The Marker

Can you come in for a minute?
That voice he knew so well and still after years together he could hear the silken strands of mysterious femininity, there can be no artifice this only comes naturally. He clipped the phone back on and walked up the back steps.
I’ll get the truck done today,, he thought to himself , and slipped off his dirty boots.
“WHAT?” He asked in mock disgust..
‘Down here’ she called from the bedroom. .
She, as usual , looked fine in her dark jeans and blue shirt, she held a little cream colored towel in one hand.
Would you do something for me? Came the standard rhetorical question ,,, or so he thought ..
“What is it I need to get that truck finished”….
She laid out the towel on the carpet between the corner of the bed and the chair. Taking his hands in hers she led him to where she had placed the towel and stepped back.. He looked slightly puzzled as she slowly began to unbutton her shirt, starting at the bottom.
‘I’d like you to undo your belt and pants ,,,, just undo them.’
She continued with her buttons and as she had anticipated his loosened clothes remained around his waist. The curve of her breasts was visible,,,, was that a new perfume he could smell ?….
‘Just wiggle a little ,,so your pants fall, don’t touch them with your hands…’
She watched for his cock to emerge, the pants eventually reached his ankles.
‘Now, hold your hands behind your back and kneel here on this towel ’
She pulled her shirt back and moved close so her exposed nipples were just out of his reach.. The sent was as subtle as the vision was beautifully feminine.
‘You’re going to hold your hands behind your back and suck my nipples until I tell you to stop’.
She curled her fingers in his hair and gently brought her nipple to his open mouth.
He drew her into his mouth , letting his teeth just touch the hardening tip . In and out he sucked as her fingers worked through his hair and over his shoulders. She pulled away, his eyes opened..
‘You don’t need to look now,, close your eyes’ she ordered in a matter of fact tone, and drew his mouth to her other breast.
He couldn’t control the surging in his cock as she replaced one perfect nipple with another, over and over and over. He could tell her breathing picked up and she moaned,, almost in a whisper. She pressed her breast harder then pulled away.
He looked up into her eyes.
She took the throbbing cock in her hand and stroked up and down, up and down, ‘You should have listened,, close your eyes and suck me.’ She said, dropping his cock and starting her suckling process again.
By now her pussy was wet, the scent of which was not lost on him. After several more turns she again pulled back. This time his eyes remained closed, and mouth open. When a minute had passed, a minute that seemed much longer to him, she slid a finger into her glistening pussy and stroked her self, in and out for another endless minute. She moved her free hand from his shoulder, he thought she would take up his cock again,,, instead she placed the finger from her pussy on his tongue. His lips closed gently over it as she moved it slowly in and out. of his mouth.
‘That was your treat… today is your day to obey. Look at me’ she cooed,’ This is your marker, when I call you again do exactly the same thing, find this towel, undo your belt and pants and make them fall,,, no touching and kneel down on the towel. Then I’ll give you further instructions’.
His cock began to ache. Her taste and scent pushed his head almost to a dream state. He could still feel her nipples between his lips , though long since removed, and her cock teasing made his loins overflow with yearning.
He started to get up ,,, and thought better of it..
‘Good,’ she said,‘ Noticing the movement I’m going to Nancy’s for a while, get up when you hear me cross the street not before., You have to get that truck fixed.’
She buttoned her shirt and brushed her hair,’ Make sure you keep your phone handy.’’ And went down the hall outside and across the street.


‘Its time for you to come in ‘ Again it was that voice that had drawn him across time. Girlish and provocative,,, at the same time. ‘Ok just a minute ,,, ’ Now’ And I wont repeat it!’
For the second time today he dropped his dirty boots off at the top of the back stairs. The last ninety minutes had been a mix of daydreams and missed steps and anticipation. Still the work on the truck was almost finished. He walked down the hall and opened the bedroom door. The towel was near the corner of he bed, he could hear her in the adjoining bathroom. Nothing in the room seemed different, just the towel. He went over and undid his belt and pants as instructed, shaking them to the floor, wondering whether he should step out of them or not.. ‘On your knees and face the bed. ‘
Her hair and makeup were complete and as alluring as ever, she wore only a robe and slippers.
