Time With A Mistress

I let her in, opening the front door as she approached. She looked me over and quietly ordered me to strip. Unexpected, the instruction caught me by surprise, I recovered and began to remove my clothing right where I stood, folding it and making a neat pile on the floor inside the doorway.

Once I was naked she pronounced “that’s better” and stepped toward me, kissing me deeply and gently stroking my sensitive nipples. She then led me to the bedroom and sat me on the edge of the mattress, where I watched as she rummaged in the briefcase of sex toys.

She began tossing a few things on the bed beside me: included were my wrist and ankle manacles, the leather jock she had bought me and an anal plug shaped for retention.

“Put those on,” she instructed, “and rejoin me downstairs.”

Soon I crept down the stairs, still adjusting to the plug, and aware of my exposed body, even though I now wore more than when she had led me to the bedroom. She was waiting on the loveseat, one leg on the ottoman, and a drink in her hand, and her skirt pulled to her waist.

“Lick me,” she ordered.

I knelt and began lapping at her sweet pussy, licking the smooth pubes and tasting her juices as deeply as my tongue could reach. I settled down to begin massaging her clit with the tip of my tongue, then my concentration was broken by the ringing of the doorbell.

“She’s right on time,” my Mistress pronounced as she flipped her skirt down over her legs, “get the door”.

Walking to the door, making sure my ass cheeks squeezed and kept the plug in place. I opened the door and there before my eyes stood one of the most beautiful women my likes had ever gazed upon. She stood there approximately 5foot 7inches tall, long blonde hair shinning in the moonlight, framing a face that looked like an angel just dropped from heaven, a small smile crept across her face as her cat like eyes travelled up and down my naked body, the fact that my jewelery hanging from my wrists and ankles, the leather jock bunched in front restraining my raging hard on, without warning she grabbed the leather jock pulling me to her, her mouth the softness lips like a fluffy white cloud covered mine, her tongue with snake like quickness entered my mouth, the sudden rush of heat, a blast hotter than any blast furnace, burned through from the brush or her softness on my mouth straight to my cock, and igniting all cells in between. A smoothness like honey dripping down a bear’s chin was the taste that assaulted my mouth, all this at the door and in less time then an ice cube melting on a hot summers day. She broke away just as quickly, licking her lips, a seductive smile dancing in her piercing eyes, “the taste of Mistress I presume”, and by the way “happy anniversary tiger”.
Mistress from the other room “whom is it my tiger”?
Hearing Mistress’s voice without a word this Greek goddess steps beside me hooking her finger into my leather jock, and with a single motion of her leg, kicks the front door shut, and leads me towards the sound of Mistress’s call. The goddess walking in front of me covered in the three quarter length London Fog Trench coat, but her undeniable curves, the scent or her perfume laced with pheromones, the only reason I could think of for the increased flow of blood to my engorged penis.
As She led me into the room where Mistress was seated and let go of Her hold on my thong, She immediately went over to Mistress. It was obvious that Mistress knew this beautiful woman and was also expecting Her. I stood there, in silence, as they playfully greeted each other…or maybe I should say ‘intimately’ greeted each other.
“Karinda, how are You Darling?” Mistress asked as She immediately wrapped Her arms around the woman and kissed Her with nearly as much passion as Mistress has kissed me Herself. Standing there. Not sure what to do…I remained silent and just watched. Feeling my cock grow harder then it already was watching these two women in a deep kiss. “Tease I am wonderful. Thank you for inviting me over to play. I am sorry to have called You on such short notice, but this opportunity came up nearly overnight”…as She so casually ran Her hand down Mistress’s back and down over Her ass and staying there just a minute too long. I could tell by the familiar expression on Mistress’s face that She enjoyed it and perhaps there would be even more to come. I really didn’t know what to expect…I just stood there watching feeling my cock get rock hard. It was as if they had forgotten I was even there.

“Here, let Me help you with your coat Karinda” as Mistress immediately loosened the belt on the trench coat and opened it to reveal the most beautiful body hidden under a short black dress that had a slit up the front. I swear it stopped right under Her navel and there was nothing on underneath. I could see Her already wet and glistening slit and my mouth watered for a taste of that beautiful smooth pussy. The two women were equal in beauty, but different. If I were to get lucky enough to ever pick between them…it would have to be an eny meeny miny mo type of thing. Mistress tossed Karinda’s coat at me and simply said “hang it up tiger and return here and kneel in silence in front of the fireplace”. I quickly did as I was told. Returning and kneeling in silence in front of the fireplace which happened to be located just feet from where the two women were still standing.

