Suzanne when she tried

Suzanne when she tried

I kissed her gently and tickled her cheek with the tip of my tongue, she adjusted her vision and focused on my face, her dark eyes showed disproval.
“Please don’t ….. I’m trying to deal with a rotten headache, I’m a bit cranky and if you annoy me you’ll regret it.”
“I’m sorry, can I get you anything”?
She shook her head gently and the back of her hand pressed against her mouth and she licked her lips, you can get me some aspirin , the ones that dissolve in water, do we have any ice – can you get me a cold compress please?” I carefully sat on the edge of the bed as she propped herself up and took the glass from me, slugging down aspirin water in a few gulps. Her head sank back into the pillow and she moaned approvingly as I put the ice cube filled cloth bag just above her eyes, her hand reaching up – moving to just the right spot.
“I’d so like to get some sleep, you can turn the fan on and take something out of the freezer diner, I need some red meat, some barbecued steak would be nice. Please don’t let me sleep past dinner time”
I patted her arm in acknowledgment – said nothing and left her alone – took the steak out, grabbed a cold beer and went out the back, sipping as I walked around the backyard.

I studied the familiar sights from my childhood, for some reason that day they were very clear to me; in the hot late January afternoon all the memories flooded back. It seemed like only yesterday but it had been twelve years since my parents sold the family home next door and moved on. A little bit at a time our old place had been radically altered by the three subsequent owners; my bedroom window that I stared out for hours was gone – replaced by cold aluminium sliding doors leading onto a weird looking deck, the wonderful big above-ground pool was gone, the trusty old garage gone; everything had changed, it was such a shame, the current owners only used it for holidaying. I shuddered at the thought that I had the chance to buy it from the previous owner and didn’t – I should have, but you can’t go back, I can’t recapture my childhood, turn back time. I had my memories now … they’d have to do.
I sat down in the rusty metal chair and picked up a dead mango leaf – exposing the stain on top of the old outdoor table. I glanced over at the brick BBQ still there and still used, and focused on all the fruit trees in turn, they were all still there, bigger than ever. Oranges and mandarins …how sweet those first fruits of the season were when I was a kid… and it was good to see how healthy the other trees were that she’d left to grow – it reminded me of so many things past. The strong smell of the frangipani flowers in the heat of the day, memories wonderful and vivid; I always remembered the good times so easily.
I lived for those hot Queensland summers when I was a kid, the long days, six weeks of school holidays and of course Suzanne, my sweet Suzanne. The older woman next door (just a bit older) and when my parents weren’t home she’d look after me. Ah but those school holidays, they were it for me and Suzanne.
She was very close to our little family – well she was on her own after all and my Mum treated her like an adopted daughter. She looked after me every school holidays and more ….. for years, although by the time I was sixteen it seemed a little redundant for her to be looking after me at all. But it was more than that, just being looked after, she was my friend, my best friend, well sadly but true, she was my only friend and I was always glad to have her around – she’d come over and we’d swim in the pool when the weather was right – watch telly, go to the beach together, shops, movies, some great memories, and food of course, she’d cook dinner or I’d go over to her place for a feed, depending on the mood she was in. I learnt early on that pretending to be totally hopeless got her attention, especially with food and kitchen appliances, I used to make toasted cheese sandwiches every meal and my mother was not keen on me eating that way so Suzanne was the allotted cook, this was always my plan to keep her as close as I could at all times.
She’d voluntarily spend lots of time with me too, so the friendship was two ways, not just her having some sort of obligation to look after me but she wanted to be with me too; we’d go to the movies and to the beach, she taught me how to play chess and the guitar, we’d buy records together and I’d always go shopping with her on Saturday mornings.

She’d give me money for mowing her lawn, washing her car and helping her out around the place on Saturday arvos, in fact we spent nearly every Saturday together for 6 years, except for just a couple, even the rain filled days we’d sit and listen to records together or play chess or cards. And she liked coming over to our place too – we had the pool and colour TV; she just had a scratchy old black and white set – and she was a real telly junkie, loved the soaps and the sport, especially the Cricket when the pommies played, we had great fun teasing each other depending on who was wining, well of course that’s because she was English born.

Suzanne was born in London to well-to-do parents that had some sort of nobility somewhere in a past bloodline or some nonsense like that, who knows. But they’d accumulated a good amount of money in real estate in England and France, and as a consequence of their constant travelling and because she was an only child, Suzanne spent most of her youth from eight years of age to seventeen in an exclusive girl’s boarding school somewhere in England, she told me where – but it meant nothing to me. She’s got that accent, you know the one, highly cultured; like a royal family member, but with a sharp witty edge to it, and when she first came to Australia she sounded so funny, she sounded like she was straight out of a Jane Austin novel, with lots of “Oh Rather” and “in-deed’s” and silly pommy speak, she was so polite and witty and clever, such a contrast to Queensland and I teased the crap out of her about the way she spoke, so much so that she went out of her way to lose the accent as best as she could, but it was still there to some degree on most words.

I consider now that her life change must have been so difficult for her, can you imagine the difference, a toffy English boarding school and parents with a Rolls Royce and 30 room home on an estate, high class English style living and then bang …..Queensland early 1970’s; backward living – out of the past farmers and uneducated people on every corner, not to mention how incredibly slow life was here back in those days. And I would have thought very boring for someone like her, but she assured me on many an occasion that she was never suited to that pompous fake life and that she loved the straight talking honest Queenslander, “no money grubbing Johnny flim flam men here” the slow easy going no hurried life style, the she’ll be right attitude and if I don’t get it done today, we’ll have a crack at her tomorrow thing; and of course the weather, endless days of sunshine and warmth, she couldn’t believe the winters here, she used to tell me not to whinge about the cold weather in July as she reckoned we didn’t have a winter as compared to England.

Suzanne, lets see, how to describe her – as an adult looking back I’d have to say that she was exceptionally beautiful, I wouldn’t say Hollywood style – as mostly they seem to be full of makeup and expensive cloths and Suzanne didn’t need that. As a matter of fact when she wore makeup it took the shine of her natural beauty, especially her naturally thick pink lips, she looked silly with lipstick on. She was 5′ 10 tall, maybe a touch over with a very athletic body and gorgeous pure white skin – skin without a blemish, well that was until the Queensland sun started to tarnish her. In the early days before she had her hair cut, she was an absolute stand out in the crowd beauty, her pure white skin showed off her long thick coal black hair and dark chocolate eyes, although when she was angry or depressed they’d almost turn black, like an Asian, really strange but hypnotic eyes in a way, and they’d turn light chocolate when she was happy and when she laughed hard her eye lids would squint together, it was so cute, you could always tell her moods from her eyes. But more than looks, more than her beauty, it was her alluring personality, it wasn’t just me, everybody liked her, men and woman, even the cranky old lady at the local shop seemed to change her mood when she came into the store. She was clever and well educated in handling people from all walks of life, even if it was fake sometimes – she’d always be charming and polite to everybody. And it goes without saying that I just loved being around her, but as a kid I didn’t know why.

I followed her everywhere like a lost puppy, everything she did, I was right behind her. She used to call me her little tail-light when she first moved next door. “Where’s my little tail-light, quick run and find my cigarettes for me tail-light”. Sitting out in the backyard now with the smell of the Frangipani, the memories of those days filled my senses.
Suzanne and I got on well together, no – hang-on that’s not right, we got on more than well, we were inseparable really, and looking back it must have looked so strange a relationship from the outside. Most thought she was my older sister for a long time – until they realized she lived next door. And on the surface, when I was young, Suzanne treated my like her beloved little Prince, doting on me, buying presents and taking me everywhere with her.

