Burglar Chapter one

He arrived at the house, the coast was clear. Slowly he opened the iron gate, it creaked on it’s rusted hinges. He slid through the opening and carefully closed it behind him. He approached the door, turned the handle on the off chance the owners were dumb enough to leave it unlocked. It turned and the door opened
silently inward.

“Today is my lucky day!” He mumbled to himself. He was in.
He entered the house and carefully and quietly closed the door behind himself. The kitchen was to the right of the door, the house was largely dark and quiet. Being the middle of the day there was little chance of finding anyone inside; they all should be at work. The was a small study, with a computer on table.He made a note of that for on his way out. Next came the living room,a VCR and TV prominently displayed, these too would be grabbed on the way out.

There was a flight of stairs, ascended looking for the bedrooms and the jewelry. At the top of the stairs he entered the room on the right, it was unlike anything he had every seen! There was a sling suspended from the ceiling, a torture table, hand cuffs, and whips! His cock went instantly erect! He had read about such, but never in his wildest imagination had he planned to ever see a S&M dungeon room! He opened the closet and found it full of Femdom torture implements. Without thinking he removed his gloves and ran my hands over the myriad of implement. Floggers, gates of hell, cock rings, testicle weights, whips, restraining devices, hoods, and gags. His cock was rock hard, he looked down and it was in his hand, being stroked as he looked at all these sexual toys. He stuffed it back into his pants, and headed out of the room to see what was in the next room.

Next came the hall closet. It was filled with leather outfits, corsets of every color and description, wigs, and boots. There must have been a hundreds of pairs of boots, thigh high boots, spiked heal boots, flat heal boots, country boots, low cut boots, though most were leather many were glossy latex. He moved on. The last room on the hall was very dark he felt around for a light switch, but found none, so he flipped on his flashlight. It was ANOTHER dungeon room! There was a ornate wooden chair on a platform, a cross leaning against the wall. On another wall was a old time set of Stocks! And as he turn around he saw a large table, and upon it was a gorgeous woman in leather. She was in what looked like a black and red corset. Her breasts prominently displayed, but not covered, her nipples were erect in the cool air of the room. Her legs were covered in silk stockings that clipped to the bottom of the corset. About her neck she wore a red choker. Once more, without thinking he found himself with his pants at his ankles and his throbbing cock in hand. He was an instant from orgasm when she stirred. He froze, a single stroke from ejaculating, when she opened her eyes. He instantly turned and tried to run, but tripped on his pants and fell to the floor hitting his head against the corner of the table on the way to the floor.

