Weight lifting

I entered the dungeon. Mistress was there and waiting.
“Pete, your late!”
“Sorry Mistress I was caught in traffic.”
I knelt down and kissed the toe of her black leather boot.
“Forgive me, Mistress.” I whispered..
‘I’ll think about it.“ She replied with a grin. “Now strip and make your self ready! As I recall you made some pretty heavy promises about this session!”
“Yes, Mistress,” I replied and I promise to keep each and every one!”
“We shall see…” She smiled, “We shall see.”
I pealed out of my clothes, and in a moment I was completely naked before her.
“Here.” She handed me a rope, “We’re going to be starting with some stretching.”
I bound my testicles for weight (as opposed for beating).
“Here” she said pointing to the chains hanging from the ceiling.
“Yes Ma’am.”
In a moment I was handcuffed to the chains, my arms fully extended toward the ceiling.
Mistress began pulling weights from her toy bag and piled them on the table before me.
She had 2 ten pound weights, 2 five pound weights and 4 two and a half pound weights.
I gulped audibly.
“Don’t worry, I don’t think we’ll be using all of them.”
“Thank you Mistress!” I sighed in relief.
She then tied one of the ten pound weights to my balls and let it swing free. She went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine, and returned.
The weight was heavy, but it was only 10 pounds. She saw that I was not affected much, and soon added another 5 pound weight. This was notably heavier. Those of you who enjoy weight lifting understand 15 pounds is a significant weight to be holding. Soon my breadth was becoming labored.
“Is that getting heavy?” she asked teasingly
“Just a little Darling.” I replied
“Good then you won’t mind me adding another 2.5 pounds?”
“No, please go ahead….I promised today, my balls are yours…and you can do anything to them you desire!” I gulped at hearing my own words. A moment later I have 17.5 pounds swinging from between my legs.
My breadth was becoming labored. She pressed her body against my side.
“Do you know how hot this makes me to have you suffer like this?” She whispered into my ear careful to do so with “breathy” words. I could feel her large breasts pressing up against my body as her warm breath teased me mercilessly and my cock throbbed uncontrollably.
“For you my Darling I will endure anything!” I answered her.
“I want you to take more, pete. Will you do 20 for me? Please?” She sexually teased into my ear. I could hear and feel her arousal. “I cannot tell you how hot this makes me!” she sighed.
“Yes my Goddess…Anything today for you!” I found myself replying.
She grinned a sexy yet sadistic simile and stroked my cock teasingly. “Pete you tease me so!”
She lifted the 17.5 pounds from my balls as I breathed a sigh of relief.
“Tell me when you are ready, pete.” She said as she gently held my balls and stroked them gently with her fingers. “I am so turned on by how much your balls can take! I wonder if I could actually cum while torturing you?”
“Oh Mistress that would be THE crowning achievement of my life I that could come true!” I replied.
“But could you handle it?”
“My Darling Mistress, your arousal spurs me on to great heights!”
She ran her fingers across my mustache making it damp with her scented juice. “Does this tell you how aroused I am?”
“Mistress my balls are steel! Let me suffer for you!”
An instant later my balls were supporting a massive weight! The pain was intense. It felt like my balls were being torn from my body!
Mistress hugged me, tapping the weights sending them swinging between my legs.
I coughed as the pain spiked into my testicles.
“Oh Pete!” She sighed! She ran her hands over my compressed and tortured balls feeling the pressure and pain that they are suffering in her honor. She then gripped them with her hand and pulled them forward pulling the swinging weights where she wanted.
“I need more!” she cooed…“Much more!”
My breadth was straining heavily with the pains…..“Yes Goddess….” Was all I could reply
“Hold it pete! Do not give in!” I could feel her hand playing between her legs, I knew she was getting off on my suffering….but the pain…..
“Hold it pete just a little longer…please….I’m so close!” she cooed….
My testicles were screaming in agony…
“This won’t work….” she pouted. “I need more, pete. Can you take more? Please for me? I was so close…your pain and suffering is so arousing!”
“Yes…YES! Anything, but Mistress….” I gasped
“Yes pete? What is it?”
“May I have a small break?”
An instant later the weights were removed. The pains stopping instantly. My breadths sill panting.
“That was so wonderful!” She cooed.
“22.5 Pounds! And you held it for 4 minutes! That is almost the record!” She said.
“22.5 Pounds? I thought you moved it to 20?”
“You said you wanted me aroused….and you have taken me to a new height….if you could only break that record.”
“You mean that did NOT break a record?”
“No, you missed it be a whole minute.” I could see the disappointment in her face.
“Oh Mistress I am so sorry! Let me try again! This time I promise to shatter that record!”
“Will you pete? For me? Can your testicles suffer that much for me, for my happiness?” She tormented me.
“Yes Mistress…In fact I beg you to *make* me shatter that record!”
“Oh Pete! You have made me a happy woman! Are you ready?”
“Yes……………” I was unable to finish my sentence as she lifted and tied off the weights. Instantly my breadth became labored, my testicles were being torn from my body once more.
“That feels heavier!” I gasped out. “Actually it is.” she whispered into my ear. Her hand stroked my stomach and toyed with my failing cock..before finding its goal of my imprisoned testicles. She lightly ran her finger nails across the tightly stretched scrotal skin, then she grabbed them with her whole hand. “You said you wanted to *shatter* that record, for me. Are you now cowardly backing out from your promise?” To emphasized her anger she pulled my balls forward swinging the tremendous weights from like a pendulum.
“No Mistress!” I gasped….“I….I just was not ready for more weights!” I coughed.
“I only added 2.5 pounds more. Don’t be such a baby, its ONLY 25 pounds!!” She pulled my balls again sending the weights swinging harder. “Pete, how long can you hold this weight?”
“I….don’t know….its soo heavy….the pain….is intense…“
“Hold it pete….hold it for me! ” She rubbed her wet fingers onto my mustache again and then up into my nostrils..”There…..Here is my scent to give you strength!”
Like Hercules putting on his ring or Popeye eating his spinach…I suddenly became stronger….The knowledge of my intense suffering arousing my Goddess is all I need to push my pain limits ever farther. Smelling her sweet nectar with my every breadth was pure adrenalin to my system.
Mistress took hold of tortured testicles and gave them a squeeze and a sharp pulls joggling the weights violently. I cried out in pain…..I faintly heard her moan in pleasure at my suffering.
“Again….Again! Harder!” I begged her.

She hugged my body, and gripped my balls again and gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek. She moved in front of me and looked me in the eyes. I could see the animalistic lust in her…..“that” grin she gets when she has entered her sadistic lustful state.
She gripped her hands much harder this time and then she pulled them forward and pushed backward getting the weights to swing. Releasing them letting them swing with the weights as she picked something up off the ground. She knelt before me, then I saw it. It was the ball gag she uses to beat my testicles. She pulled it backward..I closed my eyes. I did not want to chance flinching. She timed her hit with the forward movement, just as my balls reached the apex of the wing she sung the ball into my testicles in a slingshot movement…..it took a second for the pain to penetrate my conscience mind. It was a blinding spike of pain causing my whole body to flail…which renewed the swing of the weights…the lighting shot of pain began its retreat as my balls once more were swinging forward….and BAM! Another hit…and then another and another…I cannot say how many hits I received…I was enclosed in agony until I suddenly felt her untie the weights. My body was covered in sweat, my heart racing…pains sill shooting through my body as I felt her hug me.
“That was beautiful!” She cooed into my ear….“I have not cum that hard in a long time!”
Pains still filling my mind I grinned and kissed her cheek. I had achieved my goal.

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