But as I got older and into my teenage years, our relationship morphed, it wasn’t the same and the change was a little frustrating to me, our closeness dropped off, the closeness of our touching that is. She put me at arms length the older I got. But she always used me when she’d go out, used me as a blocker for her, she admitted it to me, told me if I was with her then she’d not have to worry about putting up with all the men trying to chat her up and take her out. And although when I was young I thought she was very pretty, almost angel like – I didn’t understand that she was such a stunning beauty – that realisation came much later. She was so stunning in fact that most men would constantly try for her attention – everywhere she went, it was incredible, she’d get things for free at service stations, and plant shops, tradesman would come around and practically do work for nothing, if there was a man on the other side of the counter, she was treated like a movie star, they’d sometimes just give her stuff – hand it to her and she took it too.

She’d say ‘if those men are stupid enough to give the stuff away, then I’ll take if off their hands” Once I went to a nursery with her to look at palm trees, she had it in her mind to buy a few for the front yard but was only looking. The guy annoyed her for ages and followed us everywhere in the place, even asked her where she lived on the pretext of making sure she got the right palm for the right area, he wouldn’t leave her along, she ended up telling him… in a very polite way…that she didn’t bring any money with her and she’d most likely come back at another time. The stupid drooling man gave her a $40 palm tree and a bag of fertilizer. When we got to the car she just looked at me and said “Idiot men, led by their dicks”… didn’t we have some fun getting that palm into the VW… anyway I thought about that for ages – what she’d said – but I realise now that I was always under her spell – just like the others. But at that early stage of my youth I had no idea about anything – I just knew that I wanted to be with her, so I didn’t care what the circumstances were. I was very useful to her as “her little excuse”; if the men got weird or to heavy she’d stick me in front of her and explain that even though she thought the offers were sweet, she had me to look after and I came first. I loved it; it made me feel incredibly important to her.
In the company others it was just like it was supposed to be, I was the boy who was looked after by the older girl – who treated me like her little brother, kind and caring and helpful. But when we would be on our own, the façade would drop, especially for Suzanne, she’d sigh and turn from a proper Miss Prim to a totally relaxed young lady; she so desperately wanted to break away from the strict upbringing she’d had. She just wanted to relax and not put on a show – and with me, she could do it. She loved drinking cold beer and lying around in the sun – top off and g string bikini if she could get away with it, but she was always careful not to let anyone see, anyone except for me that is. She’d carry on totally uninhibited, she’d burp and fart and play games with me, she did that pull my finger thing when I was about 11 years old and let out a big fart; we had so much fun and it was so relaxing to be around her, and I needed no guarding on my part either, I could be myself and that’s how I think it all began really – I’d get carried away and take it further than she liked sometimes. But she was good, she’d just say, “All this stuff between us, between you and me, our secrets for life, tell the truth always mates” and we’d cross our hearts, it was a ritual we did from time to time when something important enough happened between us.

Out in the open I acted as I was meant to – like a young boy being babysat and then even as a young teen, it was much the same. I did as she told me most of the time and never showed any real commitment to anything more than that, but behind the scene when we had our time alone, it was different and I loved it, Suzanne became the boss woman, ordering me around, making me do exactly as she wanted, if she wanted to sunbake she’d roll over on her stomach, she’d order me to undo her bikini top and she’d pull her bikini bottoms up so they went into the crack in her arse and it was .. “Oil me slave” and I’d rub her back and legs with oil, even her bottom cheeks in those early days, as a matter of fact, she’d let me touch her everywhere except directly on the genitals and breasts, but I got close. None of this was seen by others, a wrong impression would have formed, and probably rightly so. She said she grew up unloved and un-hugged and that made her a very touchy-feely girl and now I understand that she was using me to sate her lack of physical contact, and I was too young to think anything about it. But I – of course loved every second with her. Then she’d give me other orders and I was not to waver from them – things like “It’s hot, fan me slave”, or “get me a cold drink slave” but my favourite, “Massage me slave” you get the picture – all good fun and games as I really had no idea what was happening. And she never let it go too far or let it get sexual and she never tolerated any real nonsense from me either – if I started rubbing her bottom in any other way but putting on oil – like when I tried to touch between her bum cheeks, she’d growl; I touched her breast very briefly once and she grabbed my arm and dug her nails in, gently shook her head “no” and that was enough of an understanding between us and I backed off with nothing else said. She never let me get away with a thing that she didn’t want to. But I loved it, and as I got older the games got more fun and daring. And then of course when I wanted attention from her – when she was not in the mood – I’d annoy her, be purposely naughty for fun; to stir a response. But mostly she played along with it. “Your parents are far too easy on you, naughty boys will be punished, and I’ll punish you one day, mark my words”, she’d say stuff like this when I’d annoy the shit out of her. I remember I went through a phase when I was around 10, 11yo, when she didn’t want to be bothered and she’d always threatened to take matters into her own hands and give me what she felt I should have, she’d be serious and she’d chase me, and the more she did it the more I’d run from her – drop my pants, wiggle my bum and dare her to spank me.

I remember the tease I used to sing to her. “If you catch me you can spank me but you’re too slow, na na na na na” See it all started with her bottom, letting me massage oil into her bum – it just didn’t help – from an early age I was fixated on her bottom, almost catching glimpses of her arsehole and her other bits, blocked by the thickness of her scrunched up bikini bottoms, I’d get so close and it was my first fetish fixation with her, I loved her bum, it was gorgeous and from then on – anything involving her bottom was my game. So I’d tease and she’d chase, I’d giggle and she’d growl and she’d chase, I’d stop and flash my arse at her and the game went like that for a couple of years. And of cause if she’d ignore me – I’d tease and torment the shit out of her until I got a response. Sneaking up and squirting her bum with a water pistol while she sunbaked, hiding any of her stuff from her I could get my hands on, especially when she’d sleep in the afternoon shade or lazed in our pool with her hat over her face. I’d glue things to her bum checks or even draw on them with a marking pen when they’d be exposed or tie her limbs to the deck chair, she slept like a rock so I could do heaps to her and then when she woke I’d be in position and have great laughs at her expense.
It was such great fun and of course I got what I wanted, I got her attention. Emotions always equalled out after a few hours and it was forgotten until the next time. But deep down I craved any attention, positive or negative, but the spanking thing just naturally played it’s self out and I stopped. Things did change as they inevitably do – it was when I was heading towards being fourteen and I was massaging her one warm sunny day – just normal back touching – not bum cheeks as that had stopped by now and she rolled over and caught sight of my hard cock straining in my swimming togs, she said nothing – had a awkward look on her face, put her sun glasses on, gave a slight cough and ignored it. But she stopped asking me to massage her, that’s when it started to change between us and I was changing too – of course, I started masturbating and perving on her in a totally different way, and she new it – not me masturbating but the perving bit, she caught me at it all the time. Then it happened, the true turning point in our relationship after a year of my sexual frustration and masturbation fantasies of her.

I was fifteen and she hadn’t mucked around with me for ages, the more I matured, the more she dropped off from the touching side of things, we’d still go out, do things and spend heaps of time together but she went out of her way to avoid me touching her, no more holding hands, we’d still kiss goodnight on the cheek or an occasional quick touch of the lips and hug as she was always a very touchy feely person, but she was feeling uncomfortable with me as I started growing up. It was now summer school holidays – just after Christmas and I came home after a morning at the beach. My parents were both working and Suzanne was lying on the deck at the pools edge – face down in the afternoon shade and I knew she’d be asleep so I snuck up on her and stared for a minute, taking in her body, she was so sexy.
As usual the bikini bottoms were tucked into her bum cheeks exposing her flesh – turning it a closer brown similar to the rest of her body. I stared at her arse for a while – it was so perfect and I could just see a tiny bit of the crinkly skin of her arsehole under the scrunched up bikini and of course I got hard. And as any perving teenage boy would do – I pulled my cock out and started stroking it – I almost went through with having a full wank but sensibly changed my mind put my cock away and studied her for a while. She was breathing heavily and there were a couple of empty beer cans on the ground, one of her favourite things to do, lunch and beer by the pool and then doze off in the arvo.

