As I woke and my eyes sorted our the kaleidoscope of colors into discernible objects I realized the seriousness of my situation. I was naked, and securely bound to an odd chair. My legs were spread as the chair seat was in a “V” shape. Not only were my ankles tied to the chair legs, so were my thighs, ropes also secure my stomach and chest to the chair back. My arms were also secured and immovable, and worse yet my head was also secure, there was nothing about my body that I could move except my toes and fingers – little good they would be. I tried to pear downward but could not. I could feel cool air about my testicles and cock, I could only deduce that they hung freely before/below me.
“How? How could I be here?” I thought to myself. The last thing I remembered was being in the bar. I remember a small yet beautiful woman I was talking to, Shawna was her name. There was something about her that was very familiar yet I could not recall ever meeting her before.

“So your awake!”
I turned my eyes into the direction of the words. My eyes landed on a very small, but beautiful woman wearing jean shorts and a halter top. There was something strikingly beautiful yet familiar about this woman.
“What is this?” I asked.
“You don’t remember me, do you!” She almost exclaimed.
“Yes, I remember you…from the bar!”
“No Asshole! How about college? You fucking jocks are all alike!”
“College? Jock? Honey you got me mixed up with someone else!”
“No I don’t think so! And at this point it doesn’t much matter anyway. Your going to be paying the bill!”
“What bill? Are you a fucking lunatic? Untie me Bitch!”
“I can see the first lesson you will be needing is one in manners!” She reached down and took hold of my testicles and began crushing them. “From now on you will refer to me as Mistress Shawna!”
“Fuck you Bitch!” I replied defiantly between gasping for air.
With that she pulled back her right fist and while holding my testicles with her Left hand she began punching them with her right. “Oh God STOP!” I cried out in agony.
“Not till you say it properly!” you reply accenting each word with a punch!
“Please Stop Mistress Shawna!!”
She delivered four more hits and then stopped.
“Better, but still you’ll have to pay dearly for your foul language. I do not appreciate being called those names!” “Let me go you sadistic Bitch!” Without hesitation she slammed her foot into my dangling testicles, the spike of pain shooting up into my rib cage, almost instantly a second and third and fourth kick landed onto my screaming testicles.
“Mercy! Mercy! I’m sorry! God please stop Mistress Shawna! Please !”
The kicks finally stopped, the pain still ricocheting about my body she knelt in front of me and took hold my of my testicles and gripped them tightly…“Call me that once more and I give you fifty kicks without stopping!!”
“Yes! Yes Ma’am….Mistress Shawna. Please stop…Oh the pain!”
After relishing in his anguish for another 10 to 15 seconds she relinquished her vice like death grip on his testicles.
“I’m going to give you one last chance to you remember me, not that it will change the outcome of your fate.”
“Mistress Shawna, I swear to you that I have never seen you before last night!”
She instantly dropped to a knee in front of me and resumed her death grip on my aching testicles, then got in my face, her nose virtually touching mine. Her eyes flashed of sadistic joy and lust.
“You don’t remember me?” She screamed.
“No….” I choked out, in between gasps of breadth as I endured her grip.
“I don’t believe you!” She twisted her wrist intensifying the pressure on my aching testicles.
“I swear to you! I don’t remember you!” I screamed back.
Suddenly her grip relaxed and the pain began to subside.
“Well then I guess I’ll provide you another clue..this one visual!!” in a single movement she grabbed the bottom of her halter top and pealed it from her body, exposing a most beautiful pair of breasts!
“Are you telling me that you do not remember these?”
My eyes went wide with lust, there before me were two beautiful breasts, her nipples soft yet pronounced. On either side she had Eight inch long apposing Dragon Tattoos. My cock throbbed uncontrollably. My jaw dropped. For a moment I did not feel the pain in my swelling testicles.
“Do these spark your memory, big boy?” She asked as she took her breasts into her own hands and massaged them. She could see that he was totally enveloped by her beauty, his pupils more than doubled in size as he gazed at her body.
A wicked thought crossed her mind, and without warning she snapped her foot forward kicking his dangling testicles with a tremendous force….sending a spike of pain into his ribs…He cried out in pain, unable to move as she snapped another two kicks into his aching testicles.
