As I took my position I thought about all that had transpired leading up to this.
It started so innocently.
An asshole flamed Ms Norma Jean on her Yahoo Group. Well being the Southern Gentlemen that I am, I could not stand by and allow that to go unanswered! My reply was in true Southern form, and then I apologized to the Mistress for his total lack of Manors..and accused him of being a Damn Yankee.
It was this last part that started it all.
You see Norma Jean is from New York…I did not know this or I would have never made the sentence. I only assumed such a genteel and lovely lady could ONLY be from the Deep South.
Well after several more emails apologizing to her for MY poor manors…She mentioned her desire to extract her pride on my back side. I read and re-read her email and concluded that she was, in reality challenging me to a Southern Duel. Her honor was at stake, and as a Southern Gentleman I should realize her wrath and give back to her, Her Pride.

Well, little more needed to be said! However, I am a man, and she a Genteel Lady. How possibly could she retake her pride? Then it struck me, to pit her “inferior” female boxing talents against my true manly genitals! She jumped at the chance, confident that she could easily restore her Pride at the expense of my testicles. I felt it important for her, a Yankee, to truly understand the differences between the South and North. That the war fought so long ago has never truly ended in victory or defeat. That so long as I have breadth in my lungs I will uphold all the good things the South stood for, and that there was no way she could get me to admit defeat.

