David part2

Now the woman began talking to the audience at the bondage expo.

“Mistresses, Masters and slaves. I am Princesca and it is my pleasure to demonstrate for you my newest invention. I call it the ‘Displayer’ and it has many uses. It positions the slave, quite comfortably, in such a manner that his cock, balls, and ass —— or for the female slave, her clit, vagina and ass —— are offered for discipline. Positioned this way, the slave is made available for anything. As you will notice, my slave’s cock and balls are held completely immobile, yet perfectly displayed, to be slapped, pinched, beaten, caressed or otherwise manipulated. His ass, as well, is held immobile; his cheeks stretched wide apart, his asshole clearly peeping open. In this position, I may easily spank, paddle, or whip him. He is unable to move a muscle: not his arms, legs, torso or even his sphincter. My slave is completely powerless to resist my next move. The height of the Displayer is fully adjustable. At its current height, for example, I am able to fuck him quite comfortably if I choose. I can use any size strap-on, penetrate his ass as deeply as I want, and basically use him for as long as I like, for any purpose I desire. The Displayer renders the slave utterly helpless to my will.”

The audience erupted into wild applause.

A man standing right behind me called out that he wanted a demonstration of her paddling technique. The woman, Princesca, looked straight at me and I blushed beet red. She didn’t think I was the one who asked that, did she?

She held out her hand to the second man on the stage. He quickly handed her a long, relatively narrow wooden paddle, which had a looped leather strap attached to the rounded handle. Princesca put her right hand through the loop and twisted the paddle so that the strap tightened around her wrist, just the way you would do with a racquetball racket. Then she gripped the handle tightly and moved into position next to the Displayer. She looked directly into my eyes for a long moment as she lifted her arm and swung in a graceful arc —— “swoosh” —— landing a hard swat across the middle of the slave’s up-raised, wide-spread ass. It made a very loud “crack” sound, which echoed throughout the convention hall, but the slave didn’t move a muscle. She swung and hit four more times, each time looking straight at me before she did it.

I didn’t realize I had been holding my breath until I suddenly felt faint and had to quickly gasp air into my now empty lungs.

After her fifth swing, she stepped back, lowered her arm, and the audience again applauded.

Princesca handed the paddle to her second slave and quietly asked him to fetch her something. He returned and handed her a thing, which I couldn’t make out until she held it up for the audience to see. It was bright blue, kind of conical but with ridges, and about six inches long and three inches wide at its thickest near one end. I still didn’t know what it was, but those around me clearly did, as they chuckled and murmured indistinctly among themselves. The woman on stage kept looking directly at me with a beatific smile on her face. I know she saw that I had no idea what that thing was or what she was going to do with it.

Suddenly, I noticed that the second slave had meanwhile been smearing some kind of gel-like substance onto the tied-up slave’s anus. I could see him squeezing the stuff from the tube onto his fingers and then rubbing it around —— and even into! —— the guy’s asshole. After a while, he stood aside, and the woman held the narrow end of the blue thing against the guy’s well-greased, shiny asshole. That’s when I realized what she was going to do. And I just know she knew the moment I knew.

I could see the muscle in her upper arm strain a bit as she smoothly pushed the blue thing all the way up into his ass, very deep, without pausing even once. The guy again didn’t move a muscle. She was right: he wasn’t able to resist, not the way he was positioned.

Her second slave then handed her a very long, slender gold chain, which she quickly looped around the front of the tied-up slave’s waist, down one side of his balls, back between his legs, up through the hole in the small portion of the blue thing that was peeking out of his ass, and around the front again, up the other side of his balls. Then she hooked the end to the “belt” of the chain. Tight. She did it so effortlessly and gracefully that it seemed she was finished almost before she had begun.

The audience again applauded wildly.

She bowed her head gracefully, acknowledging their praise, and then announced that they were all welcome to come up onto the stage to inspect her device and that her two slaves will answer any questions the audience members may have as well as accept purchase orders for the Displayer.

As they all advanced, she stepped aside, glided down the steps and headed in my direction. I stood frozen, watching her approach. She was again smiling sweetly as she came to a stop directly in front of me, very slowly looked me up and down —— clearly noting my erection straining against the fly of my jeans —— then took my hand and led me off to a secluded corner. When we got there, she somehow maneuvered me so that I had my back against the wall, and she stood so close to me that I could smell the scent I found out later was uniquely hers. What a powerful woman! I felt intoxicated. And I was also scared stiff.

“I am Mistress Princesca,” she whispered. “And your name is . . .?”

I gulped and stammered, “Da-avid.”

She caressed my cheek very gently. “David. Darling. I want to possess you. Wholly. I want you to come to me and be my slave.”

She then went on to tell me —— her soothing voice almost hypnotic —— that she wanted to train me to follow, and eventually anticipate, all of her orders implicitly. She wanted me to learn exactly what it means to please her, to pleasure her. She told me that, if I came to her —— and of my free will, gave myself to her —— she could promise me that I would be happy. Cherished. I would live a life of comfort, a life of purpose and direction, of strict discipline and obedience, guided by her will. And I would experience all the sex I could ever hope for. Great sex. Intense sex. Loving sex.

I watched her mouth as she spoke, and then she reached up, cupped my face in her hands, and pulled my head down for her kiss. Soft, deep, heavenly. Then she pressed her business card into my hand and walked away.

(End of Part 2)

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