Turning toward me Mistress said…in Her evil voice I have come to know so well. “Karinda…meet my slut tiger…he is the one I was telling you about earlier”. Keeping my eyes down, knowing better then to lift them to meet either of theirs…I knelt in silence. “Yes Tease. I met him at the door and I tasted you on his mouth…and I must say the combination was most intoxicating”…Karinda walked closer to me…standing right in front of me. Suddenly Her hand slipped under my chin and She was lifting it…forcing my eyes to meet Hers…then before pulling Her hand away She gave me the most seductive smile I had ever seen. My head dropped down immediately and focussed on the floor before Her. “So Tease. This is our toy for tonight? Lovely”.
“Yes, Karinda he is our toy for tonight, tomorrow and for as long as we want.”
Laughing Karinda returned sitting next to Mistress their knees I would swear were touching.
Tiger, go get the bottle of Merlot and another glass and bring it back to Karinda”
Rising to my feet rocking back onto my heels than straight up, trying to impress this woman that Mistress has invited into Her home. Quickly going to the kitchen fetching a glass and the open bottle of sweet merlot that Mistress had in the fridge. My mind exploded, stopping dead in my tracks, that seductive smile, the eyes, change the hair colour slightly, the colour of lipstick from a glossed mauve to the come suck me red that Mistress wore and they could be the same person, but their greeting no could not be.

Returning to the love seat my eyes thought they saw Karinda with Her hand on Mistress’s thigh and Mistress’s hand stroking Karinda’s hair. Coughing to let them know my approach, holding out the glass to Karinda Her fingers touching mine a definite bolt of electricity right to my cock, pouring just a mouthful for Her to swirl and smell awaiting to see if She wanted a glassful.
“Yes, tiger fill my glass” Her voice sounding so lyrical almost like the sounds of a songbird serenading the morning sun-rise.
“Tiger, refill mine”, Mistress commanded Her voice stern, compassionate, igniting the flames inside my soul for how many times have I heard Mistress direct me. Pouring Mistress Her merlot She stroked my bare thigh making sure Her pinkie finger lightly touched my balls. “Hurry back tiger no dilly dolling Karinda and I have plans”
Turning taking the bottle back, the whispers of two lovely women could be heard, the words the meanings a mystery to me. Returning to my post in front of the fireplace kneeling down, before my knees hit the floor, “tiger, lie on your back spread eagle”, the voice of Mistress has spoken without changing direction I laid backwards, my feet slipping outward, my ass bouncing off the floor, both ladies laughed out loud. Spreading my legs as wide as the could go, my back flat on the carpet, my cock throbbing pushing the leather jock straight out, the mushroom head peaking out over top the pouch reaching upwards towards my navel, throbbing with anticipation. “Good tiger, looking a little uncomfortable are you tiger”?
“Yes, Mistress”, I replied, “Mistress, how do I address Karinda”?
Closing my eyes the mind replayed that seductive smile and my cock jumped inside the pouch, a snicker came from close to my side, “ a fuck or a suck for your thoughts tiger” the soft lyrical Karinda whispered inches away from my ear, I silently gazed back into Her amber eyes pleading but silently said nothing for fear of Mistress’s wrath. Laying still spread eagle Karinda on one side now Mistress on the other.
Slowly each women took the time to make circles on my flesh with their nails, almost in unison as if their minds were attached they started at my neck, small circles breaking the smoothness of my skin, both shoulders, down the chest one playing with one nipple the other with the other nipple, then as if on cue they both with ice in their mouths bent and sucked my nipples hard teasing them dragging their teeth as if it were one person with two heads, the sensations multiplied rippling through my veins. Then the clamp not even seeing the nipple clamps then the screws being turned, tears flooded my cheeks from my eyes, never before such pain such concentration all other times it had been one nipple at a time now it was both instant pain pleasure pain. Mistress pulled on the chain first, then Karinda both making sure that I knew their different touches. My skin on fire from their touches, my nipples burning, both women so hot my cock throbbing.

Then Mistress tipped Her wine glass just a bit and drops of the rich red wine splashing it onto my stomach and it pooled in the cavity of my navel. Like two thirsty kittens Mistress and Karinda began to lick it up…and I watched as their tongues licked over my skin then began to dance together. The very tips of one tongue pressed against the other…then back down into the wine. It was so fucking hot to watch them…kissing, but not. My cock was raging by now. My nipples were screaming with pain from the clamps, my cock throbbing with need and the two of them playing with each other over my stomach ignoring my need God I wanted to fuck the both….or have them both fuck me. I didn’t care. At that point I just wanted to cum any way I could. In Her sultry voice Mistress said to Karinda…. “Come over here”.

Karinda stood up and walked over my middle like it was a wet spot on the floor. She lowered herself next to Mistress…kneeling…and looking directly into Her eyes. Damn but they looked good….

