The Object Of His Desires

His arms were starting to shake and he had a nasty cramp in his right thigh, so he was grateful that the movie credits were starting to roll on the screen. She had been using him as a footstool for almost 3 hours while she watched the movie and he was glad he would be able to move now. As she clicked off the DVD player, she looked down at him and said, “Is my pet getting a little sore?” “No Ma’am, it is my pleasure to serve as your footstool whenever you require it”, he said. “Such a good little pet you’re becoming. How long has it been since I’ve granted you release?” she asked and then reached down with her foot to stroke his belly and the cock restraint. He moaned quietly and said, “It’s been 6 weeks Ma’am”. She only nodded, and then removed her legs from his back and stood up to stretch. “I’m going to take a nap before dinner. You will clean up the living room and then wake me when dinner is ready”, she said and went into the bedroom.

He crawled around the room slowly at first, trying to get the blood flowing back into his limbs. She had taught him that he was to crawl at all times except when the work he had to do required him to stand. He removed the DVD from the player and placed it back into the case, replaced the remote control in the basket on the table, and fluffed up the cushion on the chair she had been sitting in. She had a compulsion for order and cleanliness and everything had to be perfect and in place. Over the past few months since he had come to live with her, she had taught him exactly how she liked things to be and he was punished for any infraction, no matter how small. At first, the punishments were multiple times a day as he tried to remember everything he was told and perform his duties perfectly, only to discover he had not lined up the glasses in a straight line in the cupboard, or he had left a small wrinkle in one of her shirts after ironing. When these infractions were noticed, she would call him to her and explain again in detail how it should have been done. She never raised her voice, well rarely anyway, and she always made him repeat her instructions verbatim. Then she would remind him of his wrongs with strong stokes of the paddle on his bare ass as he lay open and exposed over her knees.

He crawled into the kitchen and stood up to prepare dinner. While he was cooking he thought about what his life had become. He was naked all the time now when he was at home, except for the cock restraint which remained in place unless she decided to allow him a rare release. He served her every wish – she did nothing for herself unless she decided to. He did the shopping, cooked her meals, bathed her, dressed her, kept the house clean, and best of all, brought her to orgasm at least once a day. She was beautiful and elegant with full breasts, wonderful curves, and long legs that ended in gorgeous feet. Yes, she knew about his little foot fetish and on one rare occasion, when he had performed extremely well during the day, she had rewarded him by allowing him to give her a foot massage and paint her toenails. His cock had strained mercilessly against his restraint that night and he was almost grateful when she had dismissed him so he could put his thoughts on other things. That small reward had kept him going, striving to be perfect everyday in the hopes that she would allow him the pleasure again sometime.

The table was set perfectly and the food was almost done so he went to wake her. He saw her lying naked on her bed and he crawled to a position at the end of the bed. He knew she would want to be awakened with his tongue, so he eased her legs apart as he had been taught, and then crawled up between her to begin gently licking her sweet pussy. She stirred, and moaned and spread her legs more giving him fuller access to the sweet juice that was flowing from her now. She had spent more time teaching him how to make her cum than anything else in his training, watching him closely as he tried to hit just the right amount of pressure and timing of his stokes, correcting him when he went too fast, too slow, too hard, too light, so that he knew exactly how long it would take her to cum. She didn’t like sloppy and inexperienced – she wanted it done right and done well – and he was now close to perfect. He increased the pressure on her clit stroking harder and quicker now as her breathing increased and her moans grew louder. A few more strokes and a plunge of his tongue deep into her hole and he was rewarded with her grabbing his head and grinding it deep into her as she came all over his face.

He left the bed quickly to crawl into the bathroom and clean off his face while she stayed on the bed to let her breathing slow. He returned from the bathroom and stood as he helped her into her robe and then crawled back into the kitchen to serve her dinner. While she ate, he sat at her feet under the table waiting for her to finish. “The meal is very good tonight my pet”, she said, not so much as a compliment but as a statement of fact – as if it wasn’t to be expected to be any other way. “I will be going out after dinner. You will bathe me and then I’ll be wearing my black skirt, the white shirt with red belt and my red boots. Go start my bath and leave the dishes for now – you can clean up when I’ve gone”, she said and stood to go into the bedroom.