I reached over to the knot on her bikini top – I worked my fingers in behind her tied-back hair and gently pulled the string until it was halfway undone – I was an expert at doing this with all my training from her when I used to oil her and she’d already undone the string on her back. Her breathing interrupted for a second and I moved to watch from the behind the pool fence for a few minutes but she was still asleep, napping in bliss. A stupid childish prank flashed in my head – fuck knows why and who knows what was in my dumb brain that day, it was an act the I would have pull on her when I was ten or eleven; I snuck over and took her slip-on shoes from the bottom of the pool ladder, went to the kitchen and put a dollop of honey in each shoe, spreading it carefully with the back of the spoon to ensure full coverage – she had the habit of sitting on the ladder and slipping both feet into her shoes at once – and I put the shoes back and got about 10 feet from her when a passing noisy car woke her from her slumber, I backed up and hid around the edge of the 6 foot high privacy fence that enclosed three quarters of the pool – just watching through the slates. She tied the string behind her back and adjusted her bikini bottoms rolled over and sat up, she rubbed her eyes and swung her legs over the deck and stood up. Bugger, she didn’t use the ladder. She took the few steps on the grass to her shoes and steadying herself with a hand on the ladder she slipped her right foot into her shoe.

Jesus Christ the look on her face as it turned from sleepy bliss to unknown terror was so hilarious, her face changed expressions five times in two seconds, she made strange gurgling noises in her throat and flicked her shoe off – frantically wiping her foot on the grass to get rid of the unknown sticky stuff. She gingerly picked up the other shoe, studied it closely and took a cautious sniff. Her head rose and she scanned the perimeter of the yard and its surroundings, her eyes blackened and a scowl changed her pretty features into angry lines. “Gregory, get here, I know you’ve done this, you … you little bugger, and I will get you this time” Her voice was stern and controlled and I was fighting laugher, I put my hand over my mouth but I couldn’t stop my giggles and she spotted me peeping through the timber fence; she took a big leap towards me. “Right, I’ve got you now” I backed away when she paced over and as she lifted her arm towards me her top fell off revealing her perky little tits. She stopped dead in her tracks looked down and her mouth opened, she didn’t try to put her top back on but she sucked in a big lungful of air and cursed me under her breath, I couldn’t make out the words but I knew she was absolutely pissed off. I roared with laughter and dodged her advances, she swung her hand to slap my face and I ducked as her honey slicked foot caused her to slip over and she landed on the soft grass with an audible thud – I watched her tits jiggled and I bent forward giggling uncontrollably. “I’m going to get you this time boy” she sat on the ground and started fiddling with her bikini top and I backed away from her. “Nice tits Suzie” And again on a spur of the moment lapse in my judgement I turned and dropped my pants and wiggle my bum at her and made a kissing sound. And to the melody of the song “Oh My Darling, Clementine”, I blurted out the old words to her that I hadn’t done for years. “If you catch me if you can spank me, but you’re too slow” She grunted, got to her feet screamed at me. “Don’t you ever call me Suzie you little bastard, I tell you Gregory – I’m going to thrash you this time” And it was on, she chased me down the road … bare feet over rocks and bitumen in her bikini, she was fast – I’d miscalculated – bloody hell, she could run fast, this time she was absolutely serious and I got worried, she must have been playing with me for all those years, at one stage she just got hold of my T shirt and yelled “Gotcher”, but I changed directions jumped a fence and bolted through yards and into the bush to eluded her. I heard her hell through the neighbour. “You little shit, you’ll pay for it this time, you have to come home eventually, and when you do I’ll be waiting” She was right of course, and I knew I’d gone over the top just a little maybe, but it was so funny and she had no sense of humour sometimes. But then again, I guess I might have fucked her shoes up, Christ and I’d never heard her swear – she never said shit or fuck, just a few bloodies and bastards; and of course I’d have to go home eventually – I was not prepared to run away at fifteen for putting honey in her shoes.

So I was expecting something this time, but what? I didn’t know, spanking, nah, she wouldn’t do that, although she did actually smack me hard on the arse a couple of times, the first time I was twelve, she cornered me at the pool and grabbed me with a big handful of my hair. I’d put cold jamb in her belly button while she was asleep on the pool deck, made her wake in fright and she fell into the pool – it was so funny, she scolded me of course then told me to turn around and bend over – but she only smacked me once, it was very hard and I remember it pushing me forward, but I had wet swimming trunks on and they took most of the force, I reckon it would have hurt her hand more, and I giggled and she growled, but – twenty minutes later she had a smile on her face as she saw the humour in the prank. But of course that first smack lived in my fantasy brain for ages. I’d never really done anything too serious to her in my pranks and in turn I never believed that she would do anything too serious to me if she caught me – but I guess this time it was to be the tester. I was thinking a face slap, that’s her style; she’d given me a couple of face smacks, serious stingers, twice when I dropped the clanger and said the big words. Even my Mum knew about one of them, the first time it happened I was thirteen and dropped the word while we were in the pool, mucking about, not sure now what happened and I told her to fuck off, just in fun, and she slapped me straight across the face, it was bloody hard too and a total shock. Mum was hanging washing out about ten feet away and heard and saw the whole thing, I remember I looked at my mother for support and she just said ‘it serves you right; you’re getting a foul mouth on you, Suzanne you certainly have my permission to punish him when he swears like that, you should wash his mouth out with soap”, and mum just looked away and kept putting washing on the line

I was flabbergasted and the look on Suzanne’s face was total contentment and satisfaction. And she said, “See, see what happens if you misbehave, you’ll be punished, so don’t forget it, because one day you’ll get that spanking”. And she gave me this huge knowing smirk, crossed her chest in our silent code and slid under the water and started giggling. And the last time it happened, only three months before this honey business; she scolded me for being late when she picked me up from the shops, we had a fight in the car and when we got back to her place I let it slip, I told her not to be such a cunt about it. Well, all hell broke loose, she grabbed me and dragged me into her laundry, she got her jeans from the washing basket and quickly pulled the belt out and doubled it in her hand yelling at me to bend over – but I wouldn’t. I tried to get back past her and she grabbed my hair and forced me over – she swung the belt on the arse. “You foul mouthed grub, you had a clear intention of misbehaving didn’t you, is this what you want, a belting from me” I was wrestling with her to escape and moving in a circle – she was too close to me to get any really hard swats in and my trusty heavy duty Levis jeans took most of the force out of her hits; she got frustrated, she pulled my hair and I stood up, and when I tried to break free she slapped my face so hard it brought tears and stars to my eyes, and then of course I was hers, like a limp doll and she washed my mouth out with soap, I kid you not, fucking yellow cake Sunlight laundry soap. I protested and carried on like a pork chop for a week about that, she just told me that she was given permission to punish me – and she did – and the next time it would be far worse and much more painful, and I was lucky she never told my parents about it. So on the strength of all that – I knew she was well and truly capable of some sort or retaliation but I left it as long as I could before I showed my face, she was easy to forgive you if you gave her enough time, it was only when she was right at the incident that she was at her angriest. It was almost dark and nearly seven o’clock, she was cooking diner as my folks were at work and after five hours of hiding from her I walked into the kitchen and saw a big wide leather belt on the kitchen table; she walked straight up to me and grabbed my T shirt and drew her hand back to slap my face – I was ready for it, I even lifted my cheek for her and shut my eyes, but she just pushed her hand into my face and forced my head against the wall, she grabbed a handful of my hair shook my head a little and told me to sit down at the table where the belt was. Then she started… I got a huge verbal dressing down – nothing like ever before, she spoke softly, then she’d yell, she paced the kitchen, smoked cigarettes, thumped the table, picked the belt up and whacked it on the table, spoke about my rotten behaviour towards her – how she hurt her feet running after me and she walked over grab my shirt and put her face so close to mine I could smell her breath – telling me that what I did was wrong and juvenile and all the years that I had tormented her was really poor treatment of her on my part, how we were best friends and she looked after me out of the goodness of her heart and I treated her like this. It was the worst I had seen her and was feeling very ashamed and I even had tears running down my cheeks, she just passed me a tissue and told me that I should be upset about what I had done to her. “Go over to my place and wash my shoes out.