He awoke some time later. He felt odd, like he was a rag doll propped up in some unnatural position.
“Are you waking up, scum?” he heard an woman’ voice through the fog of his aching head. He felt a slap to his cheek, then it all came back to him. Where he was…what he was doing.
His first instinct was to escape, he tried to move but couldn’t.
“Hey!” He screamed.
“Let me go!” He demanded.
He was answered by another slap to the face, this one harder than the last. Then a slender yet powerful hand grabbed his face pinching his lips together. In the dimly lit room and face came into focus, it was gorgeous. “In my dungeon, I give the orders!!”
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” She commanded.
“None of your fucking business bitch! Now let me go!” It was then that he noticed he was completely naked, his arms and feet bound spread eagle to that cross he seen earlier on the wall. He looked down and to his horror his cock was once more rock hard, throbbing in fact, with pre-cum dripping from the end.
“I guess a lesson is in order!” She mumbled.
“Get this straight, scum bag! I am the Mistress in this Dungeon! I am the boss here. From now on you will refer to me as Mistress! Is that clear?” She then reached out and grabbed a hold of my testicles and gave them a terrific squeeze. “I asked you a question and I will not let go of these balls until I have a satisfactory answer!” She emphasized her intent with increasing her hold on me, adding a strong pull to the squeeze.
The pain was intense…..He fought to hold back tears.
“Yes.” he gasped.
“Yes MISTRESS!” She corrected me, emphasizing my error with even more force on his testicles.
“Yes, Mistress.” he painfully repeated.
“What is your name, slave?”
“Peter, is my name”
“What are you doing in my dungeon?”
““I …. I “
“Well?” She clinched her hand tighter. His balls felt like they implode under the pressure!
“I came her to rob you!” he blurted out, praying she would release his balls if she heard the truth.
“And this hard cock? What did you intend on doing with that?”
“What?” He looked down again my cock at full erection, throbbing wildly as she tortured his balls with her tremendous grip.
“No! Honest I came her to rob, not rape you! Honest I did not know you were even here!”
“Bull shit!” She spat in my face. “Look at this!” She pointed to his cock, “You came here to rape someone! Admit it!” She screamed, and increased her grip even more.
“Ahhhhh! My balls! Please that hurts so much! Please let them go! I beg you!!!”
“Admit it, scum bag! You came here to rape me!”
“Okay, anything if you will only release my balls!!!”
“Say it!” she screamed adding an intense twist to his balls.
“YES! Oh God! Yes I came here to rape you! Now PLEASE I BEG you to let my balls go!” Tears were now flowing down his face.
She let his balls go after delivering one last tremendous squeeze twist and pulling. “I knew it!!!!!!”
He fell limp in the restraints, his balls still screaming out in agony.
“And I thought I wouldn’t have a session today after bobby had canceled his session!” She thought to herself.
“This is going to be a lot of fun!” A sadistic smile cracked across her face. She had booked the dungeon for an all night session, it seems she would not be disappointed.
She picked up a long length of 1/8” inch nylon rope, and walked back up to her captive.
“I’ve always wondered if I could cure a rapist!” She reached out and began binding his balls.
“NO!” He screamed, “Let me go! Please!!!”
“Is that your best begging?” She answered, “I’m sure you’re begging will improve over the next two hours of ball beating.! She turned and picked up a wooden club, 18 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. She slapped it in her hand a couple times, and looked back up into her captives eyes, “Yes, you’ll be much better at begging me to stop!”
“NO! Don’t PLEASE!” He screamed out pulling at the restraints…
She took a piece of duct tape and taped his still hard cock against his stomach, causing his bound balls to thrust forward and away from his body.
“No! Please Lady! Don’t Do This!! Please!!!!”
“The title is MISTRESS!” She said as she slammed the club down onto his balls, making them bounce violently downward.
“M-I-S-T-R-E-S-S” She spelled out her title each letter accented by another clubbing to his testicles!
She took her time and delivered hundreds of blows to his testicles, some by swinging downward striking the tops of his testicles, others by swinging upward striking the bottom of his testicles.
Soon he was reduced to tears. His cries of stop and help abated as he knew there was no help coming to his aid. The pains were intense in his stomach cavity as well as the testicles themselves.
Finally after the two hours were up, she stopped.
“There! That wasn’t so bad now was it?” She said cheerfully.
“Please Mistress, no more! I beg you! Please no more!” he sobbed.\ “I asked you a question!” Her tone changing to irritation, “Or do I need to give you another 2 hours of advanced training?”
“NO! NO! Please not that!” Pure fear in his voice, he wracked his brain to remember the question. Finally he remembered, but how should he answer? Yes it was NOT too bad? and risk her extending the beating? Or No it was terrible and risk punishment…what was She expecting as the answer?
“Well?” she inquired.
“Mistress, it was perfect.” He answered her.
“Good answer, slave! Now thank me for your training.”
“Thank you, Mistress, Thank you for taking time to train me.”
She dipped her fingers between her legs and ran them inside her body, making them wet with her hot juices, then took her finger and dried them in his moustache and nostrils. Instinctively he breathed in through his nose taking her sweet scent deep into his lungs and psyche. The affect was instantaneous, his cock jumped back to life.
She laughed an evil laugh…..”You should learn to control that cock of yours slave, it will be your down fall!”
He did not hear her words, he was lost in her strong womanly scent. He breathed her scent in repeatedly, then tried to lick his moustache to taste her juices as well.
This irritated her, “How dare he slide into Sub-space!” She untied his aching swollen testicles, and took them into her hands. She gripped his testicles and rolled them in her strong hands, grinding them against themselves.
He cried out in pain, instantly yanked back into reality.
“You have such large testicles!” She sighed, “I just love torturing large full testicles!” She tightened her grip and increased her onslaught against his manliness , his cock began to falter. She reached behind herself and picked up a small plastic strap, she continued her attack until his cock was fully retracted and completely limp. And then in an instant she released his testicles and wrapped the strap about his manhood. She had carefully placed it at the very base of his cock, against the pubic bone. Next she wrapped electrical tape about the strap securing it in place. She released him and stepped back.
He was still consumed with testicular pain, and had not noticed the new implement on his cock. But as the waves of pain ceased he looked down and saw what she had done.
“What is that, Mistress?” He asked.
“That my dear slave is the jewel of cock torture devices!” She said running her fingers again between her legs, this time she shivered as she actually orgasmed with the stimulation.
“I do not understand.” His face was very puzzled.
“You will, my love, You will!” She approached and once more dried her fingers into his moustache, then she pressed her still moist fingers up his nostrils, then as she retracted them she ran them into his hungry mouth.

Her taste was unparalleled, like cocaine to a drug addict. His arousal soared once more, once more he entered sub-space. Then like lighting his cock was on fire. It felt like hundreds of needles were piercing his still swelling cock! He lunged forward in pain, thrusting his crotch backward as if to pull it from the what ever was torturing him! But to no avail! The pain increased geometrically to his arousal! His eyes shot open and he realized the pain was coming from the band she at placed on this cock.