He crawled quickly to the bathroom to start the water in the tub. He knew just how hot to make it and which scents to add to the water. He crawled silently to her when it was ready and stood to remove her robe. God, she was so beautiful and he was so lucky! He clipped her hair up on her head, helped her into the tub and then waited for her to tell him to begin. When she did, he reached for the cloth and carefully washed her face and then moved slowly down her neck to her shoulders, gently over her luscious breasts and down to her beautiful pussy, not lingering too long in any one place less she think he was trying to bring himself some pleasure. When he got down her legs he paused and waited. He glanced at her and her eyes were closed but he still waited. “You may wash my feet my pet”, she said quietly and he replied with “Thank you for allowing me the privilege Ma’am”. He took one foot carefully in his hand and washed the top, around the lovely arch of her foot and up towards her toes. He could feel his cock straining against the restraint and his mind was reeling. He longed to take that foot into his mouth, suck each lovely toe over and over, run his tongue along bottom, the top, the sides. He was snapped quickly into reality as she yanked her foot out of his hand and stood up. “I’m done”, she said rather firmly and he hoped that she hadn’t noticed his infraction.

He reached for the towel to dry her off and she held out her hand to take it. “I’ll dry myself. I think you’ve had enough stimulation for the moment” she said looking directly at the swelling skin around his cock. He flushed red knowing now that she had noticed the pleasure he had taken from holding her foot. He hung his head and said “I’m sorry Ma’am. I know it is not my place to be pleasured unless you permit it”. She patted his head and replied, “You have learned so much my pet and I am very pleased with your progress, but we have such a long way to go yet. We will continue to work on your errors and correct them so you can be my perfect pet”. He waited for her to tell him to get the paddle and he could already feel the pain she was going to impart on his ass, but instead she said “Go get my clothes and boots – I’m late”.

He crawled quickly to the closet while she sat at the dressing table to put on her make up, something she never let him do. He started to shake a little as he entered her large walk-in closet and saw the red, shiny patent leather thigh high boots on the floor. The object of his desire. If she had any idea what he had done earlier today while hanging up her clothes he would probably be dead. He was only going to look, but then that turned into just one touch. What could it hurt, maybe just one smell, maybe just one lick….Just as his tongue was going to reach out for it, he had stopped himself, and started shaking uncontrollably. What had he been thinking!! If she had come home unexpectedly and seen him, she would have beaten him senseless. His cock had swelled uncomfortably and he was again grateful that the cock restraint was in place or he would have made an awful mess. Oh she would have killed him, that’s for sure. He really did have a lot to learn yet, but 6 weeks of no orgasm was making him do crazy things. He silently prayed that tonight would be the night she would reward him. He had really worked hard today, and all week for that matter, and besides the small ‘foot episode’ a few minutes ago, he had been nearly perfect. She hadn’t had to paddle him and she had only mentioned a few minor corrections during the past 5 days.

He quickly gathered up her clothes and carefully picked up the boots and carried everything into the bedroom and laid it out on her bed. He went behind her to help her with her hair, and when it was done to her satisfaction, he brought her panties and bra. “I won’t need my panties, pet. I wouldn’t want them to get in the way of the lovely little slut who’s going to eat my pussy tonight”, she said smiling. Oh how he ached just thinking that thought. He brought her the skirt and helped her step into it and then hooked on her bra and slipped the shirt over her head. She tucked it into her skirt and he fastened the red belt around her beautiful waist. She sat down on the bed and stuck out her foot. He reverently took one of the boots, slipped it onto her foot, and slowly zipped it all the way up her thigh. He did the same with the second, savoring every moment inside, but not allowing her to see it in his eyes. She couldn’t help notice his cock, though. When he was finished he sat back in his position and kept his eyes to the floor.

She sat looking at him for a long time in silence and he wondered what she was thinking. Finally she spoke. “My sweet pet, you have had a very good week and I am going to reward you. But since you also decided to take some pleasure during my bath, I am compelled to punish you as well. So I have been sitting her thinking of a punishment and reward that would be appropriate. I know how much you love my boots, my pet. Let’s see how much you like them when I’m through with you. Lay on your back on the floor and spread your legs. I’m going to reach down and remove your restraint. You will need to focus as I do that – if you cum it will go right back on and we’ll end our evening with a paddling instead of a reward – do you understand?”

