Michael Part 2

That night, while trying to sleep locked in the cupboard beneath the kitchen sink, I heard Mistress screaming and yelling at Master, and Master whimpering his pitiful apologies to her. Neither had said a word to me except to order me into this dark, cramped space.

The noise finally died down sometime in the middle of the night, which was when I finally fell asleep.

I was awakened when the cabinet door swung open and the bright sun shone down into my eyes. Master stood there looking down at me with red-rimmed eyes and a melancholy expression. He grabbed my arm, pulled me up, and told me to

“Shower. Get dressed. We’re leaving.”

When I was ready, I found Master and Mistress waiting for me by the front door. No one said a word as we all three got into the car. Master drove with Mistress sitting regally beside him; I was on the floor in the back, unable to see where we were going. But after about three hours, we exited the highway and a few minutes later slowed down to drive up to the locked gates of a private estate. Master only had to give his name to the guard at the gate before the gates opened and we were admitted.

The long drive up to the house gave me enough time to start panicking. What was this place? What was going to happen to me?

By the time the car came to a stop and Master shut off the engine, I was so scared, I feared I would throw up.

A man dressed only in a loincloth opened the car doors and we got out. The boss of the place, a man who introduced himself to me as King, welcomed Master and Mistress. Two other loinclothed men, “your escorts,” stood just behind him. They silently took me around to the back of the house and that was the last I ever saw of my Master and Mistress.

We entered through the kitchen, where several loin-clothed men were busy preparing luncheon. No one looked at me as I followed my two escorts out the kitchen, into a hallway, through another door and down a flight of stairs. We halted before a closed, forbidding, heavy metal door, which was quickly unlocked and opened for us. The interior of the large room we then entered was very spartan.

It was a dungeon!

The floor was made of wood. There were several wooden tables and chairs of various sizes, some were plain, and some were padded and upholstered in dark leather. There were a couple of sawhorses, a slant board, and even an X-frame. And here and there stood a column or post, stretching from ceiling to floor.

Everything had straps, chains and shackles attached. And on the walls, there were whips of all kinds hanging from pegs.

Very neat, clean, organized . . . and scary.

My silent escorts quickly undressed me. And when I was completely naked, one of them took out a tailor’s measuring tape and began to take down all my measurements. Height, head, neck, arms, waist, hips, inseam, feet . . . and dick length. But since I wasn’t at all aroused, I don’t know what good that one did.

Then the other one got down on his knees, grabbed my dick and began sucking me off. Jeez! I couldn’t help being shocked, but —— man! —— he was good. Rough rather than gentle, but he knew exactly how to get a man hard and panting —— fast.

Just as I was getting into it and starting to really enjoy it, he stopped and got to his feet. Then both of them pulled me to one of the sawhorses, bent me over it and strapped me down tight with my ankles chained as far apart as they can get. My ass was now high in the air, the cheeks stretched wide apart. Strangely, it wasn’t exactly an uncomfortable position, except for the fact that I couldn’t move my hips even an inch.

One of them then lubed up my asshole and the next thing I knew a long, thin dildo slid deep into my rectum. It pushed in just deeper than I really could handle, and then it was quickly removed.

Then another, very wide dildo was pushed in, and I couldn’t stop my grunts and groans from escaping as it relentlessly was shoved in very deep, stretching me impossibly open. After twisting it around clockwise 360 degrees and then back again the other way —— once, twice, three times in each direction —— my escort left it inside of me, and attached a chain to it that ran up my crack to the strap across my waist, and down between my legs to the underside of the saw horse.

When that was done, we waited. I had no idea what would happen next.

Despite the position I was in, I found myself falling asleep after the restless night I spend the night before.

I don’t know how long I slept but I awoke quickly when someone smacked a hand hard against my ass. And although he was standing behind me, I recognized the host, King’s voice as he talked about me with my two escorts. They were giving him a report about my measurements, my fast arousal time, my lack of reluctance to a man touching me, my instant obedience to every command.

This information seemed to please King very much. Then he spoke to me directly.

“Michael. Your former Master and Mistress released you to my care. You are mine. To do with as I please. To use in any manner I require. You will soon learn exactly what my needs and desires are, and you will make certain that you fulfill them exactly as I wish.

“I am King. It is not only my name, but also my role. I am the sole authority here and I rule my slaves with an iron hand. I allow no disobedience. I expect all my slaves to do my bidding without reluctance or delay. I have built a domain here that runs smoothly and efficiently. And every slave here knows his duty: To Pleasure King.

“There are no females here. I own 20 slaves and all are male. Although I do occasionally find sex with women to be quite stimulating, I find men more to my liking. They are strong enough to take what I do to them. And their larger mouths and deeper rectums can handle my royal penis better than a woman’s can.

“And I do so love to fuck a man’s mouth or ass. There is no better feeling in the world than a man’s long, wide tongue surrounding my cock, or a man’s hot, deep ass to slide myself into. You’ll learn that I enjoy being rough and not having to hold back.

“My pleasure is your first and foremost goal. Please me and I perhaps may see that you are pleased in return. But if you don’t, then you will feel the full extent of my anger. I punish without mercy.”

While I slept, my dick had lost its erection. And listening to King’s speech certainly didn’t make me hard again. I was his prisoner, and I was more scared than I had ever been in my life.

King then touched me for the first time. He rubbed his calloused hands very slowly over my shoulders, down my back, and over my ass cheeks. Then down the outside of my legs and up the inner side. And then he cupped my balls. And very gently squeezed, using both hands to manipulate my balls inside the scrotum.

By the time he touched my dick, I was again fully aroused, which seemed to please him no end.

“Excellent response, Michael. I like my slaves’ cocks to be erect as much as possible during the day. I may not always choose to make use of it, but I certainly enjoy seeing it.”

He heaved a sigh.

“By now, I believe you’ve become accustomed to the size of the dildo that’s in you. It’s a big one, isn’t it? And can you guess why I chose a dildo of that particular size?”

He moved around in front of me then and I craned my neck up to see. He was completely nude and his erect “royal penis” was a whopper! It had to be the same size as my dildo.

King saw my eyes open wide and he laughed. “Yes, Michael. That’s right.”

Then he walked back around behind me again, and I felt the dildo’s chain being removed. Then the dildo was slowly pulled out, and my ass was again being lubed up.

Someone’s hands were holding my ass cheeks even more apart. And then I felt the tip of King’s monster dick just touching my asshole. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t stop this. I couldn’t even find my voice to form a scream.

(End of Part 2)

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