‘I don’t expect to have to wait when you already have instructions ,,,, clear?’
‘As you can see I’ve just gotten out of my bath , but something isn’t quite finished. I saved you a little of my champagne. Would you like some?”
‘Of course’ he said not sure whether to reach for the glass, still almost full, on the table.
She arranged some pillows on the bed. “Well you’ll have to use your hands, but ,,, no , no we’ll do it this way. Close your eyes.”
As earlier she brought his mouth and her nipples together. One then the other, back and forth.
She dropped her robe and turned so he could only see her back and pretty round ass. ‘Now you need to look where I am’. I’ll pour for you’. While he watched she slowly poured the champagne flute’s contents at the top of her ass so the pool of sweetness would run between her exposed cheeks. She moved just close enough so he could reach her without getting up from his knees.
‘I can’t go out dripping with champagne can I , lick it up boy, all of it. And keep those hands behind you.’
He licked each cheek and thigh, his mind raced. ‘All of it’ she purred and spread her cheeks. His tongue searched until it found her rose.. She let a small moan slip. Her hips thrust back as his tongue circled and lapped her crevice. His balls ached and his cock strained for friction but none was to be found. Her hips slowly moved side to side and in and out . The tip of his tongue darted in and out of her and she moaned without restraint every time.. She moved out of reach and noticed with satisfaction that his eyes remained closed. She reached up and emptied the glass as she pulled his head into her cr ack to catch all the precious wine.
His mind and body both burning his tongue lapped faster and faster, he thought he would come, even without contact. She abruptly cut him off. ‘Did you like that?’ She inquired after his breathing , and hers too, had slowed.
‘Mmmmmm ahh yeah, what brought…’
‘Stop, stand up and lean over the bed’
Just as his face hit the pillows the belt cracked across his ass.
‘While we’re doing this you will refer to me as Mistress. And apt title for the one making you lick her ass don’t you think?
‘ yeah,,,, OK ,,
Twice came the crack of the belt leaving red streaks just below his crossed hands.
‘You say ‘Yes Mistress’. Get back on your knees. There will be instructions here at the door next time I call you in. And get your work finished’
“Yes Mistress’
‘I’ll be doing some shopping so you can get back to work when you hear my car leave.’
‘Yes Mistress’
She grabbed a handful of hair with one hand bent his head back and thrust her tongue as far into his mouth as it could stretch and squeezed his cock with the other. Soon he heard the car exiting the driveway. His balls felt huge and ached to be flushed. It was hard to walk and all but impossible to think.. The scent of her breasts, the feel of her rose on his tongue and the tenderness of the welts proved to be overwhelming. Working on the truck was out, so he started the lawn mower….
Less than an hour passed and she returned. She had her phone out as the car came up the drive…
‘Darling, come in now please’
‘Well I’m really dirty’
‘Yes come in now and go directly to the shower, your instructions will be on the table by the door, and don’t forget what it means when you come in.’
It never failed, how could so much be lurking is a voice? The enticing feminine quality of her demand yet somehow she could be convincingly and truly strict and remain just the slightest bit vulnerable…
The truck grease and the grass stains finally washed away the shower was finished. He dried off and went to the table more than a little curious about what the ‘instructions’ might be.

The towel was right outside the bedroom door. The instructions were simple yet completely new. ‘Put on this collar. Then put on these cuffs followed with the blindfold. When this is accomplished snap the latch in the cuffs , hands behind your back and take your place.’ The cuffs could be secured by the wearer but once snapped in help would be necessary to release the latch.