…. They’re in the laundry tub” I did as instructed – carefully cleaning out the honey with dishwashing liquid and sponges she had left there. I got back and she’d cooked dinner and as soon as we sat she went on about it again, right through dinner and she didn’t even bother with TV that night. We stayed at the kitchen table after the dishes were done and she spoke about being an adult and all the flashing of my bum rubbish at her was very childish and just plain stupid.“Why did you do that to me today, ruin my shoes like that, and untie my top, you did do that didn’t you? “Yes”“Gregory, as if that wasn’t enough why did you drop your pants daring me to spank you. I’d thought you’d grown out of that nonsense. Do you think a spanking from me would be funny or something do you, you think it’d be sexy Gregory, is that what you think?” I shrugged my shoulders and stared at the salt shaker trying to block her words.“Well why did you have to show me total disrespect like that, do you know how rude that is, hum do you understand in your tiny brain how upset you have made me, you’re my best friend and you treat me like crap sometimes, I get so upset with you” She paused and picked up the belt, holding it in front of my face. “I should do it, I should thrash you – you know that don’t you, do you realize that I could right now strip your pants down bend you over the chair here and thrash you, do you think that would be fun do you, is that what you think – flog you with this belt right here in your parents kitchen? Not a very sexy thought is it and I can assure you that you’d not think so by the time I would be finished with you, is that what you want is it, you want me to punish you, do you want me to give you a spanking is that it” She paused and studied my face and then her tone softened. “Gregory do you have some sort of sexual fetish for spanking is that what your problem is?” I looked into the blackness beyond the kitchen door and mumbled. “No, I don’t” I was not very convincing in my lie and my skin crawled at the realisation that she new my little secret fantasy. “I’m sorry Suzanne, please I’m sorry” I was in terror of course; and it was 8 o’clock and I was squirming in my seat at the way she started to talk, talk about spanking like this, it was ok in my fantasy, but in the sober atmosphere of my parent’s kitchen it was not at all what I wanted to listen to. And I’d never seen her go off like this before; I was feeling very uneasy about it. She suddenly grabbed my arm.
“Gregory look at me” I focused on her eyes and she lifted her eyebrow. “Those shoes cost me forty dollars, they are real suede, they’re probably ruined now and I swear this to you, the next time you pull a stunt like this, you WILL get more than you bargained for – have you got that, no more joking, I will punish you like you could not imagine, you want me to spank you, is that your fetish, hum, is that what you want?” She shook my arm digging her finger nails in hard and the pain made me grimace but I looked at the floor.
“I don’t know Suzanne, I’m sorry; I don’t know why I did it – I thought it would be funny”
“Funny …… you think it was funny to ruin my shoes……Gregory I am warning you once and once only, you don’t want to try me out on this one, because if you think that I’d spank you and you’d get a sexual thrill out of it or something stupid like that – then you are so very wrong. It would be pure punishment and I would thrash your bare arse so hard you will wish you had never been born – I’m warning you – I’ll do it, next time you flash your bum at me or do something stupid to me, the very next time you clearly misbehave to get my attention you’ll get your wish – I’ll thrash you and you’ll bloody well regret it, now go to bed and get out of my sight”
I lay in bed that night and wondered about what she said, after all the crap I pulled on her over the years she never once told my parents, so did she mean that she would really spank me, what would it be like if she actually spanked me with her hand on my bare bottom – bent over her lap. I couldn’t help the fantasy – it was such a powerful image. She had so much power over me. But I couldn’t see her doing it, it’s just a bluff on her part to frighten me, she is way too controlled to do something like that – a few smacks on the bum maybe – but pants off bare bottom stuff – nah she won’t do it – she didn’t punish me for today liked she said she was going to, she just grabbed my hair and dung her nails in, that’s nothing, nah she’s full of shit. But as I did on many occasions especially lying in bed at night, I’d fantasise about lying across her lap, hand hands on my bum and seeing her naked body and her touching my cock and wondered what it would be like; I masturbated for hours.

The very next morning she called me over while I was cleaning the pool; I reluctantly went into her Kitchen.
“Right Gregory sit down please, we need to have another little chat about yesterday”
I sat down and rolled my eyes at her, I didn’t mean it to be disrespectful – I was just a bit pissed off at being taken from my pool cleaning to go over the same stuff again as last night; she saw me and exploded.
“How dare you roll your eyes at me, I’ve got a good mind to really do it this time, you’re just a little brat, you’re so close to being thrashed, do you realize that, and you would not be smiling afterwards I can assure you – it won’t be anything like those little love taps I’ve given you before” she breathed deeply and said to yourself quietly “calm down Suzanne”
“Now I bought you in here to tell you that I was prepared to forget about yesterday, not make you pay for my ruined shoes, and as usual not tell your parents what happened, if you are prepared to grow up, are you going to grow up – or am I going to have to put up with your childish nonsense forever?”
“I’m sorry Suzanne, I won’t do it again”
“I’ll believe that when I see it” She paused and looked at me – I think she was waiting for me to say something. But what could I say, oh yes Suzanne, take me across your knee and spank me. But of course real life is not like a fantasy.
“So you say that there’ll be no more pulling down your pants nonsense, destroying my stuff or annoying me anymore”.
“I won’t Suzanne, I promise”
“Because that warning I gave you is true, I am serious this time – you try me out and you’ll regret it understand, I’ll spank you for real and it’ll be so hard you won’t know which way is up – you got that, this is your very last chance and I don’t care how old you are or how old you get, the next time you stuff up – you will be severely punished, have you got that?” She cupped her hands to my face and lifted my head so I had to look into her eyes.
“So then this is the last of your nonsense” I shook my head yes; but really I wanted to fall at he feet and beg her to spank me. I was going crazy over her, I wanted to touch her and be with her every second. I didn’t even know why.
“Can I trust you – and no more lies to me, cross our hearts” I said nothing and crossed my heart at the same time she did, the old ritual and I stood and she hugged me and that was it, a new change in our life, she hadn’t hugged me for ages and now I was nearly as tall as her it seemed so much different, it was an adult hug, and I pushed my hands into her back and took in the moment. And in that year things changed, the innocents in a friendship had gone, my deed that day at the pool had truly changed our life together, all things became different and I went out of my way to prove to her that I was an adult. I treated her with enormous respect and courtesy, did anything she wanted without question, engaged in proper conversations, we were very close – but not like we were when I was young – but we were getting very close in a different way. That year was full of learning for me. When she moved next door she was seventeen and she seemed so old to me, and now I was almost seventeen and she’d just turned twenty five, life looked a whole lot different.

I spent my time in silent worship of her that year. I became more and more infatuated; I’d sit at my window at night and perve on her with binoculars, I’d constantly fantasise about her and masturbate. I hated any man that came near her, not that she had anymore than a couple of casual male visitors that year which I can be thankful for. But I’d sit and curse them; any of them that would come anywhere near her. And in my naivety I had no idea why these feelings were eating at me all the time, but they were taking me over. Now an admission is that I was emotionally immature for my age and I’d had little contact with other kids outside of school and I really didn’t care for many of them anyway. I was way ahead of my class mates scholastically and never showed any invitation for mutual friendship. I didn’t need them – I had Suzanne and she was all I knew, I’d grown up only knowing her, and only knowing her point of view of life.