Karinda melted against Mistress and touched her lips to Hers.. Pushing her tongue through Her lips and into Her mouth. Mistress moved Her hands around behind Karinda’s back pulling their bodies together. I watched as their tongues explored the insides of each other’s mouths. Mistress’s hands caressed Karinda’s back, running the soft material of the black dress through Her fingers. Mistress kissed Karinda as passionately as She’d kissed me. They broke from the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes.
Karinda whispered next to Mistress’s ear… “I’ve wanted you to do that for a long time” she said. They both stood up. Mistress started to remove Karinda’s dress, but Karinda insisted on doing it for Mistress. She slowly slithered out of her dress to stand before us naked except for her heels. Mistress led her to the other side of the room. Told her to wait there for a minute, and went to get a couple of things. At this point I was not sure they even remembered I was there…I said nothing…I was enjoying this too much to want it to stop.
When Mistress returned, She put a waist belt on Karinda, and cuffed her elbows to it. She then put ankle and wrist cuffs on her, and ran a thin chain between the wrist cuffs and the waist belt. Had Karinda sit in one of the chairs and attached her ankles to two of the legs.
Mistress stood up…and looked over at me. “Tiger…get up!”
I immediately brought my body to a standing position…whispered, “Yes Mistress” and waited for what would come next. Mistress sat on the leather couch…crossed Her legs. And looked from Karinda to me. And back again. “Tiger. I want you to bathe Karinda…with your tongue. And do a good job my tiger. I will be watching”. My eyes opened wide…and I didn’t blind. Just swallowed hard.
Getting down on the floor…I began at her feet. I licked her toes, and ran my tongue over the rest of her sole. My tongue slowly worked its way up her body. Every six inches or so I would nibble her skin, she would open her mouth and moan as my tongue licked at her sweet body. She’d would moan louder sometimes…in obvious pleasure. As I worked my wet tongue, licking towards her now glistening cunt. I bypassed it. I knew better then to lick her there without Mistress telling me I could. Then I licked her tits…and her neck. I paid particular attention to her nipples, spending much more time than she needed on them. By this time my cock was so fucking hard that it hurt.
I ran my tongue down her torso in a wet slippery S shape when the only area left was her cunt. I could smell her arousal. I again began to lick the areas of her inner thighs. God I wanted to taste her. I was so hungry for her pussy I would have begged harder then I ever had. My eyes were glazed…my nostrils flared and my cock oozing with pre-cum…
“Tiger lick her cunt good make her cum for me”…oh my gods yes Mistress I thought but didn’t utter a word.\ I moved my mouth to that sweet dripping cunt and covered it with my mouth and sucked gently, running my tongue around the surface.Finally, I started to work on her clit, licking each side. I worked continuously up and down and over the tip. Then I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it very slowly. Then sucked her entire clit into my mouth, as far as it would go, I started running my tongue around it while I sucked. I built up the tempo, gradually taking longer and longer strokes. God she tasted good. Suddenly…I brought Karinda to a toe-curling orgasm, hungrily gulping down her cum. I thought she was going to cum forever.

Pulling my head back just letting my tongue funnel Karinda’s cum into my waiting mouth swallowing the sweetest nectar that I had tasted in a very long time, almost as sweet as Mistress’s. Suddenly I felt the leather corset of Mistress along my back, the lace criss-cross pushing against my skin. In Her most deep sultry voice inches from my ear Mistress whispered I have a surprise of my tiger “you did good for karinda” She said. Reaching in front of me She freed my raging hard on slipping the leather jock like contraption off and slowly with purpose replaced it with a black circle with a hinge type joint with the second circle separating and holding my testicles.

“Tiger raise your eyes and watch”

