Three days a week, I work as the lead pony boy in the Compound’s Femdom stables —— cleaning, fetching, being basically on call for whatever the Mistresses may require of me, the submissive slave.

I also, of course, perform actual “pony” duties. That is, the Mistresses ride my saddled back as I carry them from place to place here on Compound property. A well-trained Taxi service. It can be exhausting work, but I just love how it feels when they wrap their legs tightly around my waist, holding on to me as they ride me.

This morning, as I was polishing the buckles in the tack room, I jumped to attention as Mistress Jeanette walked up behind me and touched her crop to my shoulder. She told me to quickly saddle up; she wanted to ride me to Rose Cottage to spend the weekend there. Mistress Jeanette also ordered two more ponies to pull a small wagon containing her provisions.

Rose Cottage is at the far northwest corner of the Compound and it usually takes an hour to reach by pony. All of the cottages and buildings here are connected by well-marked, well-lit pathways with “rest” areas here and there. These are either as simple as park benches, or big as ponds, meadows, flower or vegetable gardens.

As the two wagon ponies and I quickly got booted and ready, Mistress Jeanette stood waiting, tapping her crop on the edge of a table. I helped them buckle their harnesses and hook themselves to the front of the wagon, before finally saddling myself. Although I hurried as fast as I could, Mistress wasn’t happy with the time it took and decided I needed a little reminding that when she says “fast,” she means at lightning speed.

Saddled as I was already, it was difficult for me to maneuver myself into the position she wanted me in for my “reminding.” I was ordered to assume Position 43: bent forward over a table for balance, legs spread wide, heels off the ground, my arms pulled back so my hands could hold my ass cheeks open wide. I guess I was close enough, since she didn’t reprimand me, but got right into it. She swung her arm and lashed my asshole hard with the crop, four, five, six times —— never missing the bull’s-eye, each swing attacking my most vulnerable place like the sting of a wasp.

Mistress Jeanette apparently thought six hits was punishment enough —— for now, at least —— because after the sixth, she ordered me to bend down so that she could mount my back. Then I stood back upright, and with her crop in one hand and my reins in the other, she clicked her tongue twice, which was the signal to move.

I ran around to the front of the wagon ponies and began leading the team up the path toward Rose Cottage. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, but the path was mostly shaded by tall trees. To the left was the vegetable garden, which I knew would be filled with slaves toiling in the dirt. To the right was the apple orchard. I could see none of this right now, of course, since blinders were blocking my peripheral vision and a visor blocked my seeing the sky. I saw only what was straight ahead of me. Path, path, and more path.

After 30 minutes or so, when we were about halfway to Rose Cottage, Mistress ordered us to halt so we could all rest. I quickly bent down so that she could dismount me, then I hurried over to the team to unhook them both from the wagon, and unharness them until we were completely naked. Mistress graciously allowed us to cool off in the pond and then to relax on the grass beside her while she did the same.

I had almost fallen asleep when I suddenly felt her hand grasp my cock, skillfully massaging it until it quickly became fully erect.

She ordered the team to aid her as she laid down on her back. One pony was to kneel behind her head and hold her ankles straight back in a “V” shape as she lifted her legs high in the air. He was to hold them under his armpits, while fondling her breasts and nipples with his hands. The other pony was to orally pleasure her pussy and asshole.

I stood there watching, and waiting, my cock throbbing with frustrated longing. I could see Mistress’s eyes close, her mouth open as her breath came in shorter and shorter pants. I could see the first pony’s fingers pulling and squeezing her nipples as his palms rubbed her breasts. And I could see the second pony lying there between her thighs, his mouth open wide over her clit and vagina, his jaw moving as his tongue worked to bring her off. His fingers thrusting in and out of her asshole.

Was I going to be used at all, or was I still being punished?

Finally, she cried out as her body exploded in a powerful orgasm, wave after wave shuddering through her body.

Then she dismissed the two ponies and ordered me to climb on top of her and fuck her. I hurried to comply, gratefully sinking my cock into Mistress Jeanette’s warm, wet pussy. Her legs wrapped themselves around my waist, her ankles locking together. It was heaven! Surprisingly, she pulled my head down and began kissing me with long, deep, soul-stirring kisses, our tongues mimicking what was going on below our waists.

After several long minutes, my hips began moving faster and faster, my cock plunging into her warmth deeper and with more force. My heart was pounding in my ears and I didn’t know how much longer I could keep going before my body needed to find release.

But Mistress held me tighter, her hips moving in perfect rhythm with my own. Our pelvises grinding together with each thrust, her silky nether hair tickling my completely hairless groin. I reached a hand down between our bodies and began to rub her clit with my thumb, making smaller and smaller circles, which caused her to pull her mouth away from mine in order to breathe in a lungful of air.

Our breathing became harsher, and my hand rubbed faster over and around her clit. My iron-hard cock thrusted into her heat as deep as I was able to go on the in-stroke, and pulled out almost all the way on the out-stroke. My hips moved against hers at pistonlike speed. I watched her face as she was reaching toward orgasm. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back, and then . . . she came.

I felt the muscles of her pussy squeezing my cock in a powerful rhythm, I felt my balls contract, and then my mind and body exploded as I poured myself into her.

I have no idea how long I lay there in her arms, breathing deeply of her scent. Then, slowly, she unwrapped herself from me and pushed me off of her. I lay there beside her, on my back on the grass like a rag doll, a warm breeze cooling my overheated body. She got up and walked over to the pond and jumped in, calling for us all to join her for a few relaxing minutes of swimming.

Then it was back to business as Mistress snapped out an order for us to set off again for Rose Cottage. Our little pleasure interlude had ended.

But whatever I expected to find there was nothing compared to what happened later this afternoon after we finally reached our destination. Mistress Jeanette had special plans for us this weekend: plans that would please the two guests already waiting for us at Rose Cottage.

(End of Part 1)

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