It was almost a year to the day that I’d done the honey stunt in her shoes and that summer my life changed forever. It was a couple of days after Christmas and a weekday; my folks were back at work I was bored stupid, Suzanne was at our place watching the Cricket on TV; we’d had a swim earlier and she was a little stand-offish with me that arvo – after a little incident in the pool. It was a cool afternoon for summer; clouds had started to form and long sought after rain was impending on the horizon. Suzanne tucked her long legs under her bottom as she change position on the lounge and stared the screen and sipped a cold drink. I stood behind her – watching her watching TV, her denim skirt rode up her legs just an inch from her crotch, Christ this was so frustrating.
All summer I had been trying to do as much with her as I could, but she seemed a little distant this Christmas, preoccupied with other things and had hardly showed me much attention at all – we’d been to the beach only once so far that Christmas and she caught me staring at her crotch (again) while she was sitting cross legged in the sand. I was dazed and in a pure fantasy of what she looked like under her black bikini bottoms, in that secret place, the only part of her body that I had not seen.
Fingers clicked in front of my face.
“Hey, snap out of it, what are you doing, keep you eyes to yourself you little pervert, why don’t you look at all those school girls over there, not me, perve on them. You’re always staring at me, staring at my crotch or my bum or breasts or something – I know you do, so stop it, it’s more than a little unnerving and it’s getting annoying so stop it please”
I was deeply embarrassed about being caught staring at her – but she showed little emotion – just gave me a funny crooked smile pushed her sunglasses back on her nose leaving a white fingerprint from the suntan cream on the black plastic bridge; I turned my attention to the surf. That was about a week before Christmas – but I couldn’t help my staring all the time, she raised her eyebrow on several occasions and just said “Well” expecting me to answer her about why I was in such a deep trace of her presence. But to be honest – I could not have told her anyway, they were intense sexual feelings and how was I to explain that to her. I guess I could have said show me your cunt Suzanne, but of cause you can only say that in your brain – not for real.

Then it happened, out of the blue and unexpected, one brief interlude and I knew there was something there, something more between us. Suzanne spent every Christmas with us, eve and day, she had no-one else…well not in Australia anyway… and on this Christmas Eve as usual she’d come to our house for dinner, always splendid and that year, as per usual, she’d indulge in drinking with my folks, we had all ended up in the pool on that hot Christmas Eve and thankfully my parents moved off well before midnight, leaving us alone. Suzanne was very tipsy and for the first time she started talking about personal stuff, my personal life. She asked me if there were any girls at school that I liked and what sort of girl I liked and if I liked blondes or redheads, girls with big breast, just stuff like that, it was crazy, she’d never ever once asked me about other girls or if I liked any, but she’d had more than a few beers and I didn’t say much just let her ramble on. In the end I got the shits with her cross examination of me and I just blurted out, there’s only one girl for me Suzanne and that’s you, you’re perfect, your beautiful and sexy and there’ll never be anyone else for me but you. Of course I made it sound like a joke, but I was not joking.
“Oh, my sweet baby, come on – time for bed or Santa won’t leave you any presents”
And then she kissed me, it was meant to be a good night kiss … a kiss we had shared for 6 years but as she was getting out of the pool she grabbed my face and it ended up being a full on the lips kiss, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and started moving it around. It was my first kiss – I didn’t know what to do – I just let her go; it lasted probably 20 seconds and she pulled back and just gave me this glazed look.
“Merry Christmas my little sweetie” And she pealed off and sashayed across her lawn turning once to blow a kiss to me, she got to the bottom of her stairs and pulled off your bikini top and walked half naked up the stairs. I nearly died on the spot. The next day, nothing, not a fucking thing, she came over and gave me a peck on the cheek, not a thing was mentioned, not in the morning or Christmas lunch, nothing – she never seemed to acknowledge it at all, had she been too drunk to remember doing it. I never knew, because I never really pushed the subject with her again. But it drove me nuts and was the catalyst for the actions that took place that changed my entire life.

Two days later in the pool the very day of the (lets call it) big incident – just before it started clouding over – we were talking about books and she told me she wanted me to read Lady Chatterley’s Lover, about how powerful love can be between two people, about love that had transcended different boundaries and cultures and how romantic and sweet it was. We were lying opposite each other in the pool on our backs with our arms on the edge and as she spoke she was moving her legs about, gently opening and closing them as she floated and I was looking at her and naturally I was in total sexual lust. My cock got hard and started sticking up in my swimming shorts and I didn’t even realize it. All of a sudden her words stopped.
“Oh you little pervert, for Christ sake go and take a cold shower will you” Her voice was serious and cranky. She splashed water at my crotch and got out of the pool and went home.
Again I was deeply embarrassed and didn’t see her until it was telly time after lunch. I’d been waiting for her – staring out my bedroom window but she took her time today and as soon as she came out her back door I made my way to the kitchen to intercept her arrival. She came in and walked past me.
“Hi, you don’t want the telly for a bit, the test is on, watch it with me” she hardly looked at me and didn’t wait for an answer. She put her six pack on the table, removed one and stuck it in her cooler – I put the others in the fridge as I always did and she walked past and sat down on the lounge. I had the TV ready for her, on the right channel and at the right volume setting.
For the first time I put on the jeans and bright T-shirt she bought me for Christmas, just trying to get her attention, on any other occasion she would have praised the way I looked, but this arvo was a no go. I was hoping her attitude wasn’t because of the incident in the pool, I truly didn’t mean it and I was running ideas through my head about how to approach her and talk to her about it. But nope within one minute she was engrossed in the box.
I stood behind her for ages, silently, while she watched the box. She knew I was there – but ignored me, she never even told me to sit down or that I was annoying her standing behind her, which she usually did. I was just trying to come up with something that I could do to get her attention, something clever, mature. Shit why won’t she acknowledge me after that kiss the other night. I’ve got to do something, something drastic; I want to talk to her about it, about lots of things.
“I’m going up the road to the shops for a while, do you want anything” I announced as I moved from behind the lounge.
“No thanks – but be back before five, I want an early dinner tonight and then we’re going for a walk down the beach” Her gaze from the telly never shifted as some pommy cricketers batting actions made her comment with an audible “yes”.
Spur of the moment stuff – I scooped up her cigarettes and lighter from the table beside her on the way passed, figuring she’d spot me – bring her back to life – break this nonsense of the TV, start a conversation, that’s all I wanted to do, I just wanted to talk to her, but no, I walked out of the house and up the road.
Nothing happened, I’d escaped. I headed for the bush and sat down; crap it didn’t work – now I’ve got to sneak this shit back to her. Shit! Shit! Shit – I hated this feeling – Fuck it – I examined the packet of smokes and clicked her prized gold lighter and watched the flame dance gently as I twisted my wrist to view the different colours.