Leaning across me Mistress leaned into Karinda places another set of nipple clamps on Her hardened nipples before they went soft, twisting the screw to make sure they were nice and snug on Her smiling Mistress started to kiss Karinda over top me my eyes glued at the delicate way She butterfly kisses and made a trail of standing goose bumps up the chest of Her friend. Tracing Karinda’s jaw Mistress pressed harder against my back and parted my ass cheeks with Her toe of the right foot. Jamming the boot in and along the ass cheek I felt the touch of leather, Mistress was toying with me the flogger or crop was in Her hand and She was running it up and down my dark hole stopping making sure that I felt it. Still mesmerized at Her kisses on the soft glistening skin of Karinda, I noticed Mistress passing something to Karinda, placing it in her hand. “Karinda this is the control unit for tigers cock and ball ring, if you press it, vibrations or electric shock, so you can control his cock while I taste You my lovely” With that announcement Mistress planted a kiss full on Karinda’s lips my eyes seeing how hungry Mistress’s lips and tongue were feeling my balls swell and the leather moving as fast as Mistress’s tongue in and out of Karinda’s mouth rubbing and caressing my ass Mistress pulled back and must have flicked Her wrist for I felt the sting of the flogger on my ass.
“Tiger you seemed to enjoy Karinda too much, I can’t blame you but you must know pay.”
Suddenly my balls and cock were shocked as Mistress pressed Karinda’s finger on the control sending electric shock into my privates
“ohhhhhhhhhh shiitttttttt ohhhhhhhhhhhh shittttttttttttt” I screamed in agony
“Laughs” Mistress in Her sexiest sounding voice echoed laughter at my pain.
Watch my tiger as She dove back down kissing Karinda all over Her beautiful face down Her long neck across Her shoulders and back up to French kiss, breaking the kiss; make sure you are learning how to kiss U/us tiger. Karinda’s cunt only inches away was dripping oozing nectar out, running down Her thighs, with Her knee Mistress pushed my gaping mouth into Karinda’s cunt, “lap it up my cunt sucking whore”, as my tongue dove inside the burning pussy of Karinda, the electric shock reverberated through my testicles and the shaft of my cock, every few seconds the button on the control was going off Mistress just laughed continuing squeezing Karinda’s hand as she kissed Her mouth passionately. My tongue feeling Karinda close oh so close to Cumming when Mistress pulled my head away, pushing me back, pointing to Her right side, I slid around and watched as Mistress started to eat Karinda within in moments, seconds Karinda tensed and came shuddering Her whole body glistened with Her sweat the control unit changed to vibrator humming along my cock shaft.
“Oh Mistress may I please cum” I pleaded watching Karinda cum wave after wave, watching Mistress swallow and drink Karinda’s nectar. “Please Mistress my cock and balls are filled and humming”
Reaching and taking the control unit from Karinda switching it to shock mode stinging me, “now tiger forget about Cumming until I’m good and ready to let you!” Turning to me she grabbed me by the hair pulling my head to Her and French Kissed me with the same love and force She had just kissed Karinda, tasting Karinda on Her lips and tongue, I felt blessed to be shared by Mistress.

Looking into Mistress’s eyes there was a rush of lust I had never seen before. I could tell She was hot…and horny…. and Her need for domination had yet been satisfied. The way She looked at me made caused chills up and down my spine. Her eyes fixed on mine…Her breath fast. Deep…Her mind working…and me…wondering what I was in store for.

“Yes my Mistress?” I whispered. Her eyes turned to karinda.then back to me. “Do you remember our wager tiger?” Mistress asked. “ You were to bring my a slut to be used as I wanted. Well My slut…I have brought one here instead of waiting any longer for you to get the job done…I’ve brought us Karinda.” My eyes quickly moved to Karinda’s face and I noticed she was not one bit surprised by Mistress’s statement. “And we have been enjoying her, haven’t we tiger?”…And I nodded in agreement and whispered “very much so Mistress, yes”.

Karinda was still lying on the floor not far from me when Mistress decided to take a seat on the leather couch.
“Tiger?”…Mistress said in a voice that had so much lust in it. “Yes Mistress?” She curled Her legs up under Her as She sat on the couch and proceeded to tell me what she wanted. “Tiger…I have not forgotten about our first anniversary. I have something for you my sweet cat. I have brought us Karinda…and yes; we both have enjoyed her delicious body. But more then that my tiger…I am giving her to you for the rest of this evening…or at least for as long as I want to. You will Dom her, my tiger. But don’t let that go to either of your heads…it is for only a short period of time. And only for tonight. If I notice you slipping back into your domly ways…I will whip it out of you before you know it”. Now tiger…and Karinda…entertain me…after all it is my anniversary as well…

Without hesitation I took Mistress up on Her gift…I looked at Karinda in a whole new way now. Telling her to GET IT SLUT. Watching as she struggled to get up…smiling at Mistress…I set my mind in a Dom space.

“Put your hands at your sides,” I ordered. Karinda obeyed, my body starting to throb with excitement. She gasped as she felt my hand on her ass, sliding over the soft flesh, then groaned as it moved over her hip and up her chest to cup one of her full, firm breasts. “Slut,” I hissed. I could tell the word struck her like a blow and she felt her insides twisting , felt her loins quivering and growing heavy, felt the sexual pressure growing inside her. I pushed her forward and under a wide metal bar that hung from a chain. There were two thickly padded leather cuffs attached to either side of the bar. The chain went over a wheel and led down to a crank set against the wall. Karinda looked up at it excitedly, raising her arms high and spreading them out as I lowered the bar slightly. She slipped her slim hands through the restraints and I reached up and tightened them, buckling them around her wrists, then attaching a padlock to each. The padlock wasn’t needed to keep her from escaping, but it did give her an added psychological thrill, making her pussy quiver even more. I pushed her legs apart, and she looked down to see two chains set into rings in the floor, each locked to similar restraints. She watched, her breathing growing rougher as I slipped the restraints around her trim ankles, buckling, then locking each into place. Looking over to Mistress…I could see Her eyes light up. I knew She was as turned on as I was.

