Burglar Chapter 3

It was the next morning when things began in earnest.
I had been a night to remember. Mistress awakened, stretched and never in her life had she felt so satisfied. She looked over and there on the floor curled up was her slave, pete.
What a life altering mistake he had made, breaking into the dungeon to rob the place only to be captured and turned into her fantasy slave. She had never met a slave who should withstand such intense CBT, in fact just thinking of what she had already done to him made her wet with desire.
“Slave! Get up!” She commanded, “I need a toilet!”
“Yes, Mistress!” he responded without a instants hesitation.
She merely spread her thighs for him, he maneuvered his mouth to her crotch and signaled his readiness with the flick of his tongue separating her labia. She unleased her bladder into his waiting mouth, as she finished he liked her clean. She ran her hands through his hair and pressed his lips into her.
And now my sweet slave we, or rather you are going to make testicular history!
He looked at her not understanding.
“Oh, my darling, you will soon understand! I want you to sit over here,” She pointed to a spot under the sling.
He crawled over and sat as instructed.
“Pull your knees up to your chest. That’s right.”
She then took a long length of rope and bound his ankles and calves to his upper thighs. “Now honey, lift your arms, I need to put this lifting harness on you.” She put on him what amounted to a straight jacket, except there were large leather straps that secured about his stomach and chest. There were buckles that also secured his legs to the front side of the jacket. Four straps attached to the jacket lifted upwards and were clipped into the winch of the sling.
She then picked up the controller, and flicked the up button.
Up he went into the air. She stopped him when his balls were about chest high.
She walked over to him, and reach out and took hold of his dangling testicles. In his current position, they were the lowest thing on his body.
“I’m going to start slow…first with stretching exercises…then we’ll move into the swelling exercises. But first I want to measure these babies. I want to record the growth they will undertake today!”
She opened a small container sitting on the table and scooped out some salve. She then massaged it into his testicles. At first it felt cool, then it tingled and warmed up considerably.
“No this is not bengay, I am not after surface pain. This is Vicks Vapor rub, it will sink in and warm up your testicles and sack skin an increase the stretching I am about to do to you.”
“Yes Mistress.”
Next she then took a 1.5 inch ball spreader and secured it onto his testicles. Then she took out a cloth measuring tape. Wrapping it about his testicles she carefully documented the circumference of his testicles.
“Seven and one quarter inch!” She said as she wrote the measurement into a small leather book.
She then a fixed a 5 pound weight to the ball stretching straps, pulled up a chair and sat down.
“I am going to have such fun with you today, slave”
“I hope so, my Mistress!” he replied.
She was in no hurry, she swung the weight back and forth. Then she reached up and stroked her finger down the crack of his ass, taking a moment to dive her finger tip into his anus.
He involuntarily jumped.
“Are you a virgin?” She asked.
“Yes, Mistress”
“Interesting, I want to hear you beg for me to insert a dildo up your ass today.”
“You heard me! Before I am through with you today, you will be begging me to insert a dildo up your ass!” She ran her hand again through the crack of his ass, once more pausing and giving attention to his exposed anus.
She smiled at him…and attached another 5 pound weight to his testicles, then walked out of the room. When she returned she was carrying a small butt plug. It was approximately 5.5 inches long and about one inch in diameter. She showed it to him and then placed it on the table. She also had a 10 inch rubber cock that measured 1.5 inches in diameter.
“You will beg for this to be inserted in your ass today my slave.” She grabbed his testicles and gave them a firm squeeze, then pulled them hard sending him and the weights swinging.
He could feel his testicles descending from all the weights.
She then positioned her chair directly in front of him. His balls were eye level to her. She lifted the rubber cock and swung it striking his testicles painfully.
“I just love it!!!” She squealed! “I’m beating your balls with a cock!” She swung it again striking his balls ever harder. The slave cried out in pain.

“Poor baby, I bet that did hurt!” She set the dildo down and grabbed a hold of his balls and squeezed them hard, pulling them once more causing him to swing back and forth. She then picked up the dildo again, and timed her strikes hitting his testicles each time he was closest to her. There was absolutely nothing he could do to stop her assault. He was completely helpless swinging back an forth, completely bound. The hits rained down on him. Every time his movement slowed she would grab him by the balls crushing his testicles and pulling him back into motion.

After about 10 minuted of this game she added another 5 pound weight to his testicles and set down the dildo.
He was in a lot of pain, she could see it in his face. 15 pounds dangling from his testicles.
“Darling you are going to hold this weight for the next 5 minutes! Only then will we discuss removing it.”
Yes!….Mistress“ he gasped in response.
“Aaawwwweeeee is it heavy, my pet?” she teased him. She reached out with her hand and felt his testicles, held them in her hand.
“I’ll help you.” she said, and she reached up and began stroking his cock. It took a moment or two but soon he was rock hard, she then took her fingernails and flicked his cock head sending intense pain into him.
“Two more minuted to go precious!
She then attached several clothes pins to his cock head, 3 along the rim another two attached to his frenum. She then sat back down and looked a looked at her watch.
He was gasping in pain now, holding back for all he was worth…
Twenty more seconds!” She said excitedly!
“Mistress! It hurts so baddly!” he cried out
“Fifteen seconds! pete hold on for me! do it for me my pet!”
“Ten seconds!”
“Zero! Wow pete you did it!” her excitement was almost orgasmic. “I would never have believe you could hold that amount of weight for so long!”
“Mistress! Please!”
“Please what? Oh the clothes pins! Sorry!” She then reached out and flicked the clothes pins from his cock sending waves of pain through his cock making him shake and swing on the suspension ropes.
“No Mistress the weights! Please, it is killing me! Pleas take them off!”
“Oh, the weights!! Here’s the deal, beg me to insert that butt plug into your ass and I’ll remove the weights!”
“Mistress PLEASE!!!”
“Please what pete?
“Mistress Please insert the butt plug! Please Mistress I cannot take the weights any longer!”
“Are you really sure you want that inside you?
“YES PLEASE!” slave pete was almost in tears.
She could see his desperation, and removed one of the weights. She then picked up the plug, lubed it carefully then inserted it into him. He could feel the foreign object penetrating his virgin orifice. It came to rest against his prostate, his cock throbbed involuntarily. The Mistress then removed the remaining two weights.
“See? I told you would be begging me to insert that!” She gloated.
“Yes Mistress, I never doubted you.”
Mistress reached out and took hold of his testicles, they had distended at least another inch from the weights. “So lovely your testicles are when they dangle like this!” She sighed. without warning she clapped her hands together on his testicles.
“Argh!” he screamed in pain
“Oh, pete, did that hurt?”
“Yes Mistress!” He gasped still catching his breath from the tremendous hit.
“Then that must have hurt a LOT more!” She sighed watching him flail about in his harness unable to protect his testicles as she delivered more claps to them.
“Please Mistress!”
CLAP!!! “Yellow!” he cried out..
“I guess this means I’ll have to start again!” She sighed. “Let me know when you are ready. You are going to receive 10 Claps…without coding before I move to the next Phase of this Session!”
“TEN?? Mistress!!! Mistress that will KILL Me!”
“You will take ten…or else! Now are you ready? I’m getting tired of waiting!”

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