Now he knew what she had gone shopping for but he didn’t know of such a place nearby. The phone rang. ‘Oh he’s not home I’ll have him call you when he gets back Ok?..Good By-by’. Every thing was still sealed in plastic but the collar went on easily , the cuffs were a little awkward but manageable. Now he was at her door, on his knees, naked but for the things she bought and ordered him to put on. He waited. It had taken her a long time to work up the nerve to go into that adult store and order so many ‘toys’ as they call them.. The scene was bizarre, outfits for every fetish she knew of and many she never dreamed of. So far she felt her plan was working and realized she was enjoying this game very much

Nancy had told her this morning about their recent vacation and how Bob didn’t have the time to make the arrangements as he usually did, something at work,, anyways she had to make the plans and reservations and decided to jump in and do her best. The vacation was a nice break from their usual and Bob really came away refreshed. Nancy< SPAN style=“COLOR: navy; FONT-FAMILY: ‘Book Antiqua’”> had always wanted to spend a whole week in a grand lodge ,,Banff was the place….

She was in her robe, as she opened the door. She smiled seeing his hands truly secure behind his back now, just as ordered. The collar gave a certain strange elegance to the look, it should for what it costs,, she thought, and the blindfold blocked his vision completely. The panties she had left the house with before were drenched. Knowing how far she had pushed and how easily he could put and end to all her plans made the ass worship even more satisfying and if not for d ark jeans the wetness would have been visible. She took the moist panties and gently covered his face with them making sure the crotch was directly over his mouth.

‘See what you did to me?? I should have you lick my ass every time I come out of the shower.. Stand up and take two steps forward. . Good,, turn around slowly. Stop’
He felt her click something to the collar. ‘I like this ‘ she said and pulled down on the leash until he resumed the kneeling position. She retrieved her panties and started her suckling procedure once again. His tongue and teeth made her nipples hard and she found the control exciting. After a while she stepped back, and applied pressure to the collar through her new leash.

‘I’m going to leave the cuffs on but I will separate them, I have a task that will require the use of your hands. ‘ She moved close in behind and ground her pussy against his bound hands. She was getting wet but her plan was to make this last into the evening, and even though she gave no indication something was ‘up’ before she started her plan was working well so she intended to stay with it.’ There is a penalty , when I release the clasp hold your hands still at either side and you’re going to be caned for breaking the bonds’
‘Yes Mistress’

His mind and body and senses were completely full of panties and pussy and pleasure it never occurred he was being punished for nothing,,,
he probably wouldn’t have cared at this point anyway.
SLAP She used a crop rather than a cane SLAP ‘There one for each hand,,, I’m going to lay down, you may get on the bed when you need to but you will begin at my feet , the oil is on the dresser, be careful finding it.
‘Yes Mistress ‘
She enjoyed watching as he moved slowly toward the dresser. He had no idea that she had laid out her other recent purchases across the surface..
‘Stop,,, move toward the head of the bed.’
‘Yes Mistress’ The was a couple of quick steps ,even blindfolded he could tell where he was in relation to the bed.
‘Turn around ,face away, put your hands behind your head and spread your legs’ With her crop she touched his balls and lightly tapped his cock. Back and forth from the right to the left ball occasionally stroking or slapping his cock on the way past. SLAP
‘The marks I left on you this morning have faded’ SLAP She smacked the opposite side of his ass. He groaned softly,
‘One more,,, ‘ SLAP expertly catching both bare cheeks ,as though she had done this many times…. ‘there is a rule you don’t know,,, When you get swatted twice you remain silent, any more than that you are required to thank me. It is permitted for you to respectfully, remember that, ask whether the punishment is complete,,, oh and you might get spanked just because .. I don’t need a reason, the rule applies just the same ‘
He stood straight in the dim light hands dutifully behind his head fingers laced, the black leather of the cuffs complimenting the rich tan on his arms. Three new welts were becoming outlined across his ass and she returned to the gentle fondling of his balls with her crop. ‘Now, you may ask whether you punishment is finished, this will be your only ,,,practice.’
