Jason Part 2

It was almost 6 o’clock and the sun was still bright enough to make me squint my eyes as my trainer Tom and I left the main house and follow the path to the Clinic. We passed another slave and his trainer as they exited from the Clinic door after their own session inside.

Novice Jennifer called me into Room B and instructed me to lie face down on the examination table. I’ve had countless enemas since arriving here at the Compound, and yet every one was a little different. I knew the basic routine, and yet the variety of Nurse Katherine’s technique makes each one unique.

The paper covering the examination table made rustling noises as I moved into place and tried to get as comfortable as I could. My cock and balls were directly over the large hole in the middle of the table. Novice Jennifer adjusted the straps over my ankles and knees, tightening them just enough so that I couldn’t move my legs at all. Then she pulled the wide strap across my waist and buckled that down. I waited for her to secure my hands as usual, but she told me to just hold onto the horizontal bar below the table.

This was the first time I wasn’t rendered totally immobile for either an exam or a lesson! Tom was right: this was a milestone. This small measure of freedom —— my first in a while —— completely shocked me and now I couldn’t seem to make up my mind which way to hold the bar. Overhanded or underhanded, or should I just let my arms hang down instead?

I suddenly felt Novice Jennifer’s hands pulling open my ass cheeks and I couldn’t resist tensing up and squeezing shut. I realized I had been daydreaming when her touch surprised me. Damn! She pinched my sore butt once and I yelped before I could stop myself. I’d have jumped if I could only move.

“Don’t ever do that again,” she admonished with a smile. “You know better than that. Rule number one: we are to have unlimited access to your body at all times.”

The Mistresses and Novices here smile a lot, but it’s deceptive. I’ve learned that though they may smile and speak softly —— “a Woman should have no need to shout” —— their words are indeed orders and they expect them to be followed. To the letter and without delay.

She again spread my ass cheeks open, a little rougher this time, and I could sense her gaze on my asshole. A full minute passed before she called to my trainer Tom, who had been sitting in his usual place, on the floor against the wall, to assist her. His hands replaced hers and he pulled on my cheeks a bit more at her command.

I knew without being told that this was another lesson. A mini lesson, but one that was very profound. A man whose asshole is exposed to full view under bright lights —— in front of another man as well as a woman —— feels more vulnerable than he’s ever felt in any other situation.

Just then, the door opened and I heard Nurse Katherine greeting us as she entered. Water ran in the sink as she washed her hands before slipping into the pair of surgical gloves that Novice Jennifer was holding ready for her. The snapping sound they make never fails to make my heart race. As if it wasn’t racing enough already!

Nurse Katherine joined Tom at the table and inspected my asshole. Her rubber-covered finger slowly slid down my crack toward it, stopping just short of touching it.

“Get me the lube and a number 4 nozzle . . . . No, better make it a number 5. Might as well stretch his sphincter so he’ll be easier to penetrate tonight.”

Number 5. Thicker and longer!

I heard the lube being squeezed from the tube onto her fingers. Then the cold jelly touched my asshole as she began to rub it around the outside. Around and around and up and down the crack. These moments of delay, before her finger finally pushed inside of me, always made me hold my breath with dread.

Aaaah. There it went. In up to the last knuckle. I could feel her finger going in and out, and swirling around. Despite my earlier dread, this had to be the greatest feeling in the world.

Nurse Katherine spent three or four minutes leisurely, it seemed, lubing and gently stretching my asshole until I was completely slick outside and deep inside my rectum. By this time, I had a raging hard-on that was poking through the hole in the middle of the table top. Another minute of this wonderful attention from her fingers and I would come for sure.

She wouldn’t like that. Orgasm is only permitted when a Mistress expressly orders it. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened to me if I came right there this way! Just when I thought I couldn’t hold it, the thick, well-greased nozzle of the enema bag suddenly replaced her fingers. Before I knew it, at least 12 inches of the tube were already inside of me with more on the way. I wished I could see, but with the way this table was built, I couldn’t turn my head at all.

Nurse Katherine stopped. Tom released my ass cheeks and was dismissed back to his corner. Here it came. The soapy water was released and began rushing into me. Deep into my bowels. I tried to squeeze my ass shut but couldn’t. The nozzle felt like it was almost as big around as my cock!

More and more water. My stomach started to cramp and I thought I might pass out. I guess I was grunting, because I felt Novice Jennifer start to slide her palm under me and over my stomach. She began to massage it, which helped a lot.

But the water kept coming. More and more. Just past the point where I felt I couldn’t take any more, the water flow stopped. Nurse Katherine waited a minute, and then slowly pulled the long, thick nozzle from my rectum. When she got to the end, she quickly replaced the tube with a butt plug.

And there I was. Lying facedown on the examination table, strapped down, and with a distended belly, a plug in my ass, and a hard-on poking through the hole in the table.

Someone —— Novice Jennifer? —— gave my dick a couple of quick pulls, and I jumped and almost came right there. When I heard her giggle, I knew it was indeed her tormenting me.

After another 10 minutes of waiting for the enema to do its work, Nurse Katherine pronounced that it was time for release. They unstrapped me from the table and Tom helped me up. I followed Nurse Katherine to the bathroom, walking very slowly —— waddling, really —— so as not to let the plug pop out. She sat me down on the toilet and I waited for her to reach between my open legs to remove the plug and leave, but she delayed an extra minute until I was truly in agony and then . . . sweet release. The water gushed and gushed out of my ass in a huge explosion!

It kept gushing for a couple of minutes until the end when it was almost all out and I squeezed to expel the last drops. I would have liked to sit there a bit longer to relax, but I knew I mustn’t. They were waiting for me to return to the examination room, and Mistresses do not tolerate being kept waiting, believe me.

When I finally left the bathroom after cleaning myself up, I was surprised to be ordered to climb back onto the table. After I was again strapped down securely —— my hands as well, this time, surprisingly —— I heard Nurse Katherine ask Novice Jennifer if the second, rinsing enema was ready to be administered.

Another enema . . . ?!

(End of Part 2)

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