It was this last part I think I will suffer for the most. You see I made those sentences before I saw this extremely fit, rather muscular woman! She stands before me wearing an all white cotton antique corset, her large breasts and aroused nipples clearly visible through the fabric, on her lower half she wore white cotton bloomers. It was if she had just removed her hoop skirt ball gown!
She is clearly far more muscular than I anticipated, her bicep’s, though small, where clearly defined almost chiseled, as were all the other muscles I could see. It was obvious this woman spends lots of time at the gym!
So here I am. Standing before her, my legs spread, my testicles properly bound for a proper beating. My arms tied securely behind my back to prevent me attempting to block any of her hits. My cock rock hard and tied, erect, to my stomach which thrusts my dangling large testicles forward for her. I realized I completely underestimated Norma Jean…a mistake I would pay for dearly.
“You ready, boy?” She asked in an extremely New York accent.
“Madam, ” I began in my best Southern Drawl. I did not get the next word out before she hammered my testicles with her right fist. “Aaahhhhhhhhh! Good hit!” I gasped.
“Plenty more where that came from, Johnny reb!!” She responded. “I’m just getting warmed up!” She shrugged each shoulder in turn stretching the muscles and cocked her head accordingly. I distinctly heard her neck bones crack as she stretched. It was then that I truly felt fear. “Your just not at the right height!” She said, realizing that to really deliver the hits she wanted to She would have to kneel before me. “I know!” She then brought two kitchen chairs into the room and ordered me to stand on them. This put my testicles at the perfect height! “But Mistress? I’ll fall.” I pointed out. Realizing how unstable this situation was.
She then retrieved a rope from the dungeon and tied it off to my rib cage around my arm pits, then secured it to several large hooks in the ceiling.
“That should hold you! Let’s get this started!” She said with a sadistic gleam in her eye.
She reached out and pulled my balls down in the sack massaging the sack skin to stretch it out. “The more the testicles can bounce around the more painful it will be.” she informed me.
“Yes Ma’am, thank you, you are truly a Southern Belle!”
“Here’s how I’m going to run this. You’ll get 20 hits in a row, each one more painful than its predecessor, then you will get a 2 to 3 minute break, followed by another round. The only way I will stop will be through you conceding the South Truly LOST the war!” “That, I assure you my darlin, will NEVER happen!” I responded in my best Southern Drawl.
“We shall see!”
“Oh and by the way, I have the next 3 hours of my schedule free. I think you will be singing a new tune soon enough!”
With that she began the hits. The initial set was more of her getting her targeting, and foot positions, rather than a brutal assault. That would change soon enough. She began the second set with a rather soft set of punches. Her goal on this set was deciding the strength and directions of hits. She ended the 20 hits by 4 doubling strength hits..each one doubling the power of the previous hit….By the time the last hit landed the pains were spiking up into my rib cage, my breadth shaky at best. Sweat was beginning to appear on my chest and brow. “How you doing, Johnny? Hanging in there I hope! This is Just getting fun!”
“I’m do’in fine Billy Yank! It’s just starting to get interesting!” I replied defiantly.
“Tell me when you are ready!”
When the pains subsided….I nodded my head to her.
Her assault was brutal….from the first punch to the last it was where the previous set ended. I don’t think I breathed a single breadth the entire set…the pain sky rocketed through my body. She spiked way way beyond my pain limits…I was babbling by the time the last hit landed. My feet were off the chairs, had I not been tied to the ceiling I would have been curled up on the floor. In truth I was ready to conceded her victory!
“How you hanging, Johnny?” She asked stroking my head with her soft hand. The same hand the just brutally batter my testicles. She reached down and felt of my balls, they were already swelling filling the scrotal sack.
“Do’in fine still Billy.” I eventually replied, “How’s your knuckles fairing? Any bruising yet?”
“Naw! The’re doing fine. Must say your testicles are getting a little red and swollen, thou”
“Really? Already? I barely felt that set.”
“You pain Slut! You’ll regret those words before this is all over.”
“Yes, Yes I will.” I replied.
“Here have a sip.” She gave me a sip of her wine.
“Thanks, Billy.”
She then set the glass down and repositioned herself in front of me.
The fourth set was less brutal, this was to be an endurance test. The punches came slower than the previous set. each one equal in strength. Each one pistoning my testicles backward, and the next hit landing as the testicles swung back forward. It had the appearance of my testicles throwing themselves upon her knuckles. The pains were very interesting, as with all testicle beating they begin in the testicles themselves, then radiate upward to the kidneys, then to the lower stomach, then upper stomach, and then finally ribs. This is where I loose my ability to stand and take it….this is where she engineered the punches to be at punch 17….where I had to receive 3 more as I flailed about suspended on the ropes.
Then the break.
I would slowly come back down from the pains…back to reality. The pains retreating back downward to my swollen testicles. The pain never left them. They had reached a constant pain level.
“How you do’in Johnny?”
“You ready to surrender yet Billy?” I responded.
“I gotta give it to you, you sure don’t know when to stop! Have another sip.”
“Thanks, down right hospitable of you Billy, thanks.”
The fifth, sixth, and seventh sets were repeats of the fourth, with the notable exception that instead of punch 17 maxing out my pain level, it fell to punches 16, 15 and 14 respectfully.
“How you do’in, Johnny?” She asked once again.
“I’ve been better.” I gasped out.
“Thing are looking pretty swollen down there.” She reached out and felt of my swollen testicles, I cringed as she squeezed sending a spike of pain throughout my body. “How much more can these babies take?”
“I don’t know Billy. You wanting to surrender? Those knuckles of yours seem to be really taking a beating!”
She laughed. “No, but your balls sure are!” She then gripped my balls with a furious grip sending a spike of pain through the roof, and then she held it there. “Surrender, Johnny reb!”
“No….” I coughed out.
“Surrender, and I’ll let these go! Otherwise I’m going to increase my grip!”
“No…” I coughed again…as promised she virtually doubled her grip on my testicles.
“Okay! Okay! you win!!! Please!! Please let them go!!!’
She relaxed her grip slightly….then pressed her nose to mine….”SAY IT!“
I hesitated, to which she clamped down with all her might.
“YES!! Yes ma’am.. The SOUTH LOST THE WAR!!!”
She laughed and released my balls…“I knew you’d see things my way.”
As the pain subsided, and I was fed another sip of wine.
“Madam, you realize that I am duty bound to demand a rematch…..”
“I was counting on it!” She laughed, “After all we still have another 2 hours to play!!!”

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