‘Are you done swatting me,,, Mistress?
‘That wont do at all,- again…’
‘Are you finished swatting,, er punishing me Mistress?’
The gentle touch of the crop turned to stiff jabs
‘ Repeat; Is Mistress satisfied with the punishment?”
‘Is Mistress satisfied with the punishment?
‘That wasn’t so hard,,,, I don’t want to hear the same words every time but now you have a template Turn around’ She shifted slightly so her toes could reach his cock, there he was ,hers to command as she gripped his member with her toes, saying nothing..
The burning in his mind came back, he felt exposed and captivated, exactly as she had planned, the silence broke.
‘Find that oil.’
He turned and reached for the top of the dresser , it was arrayed with her new toys which he missed because the oil bottle was tall and he had found it in the dark before. He stepped toward the foot of the bed ,remembering his orders,
‘Wait, step back this way’… She giggled softly ‘Hold that bottle between your knees and extend you arms toward me’ She reattached the clasp ‘ You need your hands free ,,but not too free.. …Go’
He reached the end of the bed and found her left foot his wrists bound together in front
‘Bend down I want to feel your hair between my toes’
‘Yes Mistress’
Something about her feet touching his hair went straight to his cock…
‘Ok get started and remember always start at the bottom and don’t move too fast or too slow,,, you know what might happen.’
He took the bottle and oiled his hands liberally, and stroked her foot from the heel to the toes , once twice three strokes, then repeated with the other hand. Holding her foot from the bottom he poured oil directly on her toes letting it work its way down towards his hand.
Carefully he slathered his little finger with the oil and gently traced over around and between her toes. Then back to the bottom, two strokes ,very slowly with each hand and again to trace the toes , substituting his left little finger with his right.
‘Put more oil on your hands,,, now stroke yourself just like you stroked me’ She tugged a little on his leash.
‘That’s right one two three, now the other hand,,, one two three now hold your balls with both hands, rub that oil all over them…
‘Yes Mistress’
His balls screamed to finish the act the universe had settled its entire weight on his shaft.
Taking her right foot he began the process again, this time her oiled left foot found his cock and balls .
‘Make sure you don’t come,,, if you must you may beg me to stop touching you but be sure you don’t come without permission.
‘Yes Mistress’
More oil and his hands inched toward her knees. The system was perfect. Oil, repeat and back to the beginning point . He poured some oil directly on her thighs and worked it in. Then returned to her foot and so on. She felt like a Goddess. . She wanted his hands deep inside her and she wanted to stay with her plan. She opened her legs and allowed him to pour fresh oil onto her pussy then at the last instant she tugged on his leash and indicated a move to her stomach inste ad. Finally she couldn’t control her breathing, it became heavy. Somehow she remembered, she was controlling him, she could indulge her own desires with no concern at all. This was an important step for her. She let her body rise but still kept the leash tight. Her legs spread ever further as his hands ,slick with oil reached her marvelous breasts. With the back of one hand touching her nipple to gain proper placement he oiled his palm with the other hand. Her hips were writhing ,he cupped her breast in both hands and firmly worked from the base toward the nipple. He altered position like hands on a clock and repeated the steps again and again. Her legs could spread no further. He slid off the bed and once again stroked the bottom of her left foot and along her ankle and knee then went to the far side to start work on the other breast. She crossed her legs, her pussy dripped wetness. This time the right hand lay with the back touching her nipple and the left applied fresh oil to his palm and slowly the right breast was serviced. She caught her breath and rolled over. Pulling him down to her mouth she whispered’ Start on my shoulders and work down’ . She let out just enough slack on his leash.

It seemed longer but after a few minutes he reached her ass. As before guiding the pouring oil with one hand as the other operated the bottle.. She felts the stream as it flowed between her cheeks to her rose…
‘Wait’ He stopped, his cock a throbbing aching mass The oil barely masking the scent of her wetness. ‘Go to the dresser,,, the end near the head of the bed. There are some things there ,,,get the one nearest the edge.’
