Scene One, acts one two three

Act 1

Outfit: Long black patent leather fishtail skirt White oxford button up shirt Black patent leather stilettos Red tie Black patent leather military cap Black patent leather waist corset Black fishnet stockings Pearl stud earrings Black patent leather gloves to wrist

Equipment: Wooden pony with a topper

* One sharpened edge riding topper Two floor weights with tie hoops Rope Posture collar Large penis gag Strap-on and harness Large anal plug Chains Locks with keys Collar and leash Short high wooden ramp with mirror on base and tie hoop Cane Video camera Baby Monitor

Action: I walk into the dungeon to find you naked and on your knees, head lowered, eyes on floor. Since you know that you are not allowed to look up, all you hear is the click, click, click of My stilettos heels as I walk across the damp concrete floor toward you. As I come closer, you notice your collar and leash dangling from My blood red nails. I snap the collar around your neck and attach the leash. I then grab a handful of your hair and give it a hard yank to force you to look up at Me. you yelp in pain, but you look at Me. I tell you “pathetic male creature, you have disappointed Me yet again and I must punish you for it. But before I do I will have a bit of fun with you. Oh yes, and if you cry like the whining baby you are, I will give you something to cry about. My cane is ready to slash into your back and ass if I hear so much as a whimper.” I let go of your head and immediately it drops back to the submissive position.

I pull on your leash you drop your hands to the floor and crawl behind Me, like the sniveling little worm you are. I walk you over to the fucking station and have you assume position. you place your thighs flat against the ramp and lower your body to its declining mirrored surface. I strap your wrists to the side with the attached chains and lock them in place. Next I attach your collar to the lock and chain on the front of the ramp. I walk behind you, chain your thighs to the back of the ramp and snap the locks on the chains.

I slip out of My skirt and slide My strap-on harness in place. Again I step behind you, this time with a tube of lubrication in hand. I place the tube’s head into your ass and fill your bowels with lube. I then grip your hips and sink My nails into the flesh and I slide My cock into your ass. I push until you have all 10” of My cock inside of you and feel My thighs pressed against yours. I then begin the rape.

I hold your hips and slowly start to thrust My cock in and out of your tight little asshole. I watch as My cock as it penetrates your ass and I look over your shoulder in the mirror to see your face contort with pain. I dig My fingernails deeper into the flesh on your hips and begin to thrust faster and harder. Faster, harder, faster, harder, faster, harder. I feel the sweat rolling down between My breasts and in the back of My mind I hear you scream.


Act 2

Twenty minutes later, I pull My cock from your gaping asshole and get cleaned up and dressed. you are nice and stretched out for Me, so I slide My largest anal plug into your ass. I remove you from the fucking station and attach your leash once again. you crawl along the floor behind Me to the Pony. you realize My punishment intent and you beg Me “Please My most Supreme Owner, please don’t place slave on the Pony.” I pivot on My heel to face you and slap you sharply across the face “you never ask Me not to do something you whining, sniveling piece of shit! you are thankful that I even take the time out of My busy day to punish you and get you back on the right track! Now apologize you worthless fuck and beg Me to put you on the pony!” you drop your head and murmur to Me “Your pathetic slave humble apologizes for begging You not to Pony it. Of course You are correct in punishing Your weak willed, pond scum, property. You have every right to punish slave and abuse slave. Please Ma’am, please, I beg you to place slave upon the Pony for Your Supremacy’s enjoyment!” “That’s much better you worthless worm, now mount the Pony!”

you step up onto one of the floor weights that are placed on either side of the Pony and swing your leg across. I adjust your ass so that each cheek is on one side of the sharp piece of wood. I then walk behind you and say “Wrists!” Immediately you bring your hands behind your back to grip the opposing elbow. I take the rope I have hanging from the pony and tightly bind your wrists to your elbows. I then take a large penis gag, stuff it into your mouth and manipulate the straps over your head to lock it in place.

I then kneel down and attach your ankles to the chains on the weights. I then spread the weights farther apart so that you are balanced on the pony with no way to escape. I walk to My tool box and pull out a tall posture collar. Walking over to you I lift your head up and snap the collar in place. “Try to move your head slave,” I tell you. you attempt to move your head to no avail. Laughing at you I say “Pathetic, worthless piece of shit. I still have two more things up My sleeve for you.” I grab for the two chains hanging from the ceiling and attach them to either side of the collar. Doubly ensuring that you will not fall off the Pony until I am ready to release you. Last but most certainly not least I grab your balls and slip one testicle to each side of the Pony’s sharpened edge. I grab a piece of chain and push it down on your balls, pulling it through your legs and attaching it to the weights.