“I asked you a question!” She screamed getting into his face, and grabbing his testicles again with her hands with her vice like grip.“ “What? What did you ask? Oh God please! Please Mistress!! The pain., please stop!!” he cried.
“Do you recognize me NOW?” She hisses her nose virtually touching his, as she looked into his pain stricken eyes.
“No! NO I do NOT remember! But they…you are very beautiful!”
“Kiss them!” She commanded as she released his testicles, “Maybe that will stimulate your worthless memory!”
I leaned forward and sucked her beautiful breast into my mouth, sucking it deeply into my mouth, and then licked her hardening nipple. A moment later she turned her body and I sucked in her other breast…Involuntarily my cock throbbed, and pre-cum oosed from it dripping onto the floor. She pulled herself out of my reach, both her nipples protruding outward and rock hards, my tongue licking after them as they exceeded my reach. I was caught in a trance my body pulling to reconnect to her breasts. Once more she snapped me out of it with a swift kick to the balls
“Now do you remember?”
“No Mistress, but My God you are so beautiful!”
“I think you are lying!” She then picked up a large rubberized dildo off the floor. “Lets see if I can knock some sense into that empty head of yours!” She then knelt in front of me and looped my hard cock under a one of my bindings, this caused my aching testicles to thrust forward.
“What are you going to do?”
She did not answer with words, but instead began hitting my testicles with the dildo club. The pain started instantly and rose higher and higher into my abdominal cavity! I was babbling crying and screaming when she stopped her onslaught. I had received countless blows, and these on top of the kicks I had already received. She set the dildo down and just held my testicles lightly in her hands.
“My they are swelling nicely!” Sighed, “Hot too to the touch!”
“Why? Why are you doing this to me? What have I ever done to you? ”
“Do you honestly not remember me?” She asked incredulously.
“No, Mistress, I have never seen your before last night, I swear to you!”
“Okay one more round with the club, and I’ll give you one more clue.”
“No! Not that!”
She released his balls and picked up the club, and began once more pounding his exposed testicles….I tried to count the blows, 20 … 30…50 I lost count, finally they stopped. My cock was limp and my body wracked in pain as she set down the club. My eyes focused on the club as she stood back up.
“Here is your final clue…” She spun around and dropped her jean shorts, exposing her beautiful ass…She stepped backward (toward me) and bent at her waist, spreading her legs a little she pushed has ass into my face.
“Lick me slave!” She commanded pressing my nose into her ass hole. My tongue lunged forward and began licking her hot wet cunt like a starved dog. It did not take long for her to climax with my efforts. After her second orgasm she commanded me to lick her ass hole..I was only too happy to oblige. Finally, as before, she slowly pulled herself out of my reach…pulling wildly at my bonds she teased and tormented me just millimeters outside my touch.
She spun around and then delivered three sharp kicks to my testicles and then grabbing my head pulled my tongue back onto her clit and licked her to another orgasm. Finally saited she stepped backwards and began kicking my testicles.
“Now can you tell me you do not remember me???” She screamed at me accenting each work with a vicious kick to my exposed testicles.

“Yes! I mean NO! Oh God Please Stop!!!” I pleaded as the kicks just kept coming.
“Admit you know me!”
“Admit it!”
“This will not stop until you remember!”
She then delivered three sever kicks spiking my pains off the scale..
“Yes! Yes I remember you! Please Stop! I admit it! “
“Say it!” She commanded her kicks finally stopped, and her nose a mere millimeter from my own.
“You ARE that HOT cheerleader that kicked my balls mercilessly into pulp after every football game all throughout college….you are my one True Mistress who alone can break me into submission!”
“YES GO ON!” She knelt and gripped his balls again in her vice like death grip enjoying the agony the spread across his face.
“You are My true love who loves to play this game every Friday Night! And I swear to you, next Friday you will NOT break me!!!”
“YES! Yes I will, and as your reward for holding out so long…. I’m going to give you two more rounds with the Dildo Club!”
“Thank you My Mistress! Thank you My Mistress!!!’

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