His hands moved slowly, he had no idea what he had been sent to fetch.. If not for the blindfold he could have seen a series of toys lined up in ascending order according to size, the smallest near the edge. Quickly he found something and not feeling anything between it and the edge he brought it back to the far side of the bed.
‘Now present it to me,, hand it in one hand supported by the other until I remove it’
‘Yes Mistress’
The sensory overload wouldn’t allow him to ascertain what the object was, at last she took it from his hand.. When she had inserted it in her pussy she rolled back over, taking his leash up between her legs’
‘You’re not finished’
‘Yes Mistress’
His hands still bound together he massaged the oil deftly from the top to the bottom of each side of her ass. As with her breasts he would change sides of the bed stopping on the way to give a few strokes to areas already covered, especially her feet and toes. He had to side step as she decided not to fully release his leash. He was careful trying to take a little longer on the second side ,, almost done she rolled over and her ass went out of reach.
‘Take my toes in your mouth’ SLAP came the crop She found aggression alleviated her desire, temporarily at lest, SLAP. She took the oil from where it had been laying against her side and slowly dribbled it above his ass. His tongue slipped in and out between her toes. With the flat end of the crop she pushed the oil toward his hole. Softly she passed her hand over his tight buns making sure the oil had don’t its job.
‘Straddle me’ she ordered he complied keeping her toes in his mouth. She took the toy from her pussy and slid it between his buns. It was relatively small and soaking with pussy and oil, she found his hole and slid it place. And rolled off the bed
‘Up ‘ she said pulling his leash so now he was upright on his knees on the bed.. She realized she needed more release and grabbed her new flogger from the dresser. Moving in front of him a quick flick and the tails made a cracking sound as the met his ass on the other side. One to three,,, now the other way one two three. She walked past and attacked from the rear. One two three
Her breathing was near normal…
‘T-thank you Mistress’
Unconsciencely she placed the rounded end of the flogger handle between her pussy lips.
Suddenly he felt the silken touch of her mouth.. Her tongue ran up and down his shaft. He fought to keep from coming.
‘Don’t you come’ taking him in again. Her hand caressed his balls and held his cock and she raised up and kissed him deeply on the mouth . ‘’Keep your phone handy, I’ll be calling… By the way, leave every thing where I put it, it’s up to you to hide if you have to. You can keep your blindfold around your neck under your collar
‘I’m going to take a walk and Terry might be coming over later ,, move over here and assume your position,,, when the towel isn’t here or you’re still blind folded your position in on all fours head down and legs spread. Understand?’
‘Yes Mistress’
‘The phone will ring once, that will signal you’re being dismissed until I call.’
‘Yes Mistress’
She was beginning to like the sound of that. “ Hi Terry,,, Can you make it to morrow I ‘ve got some things I have to finish up,,, Yes it is,, really well thanks so much for that book..’ She started the car and pushed ‘Trina’ on her phone log. ‘Is Trina working today? Put her on,, ,right away…? Perfect.
The anal toy had been a completely new experience, and a surprising one at that. His mind is consumed with fucking her. And curiosity over what she might have in store. It seemed a little odd to him when he realized that in all these most recent carnal fantasies he remained cuffed and blindfolded. The phone rang,,, and rang, and rang ‘:Hi Jodi,, its me Terry, hmmm you must be outside or something,,, I’ll be over in a few’. He felt like a boy caught with a dirty magazine…The phone rang….
He decided to hide out in the shop. He could make up something about the buttoned up collar and sleeves if needed. He listened for Terry’s arrival.
‘Hi Terry, ,,You didn’t! Oh,, that’s soooo fun,, ‘ Jodi hung up as she pulled in to the salon.
