“Ass up!”

I was standing there in Mistress Gwen’s private chamber, legs spread, bent over, with my hands touching my toes. She was standing behind me, correcting my pose in minute ways. Obeying her, I arched my back and pushed my ass higher. But she grabbed my hips, angling them up even more.

“That’s better,” she whispered. “Never forget that when you’re ordered into this bent-over position, that your ass must be offered for whatever use we wish to make of it. Your body is ours. And right now, it is mine. Get used to it!

Mistress Gwen is one of the harsher mistresses here at the Compound. Not that the others are “softer” necessarily. It’s just that her personality can, at times, resemble that of a drill sergeant.

I was summoned here half an hour ago, and so far, all that’s happened is that she has been putting me through my paces. This position, that position. After all my months here, I’ve become accustomed to holding my pose for quite a long time. I thought I was good at it, but Mistress Gwen can make even a seasoned slave feel like an untested newbie.

Now she walked over to the night table beside her bed and pulled a flogger from the drawer. Holding it under my chin, she lifted my head a little and then made me kiss the handle. Then she took up her position behind me again and began thrashing my ass with it.

She began by repeatedly beating my balls, four, five, six times. Then she moved on to my right ass cheek, again for six strokes. Then my left cheek, for another six strokes. She paused then, and just when I thought she was done, she moved to stand beside me and swung her arm up under me so that the flogger landed on my dick for another six strokes.

By the time she was finished, we were both breathing hard. She was filled with satisfaction; I was filled with fear and pain.

But I had held my pose at least. And that pleased her very much.

She moved to stand behind me again and did one of the best things a Mistress here can do: she lifted her gown and pressed her cool pelvis against my burning butt. Aaaah! It felt so good. I couldn’t help moaning. She also lowered the top of her gown and leaned forward to press her naked breasts against my bent-over back.

After a couple of minutes of this, she began massaging me without moving off of my back. Beginning with my shoulders, she moved her hands down my arms and then underneath me, up over my chest. Bypassing my groin, she rubbed my legs as far as she could reach, and then —— at last —— zeroed in on my by now raging hard-on.

She only lightly touched it, though. I was disappointed, but kept silent.

She got off of me and ordered me to stand up. I couldn’t help but look at her nearly nude body. Her sheer gown was rolled up so that it encircled her waist like a thin lifesaver. When I finally looked into her eyes, I saw that she had been watching me peruse her body. Oh, God, what have I done?

But she only stood there and smiled.

“If you were free, what would you do at this moment, here with me, in this situation?” she asked.

I swallowed and cleared my throat. “I would carry you to bed and fuck your brains out, Mistress.”

“Such language, George, darling. Perhaps I will give you leave to do just that. Later. Maybe. Right now, I require your mouth on my pussy. Get down on your knees and begin. Use your mouth, tongue, and hands, and put your muscles into it. Begin!

I fell to my knees and crawled quickly over to her. Leaning against her legs, I wrapped my arms around her hips and buried my face in her pussy. My hands reached between her legs from the back and she spread her legs apart to accommodate me. Her scent and her softness were intoxicating. I was so hot for her I was practically gobbling her up.

Mistress Gwen leaned against me more, allowing me full access. Her silent encouragement spurred me on.

My tongue and mouth went wild, sucking and licking as hard as I could. My hands began kneading her flesh, my fingers rubbing around her vagina. In and out of her hole they probed. Pulling out, my hands moved back to grasp her ass cheeks tightly and I began to knead them harder and harder. I rolled them around with my hands, moving them in every direction —— pushing them together and pulling them hard apart, moving one up and the other down. I was out of my mind with desire.

She held my head and pulled it tighter against her pussy. Her scent of extreme arousal filled my nostrils and I began to scrape my teeth against her clit. She let out a long moan, but she didn’t stop me. Instead she leaned against me even more.

My hands pulled her ass cheeks hard apart, my left hand scooped up some of the juices dripping from her pussy and I slid two slick fingers into her asshole, first one knuckle deep, then two, then all the way in. My right hand joined my left and I now used two fingers from each hand to move in and out of her asshole in opposing rhythms. Each time they entered, I spread my fingers apart, stretching her open more. I could only dream of my hard cock being where my fingers now were.

By now, we were both breathing hard. I sucked her clit into my mouth between my almost closed teeth, scraping her clit as it went in. My tongue pushed it hard against the back of my front teeth. Mistress Gwen let out a silent scream and came in a mind-blowing orgasm. I continued on, only stopping when she shoved me away.

She stumbled over to the bed and fell upon it, face down. I was on the floor on my back where I had landed in a crumpled heap.

After a few minutes, she rolled over onto her side and said, “Not a bad effort, George. You’ve learned quite a bit since I last made use of you, I see. My pussy is satisfied with your work. For now. However, I believe that my ass needs more attention. Your hands and fingers were quite good, but now I require your cock.” She rolled back over onto her stomach again and ordered, “Come here, George, and begin!”

(End of Part 1)

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