Karinda braced herself as I went to the crank and began turning it. She felt the pressure pulling at her wrists, her arms, her shoulders, then grunted as she was lifted off her toes. The chains pulled on her ankles but I continued to turn the crank. She felt her shoulders ache, felt the pain digging into the sides of her chest, felt her back snap and creak. She groaned audibly, her body straining more and more as I continued to slowly turn the crank. Then with a flood of sexual heat rushed through her body. Always when she’d been hung by her wrists it had been to be eaten or fucked or sodomized, or, occasionally, to have belt or a paddle or cane taken to her firm round backside. Her hunger to be used grew and the pains in her back and arms took on new meaning, and her pussy began to throb in anticipation. She began groaning more, gasping for breath, the air puffing out of her open mouth as the pressure grew and the ache turned to need, then to hunger. I stood beside her and my fingers pinched into her jaws, forcing her mouth to open wide. Then I shoved in a thick spongy ball attached to a wide leather cheek piece that covered her from chin to nose and almost up to her eyes. He buckled it behind her then returned to the crank.

Again I turned it, and she sobbed now, staring at her image in the mirror in front of her.
A beautiful woman with large breasts, wide hips, a trim waist, and lovely blonde shoulder length hair. She saw the glistening on her flesh as the pain made beads of sweat stand out on her forehead and chest. Then she cried out as the pressure increased, cried out loudly into the gag. The gag, she realized, gave her another freedom, a freedom to scream at the top of her lungs and not fear anyone hearing, not even fear Mistress would say.

She screamed, then screamed again, feeling her body straining, feeling the sexual pressure building up to powerful levels, her pussy squeezing on thin air, her breasts throbbing. I stood beside her again. Moving slowly around her, hands moving forward, stroking her breasts, her ass, and her pussy mound as my eyes devoured her. Then I moved to a distant cupboard and removed a thin cord, then came back to her. I gathered her hair together, my hands twining and braiding it at the top of her head. Looking in the mirror she saw me tie a thin blue cord to it, then watched as I reached up to the bar and throw the end of the cord over it. I pulled down then, and she felt the tension as the cord pulled at her hair. The tension grew into pain and she screamed again as needles bit into her scalp. I pulled harder and again she screamed, tears spilling out of her eyes and trickling down her cheeks as I tied the cord off. I moved away again and returned with a T shaped leather belt. I slipped the belt around her waist and buckled it tightly in front. The lower portion of the T hung down over her crotch, and she saw that there was a thick leather dildo attached to the inside.
Karinda groaned as I fit the nose of the dildo against her slit, noting at the same time that she was so wet her juices were trickling down her thighs. She groaned in bliss as she felt the dildo sliding up into her, as I drew the belt between her splayed thighs then up between the cheeks of her ass to slip into the back of the belt around her waist. I yanked up tight, jamming the dildo into her, and she groaned, then gasped in new pain as I pulled ever tighter. The belt crushed her pussy mound up, mashing her soft, sensitive flesh. Again looking over at Mistress….She was fingering Her clit…and that made me wild with passion.