I’d never tried smoking before – even though I was almost seventeen, I never even thought about it much, I thought it was actually quiet dumb and it stank – well having little else to do and out of spite and wanton waste of Suzanne’s cigarettes, I lit up one of her king-size Craven A’s, put the lighter and packet on the ground sat back and studied the glowing tip – I put it to my lips and inhaled gently – well of course like all do on their first effort – I choked and spluttered and gasped for air. I threw the cigarette away and stood up; and with hands on hips I bent forward to try and cough up that vile smoke I’d inhaled. I thought about how dumb I was at the same time my watery eyes focused on a thin wisp of smoke six feet in front of me. Of course in my stupefied state I watched its ever-growing column for a few seconds. The whole south east corner of the state was in the grip of a drought, the grass was dry this summer and it crackled under foot. There was in fact a total fire ban in place. But I didn’t start it on purpose and I could explain that couldn’t I…….. I better make sure it doesn’t catch…..I looked around the ground for the lighter and cigarettes. And when I looked up the grass had caught fire and a little flame was chewing up dry grass at a rapid rate. No problem I thought, hum lets see, there are a few little trees over here, and ripping a branch from a small tree I bashed the leaves at the rapidly spreading fire, the flames were more than a foot high now and the more I hit the ground with the branch to try and put it out the more I spread the flames to nearby grass; it flashed up way faster than I thought possible. I couldn’t believe how fast this little fire was spreading and smoke billowed all around me – I tried to stamp at the edges with my feet and again tried to bash it out, worse and I started to panic and then I ran like fuck.
Back in the safety of my yard I hid behind the garage out the back – my hiding haven since I was a little kid. Not more than a minute later the faint sound of a siren pierced the afternoon silence. Shit how did they find out so fast. That bitch from the shop I bet – always being a stickybeak on everything and everyone, fuck what if she saw me. I’m doomed.
“Slam!” the back door closed behind me. Breathing hard, I tried to calm myself, expecting to be confronted by Suzanne for slamming the door, and needing to do something before that happened, for my nice new T shirt smelled like smoke, so I needed to change clothes quickly. The sirens stopped. “Oh, Jesus! – they’re at it, please please put it out” I whispered to myself and I really panicked. What if somebody’s house goes up – what if that bitch saw me – what if someone else saw me? I was cautioned so many times about playing with matches when I was younger and to start a fire now – at my age … at sixteen … I knew it would be a serious offence, it would be police and the whole bit. Running for the stairs I collided into Suzanne as she came around the corner from the lounge room, my left arm was on the upswing and my clenched fist drove straight into her right tit.
“Hey! Watch it” Her voice was loud as we bounced off each other and she rubbed her breast with the palm of her hand. “What’s the matter with you – are you nuts?” The grimace on her face showed genuine pain and I apologised for the unintentional crash.
“Sorry sorry – um, er, ah, I’m all sweaty from running back from the shop. Gonna take a shower and change my clothes, um I gotta go to the toilet.” Thinking back, I didn’t have a chance. My eyes would have been wild, I no doubt smelled like a BBQ, and I must have appeared guilty as hell of something.
I stammered, trying to avoid her eyes. “Is … is my Mum home yet?” I was trying to see if I had any hope of getting rid of her before she found anything out.
“What’s wrong with your brain? … it’s Wednesday, your parents work late tonight as they do every Wednesday night, you know that; I’m cooking dinner for you … and then we’re going for a walk on the beach, the London Carols by candlelight’s on tonight you were going to watch them with me – you know all that, what is wrong with you, something’s wrong Gregory, what is it?”
Suzanne’s reply was sharp and showing her annoyance at my stupidity. Her dark eyes studied mine for a few seconds as she was still rubbing her tit to ease the pain then she turned her head to the lounge room and walked over to the front window.
“I can’t find my smokes, have you seen them, and what’s going on outside – I heard a siren – what’s happened?”
Fuck! her cigarettes – I’ve got to put them down somewhere, where – I reached into my pocket and started backing away towards the stairs, I dropped my chin down sniffing at my T-shirt, I knew I had to make a quick exist before she took a further inspection. Turning from the window, Suzanne’s eyes bored into me. I turned and ran up the stairs. No doubt after looking out the window and seeing the column of smoke that was a couple of streets away made her brain click and her suspicions of me where triggered into action.
“Get back here right now” Her parade-ground voice echoed up the stairwell. I turned and walked slowly down to the bottom stair.
“What have you done? And before you consider lying to me think about the consequences – remember our pact ….. No more lies. If you’ve got something to do with this – this siren, you’d better tell me now, ’cause you know I’ll find out anyway”.
I shrugged and said nothing, moving my lips over each other I looked into the half screen of the TV that was blocked by the doorway – trying to focus on the mumbling of a commercial, wishing that I had stayed in my bedroom that afternoon and had a wank.
“Well, I’m waiting” Suzanne frowned and her aggressive tone triggered my defences and I yelled back at her.
“I didn’t do anything”
“You’re yelling at me – at me, it’s impossible, I don’t believe you’re doing this, if you are innocent then why hell, hum, me thinks that you just gave yourself up and indeed you have something to do with this”. She took large steps and was on me before I could move. I was stuck on the bottom step and a couple of inches taller than her as she reached out and held my head firmly with both hands forcing me to look into her stunning dark eyes.
“You are not getting away today, you have nowhere to run, and finally I have you, now look me in the eyes”.
She moved her face forward and our noses touched; she sniffed and moved her nose to my cheek, I could feel the sensual touch of her cheek on my nose, I swooned at all body contact with this woman, even in the harshest of circumstance – like that moment when she was interrogating me – I lost my sense of awareness and my cock twitched in my pants.
“You stink …….. Well, what have you been up-to you silly goose?” That was her favourite word for me when I’d stuff up – as she didn’t swear she used cute terms like that, she’s call me a silly goose or a bird brain. Hearing those words again after so long made me think I was twelve all over again, like the day she bent me over and smacked my bum at the pool, she called me a silly goose when she did it, those two words always triggered that memory. Her face was so close to mine I could see the pigment in her eyes – I looked at her mouth and her full pink lips parted, I looked back into her eyes and her grip tightened on my face. I couldn’t resist her and finally I spewed forth tales and lies of playing with matches and starting a fire.
“Jesus Christ you’re sixteen years old, what is wrong with you, you started a fire, a bush fire?” Her voice sounded of total disbelief this time.
“You wait here, and you’d better hope this is not serious, don’t you leave or try to run away; and find my smokes!”
As soon as she was out the door I ran to the window, craning my neck to see what was happening, I watched her walk towards the source of our neighbourhood’s excitement and she disappear from view; I went outside to get a better look – but could only see a small column of smoke.
Christ, I went to the pool to splash water on my face and there I was left alone with images of doom and despair, of houses burning, of police and my parents, glares from the neighbourhood and schoolteachers. I needed an escape route. Ten minutes went by – I walked around the pool and ran my hand through the cool water – then walked to the kitchen door, within an easy sprint to my secret spot behind the garage and my mind compounded one weird image after another – of fire and devastation. I kicked the toe of my sandshoe into the dirt at the edge of the concrete – but nothings happening, there’s no police coming looking for me. I heard the front door shut. She was inside looking for me. Relief, what do I do, run away, yes I can do that. I’ll come back later, she’ll have calmed down by then.