He was trying hard to control himself, knowing that release may be near, but fearing what she had in store for him as punishment. ‘I understand Ma’am, I am ready”, he managed to utter. She cruelly took her time removing the device, touching him, teasing him so that when he was finally free he had a huge erection. She stood over him now and he tried to keep his eyes lowered instead of straight up at her pussy over his face. “Open your mouth”, she said firmly. As he did, she took the heel of her boot and placed it in his mouth. “Suck it like a dick”, she commanded, “Show me how much you love my heels”. He sucked furiously, licked seductively, lapped at the beautiful red heel going in and out of his mouth. After a few minutes she removed it and moved lower to his crotch. “Put your hands behind your head and spread your legs wider”, she ordered. With that she lifted her boot and placed it squarely on his cock with the heel resting firmly on one of his balls. He was in agony, the pain was excruciating and he started to squirm to release the pressure she was placing on him. It only made her press harder which resulted in a scream and tears. “You love my boots, you love my feet…..this is not at all about you my pet. You will learn this and you will serve me without any thoughts of your own pleasure”. She spoke calmly and slowly, not yelling, but correcting, like a teacher would conduct a class. She pressed harder onto his cock digging the spike heel deeper into his balls, grinding mercilessly. “I want to hear you repeat it pet. Tell me what I want you to do”. Sobbing now between screams of pain, he gasped out “I am here to serve my Mistress. I am not to think of my own pleasure, but only of yours. I am sorry I was weak”. She lifted her heel from his balls and placed it onto his cock and pressed down. He screamed again in pain, tears flowing freely down his face. “Tell me again”, she commanded. He repeated his words over and over as she dug her heels into the shaft, the head, and back down to his balls, and each time she moved her foot she simply stated, “Tell me again”. He babbled, he begged, he writhed in pain but she held firm and only after he was no longer able to complete a full sentence did she relent and remove her foot from him.

He rolled over feeling the excruciating pain between his legs, but also feeling his cock hardening again. He could never understand how so much pain could make him hard, how it could bring him pleasure. While he was laying there trying to soothe himself she said, “Sit up my pet”. He slowly and painfully got to his knees and sat back on his haunches. “Have you learned the lesson I was teaching you?” “Yes, Ma’am”, he replied wiping the last of the tears from his face. She patted his head again cooing softly at him, “Such a good pet, you are learning. Now I believe I promised you a reward. Let’s see…what would you want more than anything?” she said as she smiled knowingly.

She lifted her boot and said “You may kiss them, and lick them, and then you may cum while worshipping my feet.” He was in heaven!! Oh, how he had longed for this moment, worked hard for it, dreamed about it, but he knew that it was only going to last a few minutes so he tried to draw it out as long as he could. He bent forward kissing, licking, tasting the sweet red leather, inhaling deeply and she stood over him impatiently waiting for him to finish. His cock was swollen to the point of pain, and he knew release was not far away. He licked faster, harder, pressing his tongue into the hard material, and moved his cock so it came in contact with toe of her boot and when he did he immediately felt himself shudder and release six weeks worth of pent up cum onto the rug, onto his legs, and onto her boot.

She looked down at him in boredom as he tried to bring himself back to reality. “Now look what you’ve done – you got that crap all over my boot. I’d have you lick it off, but I’m afraid we’d be starting all over again. Get a rag and clean up my boots”. He crawled quickly to the bathroom and returned with the wet rag. He rubbed his cum off the boots, polishing them and drying them so they were as good as new. As he finished she took the cock restraint from the bed and waved it in front of his face. “Let’s see about getting you put back together now”.

He watched her walk out the door and went into the kitchen to finish cleaning the dinner dishes, and then to the bathroom to clean the tub. By the time he was done it was after midnight, he was exhausted, and his cock was swollen and sore from the pain. He crawled over to lie down on the small rug near the door and waited for the return of the object of his desire…….

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