Seeing Mistress fingering herself enjoying the pleasure and pain Karinda was experiencing, I decided to switch around and feel the wetness of Karinda and bring the aroma closer to Mistress to enjoy. Moving into a concealed cupboard in the wall opening it I took down the hospital gurney, it had been altered and both ankle and wrist restraints had been properly added to the bed on wheels. Rolling the bed over to the wheel I slowly and carefully unhooked Karinda helping her down face down onto the gurney securing her stretched out back arms and legs onto the bed attaching the restraints to her wrists and ankles. Wheeling the bed to just inches away from Mistress I began to apply Deep Heat to all of Karinda’s shoulders, down her back along her spine down the valley before her delicious perfectly formed ass cheeks, kneading the ass cheeks rubbing the Deep Heat into the softness of her skin smelling the heat penetrating soothing her every muscle that was stretched but the smell nowhere near as the smell of her sex , massaging the cream into her thighs and along her legs long beautiful legs that should be wrapped around my waist pulling my hard throbbing cock deep into her cunt pounding away, possibly later to her ankles so delicate and strong marked red with the restraints of the wheel, along the souls of her feet the Deep Heat burning into her bringing a whole new sensation to the throbbing muscles that have been stretched.
Washing my hands making sure all the cream is gone I unhook Karinda roll her onto her back moving the gurney so that Karinda’s feet spread wide and a clear view of her dripping cunt is at eye level to Mistress. Restraining her again this time on her back tears streaming down her face from the burning sensations of the cream working its way all along her arms neck shoulders back ass and legs and feet. Seeing her beautiful lips contorted by the gag Her facial cheeks being stretched I lean down and whisper just loud enough for Mistress to hear My slut Karinda, My beautiful whore if I remove the gag will you whisper praise to Mistress and me and not scream out in agony. Karinda’s eyes lit up and she nodded her head up and down, so very carefully and slowly I removed the ball gag, and leaned down placing my mouth over hers kissing slowly and gently her lips letting my warm tongue dance inside her stretched mouth, tasting the saliva that had gathered with her screams knowing that those screams were caused by me. Surprising me her tongue and mouth gave me back more passion than I had tasted and felt, the power of Dom suddenly flooded my mind for the passion returned to me was the passion of a sub giving all to her master. Slowly breaking the kiss I reached for the bucket of ice cubes, and started to apply the ice to Karinda’s neck, shoulders, down her arms,her back burning with the suave now her front freezing with the touch of ice, her hips uncontrollably bucking fucking the air in front of Mistress,glancing over my shoulder Mistress had the handle of her paddle buried deep inside her dripping pussy seeing the quick movements of Mistress masturbating herself with the paddle handle drove me further on, my hardness throbbing and the cock ring holding my balls apart and stopping the seed from flowing the blueness and the veins popping out along my shaft must have been a sight for Mistress, seeing her two toys before her dripping wet and throbbing uncontrollably waiting for Her commands.

Tracing down along Karinda’s chest the ice cube melting from the heat of her desires the fire along her silken skin. Grabbing a new ice cube circling the nipples their gorged and filled with blood harder than my cock and more sensitive than her clit the ice freezes the nipples just long enough to put on the clamps with the purple beads and long gold chain Mistress’s favorite clamps on my nipples. Continuing down the stomach to the navel, along the inner thighs, down past the knees and the ankles to the foot and back up ice cube after ice cube melting, putting the shaved pieces into my mouth chewing them into smaller pieces I lean down between Karinda’s spread legs and start to eat the beautiful cunt that Mistress has presented me with, the twist is my tongue and mouth are frozen from the ice, and her cunt is so burning with heat and want. Pushing the ice inside her opening past her pink slit deep inside her cunt the cubes melting instantly the shock of the cold and heat bucking her hips high off the gurney.
“oh Mistress Tease thank you yes thank you for the gift of tiger” Karinda started her praise.
“Karinda that is a weak beginning of praising me” Mistress hissed back at her.
“Did tiger not tell you to praise both of U/us”? again Mistress said between her breaths in such a sexy sultry voice then I felt it Mistress’s hands opening my ass cheeks, the coolness of the K-Y gel being applied.
Without a chance with my head buried in Karinda’s cunt lapping sucking the mixture of melted ice with her hot flowing lava like juice so sweet and tangy. Mistress invaded my ass fucking me with I could not tell, Mistress had stripped for I felt Her nipples burning into my back, and did not feel Her leather corset anywhere on my skin but felt the silken soft feel of Mistress skin against mine from my shoulders down my back and against my legs. Mistress pushing my head deeper into Karinda’s cunt, pushing and pulling something in and out of my ass, fucking my cunt ass just the way She wants making sure I knew She is the dominant not me.
“tiger who owns your ass” the sultry whisper echo’s in my mind
“Mistress Tease does” I scream into Karinda’s cunt
“Karinda who’s eating your pussy” Mistress’s voice floating like a musical note across the room “Mistress Tease’s tiger is” Karinda responded in such a sweet delicate voice.
“Karinda since tigers head is buried inside your cunt” Mistress said this and it sounded like a love song being sung by the robins outside her chambers.
“ I want you to praise your Mistress”

Karinda then moved over to Mistress Tease. She looked into Her eyes without touching Her, or saying a thing. I could feel the desire the need of want from both of them. Karinda lightly brought her hand up to touch Mistress’s face. Mistress closed Her eyes, feeling the caress on Her cheek. She then leaned over to Tease’s ear and whispered, “Mistress it’s now Your turn” I could feel her hot breath on Mistress’s ear, then she kissed Her ear. She then moved even closer to Mistress, gently pulling Her body towards hers. I could see her warm lips caress Mistress, and Mistress kissed her back. Karinda could feel the heat of Her flow though her, as they kissed. Tease reached for her and she signaled for Mistress to relax.