His phone rang.. ‘Well? Silence,,, ;Yes Mistress’ ,,, Better, go back to your position, I want you to take a mouthful of wine on your way by the kitchen, keep it there until I say otherwise,, and make sure you’re dressed just as when I left before you go in the room. Clear?’ ‘Yes Mistress’
‘I may be a while,, I don’t know,,, make sure you are where you belong , its good for you to wait
‘Yes Mistress’ he said though the phone was already dead.
He poured a half glass of wine and sipped. Thinking about the strange sensations caused by the toy she had inserted. It was all exciting in a way, he began to look forward to serving her. He left his pants and shirt where she would see them as she came in filled his mouth with the wine that was left and lowered the blindfold as he inched toward the bed..
‘Today he’s MY toy,,,,;’ she noticed the warmth as she thought of his form, ass up balls exposed and hands bound. She could see his body wrapped in her legs focused by the restraints exactly where she wanted,,, WHAM ‘ Oh good ,,just the curb. She said out loud, her hand slipped between her legs. ‘Remember, Jodi, its OK if he knows you want him,,, you’re still the Mistress…’
Ten minutes passed and the ache returned to his balls. It seemed forever but finally he heard the care come up the drive.
The door opened, ; Just as I hoped she thought he’s as into it as I am. She lit the two candles and picked up the oil and poured it between his cheeks, and began working the toy in and out. SLAP ,SLAP she hadn’t used the flogger until now, she leaned over and nipped his bun. She discovered that keeping her hands off his cock was not going to be possible. She pulled it down with one hand and moved the toy with the other. She took her sundress off and laid it across his back. And held his cock with one hand while she slipped out of the panties. SLAP SLAP again with the flogger she wrapped up his balls with her moist panties and kneaded the toy deeper into his ass.
‘Did you miss your Mistress boy? SLAP , she had found the crop on the floor.
‘Yes Mistress’
‘Well you’re going to show just how much, you would do well to make me believe you missed me very much indeed’ She spread her hand wide across his ass, ‘My new nails look just like those women in his photo collection ‘she thought.
He could here her moving but the blindfold was working well. He couldn’t see she was arranging pillows on the bed in front of him .His cock strained the against her panties
‘You’re dying to fuck me aren’t you boy? ‘ She chuckled, ‘I like this slutbitch she thought…
‘You want ram your cock into my wet pussy until you come don’t you boy?’
Y-yes Mistress’ he panted.
‘Too bad, I fell like getting doggyfucked in the ass, and’ ,she looked at her nails again ‘,Im going to use your tongue to do it’
She positioned her self on the pillows in front of him and pulled the leash up between her legs until she could feel his breath on her ass. ‘There’s no champagne this time ,you will taste me and since your hands are bound you might have to work to keep your place,,, ‘
His face felt cool as he found her smooth round buns and his tongue began to search her skin for her rose’
Her hips thrust up and she almost gasped when the tip of his tongue found her hole. Up and back her ass pressed against his face as he strained against the cuffs to reach her. She moaned as his tongue penetrated her again . She brought one leg up and relaxed letting the pillows hold her ass where it could be caressed.
‘Now you’re going to the work, show me how much you missed while I was away, I want your tongue in and out, fuck my ass with it’.
His mind burned as hot as his cock. He fell into a rhythm , in and out in and out. Slowly the fucking morphed into long deep kisses , her hips began to grind. The sensations made her giddy, nothing in the world felt like his tongue caressing and loving her special place. Only one thing could be better.
She pulled softly backward on the leash. Jodi could not tell whether her ass or pussy was the wetter. She rolled onto her back, the pillows still in place held her hips a few inches off the surface of the bed. Jodi the wife and Jodi the slutbitch merged once again ,,she had to have him in her cunt. She rested one leg on his shoulder and toyed with his balls with the other. His face was wet.
‘Keep your lips parted’ she cooed, setting both legs now on his shoulders.
His heart pounded, the scent of her warm pussy filled his brain and the pain in his cock was only just matched for the yearning.