“Shit!” I said aloud as I realised I’d forgotten about her smokes and lighter, why didn’t I put them back. “You fucking idiot, you had time …. why?” I mumble out loud. I knew I had to do that at least. She’ll throw a spastic if she finds out – she’ll come out the back looking for me, I’ll go back round the front and chuck them through the window, I reckon I’ll get away with it…I’ll just peer around the corning here and if it’s all clear I’ll make my….. And as I was conceiving my move towards the front of the house a huge thud hit my bum scaring the crap out of me – I nearly shit myself; she’d snuck up behind me and smacked my arse hard with her hand.
“What are you doing back here, trying to hide from me are you? You’re lucky you know, it only burnt some grass – it’s out now. You little fool the police are asking everyone if they saw who started it – you’d better hope no one saw you. They may even do a door knock. I hope you’re happy,” Her voice was stern and unforgiving, like the school teacher scolding a naughty pupil.
“You didn’t tell anyone it was me did you – please you didn’t” I put my hands together in prayer and begged her for the correct answer. “No of course I didn’t, why I would – no this time you’ve done it”. She grabbed my arm “You’ve been so good and grown up all year and then you do this. Starting a bush fire is not funny or cute or in anyway sane, come on, it’s time, I warned you last year didn’t I – I told you – you had one chance left and you’ve blown it.” She started towing me towards her place.
“Blown it ……….. I don’t know what you are talking about. What are you doing, Suzanne, let go of me, this is dumb, I’ll come with you – what warning” And the truth is I’d actually forgotten about her warning, that spanking stuff from last year, I’d lost that fantasy all together. I’d moved on, just sex fantasies now, so the spanking thing never entered my mind. I actually thought she was going to ring my mother. “No way – I’m not letting you go this time – you’re not running away today, today is judgement day”
I protested loudly the whole way into her yard and through the front door of her house. I pulled a little from her grip; she dug her fingernails firmly in – holding my arm as we went through the lounge down the hall and straight into her bedroom. I could have broken away if I’d really wanted to but her mental power over me kept me this time – and I knew that this was serious.
“Let go of my arm”
She shook me as she let go and spun around with her hands raised to my face, staring straight into my eyes as she pressed my cheeks. “This is without doubt the dumbest thing you have ever done – Greg you’re sixteen years old, nearly seventeen for Christ’s sake, what the hell is wrong with you – why did you start that fire? You were so good this year, good to me and everything, we had such a good time and I thought you’d finally started to grow up – but I guess I was wrong – I think you must be retarded or something, hum do you like lighting fires? Answer me” Her tone was slightly sympathetic and inquisitive and she waited for a few seconds but I had no intention of saying anything anyway. I just flicked my eyes around her bedroom. It had always been off limits to me officially but I knew it well, if Suzanne knew what I’d been up to in here she’d have kittens ….. She let go of my face and stood back a pace holding her hand out – ready to receive. “Give me the matches.” I didn’t move, my heart started pounding in my chest again.
“Don’t ignore me or I’ll strip you bare to find them” She yelled loud enough for the surrounding houses to hear. I looked at the door and she just shook her head at me.
“Don’t even think about it, you know that this time you have gone too far – no more games you’re not a baby”
Right then I knew I was totally fucked and knowing it was useless to argue I complied, digging into the pocket of my pants I handed her a crushed packet of cigarettes and then her expensive gold lighter. The look on her face turned black as she inspected her stolen property. “Well well well, I see now ….. I take it you didn’t find them – that in fact you stole them from me, hum, did you start that fire with my lighter?”
“No” my denial was harsher and louder that it needed to be and she smacked my face faster than I could react to pull away.
“So you want to play games do you, I’ll find out one way or another, you’ve done it now don’t you understand that. This is the last stop for you, no more leniencies” she lifted her hand to smack my face again
“I had a smoke, sort’ that’s all …. and dropped it and that’s what started the fire, I didn’t steal them – I was just, I just took them for fun, I was going to put them back and I tried to put it out… the fire …. I” She cut me short\\
“You wicked little bugger, no – I won’t listen to any of your pathetic excuses to try and get out of it, for once in your life own up to your wrong doings”

She took one of the crumpled cigarettes from the pack and examined it. I could feel her gaze bore into me as I looked at the floor. “You are pathetic, do you know that? Just a pathetic little boy, do you know what you have done, do you understand how stupid you have been” Real disappointment showed through her voice and it went high and low in its tones. “Starting that fire is one thing, but what I am really pissed off about you stealing from me, from me – we’re friends, we’re mates, and you don’t steal from your mates, not even for a joke, that is just so cruel to me, you’ve been so cruel to me when I think the world of you, I’ve never hurt you” just hung my head, looking at her feet, watching her slowly tap her right foot in annoyance.
“But that’s what you want isn’t it, hum, back to the old chestnut, you want some attention you selfish boy” Suzanne put her lighter and cigarettes on her dresser. I looked at her, a bit hopeful.
“Can I go home now?” I looked at her and then at the door.
Suzanne chuckle out loud. “You’ve got to be joking; I am certainly not letting you go Gregory, you’ve been asking me for this for ever so long and now you get your wish”
“What, what are you talking about?” I watch her as she walked to her bedroom window and closed it and then she went and shut her door while she spoke. “Remember what I said to you last time, what did I tell you last year when you put honey in my shoes and ruined them? Remember I told you that it was your last chance, do you remember that, we made a pact and you told me you’d be good, not lie to me, not hurt me.
She grabbed my arm and marched me the four steps towards her bed. Alarm bells were going off in my brain.
“What are you doing Suzanne, I want to go home?” My protest was loud towards her and she screwed her fist into my T shirt.
“Don’t you yell at me, you stay right here and don’t move a muscle? If you take your punishment from me, like you know that you deserve then no more will be said about today, do you understand me – do you agree?”
Still, I thought, it could be much worse; at least the cops don’t know – I could be in a police car right now. And forgetting my predicament for the moment, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then snapped back to reality as she again raised her voice.
“Do you agree?”
“Yes, yes I agree, but what are you going to do, you’re not going to tell Mum are you” I was just so naive to the situation.
“Tell your mother, you’re not serious surly. You don’t know why you’re in my bedroom standing next to my bed – are you that stupid” She shook her head. “Oh my poor boy, then this is going to be a big shock for you. What did I tell you last year, do you remember?” I stared at her as moved towards her dressing table and pick up her large wooden hairbrush. I shrugged my shoulders.
“Answer me – you know what I’m talking about”
“You said …. I don’t …. I don’t remember”
“Oh really, you don’t remember, is that right, think Gregory, think back to last year, remember that conversation we had, what did I tell you at your kitchen table that night.
She patted the back of the hairbrush in her hand and looked at me.
“Well, I’m waiting”
“You said something about punishing me if I stuffed up”
“Punishing you, that’s right, so you’re not totally brain dead. You thought I was always joking didn’t you – I know, I know how you think, hum, you think poor old stupid Suzanne never does anything – always threatens to punish me but never does. Isn’t that it? “WELL!? She shook my arm and I nodded.
“You don’t have to do anything Suzanne, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again”
“No Gregory, not this time, you stole from me – I have to do it, you have to be punished and punished properly, you don’t steal from me, you got that?” Her lips cured into a wicked smile as she sit on her bed in front of me and I studied the purposeful look on her pretty face as she looked into my eyes.\\
“Why are you smiling Suzanne – this is not funny, this is dumb. I’m going home”I took a step back but she grabbed my ear solidly and pulled my face close to hers, I fell to my knees in front as she held onto my ear. “Don’t fight me, you can’t win. I’ve had enough of your crap for the last six years; You’ve been so mature and kind to me this year and it was all going so well and then you do this shit. I have shown you so many leniencies about your past behaviours but today it ends. What are you worried about Gregory, this is what you’ve always wanted isn’t it. Tell me you don’t fantasies about me spanking you – it’s what you’ve always wanted, you weren’t just teasing me, you always really wanted me to spank you haven’t you? You’ve been doing your best to provoke me since you where ten years old, trying to get my attention in the stupidest of ways, all your silliness, pulling your pants down – the honey in my shoes last Christmas?”
I looked into her eyes, a thick strand of black hair feel across her beautiful face and that was the first time I actually realised that I was deeply in love with this woman, love – real love, my heart ached and I realized I’d been blocking the truth from myself. Why had it not dawned on me before? All the attention seeking – the teasing, the infatuation, it’s not just sexual lust, this is love – I am in love. I closed my eyes and I was feeling strangely detached from life, I leant forward into her chest. Her pressure on my ear eased.
“I’m sorry Suzanne, I didn’t steal your stuff, I was going to put it back, I just wanted to talk to you, I’m sorry, you don’t have to do anything I promise I’ll never do it again.”
“It’s too late Greg, I warned you, and you’re not getting out of it this time. You’re sixteen and a young man, and you deserve this, if I let you get away with it you’ll never change. I never thought I’d have to punish you after such a good year, you’ve been so grown up and then this. I see the pattern – I know I haven’t been paying attention to you lately, I know that, I have lots on my mind and you want attention so you go and do this, it shows me how immature you still are. Well am I right?” She shook my head and squeezed my ear again.
“I just wanted to talk to you, you wouldn’t talk to me, I just wanted to talk to you Suzanne, I am sorry about what happened in the pool – I didn’t mean it – I can’t help being hard like that around you, I wasn’t being rude or weird, it just happened and I wanted to tell you that, and you just watch that stupid fucking telly all the time and you won’t talk to me”
“I see, now you’re blaming me – it’s my fault is it – my fault that you stole my smokes and lighter and started a bush fire, is that your attitude is it, carrying on like a baby again are we, and you’re using foul language again, I want this and I want that and show me all the attention. Well Gregory you have me full attention now and you are going to regret it. I’m going to spank you, do you understand me, you must know deep down in the marshmallow head of yours that you are wrong and you deseved to be punished. I don’t know what else to do Gregory, a good amount of physical pain will hopefully make you think before you act. Next time you want to be stupid you might just remember this before you stuff up. But…. I want your approval first, because I will tell you this once and once only, either you willingly give yourself to me for this punishment or our friendship is instantly terminated, I will never talk to you again and you can try and explain to your parents why I won’t talk to you” She studied my eyes and I could smell the chewing gum on her breath. I nodded yes and a tiny smile curled at the corners of mouth.
“No, I want you to say, yes Suzanne; I should be punished for stealing and starting a fire”
I stayed deathly quiet, my guts in knots; I looked at her and her eye brow moved giving me the I’m waiting look.
“That’s stupid Suzanne, I can’t say that, I’m sorry please let me go – I won’t do it again, I want to go home, I don’t want a spanking, this is dumb – please let me go”
“You are not going home and you can and you will do as you are told, so come on, I won’t wait all day, what’s it to be yes or no”? Then the strangest words escaped my mouth just above an audible whisper.
“I stole from you and started a fire and I’m sorry”
“And the rest of it, come on Gregory”
“And I want you to spank me please Suzanne”
“Well now – you said please – how can I refuse …….. Pants down”
She leg go of my ear and I stood and undid the zipper and pushed my jeans down to my knees, I left my underpants on, blood started to fill my cock – I couldn’t help it, I don’t know why, the pure excitement of just pushing my pants down in front of her, who knows, but my pulse raced and my brain swam in a hundred directions.
“Over my lap” her voice was calm and I bent forward; not really far enough and just my legs touched hers,
“Come on Gregory; don’t be a goose – how can I spank you if you don’t go across my knee. She reached up and grabbed my hair pulling me to her lap, I fell forward with her right fist in the middle of my back and I was across her knees. She pinned me in place with her left elbow as she stripped down my underpants with her thumb in the top of the band, I felt the stiff bristles from the brush as she pulled them down further trying to get them down my thighs.