Now that you are completely trussed up, I walk slowly around you and survey My work. As I walk, I tap My cane against My leg. Now all you hear is click, click, tap, click, click, tap, click, click, tap. As I reach the front of the Pony, I notice a tear roll down your face. I shake My head in disappointment and say “Tsk, tsk, tsk. I warned you about crying. you are hopelessly pathetic. Since you really want to cry, I will give you something to cry about!” I walk behind you and raise the cane. you hear it swoosh through the air seconds before you feel the stinging pain of it cutting into your back. you scream around the gag.

I give you 10 more cuts, each harder than the one before. your back is now raised in red welts that are bleeding and starting to bruise. I step in front of you again and your tears are gone. “Well, well, well, would you look at that. A good caning and the worm’s tears miraculously disappear. How lovely.” I go get the video camera and set it up in front of you. I do so enjoy watching these little films of Mine. I then take the baby monitor from the top of the tool chest and hook it onto a chain so that it dangles right in front of your face. I switch it on and say “Now I am leaving you here. The monitor will record any sounds you make. If you cry, I will be back to cane you again.”

I turn away from you and walk out of the dungeon, “click, click, click, click,” you hear My shoes as I leave you trapped and helpless.


Act 3

I walk into the living room, sit on the sofa and pour Myself a glass of the Merlot that I left breathing on the coffee table. I sink into the corner of the sofa, pick up My book and take a sip of the wine. It slides down My throat like a lover caressing My neck and I hum in pleasure. I begin to read, but before I can get into the story I hear you whimpering through the baby monitor and I have to get up to punish you. I am very annoyed now and you will suffer for disturbing Me. Once I enter the basement, you hear the click of My heels once again on the damp concrete floor… click, click, click, click. Your eyes snap open at the sound as you suddenly realize that I heard your pitiful crying through the monitor and that I am back to cane you.

I walk over to you, grab your chin in My left hand and slap you hard across the face with My right. Tears well up in your eyes as I growl at you “What did I tell you about crying, bitch!!? I told you that I would cane you if I heard so much as a peep out of you. Well, you have just let yourself in for a lot more pain slave!” I walk behind you, raise My cane and deliver a stinging blow to your back. you gasp in pain. I bring the cane back down in a series of 20 sharp, stinging blows, knowing all along that you will be covered in bruises by the end of the day. After the last blow, I walk back in front of you and notice the tears running down you cheeks. I laugh at you and say “you are such a pathetic, worthless shit. Look at you, crying like a baby. I honestly do not know why I put up such a useless worm.” I then turn on My heel and stalk out of the room.

I walk back to the living room, step out of My shoes, sit on the sofa and curl My legs underneath Me. I take a sip of wine and settle into My book. The next time I look at My watch, I notice that 3 hours have passed. No sound has been coming through the baby monitor and I have been so engrossed in My book, that I lost track of time. Oh well, just more pain for you… which of course thrills Me to no end!

I slip back into My shoes and walk back into the dungeon and over to where you are bound. Slowly I remove the chain from your ankles, wrists, neck and balls. As the blood rushes back into your extremities and balls you scream in pain. Good thing I haven’t removed the gag yet, otherwise the people in the next county would hear you. After the screaming has passed, I remove the gag, collar and tell you “Get off the pony now, slave, and on your knees.” You slip off the pony and slide, as if your have your bones have dissolved, to your knees at My feet, you place your head on My toes and breathlessly whisper “Thank you My Goddess to punishing me. I am a worthless, pathetic slave and I know I need punishment to learn. I will do my best in the future to not upset you again, my Supreme Owner.”

“I assume that you do worm. Though, if you do not, you will be punished more severely than today. Which of course, I will enjoy.” A wicked smile touches My lips and I reach for your collar and leash. I lock your collar back on and attach your leash to it and walk you out of the dungeon. You whimper as you crawl behind Me because of the pain you are in and because I have yet to remove the plug from your ass. I turn around to look at you and say “ Get used to the plug worm, you will be wearing it all day long, every day of the week. I have future plans for that asshole and I need to start stretching it.” You groan at the possibilities of what I might have planned as they go racing through your mind. I just laugh and walk you back into the living room. I attach your chain to a hook in the wall next to the sofa and leave you there.

I walk into the bedroom and change My clothes and then pad in My bare feet back to the living room. You are still on all fours and as I sit down I place My feet on your back and use you for My ottoman. For the rest of the day you will be My footstool. You sigh on contentment and I laugh to Myself, for only I know what tomorrow has in store for you

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