‘What do you want’? ,she breathed, touching his hair with one of her toes. Do you want me to let you lick my pretty little girl?
-Y-yes Mistress’
‘Tell me’ she said enjoying her control again.
‘I want to lick your pussy,,, little girl until you come’
‘Hmmmmm’ You did well licking my ass,, but my little girl is quite a prize.’ She is so pretty and wet. If I let you have her you must not move away when she comes but stay just where you will be . She and I will want to languish a while and fall asleep. If I let you have her its important you treat her with your best manners’
‘Yes Mistress,, I want to… may I lick your little girl and make you come?
‘Well since you are restrained,,, ‘
He felt the slightest pressure from her legs, softly drawing him closer to her silken nest.
His tongue parted her lips and the taste filled his being. He thrust it in as far as he could. Then back out slowly. Up and down ,, the length of her, up and down , the tip of his tongue just inside of her. Now in deeply and out,, very slowly, all the way out , and back, making circles inside her.
Ahh ahhh aahhhh’
She moaned and tightened her grip with her legs.
Licking her again he searched for her little girl.
‘’Aahhhh ummmmmmm’
His tongue traced and teased the nub of her clit then suddenly withdrew returning to its cavern, circling deep within the darkest places. Her pussy was soaking. He licked one wall then the other until she began to shiver. Then,, ,teasingly he let his tongue only just inside her lips and again licked up and down, up and down.
With both hands she curled his hair in her fingers and pulled him to her clit.
His tongue. flattened and licked the little girl up and down ,, every few strokes he sucked her hardness between his lips.
‘Aahhhh uh uh uh ‘
Her fingers relaxed their grip , instantly he reached inside her as far as he could, as though his whole body had penetrated her pussy. She pressed her thighs against his head and tried to pull him back up to her clit as her heart pounded. He struggled to stay inside her each thrust of her body bringing ever new walls of the cavern into reach. She pulled harder ,harder ,harder, panting now, still he fought to remain deep within her secret place.
‘Just as I had dreamed’ he thought. Forced to be where his desire had always been. Wrapped in her legs , overcome with her scent and her taste , bound yet taking control from the inside.
He gathered her pulsing little girl into his mouth and caressed her softly with his tongue.
She writhed in waves of pleasure. It didn’t matter what it was locked between her legs, what ever her hands held so tightly, didn’t matter. Consuming and being consumed, the world could end, the waves kept coming .
Her grip began to lighten he could feel her leg muscles ease and soften. His face drenched in her femininity. Her leg slowly arced across his back,,, the black leather cuffs were tight but the latch had broken…
For a moment he lay still, listening to her pant. His cock had become the limb of a tree. Her wet pussy only inches from his face, her body still heaving slightly with every breath. He could have been insider her or a million miles away, she was gone. Far off into an extacy she had ventured to rarely, she was flying. .
Carefully managed to get up to a kneeling position without interrupting her dream state. She looked beautiful , peaceful and animalistic ,a young girl and an accomplished seductress, all at once.
He studied her face, and her breasts, struck by how near to reality his younger dreams had been. And leaned forward ,one hand on the sheet near the small of her back, the other, still in the black cuff , even with her neck..
At once his right hand slid under the curve of her spine and his left covered her mouth. as his cock entered her silken walls. He thrust in, again, again . Left hand clamped over her mouth and right hand pulling harder and harder. Again, again again. . His cock surged deep insider her. She opened her eyes and looked into his face. Her pussy strained to hold his cock inside , tried to engulf his balls
‘Uhhhh uhh’
His cum filled whatever space was left in her pussy and mingled with her feminine flow. His grip kept tight over her mouth. His breathing slowly returning to normal. With a strong push he rolled her over. She moved her legs from outside his to inside. The warm sticky cum started to fall from her pussy. His right kept her tight, though thoughts of escape were far away, his left slid back and grabbed her hair. She filled his mouth with her tongue. His fingers laced in her hair.
Outside it was getting dark…

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