It seemed like Karinda had never looked at Mistress this way…and for the first time noticed Mistress’s face was beautiful. She had soft light skin and long wavy blond hair. Her eyes were a lovely shade of hazel, and she had long graceful eyelashes. Her lips were full, but not overdone. Karinda leaned towards Tease to kiss Her breast. Mistress’s breast tingled at the touch of her lips. She kissed it again, and then kissed the other. She again looked up into Mistress’s eyes. Her look was seductive and sensual, her hazel eyes catching mine. Karinda then circled Tease’s nipple with her tongue. I could feel her hot, moist breath on Tease’s skin as she caressed Her nipple with her tongue and mouth. She took the nipple into her mouth and sucked it hungrily. Mistress’s body was responding. Tiger could see the moisture welling up between Her legs. Karinda came up to kiss Mistress’s lips again and then reached over and touched me.

Her waist was delicate and her hips were gracefully in per portion to the rest of her body. Her hair tumbled over her shoulders and touched the top of her breast. She looked like a goddess to us, with her graceful curves and glowing skin.

Karinda whispered in a Marilyn Monroe type voice “I wanted to show you how good it is”, she said.
Karinda leaned over Mistress, breasts hanging over Her belly, facing Her. She kissed one of Her breasts again, and drew her tongue down Her ribs to Her navel. Karinda paused, kissing Mistress’s navel with her lips and tongue. Mistress was naked before her. Mistress was nervous, but was anxious for what was about to happen. tiger could only imagine what it was going to be like.

Karinda then parted Mistress’s legs with her hands. She kissed Her stomach and licked around Her waist. She caressed the inside of Her thighs with her fingertips, while her nipples slid across my thighs. Mistress was hot and wet.It seemed Mistress had never been so excited. Maybe because it was so forbidden and daring.

Karinda then slid her tongue over the top of Mistress’s pubic hair and slowly towards the inside of Her thighs. Her lips were hot and wet. Tease could feel Karinda’s breath on Her thighs. Then…she lightly kissed Her where She was wet. She paused for a moment…then Mistress could feel her tongue circling the outer rim of Her pussy. Mistress flinched and sighed in delight. Mistress’s body arched and felt Her vaginal muscles lightly spasm. Karinda proceeded to lick Her lightly, teasing Her with tickles of ecstasy. Then Mistress felt her suck Her clit and nibble Her with her teeth. Mistress’s legs twitched, as she sucked and slid her tongue inside of Her. She then slid her finger in Her and sucked on Her clit at the same time, flicking her tongue in a way that made Mistress twitch and real in delight. Karinda twisted inside of Mistress as She panted and moaned. Mistress’s legs tightened and could feel Her insides begin to spasm. Mistress’s inner wells came together over and over again, as She began to softly scream in with ecstasy. The orgasm came over and over as she burrowed her head into Mistress, tongue flittering inside Her. She braced Tease with her arms, around Her thighs, bringing her fingers around to open me up for the taking.

Mistress couldn’t take it anymore and She screamed and panted for Karinda to stop…but she wouldn’t. She held Her down as She scooted Herself across the bed. She then put one hand across Mistress’s belly and thrust three of her fingers deep inside of Her, pumping Her, and licking Her as She dripped with wetness. She sucked it up Mistress’s sweet juices, as Her body wiggled beneath Karinda’s grip. She stopped for a moment, only to turn her around to sit over Mistress’s face. Again Karinda nuzzled into Her muff, licking it with desire.

Karinda’s pussy was just inches from Her face. It smelled sweet, and was wet with excitement. Karinda had shaved all of her hair off, so that she was bare. Mistress put Her hands on her buttocks, and brought her closer.She took a light taste with Her tongue…it was good, and she was soft Mistress licked her again, taking more of her in. Mistress circled the rim of her with Her tongue and kissed her pink lips. Karinda moaned and Mistress could feel her sigh breathe across Her wetness. both shuttered at their touch, and Karinda kissed Mistress’s wetness again.
“Yes” Karinda whispered, “That is how you do it. Keep doing it. Lick me like I’m licking you.”
Mistress did. She spun Her tongue around her, pressing Her lips to her. Mistress burrowed Her head into Karinda, taking in her sweet juices. Watching Mistress nibble her lips and flittered Her tongue across her. Karinda panted and moved her body gracefully over Mistress, like a velvet snake. Karinda grabbed Mistress’s breasts and sucked on Her nipple as Mistress licked her with vigor. They were both panting and purring, like female cats in heat. Karinda put her finger inside of Her and moved it within Her. She screamed with delight, pressing herself into Karinda’s hand and over her face. Karinda couldn’t breath, but she didn’t care. Mistress tasted so sweet and her lips were so soft. All Karinda wanted to do was devoir her and please her. Karinda could feel the muscles begin to spasm as she writhed to pleasure. Her wetness poured out, sweet and sticky. She rubbed into Karinda’s face, sliding back and forth over her tongue.

