged through him! She felt hot, she could feel her arousal rising. She flicked the switch to 5, his body leapt in response. The heat intensified between her legs, he was almost there. A few more moments, she eased the switch to 5.5, he was making grunting noises as the waves of pain wracked through his genitals. She reached down and picked up her Night Stick. His eyes were tightly closed as he fought the pain of the electrical current. She slowly raised the night stick over his tautly stretched balls, then with a swift sound swing she brought it down hard on his fully supported testicles. WAM! Her arousal shot skyward.
WAM!!!! She felt the tingling of her climax surging through her loins.

The slave cried out in pain as she continued her assault on his testicles. She cranked up the TENS Unit to 6 and continued to rain blows onto his trapped testicles. His cried of anguish and pain fueled her excitement sending her over the edge into spasms of orgasm. She had to clutch the table as then wracked through her body. As the waves of pleasure slowed she could feel the intense heat radiating from her crotch…and wetness running down her thighs. She turned down the TENS unit to 4 and began to climb up onto the table.

His contortions of pain calming as the TENS was turned down. Never in his life had he experienced such intense pain. His cock was defying his mine as he glanced down and saw that it was still rock hard, through the crown he could see the glistening of pre-cum that had been oozing uncontrollably through the ordeal.
“Clean me Slave!” She commanded as she lowered hot steaming pussy onto his waiting tongue.
He was over come with her wetness. Her sexual juices flowed from her body into his mouth in torrents. His tongue lapped up all it could, but still he could not capture it all.
Once sated she returned her devious mind to torturing him. She looked down and saw his cock throbbing with desire. She had expected it to have shriveled under the intense pain she had just inflicted upon him! Yes here he was rock hard and oozing pre-cum! She sighed, “pete, you are just the kind of man I have been looking for all my life!”
He mumbled what sounded like a “Thank you Mistress”, but she wasn’t exactly sure.
“Enough!” she commanded and she rose up off his face and stood beside the table.
She turned off the TENS unit and removed the wires and attachments from his genitals and placed them back inside the box, then tossed it under the table.
“You took that well!” She sighed.
“Thank you Mistress.”
She reached out and massaged his stretched ball sack. “I want to permanently stretch your balls sack another 3 inches!” She said. “Yes Mistress, as far as you want it to be.”
A sadistic smile spread across her face as she reached over and turned the wench pulling his balls another half inch. His balls now were a bright red, quite swollen after the intense beating they had received. She scrapped her finger nails over the tightly stretched skin cover them. “Such nice big red balls!” she thought to herself.

“You have a choice!”
“Yes Mistress?”
“One or Two? Decide.”
“One or two what?” he asked.
Slapped his balls hard, “Just One or Two. Which shall it be?”
“Two Mistress,” He replied
“Good! I have a date later this afternoon. You will remain here as you are until I return. I will have video camera on you at all times, and someone watching the camera in case there is a problem.”
“Yes Ma’am, thank you.”
“You will obey Ms Stephanie as if she were me. Understood?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Now I must leave and prepare myself for my date.” Mistress then left the dungeon room.
A few moments later someone else entered the room quietly, and stayed in the shadows. Suddenly the lights dimmed.
“Hello?” pete called into the darkness.
“hmmmmm what have we here?” Came back a sensual voice, ignoring his question.
He felt a hand reach out and hold his stretched balls, then lightly stroke his swollen cock, involuntarily it throbbed in response.
“So hot, he is..” came the mysterious voice. “I’ll bet the cum is boiling inside those large balls, just wanting to spurt!”
“Yes, Mistress.” It was true. His balls ached for want of release more than from the stretching! His still hard throbbing cock was proof of that.
“Awe, that is too bad!” The hand reached out and stroked his cock some more, sending it into uncontrolled throbbing…then backed off to the slightest of touch…and continued its movements up and down his shaft.
“More!” the slave begged, “More friction! Please Mistress!”
“No!” the hand was removed, and his cock throbbed ever so close to release. Pre-cum ran down in torrents.
A moment later the fingers return, teasing and tormenting the slave holding him on the very edge of release, yet denying him satisfaction. “What is your release worth, slave?”
“Oh God please!!! Anything!”
“Anything? Be careful your words, slave.” He pulled his hand away from the throbbing member, fearing he had brought him too close.\ “YES ANYTHING!!! Oh Don’t stop!!! Please!!!!”
“Well we will just have to see when Mistress returns.”
“When is that?” he asked truing to regain his control.
“Oh in about four hours. Until then, I have been instructed to tease you out of your mind. This is going to be such fun!”
The next for ours passed slowly. Slave pete was kept on the bring of release and denied orgasm again and again and again. The rhetoric continued defining what he would DO to gain that orgasm he so prayed to have. By the end of four hours he was completely broken. He begged to empty his bank account, give away his car, suck a cock to orgasm, even get fucked by a man if only he would be allowed to cum.
“How are we doing, Stephanie? ” Mistress asked entering the room.
“Oh, he is there.” Mistress.
She looked over at the slave tied to the table, his balls pulled some four inched from his body, his cock throbbing, pre-cum everywhere, tears streaming down his face.
“Yes I quite agree!” She grinned.
“Your first Job, pete is to clean me up after my date.”
“Yes Mistress.” he sobbed, “Anything….”
“Yes, but I want you to know, I have just fucked my lover and he has deposited a massive load of cum inside me that you will be eating.” “Yes Mistress!”
“Not good enough! I want you to beg for it!” She said.
“Mistress! Please!!! Please let me suck your lovers cum from your body! Please Mistress!!!!” His pleas came instantaneous.
She mounted the table and opened her muscles, as a large glob of white cum oozed from her pussy into his awaiting mouth. “Drink up, slut!” She said as she clenched her muscled sending another massive load of cum flowing out of her body into his open mouth! Moments later a third glob of cum landed into his mouth. She then lowered herself onto his expert tongue. The slave did not flinch, he sucked and clicked and cleaned his Mistress as if his life depended upon it. Soon she could feel her orgasm building, his tongue had found her clit and she was still so hot from the days activities. He felt her response and doubled his efforts on her. Soon she was climaxing on his face washing out the remaining cum from her vagina into his mouth. She dismounted his face, and stood beside him.

“Slave you never cease to amaze me!” She cooed.
“Now, are you ready to cum?” she asked.
“Yes Mistress!!!” he all but screamed.
“Only one last job.”
“What is that Mistress?”
She untied him from the table and released his balls from the stretching device.
“I want you to suck your first cock!” She smiled at him.
“Yes Mistress, anything.” Came his reply.
Mistress Stephanie stepped forward and pointed to the floor. Instinctively, pete fell to his knees. A flip of her hand at her panties, and staring at him was a real cock. A fat cock. Without coaxing or another word said, he lunged forward and engulfed the cock in his mouth. pete delivered the blow job he had always wished he had received in his life. In a few moments he could feel the cock throb.
“Hold the cum in your mouth!” Mistress commanded sternly.
An instant later the cock erupted sending numerous spurts of cum into his mouth. He continued sucking until the spasms stopped.
“Show me!” Mistress commanded.
Pete opened his mouth displaying the massive load of cum he had collected from Ms Stephanie.
“Good Boy! Now swallow!”
He gulped it down.
“Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” She asked.
“No Mistress, it wasn’t.”
“Get on the table, pete”
He laid down on the table.
“Cum for me, pete” She said softly reaching out and taking hold of his testicles.
Pete stroked his throbbing cock and almost instantly erupted sending countless ropes of cum in every direction…..

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