An evil and sadistic laugh filled the room.
He looked up into her aroused eyes questioningly.
“It’s called a Kali Bracelet! Don’t you just love it! YOU are torturing your SELF! The harder you become the more pain you will receive! To make the pain stop all you have to do is go limp.” A terribly sadistic grin crossed her face..”But then where’s the fun in that, eh?“ She reached out with her soft hand and took hold of his semi-hard cock. “Do you like my touch?” She teased as she moved forward pressing her bare breasts against his chest. She gently stroked her hand along his cock causing it to throb and grow to a full erection.

“STOP! Please I beg you Mistress STOP!” the slave screamed in agony as the teeth of the Kali imbedded themselves into the meat of his cock. She laughed an evil laugh. She released his cock and stood before him. “Is your poor cock in agony, my slave?” She blew him a kiss, and placed her hands on either side of her breasts, pressing them forward and upward she licked her own nipple.

Involuntarily his cock throbbed at the erotic site before him, and he screamed out in pain again. Then he shut his eyes. This angered her, she reached out and slapped his face. “Open you eyes or I’ll give you a long slow hand job until you cum!” She threatened. The thought of such while wearing this Bracelet on his cock was pure terror! He opened his eyes to watch the live sex show she was putting on. For the next 30 minutes she teased him unmercifully causing untold pain on his cock. Pre-cum oozed from it’s opening all the way to a puddle on the floor. Each throb was pure agony, his balls now ached more from the volume of cum locked inside them than the beating they had recently received.

His cries of pain were an aphrodisiac to her ears, while teasing him she climaxed several times..but she needed more. She stood in front of him, her erect nipples pressing into his chest, his throbbing cock imprisoned between her legs, her breadth heavy. She reached hands up and placed them on either side of his head and planted her lips against his, their tongues intertwined, his cock throbbed involuntarily up against her labia as he pressed his lips back against her kissing her with a lust he had never before possessed. They remained locked in this tantalizing embrace for an unknown length of time, he had totally surrendered to his new position, as his Mistress’ slave. He felt himself being moved, and he made no effort to pull away. His arms fell free from the cross and he wrapped them about her back and embraced her, kissing her with renewed vigor. He wanted to please his Mistress, he kissed her neck and shoulders; her hand grabbed his shoulders and pushed him lower. Soon he was licking and sucking her erect nipples, like a new born babe suckling milk from its mother he was sucking his new life from his Mistress. Her gasps of arousal leapt with renewed vigor as she pushed him lower still. His tongue found her navel, and lower still. Soon he was upon his knees, his tongue licking her shaved crotch, her juices flowing across his face. Her fingers running through his hair as his tongue explored her body. Suddenly her hands stopped moving and clenched his scalp and hair her fingernails digging into his head; his tongue had found her clit and attacked it for all he was worth. Moments later her whole body froze, every muscle in her body tensed up. Instinctively his tongue doubled its efforts as he sent her crashing into a powerful orgasm. Her cum gushed into his mouth and her labia swelled in the aftermath of the tremendous orgasm. He slowed his movements and softened his tongue. Her body quaked several more times as she rode the after glow of orgasm…..

“That was wonderful!” She sighed.
“Thank you, my Mistress” he responded to her..
“I am weak in the knees!” She sighed.
He dropped his hand behind her legs and rose up, lifting his Mistress in his arms. He carefully made his way across the room carrying her and placed her upon the padded table.
She reached out and removed the Kali from his cock. A trickle of blood ran down his semi hard member. She gently stroked his cock and it instantly rose to full height. She took hold of his balls with her right hand and made a circle about his cock with her left.
“Cum for me, slave!” She sighed, “Fuck my hand and cum for me.”
He began thrusting his hips, pumping his cock thru her hand, as she pulled and squeezed his tender swollen testicles with her right hand. “Cum, Slave!” She commanded as she could feel the cum boiling inside his testicles.
An instant later his first spurt of cum shot from his cock, streaking across her chest, followed by another and another. He continued thrusting until he was fully spent. His hot cum covered her chest, neck.
“Now my slave, Show me your devotion, lick up your seed from my body!”
Without hesitation he lowered his head onto her body and licked her spotless, as her arousal was once more switched into high gear Her hands once more grabbed his head and directed his tongue to where she needed it to be. Soon she was climaxing again his head clenched between her thighs, his tongue buried inside her. As she rode the after waves of her shattering orgasm she slipped into a peaceful sleep. The slave knelt beside her on the floor, and patiently awaiting her next command.

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