Suddenly She stopped and turned Herself around to face Karinda. She passionately kissed Her lips and pinched her breasts together as she gyrated her pussy over Karinda’s leg. Karinda took one of Mistress’s breasts into her mouth and sucked it, then licking her way to the other one. Mistress’s hand pawed at Karinda’s pussy, occasionally dipping her fingers deep into her, causing her to flutter. She came again and again, until finally they both collapsed breathless and quivering.

Tiger then leaned over to kiss Mistress what She experienced was tenderness not the expected power, patience rather than passion. The kiss a beguiling whisper against Her mouth soft as thistledown and tasting of the essence of Karinda. His tongue traced a damp, beguiling pattern across Her lips. The feathery brushing of lips, the slow stroke of his tongue, and a gentle nip of his teeth on Her bottom lip was more temptation then proper kiss. More promise than pressure. His mouth was so clever. So tempting. That his lips would be so clever, and his hands moving up and down Her body with such a confident, practical touch, bringing forward Her potent sexuality. Mistress realized that such a melting soft touch was creating intense scintillating heat. Tiger’s mouth tempted, enticed and seduced. Karinda on her elbows watching in amazement as Mistress’s body slowly melted and took on a life of its own exposing the rich liquefying pressure that flowed through Tease, as She let out the breath She’d been holding on a soft, shimmering sigh and twined Her fingers behind tigers neck. Tease loved his mouth, its taste, its thrilling clever expertise,wanting him to let Her feel it all over Her body, doing wicked, wild,wonderful things everywhere in every way till She exploded time and time again. The desires too long untapped rose to the surface draining Her into a steamy, potent, passion; a desire that tightened Her nipples and pooled between Her thighs. Mistress started kissing him back Her mouth greedily feeling as if his were an all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet. Mistress wrapping Her mile-long legs around him, She moulded Herself against his aroused body. Tiger’s mouth raced over Her face, along Her jaw, down the long silk of Her throat, his teeth nipping at the hollow where Her neck curved into smooth, slender shoulders. Mistress was warm,was woman and so hot so damn hot. A strawberry flush rode high on Her cheekbones and the deep V of Her chest, Her eyes were bright as if burning with fever, and Her hands were far from steady as Her fingers brushed across the burning skin that She knew was Hers. Excitement crackled up T/their skin like a flash fire. Mistress tested his penis, he was hard as marble, but much warmer, She felt its weight and thickness and felt the stir beneath Her stroking touch, getting a feminine satisfaction that She was responsible for such obvious desire. The sensual torment continued by trailing his mouth over the fiery trail. Tiger sucked on Her nipples with a hot hungry greed, creating a primal pull deep in Her feminine core. He bit Her shoulder, nipped at the tender cord in Her neck, then closed his teeth around an earlobe and tugged. Kissing Her stomach, the sensitive hollow between Her pelvic bones, then created a hot, wet path through the nest of curls between Her thighs with his tongue. Mistress writhed restlessly beneath his erotic touch, as his lips plucked at the source of all Her moist heat, Her body bucked, arching unashamedly. Mistress’s clitoris was swollen, throbbing with need, the wild, out-of-control hammer beat of Her heart was echoed between Her legs. Tossing Her head back and forth as tiger’s tongue slipped into Her and his teeth began nibbling on ultra-sensitive flesh of Her pussy. Lifting Her hips, pressing Her harder against his mouth as he feasted on the hot juices flowing from Her. Replacing his tongue with first one finger, then two, reaching deep inside Her, stretching Her, rasping delicate inner tissues with clever strokes spiralling the pleasure/pain into a tighter and tighter coil traveling from Her heat to Her toes. Covering Her m mouth with his, slowing Her to taste Herself on his lips, holding Mistress tightly against him, his mouth and tongue tangling with Hers inside the moist cavern of Her mouth as his hand moved between them, his thumb parting the sensitive pink flesh, searching for the hard nub above Her vaginal lips, finding it, pressing down , hard,at the same time, his fingers thrust even deeper, harder, faster, Mistress exploding Her shattering orgasm ebbing through Her whole body, Mistress was limp, boneless, She couldn’t move from this spot.

Karinda reaching over kissing Mistress full on the lips feeling the rumblings, aftershocks of the ravaging orgasm, kneeling up reaching for tigers hand pulling him to her breasts sticking her tongue deep inside him soulfully. Leading tiger off the bed turning to Mistress Tease “Mistress thank you for introducing me to tiger, I’m taking him home with me.”
Whispering to tiger Karinda says loud enough for Mistress to hear her, ”She has many friends and toys to play with if She wants you She knows where I live and can come and get you, but first we’ll have to do this all over again”

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