My brain was racing with utter confusion. In that split second I realised that she was actually going to spank me – for real, those old fantasies I had came flooding back, but it wasn’t the same – it’s not like my fantasy. My heart pounded with fear as I settled on her lap ….. But it felt comfortable and warm, my cock was rock hard, she had to feel it, even through my underpants and her skirt, she moved her leg a little underneath, I think she was trying to move it so she couldn’t feel my cock, but it didn’t work, just made me give an audible moan. “I see, that’s it is it, I can feel you – I can feel you penis – you’re a goose, you want me to spank you for a sexual thrill do you, that’s what you think this is, not today, today it’s punishment”
I tried to get free but she pinched hard at the skin on my back and moved her legs underneath me, my cocked throbbed from the pressure.
“So you still think this is going to be sexy do you, you want me to spank you for being a bad boy do you, You think that it’ll be fun, yes? I said nothing – well what could I say.
“Answer me Gregory”
“I don’t know – I thought it would be, I used to think so – but I don’t want it now, I’m sorry Suzanne, I can’t help it, I don’t want to be spanked please don’t do this – I’m sorry – I don’t know why it’s hard. This is crazy Suzanne – it’s so embarrassing.”
My brain drifted back in time as old fantasies came to life again, the ones where I’d wank for ages just at the thought of being over her knee like this, and now it was happening, but it wasn’t the same.
“Nope, too late Gregory, you’re about to be spanked, no not spanked, thrashed is more the word for it and I can assure that by the time I have finished you will not be hard. Now lets see, stealing from me and starting fires? You want me to punish you for that? I’ll punish you – I’ll give you some fire you won’t forget, and I’ll punish you for putting honey in my shoes and for all the other cruel little stunts that you have ever pulled. I told you not to try me out so it’s your own fault, you were warned, and it won’t feel sexy like you’ve been fantasising about while you play with yourself”
I cocked my head sideways at her in shear terror – she read my thoughts, just now she’s read my thoughts, how’d she know.
“You look surprised, you really think I’m stupid don’t you, you thought a spanking from me would be sexy and you’d get your rocks off, I still feel you’re hard right now, I’m not an idiot, but how wrong you are this time young man, how wrong”.
“Don’t, please Suzanne, I don’t want it, I’ll never do it again, I promise, I’ll be good, please – let me go – I was only kidding, please I was just joking, I don’t want this honest – I’m so embarrassed, I don’t want to be spanked – It was just a joke – please I want to go home?”. “Not this time, you’ll just keep going, I know you Gregory, you won’t be able to help yourself. You’ve got a spanking fetish and until you get one you’ll always annoy me for it, so now you get your wish” As she spoke her hand rested on my bottom and I felt the contrast of the hot skin of her knuckles and the coolness of the handle of the hair brush. She started rubbing the back of the hair brush over my skin and my hard cock pulsed in my undies, I was thinking she had to feel that through her skirt and without warning a huge dull thud hit my backside, and then stinging pain came and again another thud hit hard on my bare bottom. Bloody hell that does hurt, my system was shocked in disbelief.
WHACK! “Nooooo, stop it! Suzanne, come on – it really hurts, I was just kidding – I don’t want this!” She smacked me so hard I didn’t believe it was possible for my bum to feel so much pain.
“Owwww! Shiiit! OWWWW! SUZANNE STOP! Owww-howwww! – it hurts – it’s too hard” She was right, I was not prepared for the pain, the most intense I’d felt, stinging my clenched cheeks again and again.
“It’s too hard – stop please Suzanne, I am sorry, not so hard – it’s too hard”
“I told you – I warned you but you didn’t listen did you, hey, not sexy is it, no fun at all” I squirmed off her lap and landed on all fours on the floor. This only succeeded in her making a grab for my hair with her left hand and the pain made me freeze, she dragged me back onto her lap with a handful of my t-shirt. My underpants had fallen down my thighs and my cock was pressed hard against her denim skirt. I put my right hand over my bum to protect myself and she grabbed it and pulled it up my back. She thrashed into me with the hairbrush – maybe a dozen smacks or more as I slid further down her lap and again tried to escape. “Right, I’ve had enough of this, either you do this willingly or I’ll tie you up” I looked at her as tears filled my eyes, she dropped the hair brush on the bed stood and grabbed my hair yanking me off the floor she hauled me bodily back across her left knee she drew up her skirt and pinned me with her right leg to the back of my legs and her left hand firmly on my back. My cock was no longer hard but it was squashed between my belly and her leg. She pulled me close into her lap I could feel the heat from her groin on my thigh, the material from her undies on my leg, I was sure of it, it was so hot and soft, is that her pussy, fuck it’s hot.
I was stuck and vulnerable with my hands on the floor and my backside stuck up in the air. All I could think about was the pain that radiated from my bum.
“Now we’re getting somewhere – I notice your not hard now, hum, not feeling horny now Gregory, commit this to your memory bank next time you want to play with yourself – thinking about me

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